MSNBC’s Toure: Let all Muslims into the US Because Muslim Poverty ‘Threatens Our Security’

MSNBC talker Toure thinks he has discovered a key security flaw in our nation’s policies and has suggested a solution. Poverty in the Muslim world, he says, is a key threat to U.S. security and to nullify that threat we should open the borders wide and let all Muslims come here to get jobs so that their poverty can be alleviated.

Toure offered the rather startling suggestion during MSNBC’s The Cycle on May 6.

The Cycle co-host began his segment informing viewers that he is now “embracing the open borders movement” going on to note that “We already have open borders for large corporations.”

If globalism and open borders is “good for the global corporate rich guys,” he asked “why isn’t it good for people, especially the working class”?

Toure went on to try and knock down any arguments that it would be bad for our economy to have wide open borders, insisting that immigrants that come here “tend to be entrepreneurial” and have created “more than 450,000 jobs” over the last ten years.

“And what about wages,” he asked. “Well, folks, economists note that immigrants have a positive impact on the wages of Americans who have finished high school. They don’t compete with U.S. workers. They complement them, helping them do their jobs better.”

But then Toure Neblett noted that terrorism is still a national security risk and attempted to head off anyone that would be worried that terrorists would just flood into our country if we opened the borders wide.

“I remind you that the 9/11 hijackers and the two brothers in Boston entered our shores legally,” he began.

Then he got to his central thesis. The “root” of Muslim extremism, Toure claimed, was impoverished men in Muslim countries. That poverty, he claimed, makes them “more easily radicalized.”

“Muslim poverty is what threatens our security, not our immigration system,” Toure proclaimed.

His solution? Throw away all immigration rules and let all those impoverished men come to America.

Giving these men the chance to work here could diminish their poverty, their anger, and their misunderstanding of the U.S. before they are radicalized.

Just like corporations without borders have given the fat cats a better bottom line, people deserve the chance to be a full part of the global marketplace.

Open borders will improve the world.

Never mind that few of the men of which Toure speaks can read or have any skills or education and won’t add much of substance to our society, never mind that Britain has already tried this to her own detriment, never mind that thousands of such men won’t come here for jobs but will certainly come here bringing their fanaticism and terror, just don’t worry about any of that, folks. Open those borders.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Say something outrageous to get attention. Mission accomplished.

    Toure / Warner : Yin / Yang, Tom / Jerry etc.

    • LiberalNightmare

      sounds like your normal mode of operation.

      • warnertoddhuston

        Commander Cheapo is the sort that blames the woman for being raped. “She was there, too,” he says. “She was asking for it.”

        • Commander_Chico

          Are you suggesting that listening to some fool on TV is like getting raped? Maybe reading inanities too?

          In that case, RAPEEE!!

          But yeah, lots of rape charges are false, anyone who has worked in the criminal justice system knows that.

          I did not know you were a postmodern womyn’s rights activist.

          • I believe you’re stupid enough to believe what you wrote above.

          • LiberalNightmare

            Say something outrageous to get attention. Mission accomplished.

          • warnertoddhuston

            I guess I do feel like I’ve been raped whenever I watch the criminals on MSNBC. Any thinking person should, so there’s that.

  • fustian24

    This is a special kind of idiotic.

    Is it possible this guy really thinks this is a good idea?

    Because that’s spectacular.

    I’ve got an even better idea. Since apparently it benefits all third worlders to come to America, let’s just expand our borders to the whole world. We’ll take the whole thing.

    No more war. Currency problems over. We’ll make American the world language. The tax base would go way up and our military needs would go way down. At least it would once we had subdued all the locals.

    Plus we should weed out those troubling religions.

    It’s just a little extension of Toure’s original idea.

    • jim_m

      let’s just expand our borders to the whole world

      Great! We can tax them all. Now that is something I can get behind. See here at 1:42

    • Let’s annex Canada first, then Greenland, then Iceland. We’ll see how that works.

      • Commander_Chico

        Most of Canada would be easy. Just encourage Quebec independence.

        • Ah, but there’s a REASON I want to annex Canada.

          You can barely buy a shot-out POS SKS for under $450. $360 for a new one AND a case of ammo? Sadly, they won’t ship to the US.

          Yeah, we need to annex Canada, ASAP.

          • Commander_Chico

            Yeah, but the permit requirements there are strict, right?

            If Quebec ever becomes independent, the western provinces and the Maritimes will join the USA. I’m not sure about Ontario.

          • Rules can always be changed. Annex the country, and you get to make the rules.

  • GarandFan

    Maybe if Muslim religious thought wasn’t buried in the 15th century, they’d be able to “progress”.

    • jim_m

      You give them credit for 800 years of progress they have not yet achieved. They are still stuck in the 7th century.

  • puhiawa

    Toure confirms the stereotype of blacks being stupid racist. Rather unfortunate.