Square Mobile Payment Systems Modifies User Agreement to Prohibit Gun-Related Purchases

Square payment services is one of those new payment applications that merchants can put on a smart phone and, along with the plug-in hardware, is used like a credit card swipe machine to accept payments made by their customers. This month, however, Square has changed its user policy and is now prohibiting merchants from using the service to sell anything firearm related.

The new user agreement has altered its “Your Square Account” section to add a new category for things that Square won’t allow its service to be used for.

The new prohibition reads: “(23) sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury.”

This is the next battle for gun owners to fight. Liberals and anti-Constitutionalists continue to lose with efforts to curtail our freedoms via Congress and the courts so they are attacking our credit, banking, and sales sectors attempting to scare them into putting an end to the selling of firearms and firearm related items at the retail level.

Another area of attack comes in the field of investments. Some Democrats and anti-gun zealots are targeting investment firms that hold stock in gun companies. Others are trying to intimidate cities and individuals into pulling investments out of gun companies.

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  • Paul Hooson

    I like SQUARE personally. My grocery store used them. It’s a lot cheaper than Securus. Alpine or other credit card companies. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. You can still pay for anything with SQUARE, legal or not. They just insert language to protect themselves from lawsuits. It’s not a big thing.

    • LiberalNightmare

      There is no there there

    • Conservachef

      You can still pay for anything with SQUARE, legal or not.

      There’s that big bad tough-guy biker attitude! Stick it to the man, “Soldier!”

      Haha just joking with you, Hooson.

      • Paul Hooson

        Jesus, even prostitutes and drug dealers use SQUARE everyday for their illegal business activity. So some guys selling guns as a hobby won’t stop just because Square is posting a disclaimer statement. That’s just small time legal protection small print for the company to guard against a lawsuit.

        The Square saved me a lot of money down at the grocery where we did probably a little less than $200,000 each year in just credit cards. Credit card processing is where a lot of small businesses get burned bad. Many companies like Alpine charge a $6,000 contract for a machine that can be purchased for just $300 retail straight out, plus mislead on their fees. They do business like gangsters. They make some motorcycle clubs look like bowling clubs on wheels by comparison by being so out there. And some bike club members actually will cut themselves with a knife during an initiation rite. So, that tells how ruthless Alpine is.

        BTW-Down at the little grocery store, my brother and I were able to avoid a lot of problems by being stand up enough guys that very little happened. Sometimes at 2am in the morning you had some drunken nonsense to deal with. We both had to be little like a barroom bouncer sometimes. But, to 99.99% of the folks, we were just plain nice guys. I always got along fine with the Black and Hispanic gang members too. Most were actually OK guys in my book. We had that important mutual respect thing going on.

        • Conservachef

          Wow, “Soldier,” you sure have a poor reading of humor (See, that’s why I added “just joking with you” to my comment, so that you wouldn’t miss the fact that I WAS JOKING).

          In another thread you did some chest-beating about how you are a big bad biker dude who knows what it’s like to have unfriendly run-ins with the law. You even told us how people call you “Soldier.”

          So I was poking fun at all that and your suggestion that Square users do things their contract forbids. Calm down, dude.

  • jim_m

    It won’t take banks that long to learn that it isn’t the trust fund babies that are keeping them in business it is the businesses that make up the economy. Neither will it take long for some savvy bank to declare that they support the US Constitution and the first and second amendments. They will see a dramatic increase in their business. Can you imagine if the NRA started endorsing banks that were supportive of civil rights? Fascists like Bank of America will become a minority.

    As for intimidating pension funds etc to disinvest from gun industry companies, seeing as how they are one of the strongest growth areas of the economy, it would seem to be a breach of fiduciary duty to divest shares in these companies.

  • Vagabond661

    “…and other devices designed to cause physical injury.”
    They better include baseball bats, crossbows, knives, rope, hammers, axes, hatchets, automobiles, wrenches, tire irons and swords. Because if they don’t, they are a bunch of racist, bigoted gunophobes.

    • jim_m

      You left out alcoholic beverages, swimming pools, 5 gallon buckets…

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