AP Edits ‘Muslim’ Out of Obama’s ‘Muslim Socialist’ WHCD Joke

In some of its reports on Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD), the Associated Press chose to edit one of President Obama’s own gags. The AP strangely edited out the word “Muslim” in one of Obama’s self-referential jokes.

Early in his comments on April 26, President Obama made reference to his young life with a joke and a visual image projected on the video screen.

The President joked that everyone loves Michelle and mentioned that she has even appeared on magazine covers. The President said he also appeared on a magazine cover and showed a humorous mock magazine cover on the video screens. The faux cover showed the President golfing on the cover of “Senior Leisure.”

President Obama then said, “These days I look in the mirror and have to admit, I’m not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be. Time passes, you get a little gray.”

This joke must have been too insensitive for the AP in some of its reports, however.

In one version of the night’s story (as seen at Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Breitbart Wires, the Ottawa Citizen, and The Columbian to name a few), the AP’s Bradley Klapper made a little edit to the President’s joke.

“I’m not the strapping young Socialist that I used to be,” the president remarked, and then recounted his recent 2-for-22 basketball shooting performance at the White House Easter Egg hunt.

What happened to the word “Muslim”? Apparently it was all too much for the AP.

Interestingly, in other versions of Klapper’s story the word Muslim does appear.

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  • jim_m

    Damn! 4 years of denying that obama is both a muslim AND a socialist down the drain.

  • GarandFan

    Guess they thought to break it easy.

  • herddog505

    So, which is it:

    — The media is NOT biased, or;

    — The media has a RIGHTWING bias?


    What’s next? Ex post facto editing Barry’s statements to make his predictions all come true a la Winston Smith and Big Brother???

  • Shawn

    Good catch, W.

  • Commander_Chico

    Might not have been the AP or Klapper, might have been the publishers.

    • herddog505

      Or it might have been some random typesetter (or the digital age equivalent). Or a secretary. Or a “mistake”. Oh, wait: knowing you, it was the Israelis.

      The point is, it was done despite layers of editors and factcheckers. A statement that MIGHT have reflected badly on the Great and Noble Obama was hidden from the American people.

      As I wrote a few days ago, the sad thing is that our Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda is an all-volunteer force: nobody needed to purge the media and give party goons editorial control. It was ceded to them voluntarily, nay GLADLY.

    • AndrewX

      CC, you are right in what “might have been”, we just can’t know.

      But-cha ever notice that all, repeat ALL…. these journalistic “mistakes” go in one direction, politically speaking? ALL of them. ALL of them.

      Of, course…. we just can’t know what “might be” the reason for this.

      (repeat: ALL of them.)

  • Well it’s just the AP being its usual self withholding information from the public. The problem with it, Obama wasn’t joking. He’s still a Muslim, still supporting terrorists. Still giving them guns. He’s still setting up America to be a Muslim nation.

    • President Obama was making a joke, not making a statement of fact.

      Apparently, the people who accuse President Obama of being a Muslim don’t know much about the requirements of Islam. Otherwise, they would figure out that President Obama isn’t a Muslim.

      • Jwb10001

        All the more reason the AP should have just let the quote stand. It appears they are not only trying to save him from nasty old conservatives they are trying to save him from himself. This time it wasn’t the best idea.

  • ackwired

    Are we now saying that bad reporting is evidence of a conspiracy?

    • jim_m

      Bias is not a conspiracy.

      [edit]Or to be more specific, when an industry such as the media is 95+% of the same, far left ideology, they go into their professions to “change the world” and are taught that their purpose is to advance an agenda, it should not be surprising when of their own accord they act in ways they think will present that agenda in a better light. We should not be surprised when they independently choose to edit a story to remove language that would be controversial nor should we be surprised when they act in lock step following each other’s lead.

      And while there have been real conspiracies such as the JournoList, the natural bent of the media is such that little encouragement is required to get them to skew a story according to their biases.

    • herddog505

      “Bad reporting”? They edited his speech. “Bad reporting” is not doing homework, or failing to get multiple sources, or writing a report from a barstool instead of the scene, or just making sh*t up.

      This is something obviously different from “bad reporting”.

      Now: why do you think it happened? How is it that a statement by the president, made in not only a public forum but one SPECIFICALLY attended by reporters, was altered, and that the layers of editors and fact-checkers that MiniTru likes to boast about DIDN’T catch it? And, again, why?

      And… does it even bother you?

      • ackwired

        I don’t think that we know that an editor was responsible for the different reports. Different reports are common, and political bias by the media is easily assumed. Many years ago when I was running for county commissioner, I appeared before the sitting commissioners and proposed changes to the proposed budget that would save taxpayers about 3% of the budget. The board blew me off and later adopted many of my recommendations. A reporter had been at the meeting and regularly followed the proceedings. When I asked her how she could let this happen, she apologized and confessed to me that she really did not understand the intricacies of the budget enough to report this instance. It would have been easy to assume bias. But it would have been wrong. She was doing the best job she could and did not want to report facts that she was not sure of. The same is probably true of the reporters who “edited in” or “edited out” the word, “Muslim”.

        • jim_m

          Sorry, claiming that this was essentially an accident is all too convenient. You do not edit the words of the President of the United States lightly. Whoever did this, did it deliberately and with an intent to deceive the public about the content of his words.

          It may only be that the person thought to himself, “Uh oh. This is going to cause a lot of unnecessary furor, it would be better not to stoke the whole ‘obama is a muslim meme’ .” But that is not their decision to make. Their job is not to make the news but to report it. That is the primary problem with the media today, they think their responsibility is to tell us how to interpret the facts while they conceal many of those very facts.

        • herddog505

          I agree with jim_m: this isn’t something technical, intricate, involved, complicated, or otherwise too hard to understand for an idiot reporter: this is a fairly short, straightforward quote. Further, the joke was heard by a ROOMFUL of reporters, so it’s not like they neither had somebody else they could check with nor that they could print / publish a bowlderized version and expect that nobody else would notice. Finally, I expect that there is video of the event.

          No: the only reasonable conclusion is that the AP deliberate removed the word “Muslim”.

          Now, whether they did it to protect Barry from “AHA! HE ADMITS IT!” accusations that he is, indeed, a Muslim, or because they didn’t want our tolerant, wise, benevolent, understanding, Nobel Peace Prize-winning, not-a-bigot president to be shown making jokes about Muslims (in the same way that he made remarks about the attractiveness of CA’s AG) is a nice question.

          • jim_m

            The left relies upon being able to scoff at the idea that the media is biased by claiming that every such complaint is only so much black helicopter, conspiracy mongering. They don’t want to seriously contemplate, much less actually address the fact that the media is hysterically biased in their favor.

        • warnertoddhuston

          Is there any fact-ignoring backflip you leftists won’t do to avoid the truth? The SAME GUY wrote ALL the AP pieces in question. In the SAME STORY the word Muslim was removed while in THE SAME STORY on other sites it wasn’t removed. It was the Associated Press that did the edit. They commonly offer the same story edited in different ways to customers. So it was the Associated Press that did the edit. Can you left-wingers PLEASE learn to read.

        • Jwb10001

          If the editor is not responsible for the content who is?

      • Commander_Chico

        Whoever edited it screwed Obama by killing the joke line. The hyperbole of Muslim Socialist is the laugh. Just reporting “socialist” maybe does make it sound like he was just talking about himself.

        • herddog505

          Yes, poor Barry: how hard it must be for him to know that, if he says something that might make him look bad, MiniTru will put it right down the memory hole. Poor, poor fellow.

        • Jwb10001

          They are so into protecting Obama they tried here to protect him from himself and screwed it up. Seems to me they are not only bias they are so stupid they didn’t get the joke and couldn’t see editing it out makes it worse instead of better. Some people might call this a blind spot.

  • jon

    Is this footage real? Obama seen praying the Islamic Prayers!

    check this footage here http://youtu.be/Pxbk9qlblfs