Nancy Pelousie: An Example of the Stupidity & Lies One Must Perpetrate to be a Democrat

Haven’t ranted for a while, so here we gooooo…. There are dozens of examples every day of the lack of logic, ignorance of facts, downright dishonesty, and stupidity one must employ to be a Democrat in America, but today we must focus on a particular example of lunacy perpetrated upon the public by the loud-mouthed, dull witted former Speaker of the House, “San Fran” Nancy Pelosi.

This lying sack of botox was giving one of her signature pressers in which one gets lies, spin, and nonsense instead of information when she was asked about the current IRS scandal by one of the lapdog, left-wing media.

Curiously, the reporter asked San Fran Pelousie a real question:

Since the IRS happened on President Obama’s watch, how much of a hit — or do you think at all Democrats will take a hit on the IRS in the 2014 midterms?

I hope the reporter didn’t expect an actual, substantive answer, though, because this is the pablum that Pelousie disgorged from her pestilent pie hole.

Well, you said it happened under his watch. It happened under the appointment of the head of the IRS, who was appointed by President Bush.

It just so happens, you toady of anti-Americanism, that the IRS head of which you speak is a DEMOCRAT. Dennis Shulman was appointed by Bush in 2008, but he has a long history of donating money to the Democrats. So, Shulman is not a “Bush man,” if you will. He is a Democrat.

Further, even if we could blame Bush for Shulman’s getting into that position, 99 percent of the man’s tenure in that position was under Obama. Bush put Shulman there as he was practically out of the door of the White House. Shulman did all his nefarious work under Obama and little of it under Bush.

To review Bush was President for under 10 months while Shulman began his work at the IRS and Obama was president for over four years after that.

So, if we can blame Bush for putting the guy there for ten months, then we can blame Obama even MORE for allowing him to continue for four damn years doing the same thing. Does Pelousie not have any logic in her empty head?

Still, isn’t that just like an Obamaite to point finger everywhere but where it belongs?

The reporter then asked why the “buck” doesn’t stop with Obama. Pelousie gave this guffaw-worthy answer:

The president doesn’t know about everything that is going in every agency in government. Should Mr. Boehner have known because this is the neighborhood in Cincinnati where the IRS office is. I don’t think you can hold him accountable for what happened in that IRS office.

Um, what?

So, because Shulman worked in an office that is not in anyway at all under the purview of Congress, a Congressman from the area where the office is located should be held accountable? Or that he isn’t is an excuse for why the President, a man who IS supposed to be more involved in said agency, should be excused from any accountability?

Leaders, Mzz Pelousie, take responsibility for their actions and for the actions of their underlings. But, scum like you wouldn’t know leadership if it bit you on your bony, communist arse.

As Dan Aykroyd used to say–and I paraphrase– “Nancy, you ignorant slut.”

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  • retired.military

    Nancy Pelosi, When just plain old stupidity isn’t enough.

  • Baltimoron Pelosi, she’s a reverse carpetbagger here in CA.

    • Joe_Miller

      She’s our gift to you. Funny though, Baltimore hasn’t improved by not having her in it. I suppose the city could have been much, much worse. That’s like trying to think about infinity. I’m going to go lie down now.

      • That’s because you still have the rest of the D’Allesandro klan.

  • GarandFan

    Botox has consequences. Locally, the head of the DNC said that this is all the fault of a REPUBLICAN SUPREME COURT.

  • LiberalNightmare

    There is no way on gods green earth that this women continues to be elected to public office without the benefit of significant voter fraud.

    • warnertoddhuston

      No, I can see how she gets reelected. Have you ever met a Democrat? If you have it would become obvious how an anti-American, half-witted, hater like Pelousie can keep getting reelected.

    • retired.military

      she represents SF. enough said

  • Alicante56

    He was appointed by Bush. Blathering won’t change that.

    • cirby

      He was a _Democrat_ appointed by Bush.

      The lesson is: no matter how much you want to compromise or work with Democrats, don’t ever appoint one to a job with any real power. Or vote for one.

      • herddog505

        Precisely. democrats are completely untrustworthy untrustworthy usually malignant; NEVER have anything to do with them in any kind of official capacity.

      • Alicante56

        Shows you what a Bush appointee does.

        Bush chose this clown. Blathering doesn’t change that.

        • cirby

          Although, oddly enough, “this clown” is the one guy who doesn’t seem to have had much to do with the targeting. It was pretty much all Obama-appointed people who made those decisions. It’s easy to bypass someone when you put your own lower-level employees in place to make the real decisions.

          You also need to learn a word besides “blathering.” It just makes you look like you’re trying really hard to sound educated – while merely throwing out insults.

          • Alicante56

            Oh, look. More blathering. “It was Obama’s people”

            Now you’re suggesting that Obama went around the “DIMMOCRAT” IRS head that Bush appointed to staff the IRS with his own people?

            And you’re serious about that?

            The stupid is strong amongst these haters..

          • jim_m

            That last sentence was obviously self directed.

          • retired.military

            Lets see.
            Was the person appointed under Bush? Yes
            Did these actions take place under Bush? No
            Did Bush tell this guy to target tea party groups? No
            Did Lois Lerner vote for Bush? No
            Did Bush promote the other high level official in charge of this fiasco? No
            Did any wrong doing by the IRS happen under Bush? No
            So in other words you are blaming Bush because he appointed someone over 5 years ago and all the rest of this stuff happened under Obama.
            Yes the stupid is strong amongst the haters (that is the Bush haters).

        • And 5 years later, Bush still is supposedly pulling this clown’s strings to embarrass your hero Obama?

          Wow, what a Machiavellian character that Bush is! Simultaneously being completely stupid, yet planning for and setting up a nearly complete discrediting of the IRS years later!

          Of course, there’s always the possibility that Bush figured he was the best guy for the job at the time, and that appointing a Democrat would be seen as a good political move. And that once Obama was in office, all that wonderful ‘bipartisan’ feeling was trashed – and the clown’s underlings, appointed by Obama figured “Hey, I’m a Democrat – I’d better get with the program here and do what the Party says! Conservatives are BAD, therefore I’d better screw ’em over when I can!”

          • Alicante56

            No, it’s just an example of the poor choices Republican Presidents make.

          • retired.military

            And everything else about this scandal is just an example of the poor choices which democrats make.
            Thanks for playing.

          • And the poor choices a Democratic president makes. Unless you consider Obama apparently seeing NOTHING wrong with what he was doing to be a ‘good thing’. So if this guy wasn’t up to the job, why didn’t Obama replace him?

          • Alicante56

            You must be the blatherer in chief, or at least a blather want to be.

            Got a link to anything indicating Obama knew what was being done in terms of targeting tax evading, money hiding tea party groups?

            Of course you don’t. You haven’t a clue, much less a link.

            Nope. You just hate, and you spew lies when your hate is boiling up.

          • Thank you for sharing…

          • You really don’t get the whole “Disagreement with your opinion isn’t the same thing as hate” thing, do you?

            Man, I’ll bet your personal relationships are interesting. Either someone agrees with you totally, or you write them off as ‘hating’, correct?

          • Alicante56

            Oh, but hate is hate. And it’s easy to spot.

            Still don’t have a link to support your hateful comment that Obama knew what was being done at the IRS and endorsed it, even directed it?

            Of course you don’t. Your hate filled mind just made that up. You disagree with reality and think your fantasy and made up lies amount to “disagreement”.

            it doesn’t. It’s just hate filled lies.

          • Right. Ah, projection – isn’t it a wonderful thing to behold? So easy to accuse everyone who dares to disagree of ‘hate’, while thinking you’re the only reasonable person around.

            And I’m not saying Obama knew, oh reading-challenged one, I’m saying that Obama ‘saw no reason’ to replace the head of the IRS. Poor sap’s been kept in a bubble. Isn’t it nice to be insulated from reality by folks dedicated to making sure you’re not disturbed by anything that’ll burst your belief that everything is just fine?

          • There’s are reason I’ve been thanking it for sharing and moving on. You should try it…

          • LOL. I know – but he’s so childishly sincere in his belief of Obama the Untouchable and the memes he’s been fed.

            Probably even believes in the Easter Bunny, unicorns, and Santa.

    • Sky__Captain


      So by that “logic”, Billy Clinton was responsible for allowing the 9-11 attacks to occur. After all, GWB was only in office for 8 months when they occurred…
      And all your blathering won;t change that.

      • Alicante56

        The IRS head was a Bush appointee.

        Pelosi told the truth. Republicans hate the truth.

        • How someone acts doesn’t depend on who appoints them… or who elects them.

          Funny how that is so often lost on people.

        • cirby

          Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner was head of the Treasury Department when this was all going on. You know – the person running the department above the IRS? He’s also in charge of TIGTA – the Inspector General office that half-ass investigated the IRS, and missed a lot of obvious issues.

          You’re really focused on blaming all of this on one person – who’s middle-management at best – because of his ties to Bush. Grasping at straws. Again.

        • jim_m

          These are not political appointments so any president is pretty much forced to choose from the people in the bureaucracy that show the best ability. Since the bureaucracy is dominated by leftists, it doesn’t matter who is President, they are going to be forced to pick a leftist for the position.

          In fact, because the IRS is such a sensitive agency, making a purely political appointment is out of the question.

        • Thank you for sharing.

    • jim_m

      And Reagan was a democrat. Your point?

    • Vagabond661

      Who appointed Holder? Better yet, who issued an executive order over fast and furious? by the way, just because bush appoints this guy in the last 10 months of his presidency does not wash away what Shulman did during the last 5 years of Obama’s presidency. He was just waiting for obama to get elected so he would have more flexibility.