Resident Admits Tsarnaev’s Hate For US is Typical in Cambridge

(OK, so one of my last ones had too much agreement from our left-wing commenters. So here is one to set things aright…)

What one resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts had to say about the atmosphere in that liberal area of the state was quite telling in revealing how essentially un-American leftism truly is. This resident practically admitted that the in that college town, everyone expresses the same basic hate for America that dead terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev so often did. When he terrorist Tsarnaev was heard attacking America in conversation, no one paid it any mind.

In interviews, Luis Vasquez, a Cambridge native who was in the same year at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School as the dead suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, said that the hate for America that Tamerlan expressed was so commonly heard around Cambridge that it was essentially unremarkable.

In response to Tamerlan’s claim that he had not a single American friend, here is what Mr. Vasquez is quoted as saying:

“[The first part of Tamerlan’s quote], when you say that around here, nowadays it would be suspicious. But a few years ago it would’ve been like, yeah, whatever. That’s attributed [sic] to how diverse this area is… we have a big international community here,” Mr Vasquez told The Independent.

The fact is, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the left-wing Harvard University, people slamming the USA is so common that no one paid any attention at all to Tamerlan’s hate for the USA.

Nearly everyone in Cambridge nods in approval when they hear anti-Americanism openly expressed. That is because the largest number of people in Cambridge are liberals, leftists, communists, socialists, foreigners, Marxists, and University professors and employees–all these terms being nearly synonymous with each other in that area.

So, when terrorist Tamerlan was seen and heard wandering about Cambridge full of hate for the USA, he didn’t on the surface seem any different than anyone else in the city. His hate was entirely, boringly, prosaically common.

This of course, draws the question: what is the difference between the hate that leftists feel for America and that of radical Islamist terrorists like Tamerlan?

(Edited to correct the university in question. I originally had “Cambridge” when I meant “Harvard.”)

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  • And we do nothing to remove the professors from their positions

  • SteveCrickmore075

    The fact is, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the left-wing University of Cambridge, people slamming the USA is so common that no one paid any attention at all to Tamerlan’s hate for the USA. the University of Cambridge? What university would that be, unless it be in the wrong country, wrong continent, wrong everything! You could mean the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, Suffolk, England or do you mean Harvard College or Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass or M.I.T,, Massachusettes Institutute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass, it is hard to tell? They are probably all the same to you, and none of which Tsarnaev came close to enrolling or attending. Warner, does your visceral hatred for anything remotely liberal or secular prevent you from writing, up even the simplest facts correctly, because of your wild assumptions, prejudices and pavlovian responses?

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      • 914

        Yes what? Someone forget to turn the lights on again?

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    • warnertoddhuston

      LOL, yeah wrote that too fast. Will correct. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t mean the Brit’s Cambridge University! Ooops. Mae culpa. I was rushing thru that one because my son and wife had his baby today and I was trying to get finished up so I could get to the hospital. Little Tessa is here.

      • Babies take precedence over everything. Enjoy!

      • herddog505

        Congratulations and best wishes for the little one.

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    • warnertoddhuston

      Blow me, jerk.

      • Commander_Chico


        • soi disant cognoscenti and homophobe…

          No end to your social deviancy.

          • Commander_Chico

            Nothing like indignant but insincere Political Correctness to brighten up my day.

    • 914

      Don’t get so all dramatic over a post on a blog Steven. lol 😉

  • The_Queen_of_France

    Which begs the question “Why don’t they all just get the hell out?”

    • herddog505

      Oh, I’ve asked them this. The answer I get is that they plan to take back the country or some such nonsense. Anyway, as stupid as your average lefty is, the survival instinct is still present, and they know damned well that life in Cuba, North Korea, or some other workers paradise is a damned sight less pleasant than it is here.

      Doublethink in action: Cuba has better health care than America (Michael Moore says so!) and there’s less violent crime in Britain (no NRA to give guns to psychos, you know), but these wankers wouldn’t DREAM of leaving the RAAAAACIST, imperialist, consumerist, fascist US of A for “greener” pastures.

  • The fact is, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the left-wing University of Cambridge . . .

    That’s odd. The last time I checked, the University of Cambridge was in Cambridge, England.

    • JWH

  • GarandFan

    Hmmm….seem to recall that there is a now elderly couple living in Britain. They were part of the Manhattan Project, and former students at Cambridge. Gave Uncle Joe some of the data on nuclear weapons. They were “intellectual” and didn’t want the US to have a monopoly. Seems ‘the spirit’ continues. But no worries, they are the intellectual elite. They know what is best for society.

  • herddog505

    I find myself in the unaccustomed position of taking up for lefties.

    There’s a difference between solid (or, in the case of lefties, brainless) disagreement with US policy on this or that or detestation of certain US political figures and HATRED of the United States. I suggest that many of us on the right “hate” some of our government’s policies such as abortion and gun control. Many of us detest some – if not most – of our political leaders. However, fevered onanistic liberal fantasies notwithstanding, I daresay that none of us plans to do anything more drastic about it than vote, write an angry blog post, attend a Tea Party rally, or join the NRA.

    This is likely what happened in Cambridge:

    Brother Kablamazov – “I hate America! I hate your country! Death to Bush!”

    Cambridge lefty – “Yeah, man! Like, fight the power, man! Down with the 1%, man! Now, if you’ll excuse me, like, I’m late for my History 403 class, “America: It Really Sucks”. But, like, dude: a bunch of us are going to have a brew later and talk about how much that fascist Bush is being controlled by the Texas Jews on Wall Street. You should, like, TOTALLY come along.”

    Brother Kablamazov – “No. I HATE your country. I don’t want to just talk about it.”

    Cambridge lefty – “Dude, like, totally with you. Like, we’re gonna have a protest next Saturday over Bush’s evil drone assassination program and those fascists racist pigs in the NRA. Oh, sh*t! I forgot my iPad! Later!”

  • kazzer66

    It never ceases to amaze me that there is so much anti-American feeling on the Left, but yet they all live here in the good ‘ol USA, and probably would not WANT to live anywhere else…after all, where else could they express their alternative political views?

    These socialist, communist, progressive and Islamophiles, that choose to live here, would probably be imprisoned, deported, or beheaded, if they lived in the countries they think, they would like the USA to emulate.

    All the cool sociopaths go to Liberal American colleges…where they’re taught it’s cool to hate anyone who doesn’t think the way they do, and ensure everyone around them, is as miserable, as they have decided to be.

    • herddog505

      kazzer66All the cool sociopaths go to Liberal American colleges…where they’re taught it’s cool to hate anyone who doesn’t think the way they do

      Oh, no, no, NO! Why, liberals HATE intolerance and hate. Just ask them.

      And don’t make the mistake of confusing “fairness” with “misery”: making sure that nobody has more than anybody else is GOOD and fair and decent and DOESN’T drag everybody down to the lowest common denominator.

    • 83champ

      “…ensure everyone around them, is as miserable, as they have decided to be.”

      I really liked the ‘as they have decided to be,’ part.

  • Commander_Chico

    Riddle me this: why is it that these cesspools of Marxism are among the nicest cities to live in? Cambridge is a very nice city, if you like cities. As are those other islands of Communism like Berkeley, Burlington, Amherst, Ann Arbor, Athens, and Austin. Very walkable, good public transportation, great bars, coffee shops, and restaurants and plenty of free university events to go to. I once went to an afternoon talk at Harvard on Brazilian politics, and I swear half the pensioners in Cambridge were there at the reception afterwards to load up on free hors d’oeuvers and drink free wine. Feeding and educating the elderly, what’s not to like? The cops in these places are usually pretty laid back, too. Something in the governance of these places is working right – business is good, crime rates are relatively low, property values are high.

    Contrast that to a typical “red state” town, where you have to drive three miles to get to a strip mall with a 7/11, gas station, KFC, Family Dollar, and a biker bar that only serves watery lager and ass-kickings to strangers. And you’ll probably get a speeding ticket along the way.

    Of course, Harvard keeps cranking out radical lefties like Bush, Romney, and Ted Cruz. MIT, now that’s a real brewing ground of political radicalism among the Sloan students and the nuclear engineers.

    • herddog505

      Commander_ChicoBut, riddle me this: why is it that these cesspools of Marxism are among the nicest cities to live in?

      Because socialism is never for the socialist? Because socialism is attractive either to the very poor or else the very rich? Because universities that cost a mint to attend tend to be populated by very wealthy students* who can afford upscale wine bars, trendy restaurants, and coffee bars? Because wealthy liberals make damned sure that the police vigorously patrol THEIR neighborhoods, that the city sanitation workers frequently clean THEIR streets? Because city governments like to make their local universities showpieces and do what they can to see to it that the areas around them are clean and crime-free so as to attract students and, more importantly, their money?

      Your elitist slip is showing.


      (*) We’ve got a couple of “Southern Ivy” universities here in No. Carolina. Stroll through the student parking lots of those institutions: you’ll see more BMW’s, Lexuses, Infiniti’s, Mercedes, high-end Toyotas, Accuras, etc. than you can shake a stick at (there ARE the occasional Hondas and Chevies; scholarship students). These people have lots of money and lots of free time to indulge their (ahem) refined tastes, so it’s no wonder that businesses spring up to cater to them. We like to call this “capitalism in action”.

      • Commander_Chico

        OK, all points about the relative wealth of university students are granted, but you make these elitist liberals sound like good concerned citizens demanding accountable government. Like, clean the streets, make the police do their job without getting out of control. Cambridge has elections, and it looks like their government is doing a good job by American standards.

        Just because Cantabrigians are not onboard with the imperialist project and warmongering all of the time does not mean they are not good Americans in the most fundamental New England town-meeting kind of way. Free speech and civic responsibility.

        Take a walk up Massachusetts Avenue from Central Square through Harvard Square to Porter Square, you’ll see every variety of business along the way (well, no gun shops, the last one closed last year).

        Cambridge ain’t all that wealthy, either, there are housing projects and plenty of poor people there, too. Wealthy students are a minority, even if the pleasant nature of the city attracts other affluent professionals to live there. I think the city and of course the People’s Republic of Massachusetts have various “socialist” programs to “coddle” the poorer residents with education and other aid. I guess in the case of Dzhokhar, it did not help, but maybe it improves the general quality of life in Cambridge by decreasing crime and providing an educated workforce.

        I don’t get the Beijing picture, is that some wall built to screen out scruffy businesses from onlookers? The point is misplaced; there are plenty of scruffy businesses in Cambridge. Like the “Car Talk” garage, actually lots of garages and metal shops.

        Not to mention the kind of small technology shops which are the engines of the U.S. economy, incubators of innovation, if you go around Kendall Square or Cambridgeport. To hate Cambridge is to hate America, really. Heck, Cambridge is the birthplace of the United States Army.

        I doubt Warner ever set foot there – hence the Know-Nothing mixup with Cambridge University in England.

        • herddog505

          You’ll get no argument from me that free speech – even speech critical of the government (Cult of Bush if directed at Barry’s regime) – is somehow de facto evidence of anti-Americanism. As I wrote in another post on this thread, there are plenty of conservatives (including moi) who have a real problem with some of our government’s policies and many of our elected officials. If the pinks in Cambridge or Berkeley or Chapel Hill want to rant about imperialism and and exploitation and inequality and so forth while sipping their $6 soy chai lattes, more power to them: it’s their right to do so as Americans. To bad they don’t like to extend that courtesy to the rest of us.*

          As for the rest, which is it? Is Cambridge, like other bastions of socialism in our country, a bucolic paradise full of New Soviet Men and Women disporting themselves along pristine streets and in green, sun-dappled parks? Or, like most American cities, does it have its clean, safe, upscale areas as well as its dirty, crime-ridden neighborhoods? And how much of the money spent by the City of Cambridge and the State of Taxachusetts actually goes to help the downtrodden get jobs… and how much goes to keep them quiet in ghettos so that rich liberals don’t have to rub elbows with them? Or to pay the police and sanitation workers who keep the wealthy areas clean and trouble-free?

          My point is that most cities have areas where the people and government make extra efforts to keep things clean. The driving force behind this – even in mini-socialist workers paradises like Cambridge – is money: some people (students, in this case) have it, and businesses and the government wants them to feel safe while they spend it.

          The point behind the Beijing Olympics Potemkin Village pic is that the clean streets and beautiful parks and cozy restaurants in the “cesspools of Marxism [that] are among the nicest cities to live in” represent something of a charade: go ’round the corner from where the rich liberals hang out while ranting about colonialism and exploitation and you’ll find ignorance, poverty and crime. Rich libs don’t see that, but instead pat themselves on the back for how much gosh-darned GOOD they are doing with the taxes they levy (which many of them don’t pay *cough* John Kerry *cough*) while sneering at working class Americans and their “strip mall with a 7/11, gas station, KFC, Family Dollar, and a biker bar that only serves watery lager and ass-kickings to strangers”.



          • Commander_Chico

            The worst places in Cambridge – I worked there for two years – are better than the best places in some other towns and cities. Even in the middle of the projects in East Cambridge or Rindge or among the junk yards near where the bombers lived, you’re a five minute walk to a good grocery, a few restaurants, and bars with at least five beers on tap. And you’re pretty safe, too, because crime rates are low.

            You know I have always been an advocate of some maintenance payments to the truly stupid and fucked-up. Better than them having to steal. The process has to have tests to ensure the merely lazy do not collect. Maybe the People’s Republic and Cambridge do a better job than places with higher crime rates.

            The strip can have some interesting things, but plenty of places in the USA have endless streetscapes of chain restaurants and stores and parking lots.

            I’m not going to apologize about having an aesthetic sense and making judgments about places. It’s not sneering at anyone to say that a lot of places are ugly, boring and they suck by design or lack thereof.

            Your Beijing example does not apply, because proponents of the New Urbanism of the type Cambridge exemplifies work to preserve their funky varied walkable streetscapes.

            You cite a few stories about random PC incidents around the country, which have little to do with Cambridge. The question remains: why do places like Cambridge become big centers of innovation and wealth creation in the USA? Why are they judged by the market as desirable places to live?

          • herddog505

            I was not aware that places like Cambridge are the “big centers of innovation and wealth creation”. I mean, aside from having a couple of the premier universities in the country there. Saaaaayyyy! That MIGHT have something to do with it, don’t you think? Just as the Research Triangle here in No. Carolina is similarly a big center of innovation and wealth creation, located as it is near NC State, Duke, and that den of cheats in Orange County.

            With regards to aesthetic sensibilities, I am not without them. Given a choice between a well-maintained and vibrant “downtown” (Seattle has quite a few neighborhoods of that sort; lovely town) and endless rows of strip malls, I’ll take the former over the latter any day. However, aesthetics don’t a roaring economy make. Rather, it’s just the opposite: communities with good economies have the money to invest in greenways, parks, and good city services that attract small businesses and make urban renewal possible.

            This is a fundamental difference between libs and conservatives: where you people see government spending as the driving force behind innovation, growth, and good communities / country, we see economic growth – the result of government getting the hell out of the way – as the basis for a surplus of wealth that ALLOWS government to provide money for making parks for the wealthy as well as providing plasma TV’s for the non-working, parasitic poor.

            Finally, the links I provided speak to my point:

            “If the pinks in Cambridge or Berkeley or Chapel Hill want to rant about imperialism and and exploitation and inequality and so forth while sipping their $6 soy chai lattes, more power to them: it’s their right to do so as Americans. To bad they don’t like to extend that courtesy to the rest of us”.

          • Commander_Chico

            I don’t think we disagree, really. The roots of Cambridge’s prosperity go back to 19th century trade and manufacturing, along with Harvard and MIT’s contribution.

            I am just amused that this paragon of successful capitalism and democratic governance gets lambasted as anti-American.

            Obviously the lefties governing Cambridge and the People’s Republic are creating the conditions for growth, or at least not standing in the way too much. And they are preserving quality of life.

          • herddog505

            Or else they are coasting on past glories, living on the residue of the efforts and successes of people now gone who spent more time worrying about making a buck and less time worrying about whether there were enough organic coffee shops on downtown streets.

            Before you rush to trumpet the successes of Cambridge as an example of just how gosh-darned wonderful lefty economic policies can be, recall places around the country that are run by lefties that AREN’T doing so hot, such as Detroit. How is it that Detroit, once virtually the textbook example of prosperity and success, now bears considerably resemblence to a bombed-out city? After all, the same lefty policies that (allegedly) have made Cambridge such a heaven on earth were tried there.

            Could it be that lefty policies:

            1. Rely less upon manufacturing and more upon service (i.e. McJobs), and;

            2. Rely upon a surplus of wealth created in years past that those same policies tend to choke off?

            I know, I know: you’ll blame Detroit on TEH OLIGARCHY and Bush for the fact that Americans like to buy Japanese cars instead of GM models. But why should that be so? Why did Honda and Toyota gain a foothold in the land of baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet in the first place? Why cannot Americans competitively manufacture that most American of items, the automobile?

            Except, of course, that they do. Just not in Detroit so much. Why is that?

            Incidentally, how are other cities in the bucolic paradise of Massachusetts? Are they all like Cambridge? If not, why not?

          • Commander_Chico

            Except that several large biotech/pharma firms have located in Cambridge in the last few years, like Novartis, and they specifically mentioned quality of life as among the reasons they located in Cambridge.

            The fall of Detroit was caused by arrogance by auto execs and workers, leading to a decline in quality and innovation.

            A second reason was the decline of the black family and the resulting crime and white flight.

          • herddog505

            Commander_Chicothe decline of the black family and the resulting crime and white flight.

            And why did these things happen?

          • Jwb10001

            Because of the auto executive silly.

          • herddog505

            Do’oh! Of course!

          • Commander_Chico

            Racism and relaxation of social prohibitions of bastardry, welfare, drugs – the latter things pioneered by the white upper-middle class.

          • All of which were championed by the Progressives of an earlier era (along with abortion on demand), became Liberal orthodoxy, and now are Progressive yet again.

          • Jwb10001

            The latter things pioneered by the white upper-middle class liberals.

          • Treason only prospers when none dare call it treason, to paraphrase the Bard.

    • Phil Snyder

      You mean like Detroit or Chicago?

  • JWH

    I find it interesting that freedom of speech is one of this country’s core values, yet there is an eagerness to accuse individuals of treason, insurrection, or plain old un-American-ness when somebody has the temerity to exercise his freedom of speech.

    • herddog505

      This is unfortunately true. I have myself been guilty of it.

      • JWH

        I try to reserve such language for mimes and Dallas Cowboys fans.

  • westcoastwiser

    The first I saw of anti-American attitude in Cambridge was when John Kerry walked the streets and ranted at the coffee and pot shops about the Vietnam War. That treasonous bastard should have been thrown in jail for violating the UCMJ, but instead the equally treasonous Sen. Fulbright gave him the forum in the Senate to lie his ass off as over 58,000 were getting killed. I was more pissed-off than most at the time because my younger brother was one of those 58,000 and our family was further insulted by the government at that time by denying my parents my brother’s combat death insurance. And now we listen to that treasonous ass Kerry telling the free world that “he” has a solution for global terror – just have the US bend-over one last time and let them stick it up one more time.