Sarah Palin Calls Bill Maher Out for Calling Son Trig a ‘Retard’

Sarah Palin is getting back on track as an outspoken commentator on the news and her first step back in the spotlight is to slam so-called comedian Bill Maher for calling her son, Trig, a “retard” in his “comedy” act.

Palin has recently re-signed as a Fox News commentator after having let her contract lapse in January of 2013, likely with an eye toward having a voice in the upcoming 2014 midterm election cycle.

But elections were far from her mind after she discovered that so-called comedian Bill Maher was going around calling her Down’s Syndrome child a “retard.”

Palin heard about Maher’s calumny from a piece in the Daily Caller by Ron Furtell titled, “Why I Heckled Bill Maher.”

Furtell had gone with friends to see Maher’s stand up routine in Las Vegas last week and took issue with the “comedy” Maher was dishing out.

Furtell noted that he has a special needs son and when Maher started calling Palin’s son, Trig, a “retard,” the writer couldn’t take it in silence. He heckled Maher and was dutifully ushered out the door by security.

After Furtell published his Daily Caller piece, Sarah Palin also had a thing or two to say about Maher’s nonsense.

Palin took to Twitter, as she is wont to do, and slammed Maher twice.

It is always interesting to note that these extremist liberals are always the first ones to chastise people for calling names until it is a conservative they want to attack. Then the name calling runs fast and thick.

That isn’t the first ime he’s attacked a special needs child. Here is another example of this creep’s “work”…

Will coward Maher respond? What do you think?

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  • jim_m

    All the tolerance BS is merely a facade for the left to cover up the hate and bigotry that lies underneath.

  • Paul Hooson

    As rough and offensive as my biker humor often is, I can’t justify this. – Bill Maher, this is plain wrong! – Some things are just off limits like making fun of children with serious issues like this. Not cool!

  • jim_m

    Let there be no doubt, retarded children will be the first exterminated in order to save costs to support obamacare.

  • RichFader

    No, Trig Palin is a Down syndrome child.

    Bill Maher is a retard.

  • GarandFan

    Were Palin to show up in Vegas…….lil’ Billy would shit his pants.

  • Brucehenry

    I won’t defend Maher’s so-called “joke” using the word “retard,” although I’ll note that no one has posted a clip of him actually using that word. I wouldn’t doubt that he did, and I’m pretty sure he’s said that and worse in the past. He can be damn funny sometimes, but he often goes too far and is offensive for the sake of the so-called “shock value” — something that ceased to be funny in the mid-1980s.

    That said, hadn’t this Futrell guy ever heard of the feud between Palin and Maher over Maher’s mockery of Trig? He describes himself as familiar with the media, an expert in fact. The Palin-Maher thing was kind of a sensation in 2008 and 2009. Seems like the friends of the parent of a special needs son might have warned him about Maher, in the unlikely event he hadn’t already been aware of Maher’s propensity to use the r-word, when they paid for his ticket.

    I think Futrell used, maybe staged, this stunt to get page-clicks or whatever you call them. And I think Palin jumped on this DC story to promote her return to FOX. She’s certainly cynical enough to use her son to get sympathy and attention.

    • jim_m

      Nice how you are able to blame Maher’s vulgarity on the people who oppose it and lay the ultimate blame on his (the child’s) mother.

      The best part though, was in the first sentence where you essentially deny that Maher ever said this because you have never seen video evidence of it. Typical leftist BS. It probably never happened and if it did it is the victims fault. You’ve really become a total jack ass in the last couple of months.

      • Brucehenry

        “I wouldn’t doubt that he did, and I’m pretty sure he’s said that and worse in the past…”

        Is that how one “essentially denies” something, Jim?

        My point stands. Futrell, I’ll bet, knew what he was getting into,and knew what he was going to do ahead of time; and Palin, I’ll bet, is using Futrell’s little stunt as red meat to rile up her fan base. And it worked, as evidenced by Warner’s article. And, I’ll further bet, a couple dozen others.

        EDIT: And who is blaming Maher’s mother?

        • jim_m

          “although I’ll note that no one has posted a clip of him actually using that word.”

          By saying this you question the veracity of the claim. You then attack the claimant’s integrity with even less basis than there is for attacking Maher’s.

          I was referring to Trig’s mother you dope.

          • Brucehenry

            Not how your sentence reads, but I know you were, you dope. Some of this is sarcasm,Sheldon.

    • Rdmurphy42

      … just wow, Bruce. The ‘She asked for it’ defense, right?

    • Paul Hooson

      I love shock humor as well. I did some onstage myself as an entertainer over the years. Some people liked my punky out-there style, and some didn’t. But, if Bill Maher actually said this about this child, then I find that off-limits and wrong personally. I tell some pretty rough jokes, but I have a few places that I don’t want to go such as this area. There’s plenty of other areas for comedy where a comic doesn’t have to go to for jokes about disabled kids for laughs. Further, a lot of bikers have a lot of respect for children, doing toy runs for sick kids or other charity work. It’s not in the biker creed to make jokes about sick kids. It’s just not cool….

      • Brucehenry

        What do you mean you love shock humor “as well”?

        I said that crap ceased to be funny in the mid-1980s, and it did. That’s why you don’t see comics like Andrew Dice Clay, the late Sam Kinison, and their like nowadays.

        • Paul Hooson

          I wasn’t saying that you liked shocked humor, Brucehenry. I was saying that Bill Maher may like shock comedy, and that’s my style as well when I performed onstage. But, I think he went too far if he joked about a child with some serious issues. That, I think was wrong, although I often find both Bill Maher as well as Dennis Miller hilarious for their well crafted insult comedy, even if i disagree with their political reasoning. Clever is clever, but bad is bad.

    • shamsky24

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he used the word “retarded,” because there’s nothing inherently offensive about that word. But I strongly doubt that he’d ever refer to a five-year-child as a “reta*d,” unless he wanted to cause a massive audience walkout, or was just hell-being on committing career suicide.

  • Par4Course

    Maher is low-life scum. I will not watch him on TV or even the clip posted above. The fact he thinks calling Trig Palin names is funny is all I need to know about this guy’s character. Even those who disagree with Sarah Palin’s politics should know Mahar’s behavior is wrong and disgusting.

  • Commander_Chico

    I am outraged. But glad to see you’re focusing on the important stuff.

    • warnertoddhuston

      And in reply, I say “insert rolling eyes here.”

      • Commander_Chico

        Yes, what else can you do but roll your eyes when you see two C-list celebrities like Palin and Maher mud wrestling?

        • Rdmurphy42

          And that is the other liberal response – claim its “Not important” or ‘a distraction’ or ”C list celebrities’ and should therefore be ignored whether or not its repugnant. Meanwhile, if the roles are reversed and the republican says something vulgar – it becomes VITALLY important regardless of who said it.

          • Brucehenry

            Show an example from each direction, other than this one.

          • jim_m

            There is an underlyiing truth to to what he says about leftist claims that something is unimportant. The left dismisses everything that is embarrassing as either insignificant because the people are insiginificant (Chico above), Unimportant like Benghazi (“What difference does it make!!!”) or a distraction as the NYT reffered to the IRS scandal at one point.

            Now you have your examples, you revolting little troll.

          • Brucehenry

            Nuh-uh, YOU are. LOL.

          • jim_m

            Evidence that Bruce has become a troll: He denies the validity of a comment and asks for examples or proof. When given that proof he ignores it or changes the subject.

            Thanks for playing.

          • Brucehenry

            Call me a troll or whatever you wish. You call me names because I pointed out several threads ago that you have for 12 years supported the PATRIOT Act, which made possible, and apparently perfectly legal, the current NSA “scandal.”

            Butthurt because you don’t like to acknowledge you’ve been wrong and hypocritical for the last 12 years, you lash out with name-calling. LOL.

            EDIT: I asked for examples from Murphy because I dislike the “I’m-a-victim” game played by conservatives about tit-for-tat normal political discourse.

          • jim_m

            Ahem. And I responded that I supported the surveillance of communications made between the US and foreign locations, which is how the Patriot act was sold. No one promoted it as the creation of an oppressive surveillance state focused on intruding on the lives of US citizens and making the citizen enemy of the state.

            Of course you never bother to comprehend that do you? I suppose the difference is that most people did not expect a President to be elected who viewed his own people as the greatest threat to the nation. I suppose you knew that would happen because you intended to vote for him at the earliest opportunity.

          • Brucehenry

            It’s true it was sold as a necessary step and that it would not be abused. But many, mostly liberals like Bernie Sanders, warned vociferously that it would be stretched and twisted beyond recognition because it was written poorly (perhaps on purpose?).

            But you ignored those warnings in your glee at having a stick with which to bash liberals as “weak on terror.” Fool. Shortsighted hypocritical partisan fool.

          • jim_m

            The difference is that the left was against EVERY action that would have prevented terrorism. You and your surrender first friends are only gleefully looking at this move toward oppression as a way to excuse your drive for surrender a decade ago.

            You and your like did not protest the things that Bush did under any sort of principle. You were against it for partisan reasons, just like most leftists are now for this since it can be used to oppress the right.

            You were only against this when it was to be used against our enemies, now the left is for it as I have previously shown with the Pew Poll.

          • Brucehenry

            Well I can’t argue with your clairvoyance. I guess ya got me.

          • Rdmurphy42

            No> That wasn’t ‘I’m a victim’. It was “You are a hypocrite.” There is a subtle difference you may have missed.

          • Commander_Chico

            How about the NSA spying on all Americans and Obama putting the USA into a war with Syria?

            Oh, you don’t like those examples because you’re cool with them.

          • jim_m

            I think there is ample evidence of my objection to the former in my comments on these pages and you can find numerous places where you have accused me of your second point and where I have stated my objections to getting involved in a war there.

          • Brucehenry

            I’ve missed where you stated any objections. I remember you denying you wanted war and in the same thread claiming the US had no choice but to go to war given Obama’s “red line” comments. A “patriot” who claims the US has no choice but war is advocating war.

          • jim_m

            I pointed out that obama had painted himself into a corner because he is an ignorant and inept leader. I pointed out that a smart leader would not have left himself no other choice. I also pointed out that I did not want to go to war with obama because his aim will be for the military to fail and for many US lives to be sacrificed in order to protect his image. He does not care to win and when he does he wants our nation’s enemies to reap the benefits.

          • Brucehenry

            Hahaha and if the military fails and many US lives are sacrificed how will that help “protect his image?”

            Do you stop and think, even for a second, before posting ridiculous blurtgasms such as this?

          • It would depend on what his self-image is, how he wants to see himself, and what he actually wants – deep down.

            Wouldn’t it?

          • Brucehenry

            So you buy into the paranoid nonsense that Obama’s “aim will be for the military to fail” and that the President of the United States WANTS “many US lives to be sacrificed” in this hypothetical war in Syria? The war that Jim claims not to want but insists the US has no choice but to fight?

            Please. Don’t be as ridiculous as Jim.

          • jim_m

            Yes, it’s ridiculous to suggest that the left wants the military to fail.That’s why leftists like Charlie Rangel want to bring back the draft. They know that an army of conscripts cannot function as well as one of professionals.

            Hell, leftists like Kerry have made a career on tearing down the military. After all, you want to get an education so you don’t end up “Stuck” in the army. The military is where the stupid people go according to the left.

            The left has been against the military succeeding since Vietnam. Your denying such truth only shows how much a liar you are.

          • Brucehenry

            That’s where you’re wrong. “The left” and I are not against the military succeeding. Hell, the US military almost always succeeds at every task it’s assigned.

            What I’m against is many of the tasks that the military GETS assigned. I was not in favor of the military adventure in Vietnam, nor in Panama in 1989, nor in Grenada — Jesus Christ, Grenada!! for God’s sake — nor the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

            I was fine with the first Gulf War, as were most liberals, and also the decapitation of the Taliban government of Afghanistan, the very definition of “state sponsor of terrorism.”

          • jim_m

            I said that obama had left himself little choice by saying that using chemical weapons would be crossing the line. The alternative is obama backing down like a coward and disgracing American power and influence. I think it likely that he will choose the latter.

            Really, if you are going to comment about what I have said why not bothering to actually read it? I know, reading and understanding what I write would make lying so much more difficult.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes, I remember that, and you thought Obama should NOT “back down like a coward,” but instead wield American military might so as not to “disgrace American power and influence.”

            That it would cost many US lives for Obama to play this macho “my-pecker’s-bigger-than-Assad’s” game is of no consequence to you.

          • jim_m

            No I said that obama should not have painted himself into a corner. Lying about others just comes naturally to you doesn’t it. AS you have sunken into trolldom your willingness to outright lie about what others have said has dramatically increased.

          • Brucehenry

            I forget the article that sparked the specific thread we’re discussing from memory. Why don’t you link to it and prove me wrong and a liar?

          • jim_m

            Dude, you are making claims about what I said. burden of proof is on you. Pony up roof that I made these statements yourself. Yeah, I know, you don’t believe in innocent until proven guilty because you’re a leftist.

          • Brucehenry

            Sure, but help me out. What article was it? It was only a month or so ago, seems like.

          • Brucehenry

            Found it, and here’s an excerpt.

            In response to me asking what Obama should do “now that he HAS boxed himself in,” you said, “It doesn’t matter. Nothing short of military intervention is possible because anything less will appear as weakness.”

            When I replied that that sounded like a call for war to me, you said, “With Obama having painted himself into a corner the choice is between war now or war later.”

            Go over it yourself:

          • jim_m

            You read into it what you wanted to read into it. I have said probably a dozen times to Chico and no to asshole losers like you that I don’t believe that war is the best answer.

            The fact is that our choice pretty much is war now or later. Do you honestly think that when Iran gets the bomb that obama is letting them get that they will not provoke war with us? You’re an idiot and a dangerous one at that if you think otherwise. Iran has now entered the war in Syria, something that a strong leader would have been able to prevent.

            Had obama the wit to deal with international diplomacy we could have had a different solution, but instead your lord and savior projected weakness and appeasement. Instead of forcing a diplomatic solution on favorable terms by projecting strength obama has created the likelihood of war.

            You think that projecting strength is warmongering. The fact of the matter is that projecting weakness leads to war far more frequently. Your policies are the ones that lead to war.

            I have not advocated war but dealing with tin pot dictators from a position of strength. You and obama have advocated appeasement. At least Neville Chamberlain had the good sense to figure out that he was wrong. You would keep doubling down on stupid until you lost the war, but then again you would have preferred a fascist dictatorship. You certainly are becoming the apologist for one now.

          • Brucehenry

            So you don’t want war, but think it is in the interests of the US to fight one sooner rather than later and want what is in the interests of the US. Clear as mud.

            Everything is Munich to you guys, lol. Obama is always Chamberlain because he made an ill-advised “red-line” remark and then doesn’t rush to lob cruise missiles, but Reagan is Churchill even though he turned tail and skedaddled after the murder of 241 US Marines. You twofaced idiots are priceless.

          • jim_m

            You missed my point. obama is worse than Chamberlain.

            As for the Marines in lebanon… Never heard of Dunkirk have you? One loss does not a war make. It isn’t the loss itself that is the issue. It is the attitude of the loser. obama’s attitude is one of appeasement and bowing to aggression. What made Reagan great despite this particular failure was that he did not believe in appeasement and THAT above all things is why you and the left hate him.

          • Commander_Chico


            Reagan sold weapons to Iran, the sponsor of the Hezbollah guys who bombed the Marine barracks, in order to get hostages released from Hezbollah.

            If that wasn’t “appeasement,” I don’t know what is.

          • shamsky24

            That’s pretty rich, coming from the same guy who keeps imploring me to provide proof that Bill Maher _didn’t_ call Trig Palin a “ret*rd.” Don’t you find it at all difficult to keep talking out of both sides of your mouth?

          • Nope. What I’m saying is that Obama, even after all his charismatic speaking, his ghost-written books, his hidden college records and pretty much complete lack of any track record as a state or US senator – is still pretty much a blank when it comes to his motivations.

            And as you’re well aware, it’s perfectly possible for someone to profess wanting something, and then undermine actually accomplishing it.

            You want an economic stimulus that doesn’t do much good? Make sure it goes to sycophants, slap shitloads of paperwork on top of the normal application process.

            Want totally transparent government? ROTFL.

            Want ‘health care reform’? Force a massive teardown and restructuring of a somewhat workable program into a laundry list of “Hey, I think this would be really great” ideas, introducing massive amounts of complexity and cost – and bill it as ‘free health care’. Lot of people are looking at how much ‘free’ is going to cost them, and going “Oh, shit.”

            Want to revive the economy? Tax the shit out of the evil rich, and make it more complex to start new businesses and mandate expensive insurance – nothing like putting a restrictor plate on an air intake and cutting the amount of gas being injected to make an engine run faster, is there?

            So basically, Obama says one thing then acts like he doesn’t want it. He wants businesses to save money – and then goes on an African vacation that’s projected to cost well north of $600 million. Yeah, that’s responsible governance… but at least he cancelled the safari!

            As far as Syria goes – I think he’s been waiting to see which side looks like it might win, and then he’ll back that. The chemical weapons thing might force his hand, and we’ll end up supporting the ‘rebels’ just like we were supporting South Viet Nam in ’74-75… we’ll send them aid, grudgingly and not in the quantities they need… while doing something expensive and visible – the ‘No fly Zone’ – until attention turns elsewhere and then we’ll cut the aid and the ‘No Fly zone’.

            What Obama WANTS is to not look bad… at least for now.

            (Shrug.) Time will tell.

          • jim_m

            As far as Syria goes, he has waited until Russia and Iran have committed to the Assad side and only now has decided to send weapons to the rebels.

            If he had wanted to do that he would have been better off before the other big players committed and then there would not have been as much risk, in fact such action might have dissuaded a Putin from committing anything to a client that was in such a precarious position and Putin might have found a way for his client to leave and be replaced by a new, more publicly acceptable client.

            But obama is an ass and has waited until the worst possible time to get involved. Hence my statement that projecting weakness, hesitating to use force and attempting to appease first has brought us to a point where obama must either get involved in a war he cannot win (as he is doing) or to back down and accept whatever comes and in doing so assure that similar situations will arise and he will be faced with more of these decisions until he is replaced by someone competent to deal with foreign policy or his policy is consumed by the coming conflagration.

            What Chico and Bruce fail to see is that peace is the exception to human existence. They wrongfully think that by appeasement and supplication to tyrants that we can have a lasting peace. Anyone who disagrees with them is a warmonger. Funny that they should make such an accusation because it is their policies which make such a war more likely in the short term.

          • Commander_Chico

            Iran and Russia were allies of Syria a long time ago.

            The Russians have their only Med naval base at Tartus.

            Why does America give a shit who runs Syria?

            Oh, getting led into another war by our Israeli “allies.”

          • jim_m

            Despite your antisemitism, I do not see us being led into this by Israel. obama has not been influenced by Netenyahu and has been openly antagonistic toward him and his country.

            My point was that the time to act was prior to Syria’s allies committing people and material to their cause and not now after they have done so. obama and you are too stupid to figure that part out. And by acting I am not saying invading, but taking a stronger course of action that would have led to Assad being removed and replaced more peacefully(possibly with the assistance of Russia granting him asylum).

            For you the choice is always only between war and appeasement. There are other choices, you simply lack the wit to consider that fact.

          • Commander_Chico

            This Syria thing is all about knocking out two allies of Iran – Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon – securing Israel’s northern flank before attacking Iran itself.

            It is so insane, we are even supporting Al Qaeda in order to do it.

            But there’s a lot of money to be made in Iran after the regime falls, too, just like money’s being made in Iraq now.

          • Jwb10001

            And you still believe Romney would have been worse? You never cease to amaze.

          • jim_m

            Yeah , and you support the guy who is doing that instead of making a rational policy where he would have acted over a year ago to avoid this crap.

          • Appeasement works very well – for the one who gets the concessions. “Peace at any price” somehow seems to end up with a very high cost indeed.

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  • Stoneyjack

    Maher is a scruffy little rodent who isn’t fit to clean gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin’s hunting boots.

  • Bill Maher – is the ugly nasty Muslim Obummer Low Life Lover ‘retard’ which is known as a corrupted gene pool, of which all Muslims have, including the POS Obummer. Incest is best. Maher should know! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • This administration has shown a remarkable disdain for the less than perfect children. Obama himself on the Jay Leno show in 2009 was asked about the bowling alley in the White House. Obama joked to Leno that his average score of 129 “was like the Special Olympics or something.” He is also a stalwart proponent of unlimited abortions, even to the point of letting a child alive after the abortion be left to die if this was the intent of the procedure. The day after pill can now be dispensed without a prescription to anybody, even a child. This can be used as a tool by predator men to force young girls into situations they would never consent to otherwise. Women in so called “Geriatric Pregnancies” has to undergo all tests and listen to the advice of doctors and councelors to consider abortion if there are any abnormalities discovered during their pregnancy.
    Predators come in many forms. Bill Maher has made numerous vile remarks about Sarah Palin and her children. He even stoops so low as to make jokes about her son Trig, born with the Down Syndrom. This is bottom feeding “entertainment” of the worst kind.
    Needless to say Sarah Palin twitters back true to form:
    more on:

  • Virginian

    Maher is a classless wart. I don’t care how stupid Palin is, that was uncalled for.

  • shamsky24

    So the rule here is that you just make up quotes and attribute them to people you don’t like? Yes, according to a number of sources on the right, Bill Maher referred to Trig Palin as “retarded,” which, like it or not, happens to be a true statement. I realize that the term itself is no longer considered to be PC, but I thought conservatives were supposed to be opposed to political correctness on general principle. More importantly, however, at no time did Maher refer to this child as a “retard,” a genuine slur, so your headline quoting him as having done so is a blatant, bald-faced lie. What’s more, I don’t seem to recall any outrage from the likes of either Palin or this blog when conservative blowhard Ann Coulter DID use the word “retard” in reference to the President, and then loudly refused to apologize for doing so.

    Rank dishonesty and selective outrage — that’s a bad combination. You owe your readers better than this.

    • Jwb10001

      Nice, defend a grown adult for calling a little kid a retard. I get people like you really hate Palin but damn how about a little human decency?

      • jim_m

        It’s OK to make fun of handicapped children as long as they are the children of conservatives. Besides, the left figures that retarded children aren’t really human anyway.

      • shamsky24

        Reading is fundamental. I’m not defending the remark at all; I’m challenging whether it ever happened in the first place.

        Go back to elementary school and try again.

    • jim_m

      If you bother to actually read with comprehension you will note that Maher’s use of the slur occurred in his Vegas act, which was not recorded. The use of that slur was related by Ron Furtell in the Daily Caller.

      What’s dishonest is your saying that it never happened. Now if you have evidence that Furtell has made the whole thing up (not conjecture, but actual evidence) then please do inform everyone.

      • shamsky24

        That would be same Ron Furtell who admitted in his own tweet that he couldn’t recall what Maher supposedly said? Never mind a recording –it’s now been four days since this alleged joke was told, and we have yet to hear from even one audience member who could actually repeat it. Are we supposed to believe that the right-wing media can’t come up with even one person besides this heckler who supposedly heard Bill Maher call this kid names?

        Moreover, had you bothered to read what I actually wrote, you would see that I never said that nothing happened, only that every other report I’ve read of this alleged incident says that he referred to the child as “retarded,” which is a far cry from calling him a “retard,” as was claimed here. And that’s assuming that anything happened at all. But it’s not my job to prove a negative. It’s Futrell and other right-wingers who are pushing this story, which means it’s their responsibility to provide the evidence that it actually happened. If and when you can provide that, please do inform the rest of us. Until then, I’ll remain suspect about the whole thing.

        • jim_m

          So the rule here is that you just make up quotes

          Your words, not mine. You said that this was all made up. It’s that simple.

          • shamsky24

            Once again, you need to learn how to read properly. I said the quote was made up, not the incident. (I’m suspect about that, too, but I won’t dismiss the possibility out of hand.) And if other “more reputable” right-wing news sources are to be believed, then my statement was 100% correct. Breitbart News, the Daily Caller, and every other version of this story I’ve seen thus far have reported that Maher used the word “retarded” in this alleged joke. This is the only one I’ve seen that has attributed the word “retard” to Maher as a direct quote — even Futrell’s original tweet didn’t go that far.

          • jim_m

            since there is no quotation of Maher in the article above I assume you don’t know WTF you are talking about.

          • shamsky24

            Ever hear that old saying about what happens when you assume? Read the headline, you ass. Or better yet, try reading the article with your eyes open this time, and you just might see this sentence:

            “But elections were far from her mind after she discovered that so-called comedian Bill Maher was going around calling her Down’s Syndrome child a “retard.”

            Or scan down a few lines for this one:

            “Furtell noted that he has a special needs son and when Maher started calling Palin’s son, Trig, a “retard,” the writer couldn’t take it in silence.”

            You see those things around the word “ret*rd”? They’re called quotation marks, moron. People use them when they’re quoting someone, or in this instance, when they’re making a false attribution. There are at least two such false attributions in the article, and a third in the header. Understand yet, or do we need to call in Trig Palin to explain it to you?

          • jim_m

            Furnish the proof then asshole rather than just making the claim.

          • shamsky24

            The proof of what? That you’re either blind, stupid, or both? It’s right there in the article, where there are at least three instances quoting Bill Maher as having called this child a “reta*d,” but still not a shred of evidence that he actually said it. (Even Mr. Furtell’s original tweet, the sole basis on which this entire story rests, only references the “r word,” which could just as easily stand for “retarded.”) And once again, it’s not my responsibility to prove a negative; the burden is on the person making the attributions to prove that they’re true. And in this case, so far, that remains an epic fail.

          • jim_m

            Um, you are saying that it is a lie and you have no proof what-so-ever that it is.

            You’ve got NOTHING. You are making a claim and you have nothing to back it up. Simply claiming a lack of evidence by Furtell is insufficient for you to prove that he is lying.

            Come on big boy. Pony up your proof that this is a fabrication or STFU.

          • shamsky24

            Proving that something didn’t happen — which is what I would need to do in order to disprove this charge — is the same thing as attempting to proving a negative, dumbass. When you quote someone as having said something three different times in the same article, you need to provide at least some shred of evidence that they actually said it. Thus far, you and your fellow wingnuts have offered absolutely nothing, and even the tweet that you’ve been citing doesn’t support your own allegation.

            In a system where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty — a concept you claimed to believe in elsewhere in this thread — the person making the accusation has the responsibility to provide the evidence; otherwise, I could simply call you a child molester and challenge you to prove to my satisfaction that you aren’t.

            So YOU’RE the one who needs to provide the proof that Maher actually said this. In your own words, either pony up, little man, or shut your f**king piehole.

          • jim_m

            Not so. When racist dem congressmen claimed that they were called racist epithets by Tea Party people video was produced that showed that no such epithets were shouted out.

            All you need to do is find a few people who were at this event who can claim that this never happened. Since you have such strong conviction that you are correct I am sure that you will not rest until you find those people.

            Don’t worry we will still be here when you get back with that proof.

            Of course if you decide that you can’t pony up that proof we will understand that you are a lying weasel.

            I do not need proof that Maher said this as I already have one witness. Nor has anyone posted a denial from Maher. Funny that he would not deny this if it had never happened.

          • shamsky24

            Jesus Christ, are you really this stupid? Assuming you’re referring to the alleged racial slurs hurled at Congressman John Lewis, yes, the video in question failed to substantiate the charge. It did not, however, prove definitively that they never happened. The absence of proof is not proof of the contrary, as they could have easily happened outside the view of the camera. Believing as I do in the principle of innocence until proven guilty, however, I would no more have assumed the teabaggers’ guilt in the absence of any evidence of same than I would assume Bill Maher’s.

            Challenging me to disprove something that you can’t prove yourself, on the other hand, is as lame and cowardly as it gets. You and your fellow wingnuts have had four full days to come up with a shred of corroboration for a charge that isn’t even supported by Mr. Futrell’s initial tweet, and you have nothing.

            But as long as you’re willing to wait around for me, I’ll be glad to come back and finish this discussion — just as soon as you can prove to my satisfaction that you’re not a child molester. I’ll be waiting. Of course, if you can’t pony up proof that this allegation is false, applying your own standards of “fairness,” I’ll be forced to conclude that you are, indeed, a child-molesting little pervert.

          • Rdmurphy42

            Hey Shamsky? Which one of us here is a court of Law? I really don’t think any of us are, are we? Its not as if Bill Maher making that sort of statement is an extraordinary claim, given the many, many recorded instances of him being just as vulgar and offensive on every other topic under the sun.

        • Kathleen O’Breault

          If you are so pathetically stupid that you don’t know that the man who has called Palin the C word, did not call her child retarded or a “retard” meaning the most derogatory low level insult, you are a moron. Those who actually have children with special needs deeply resent your bullshit. So shut up.

          • shamsky24

            Seriously? After nine months, this hateful chunk of fact-free bile was the best retort you could manage?

            I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m certainly not stupid enough to accept the allegations of some angry right-wing shrew at face value without so much as a shred of actual proof. You folks have had plenty of time to provide some audio evidence of what Maher supposedly said, and you’ve come up with nada. After all this time, if you still can’t provide the proof to support your own charges, then you’re the one who needs to shut your piehole.

            Oh, and about those folks with special needs children: my condolences to your parents, you addle-minded twat.

          • shamsky24

            If you are so pathetically stupid that you don’t know that the man who has called Palin the C word, did not call her child retarded or a “retard”

            What I asked for was proof, you anencephalic twat. And after nine months, you people still haven’t been able to provide one corroborating witness, let alone a shred of audio evidence. If Maher really said what you’re claiming he said about Trig Palin, it shouldn’t be any problem for you to provide evidence to support your charge. So far, all you’ve offered is a lot of self-righteous bloviating.

            you are a moron

            All this pearl-clutching over the alleged use of the word “retard,” but “moron” is perfectly acceptable to you? Are you aware of the original meaning of that term? If so, then you’ve revealed yourself to be not only an ill-tempered sow, but also a flaming hypocrite.

            Those who actually have children with special needs deeply resent your bullshit.

            In that case, I’ll extend my sympathies to your parents.

            So shut up

            Um, no. I asked for corroborating evidence, and I still haven’t gotten it. Take another nine months, if you need to, but if this is all you’ve got to offer, then you really ought to take your own advice.

  • Timothy Wenners

    It would have been more accurate to call Sarah Palin a retard, instead of a helpless child.

  • Paul Cusumano

    What a sniveling, spineless weasel this guy is…does that make you feel like a big man, Bill, picking on women and special needs children? There’s a seat waiting for you in hell, right between bin Laden and Hitler, you little maggot…

    • shamsky24

      Yeah, right, because poking fun of Trig Palin — assuming that Maher even did such a thing, an allegation for which we still have no proof — is the moral equivalent of mass murder.

      Do you clowns ever listen to yourselves?

      • jim_m

        You are claiming that it is false then go ahead and show us where people who were there can say that this never happened.

        • shamsky24

          I’m saying it’s false because you can’t prove that it’s true. Innocent until proven guilty, dumbass. If you really believe in that concept, then surely you can find even one person on this planet who can corroborate your claims. Until then, as far as I’m concerned, both you and the author are full of shit.

          • jim_m

            I wasn’t there. You weren’t there. Furtell was and makes the claim that Maher said this. Maher has yet to deny it. You call Furtell a liar but you have NOTHING to back up your claim.

            Think what you want, but you are making a counter claim and you were not there. You need to do something to back up your counter claim.

            I am merely accepting the claim of Furtell based on the fact that Maher does not deny that he said it. You on the other hand have something to prove. You are not willing to do anything to prove it but you demand that everyone accept your claim and if we don’t you will be a vulgar troll.

            Sorry, but you need to provide something other than ugly left wing resentment and hate.

          • shamsky24

            You’re accepting the claim of someone who admittedly despises Maher, went to this show for the express purpose of disrupting it, and four days later cannot produce even a single witness who can corroborate his story. Until you and your fellow wingnuts can provide a credible source for this charge, I will continue to call out this baseless allegation for the unproven smear that I believe it to be. And if you want to consider me a “vulgar troll” for doing so, well, you’d be surprised how easily I can learn to live with whatever people like you think about me.

          • jim_m

            Innocent until proven guilty is the standard for putting someone in jail for a crime not for determining that Maher is an ugly left wing douchebag that hates kids with Down’s syndrome.

            In the court of public opinion all that is needed is a credible claim. You don’t have one by the way.

          • shamsky24

            So do I need actual evidence in order to prove that you’re a child molesting freak, or is a continued, increasingly strident assertion of the same charge sufficient to sustain it?

          • Rdmurphy42

            There is evidence that Maher said it. There is an eyewitness. Are you claiming to be an eyewitness to Jim being a child molester? If Maher didn’t the solution is really, really simple, as a man with a nationally televised show and a microphone he can produce his side of the story easily, broadcast it, and even provide other witnesses that he didn’t say it if he wants to. Its hard to call the man holding the microphone the victim.

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  • Howard Sterner

    Trig should have been Aborted