Criminal Unions: The Perfect ‘Government Union Fat Cat’ Story

Today’s example of why government unions should be outlawed is a union chief who ostensibly “works” for the people of New York. He has a grueling two-hour-a-day “work” schedule and spends that time eating lunch, then sleeping.

He’s a real life union fat cat, a perfect example of why government unions should be illegal, and the poster boy for union scumbaggery. He’s the 400-pound Mark Rosenthal, the presidaent of Local 983 of District Council 37–New York’s largest blue-collar municipal-workers union–who earns $156,000 a year in New York’s tax dollars.

Take a look at these photos showing Rosenthal hard at “work”:

The New York Post reports that Rosenthal comes in at two, eats his lunch, takes a nap, then goes home at 4PM to “beat the traffic.”

Every day he uses union funds to buy oversized lunch orders, the leftovers of which he takes home to eat everyday.

Naturally this cretin claims he’s the victim of a “smear campaign.”

But, let’s face it, this guy is what government unions look like. Folks, while you are slaving away, paying taxes, or even finding yourself out of work, these union thieves are sponging off your tax dollars, doing little to nothing for you, and retiring at a young age to enjoy decades of an easy retirement on your dime.

Liberal hero, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, thought that government unions were a terrible idea. He was right. They should be outlawed and this morbidly obese Rosenthal is a perfect example of why.

This man is stealing from New York every day he is employed.

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  • GarandFan

    Given his weight, retirement will be short. IF he lives that long.

    • jim_m

      The problem is that, as a government union worker, there really is little difference between working and retirement.

  • stan25

    The Left hollers about Chris Christie being obese. Christie is skinny compared to this guy. Again the left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Probably orders from Micky Ds

  • JWH

    At this weight, he’s destroying his own health. If he hasn’t sought medical help for his weight, that tells me he’s given up on himself in a very fundamental way. I don’t feel outraged. I feel sorry for the man.

    • you feel sorry for a man who is killing himself with your money ? hmmm … why do you care if he’s killing himself ?
      does feeling sorry for him make you feel better about yourself ? A “good” person would feel sorry for him, right ?
      you must be a “good” person …

      • Brucehenry

        Maybe this JWH guy is not without sin himself, so therefore he’s not casting the first stone. There was some guy a long time ago who said we shouldn’t do that.

    • jwbi1001

      The guy’s weight aside, why is he making 156K and not working 60 hours a week? If you’re in the private sector and making even half that you’re working your ass off.

      • JWH

        On that, I have no idea. In my little corner of the private sector, most folks making 150k (or more) have a very … active … sort work life. In addition to the “come into the office and work,” they spend evenings at various cocktail hours and such … but “cocktail hour” might as well be “work.” Even though they’re laughing, drinking, and having a good time, they’re also using the cocktail hours to look for new customers.

        I would assume that a union honcho at his level has similar responsibilities … in addition to the work he does at work, he would have to put in a lot of after-hours schmoozing or other extracurriculars related to work.

        If he’s not …

        … then by all means, have at him for that issue.

      • jim_m

        He gets paid by the pound

  • LiberalNightmare

    Are we sure hes sleeping? Maybe hes dead?

    • jim_m

      Nah. Chico is still posting.

      • Commander_Chico

        Chico’s in great shape. But I feel sorry for that guy.

        Sad, sick and depressed. Put him in a fat camp.

        I wonder how many hours a day portly Warner works for his Koch money.

        • warnertoddhuston

          LOL. always goes for the personal insult. What makes you think I’m “portly,” anyway? In fact, other than may face, what have you ever even seen of me? And just what IS “portly” to a scumbag like you that hides behind a fake name?

          • Commander_Chico

            You’ve posted a lot of pictures of yourself.

            Do a Google image search for Warner Todd Huston, the top couple of pictures define “portly.”

            So, how many hours a day do you work?

          • JWH

            Really, Chico, you’re going with weight-related ad hominems? Be better than that.

          • Commander_Chico

            When the guy’s talking about “fat cats.”

          • JWH

            Yes, yes, Chico, somebody engages in cheap personal attacks, so you have to do it, too.

          • It’s his excuse to revert to his personal mean.

          • Reversion to the mean.

          • warnertoddhuston

            In other words, you have nothing. Just like what is between your ears. Figures.

          • What he has between his ears is excretia…

        • Fascist.

          • Commander_Chico

            I’m hearing something . . . .down, Rodney!

          • I’m seeing something:

          • Brucehenry

            Somebody around here just looovvess him some penis images.

          • jim_m

            Really? You never struck me as that kind of person. 😉

          • Brucehenry

            Hey, it’s not me that knew where to find that image and repeatedly post it, lol.

          • Commander_Chico

            I think I saw that guy wandering around Makati once. He was scaring kids.

            One thing Rodney is good at, is finding a theme and sticking to it.

            Can you say, “Soi disant . . .. . “

          • Cries the soi disant “cognoscente” and “veteran.”

            The one thing that soi disant “cognoscente” and “veteran” is good at is being a stranger to the truth.

          • Commander_Chico

            Stick with it, Rodney.

          • Brucehenry

            At least you have finally, after many months, taught him the difference between “cognoscenti” and “cognoscente.”

          • jim_m

            Chico still needs to learn that saying and being are two different things.

          • Brucehenry

            As do many of us, I suppose.

          • I shan’t be holding my breath waiting for that…

          • someone has to fill your deviant needs…

  • Vagabond661

    Michelle My Belle Obama should target these guys instead of school children for eating healthy.

    • jim_m

      I think eating the school children would be healthier than eating this guy.

      Wait… that wasn’t what you were meaning?