My New Favorite Person

Charles Ramsey is a hero.

He, with other local residents in a section of Cleveland, helped rescue three young women and a 6 year old from 10 years of captivity by a trio of perverts.

Though the substance is serious, Mr. Ramsey’s account of what happened is quite animated.


Someone needs to give this man his own show.

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  • SteveCrickmore075

    And this was in spite of the Cleveland pólice, and a moronic, suspicious dispatcher. In the first 911 call made by Charles, the dispatcher was accusatory towards Charles and forced him to hang his cell phone up, when Charles said, he had just helped rescue the girl, Amanda Berry, who was now in his home! The second dispatcher, a female, wasn’t very sympathetic either, when Amanda in obvious distress, had to call, because of the treatment meted out to Charles: This time, the dispatcher’s initial response was only slightly better, a nonchalant, “We will send someone over, when we have a car open”. And they blame the black community in particular, for not cooperating more with the pólice and their inquiries.

    • herddog505

      If I was treated that way by 911, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to cooperate with them, either.

      • jim_m

        Oh but we are supposed to surrender our guns and our rights to self defense and rely upon 911 and the police to protect us.

        Yeah. That will happen.

        • SteveCrickmore075

          Police, aren’t the brightest tools in the tool box. If they were, they would be likely be disqualified from entering the police force. In my encounters with detectives, I have never been impressed with their capabilties, or to even make inquiries in their own ‘station houses’, and to act on them, or to thoroughly canvass a neigbourhood. This is rather typical….
          “More recently, Cintron’s granddaughter reported an even more disturbing sight: she said she had spotted a naked woman crawling on her hands and knees outside the house. The woman went back in, but it was sufficiently unnerving to persuade the granddaughter to call the police, who Cintron believes failed to act upon the information. After that, she told her children and grandchildren firmly to go nowhere near number 2207. “I wouldn’t have anything to do with him – I didn’t want no problems,” she said.
          You would hope a light would have gone off with someone!

          • Wild_Willie

            The police’s ability to be pro active has been neutered by the liberal left for some time. Instead of being appreciated for their service, they are second guessed and accused of denying rights, brutality, etc. Now it is very convenient for you liberals to claim the police do not do their job effectively and to even insult them further by calling them stupid.
            I live in a major city and did some ride alongs. They work hard, they are methodical and they are restrained within a tight parameter to operate in.
            So instead of being happy for these girls, you liberals take the time to piss and moan about a problem you started. Typical. I would say you are better than that but it isn’t true. ww

          • SteveCrickmore075

            The average patrolman has as much curioisty about life as a plank, the detectives not much more. It is nothing to do with liberals or conservatives. The policemen I have met are interested in two things, no problems and getting off work on time, to go home. Several times, policemen went to this house on Seymour, because neighbors heard screams, and saw other unusual occurences, such as small children being held up at windows and but the pólice never thought to inquire why rooms were boarded up ,or they were fobbed off by the owner of the house, who had a record for violence. It is too bad they couldn’t put 2 plus 2 together for over ten years, we might have been happier about the outcome of ‘the girls´’ or as Russ Limbaugh calls them’ these people’.

          • herddog505

            Frankly, I blame democrats. You know: the clowns who wanted George Zimmerman lynched but who want to Free Mumia!? Yes, the people who just LOVES to play them some race card any time the police look twice at a minority, the ones who were openly hoping to pin the Boston bombing on white people, the ones who cheered and nodded their heads when Barry talked about the police “acting stupidly” when they arrested his chum.

            And this IS Cleveland, the city that brought us Dennis “Paint Chips” Kucinich.

        • herddog505

          You just have to live in the right neighborhood and have the right last name.

          I’ll bet that, if Fat Mikey or DiFi or Jim Carey or any of the other big-time any-gunners called 911, a SWAT team led by the chief of police would show up faster than Barry can get to a fundraiser.

          Now, if John Q. Public calls, maybe not so much. Hey, if you’re not willing to pay more in taxes for vital city services (like Compton, CA, right?), then you sort of get what you deserve.

          That’s the way dems see it, anyway.

          Remember the democrat motto: some pigs are more equal than others.

  • Paul Hooson

    The guy is cool, outrageous and very funny. A very unlikely hero and a real character! A tip of my hat to you, Mr. Ramsey. You’re a hero!

  • Walter_Cronanty

    I’m not ready to push for my next grandson to be named after Mr. Ramsey. Not demeaning what he did, but, like almost all of us, he’s a bit more complicated than portrayed. He has three convictions, one a felony conviction, for domestic violence and doesn’t have a driver’s license because he hasn’t paid child support.

    He’s apparently on “…an okay basis…” with his ex-wife, and doesn’t try to hide his previous convictions. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad – but I’ll save my favorite person tag for someone else.

    • Paul Hooson

      A new story today paints another man as the actual hero here, and not Mr. Ramsey. But, he got 15 minutes of fame from a media and a public ready for an inspirational story, even if that story was largely an accidental or possiby manufactured one.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        I read that report as well, and don’t have clue as to what’s what.

        I’ve also read a couple of reports or heard on the news [I live in Cuyahoga County – the story obviously has monopolized all local news] that Mr. Ramsey may be/is eligible for reward(s) for the discovery/saving of the young ladies. I then read the story about him not paying child support – the reward(s) will go to a good cause one way of the other, I suppose.