Al Gore, Man of the People, Gets Paid Over $1 Million a Day to Sit on Apple’s Board, $125,000 per hour

If you want a poster child for corporate greed, you can look no further than Al Gore. After he failed to get enough votes to win Florida, and therefore the Presidential election in 2000, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs added him to the list of Yes Men on Apple’s board of directors.

A report out today says Al Gore cashed out about half of his Apple stock options in January to the tune of $30 million and has at least $15 million more.  But that was his bonuses, that didn’t include his base pay. According to Reuters, during the height of the 2008 recession, Al Gore ‘only’ made $633,000 per year, or $127,000 per board meeting, since the board only met fives times that year. — However according to SEC filings, by 2010, his yearly compensation was back up to $1.3 million per year.

Looking at the numbers, Gore has made about $1,000,000 a year for the last 10 years to sit on a board that was famously paid to agree with Steve Jobs. And then he got $45 million in stock options as a bonus for a total of about $55 million. Considering the board meets about 5 times years, that’s just over $1,000,000 per day or $125,000 per hour.

So what has Gore done to earn that money? Gore’s most famous accomplishment was to lead the board’s investigating committee, which “cleared CEO Steve Jobs and current management of wrongdoing” in a stock option backdating scandal which Apple later admitted Jobs knew about.

When you’re Al Gore, Greed is good.

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  • There’s got to be a legalized financial tax loophole quid pro quo in this. Why else would you hire a moron for the board. Oh ya, they’re all Democrat cleptocrats.

  • Charles Nash

    Any other reason to purge these smug apple people and buy their competition’s products instead?

  • Steve0007

    No wonder my Apple stuff is SO VERY expensive. Paying for Gore..and getting Gouged!

  • Don’t you dare read this!!! Look over there, drowning polar bears!!!

  • Rick Charles

    He was easy enough to hate before.

  • DrMaxHathaway

    Another reason I will never buy another apple product.
    Gore is such a pathetic con artist with his Global warming scam — as if he knows anything about science.
    With any luck SAMSUNG will kill APPLE for good. It was never anything but hype anyway.

  • Johnson_Grande

    More proof that Democrats are the biggest POS on planet earth.

    • Ilio

      Yes, so when does the flushing start?

  • Democrats are slime

    And Apple wonders why it’s rapidly sliding into oblivion.

  • Golfendude

    Never will buy another apple product ….. PROMISE

  • Lancers3

    Man bear pig sits on Apple’s board?? …another good reason for not buying Apple products.

  • ®©

    Al gore working for apple is another reason to go samsung for a phone ● ●

  • packstevewood

    I thought Apple could do nothing wrong. Boy, was I wrong. My mac is getting really old. Time to check-out the competition. Any suggestions?

  • Okieflyover

    If he was so fired up about green energy and how great it was financially why didn’t he buy Solyndra and A123 instead of the US funding their failure. ?

  • robertludlum

    Igore’s family wealth comes from his daddy’s loyalty to Armand Hammer, a long-range Soviet operative who liked to brag he personally knew every Soviet leader from Lenin to Gorby. As a Senator, Gore Sr. served Hammer’s business ventures by pushing for, or resisting legislation based on Hammer’s recommendation. He was later rewarded for this loyalty by being named a VP in one of Hammer’s companies. US intel agencies suspected for decades that the entire Hammer family were KGB assets. See Ed Epstein’s book Dossier: The Secret World of Armand Hammer.

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  • funkee

    Wow, I think we have found the disconnect. Look, everyone loves money regardless of political affiliation. However, this represents one of the key issues that Democrats want to change. I work and get paid in money so my tax rate is about 28%. Meanwhile, many of the uber rich ‘work’ and get paid in stock options or rely on other forms of investment income. Their ‘income’ is taxed as capital gains which usually works out to less than 15%.

    All the exaggerations about dems hating money or wanting to steal from the rich stem from a misinterpretation of this basic argument. Charge people like Al Gore the same tax rate as the rest of us. That’s it. No crazy push for socialism or secret plot to steal money. I hope, especially in this context, we can agree on this basic point. However, if you want to curb your hate for dems and argue that Al Gore deserves a better income tax rate than the rest of us, be my guest.

    • Ilio

      He deserves the last honest dollar he made, which was probably on the cows. Not another dime since it all comes from treacherous villainous dealings and power brokering from positions of authority. In other simpler terms, corruption. Death to tyrants.

      • funkee

        We are basically in agreement again. Believe it or not, this was exactly what the Occupy movement was about. Stopping politicians from abusing their power and stopping big corporations from being able to buy influence and dictate policy.

        This is why we should not look at politics solely in terms of Democrats and Republicans. We should be united in changing the rules of the game to stop this type of corruption.

  • kaosktrl

    And that’s another reason to avoid apple trash.

  • bumpkin

    HOoHOo! The bigger they are, the harder they will fall when the bottom drops out. Ouch! Hate to be him! Essentially, the world, the ENTIRE world, is poised for a serious cave-in, because too many scammers have been ‘adjusting’ the economies for too long… and the fiat monies are not buoyant any longer. They’re pumping harder, faster, and longer to get the same amt of ‘air’ into the sinking economy, and eventually, they rubber raft of fiat flotsam is going to disintegrate, and blub-blub-blub will go all the wealthy AND poor people’s monies/flotsam, sinking to nothing far below the visual field..-but the poor will hardly notice the shift, compared to those who lose huge fortunes… until the “New world order'” comes along, and then they can scam the stuffin’ out of it, next. Once a thief, always a thief, and they will NOT have learned their lesson. Not one whit of lesson will they have learned! (‘they’, being the liars, thieves, scammers, Bernie Madoffs, SOROS, Obamas and the Gores of the world.) -You know, the more I see and learn, the more amazed that GOD, -yes, I do believe, because I want to, …that GOD, in HIS infinite wisdom, designed man to not hang out here on Earth all that long. -This way, we don’t all have to go on crazed killing sprees against those who make us crazy- we can just wait for the stiff-hearted old jerks to die off. SMART designing! Some, tho, do tend to forget that Divine plan, but they generally are the exception to the rule.

  • Wo Fat

    My IPAD now seems somehow sullied and dirty…

  • caveman1313

    and did gore pay his fair share of taxes on that 1 million a year?????

    my bet is that he paid less than 30%, which is less than a secretary at apple pays

  • Liberterian

    Too bad I didn’t hear this last month before I purchased two i-phones and two i-touches. I won’t be buying i-tunes…no more of my money to Apple!

  • Joe_the_Plumber_2012

    The “CRAZED SEX POODLE” is out of control!

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  • Must be nice sitting on a Board, doing nothing, and getting paid for it.

  • Ilio

    Just threw the Ipod in the toilet. Never another product of theirs again.

  • josephine doakes


  • Ender Wiggin

    What a waste of money for apple to have that no talent hack on the board. His global warming hoax has made him millions more as well. People are fools.

  • Clarkward

    Don’t forget Captain Planet selling his progerssive cable TV channel that wouldn’t acces oil advertising… to the nice people in the middle east… who make oil!!

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  • Jwb10001

    This guy is the biggest sleaze that ever waddled on the earth.

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  • Chassoo

    This doesn’t count! Don’t the American people know? Only Conservative rich people are evil.