Poll: Words Like ‘Incompetent’ and ‘Liar’ Most Used to Describe Obama

Pew Polling firm has found an interesting change in the way President Obama is being described with the use of words like “incompetent” and “liar” on the rise.

The latest Pew poll finds that one-word impressions of Obama are turning negative more often than they have in the past. Until now, Pew says, these wholly negative one-word impressions were “rare.”

The survey finds that the one-word impressions people have of Obama have changed a great deal throughout his presidency. Terms like incompetent and liar now are among the most frequently used words to describe Obama. In April 2009, when his job approval was at 63%, these words were rare.

Pew also found that the word “socialist” is used in nearly the same proportion as it has been used since he first took office, showing that the President has not succeeded in knocking down the perception that he is a socialist.

The President is also viewed negatively on civil liberties.

“Yet Obama receives some of his worst marks for how he is handling privacy and civil liberties,” Pew reports. “Just 42% approve while 51% disapprove.”

Further, it is independents that view Obama most negatively on civil liberties. Only 28 percent of independents view Obama positively on his handling of civil liberties while 52 percent view him negatively.

The views on Obama’s legacy are decidedly mixed. 31 percent say that his presidency is a failure, 33 percent say it is too early to tell while 34 percent say it is a success. That is a pretty big swing group, there.

But the poll also shows that Obama’s approval rating is holding relatively steady and are still in the high 40s. 43 percent of those polled have a negative view of his work as president.

The poll queried 388 Republicans, 487 Democrats, and 575 self-declared independents.

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  • jim_m

    31 percent say that his presidency is a failure, 33 percent say it is too early to tell becuase they know that it has been a failure but are afraid that they will be audited by the IRS if they say so.


  • Charisma can only get you so far, as will being able to put the screws to people through the IRS and the media.

    Unfortunately, Obama didn’t really understand that getting elected wasn’t the hardest part of the Presidency – that there was more to the job than discrediting your opponent and then behaving like royalty once you got in.

    But then – why should he?

  • sameolbs

    Obama is a “liar.”

    • jim_m

      No need for the scare quotes. He really is a liar.

  • 0bama is a stanger to the Truth…

    • Wouldn’t recognize it if it came up to him on the street and introduced itself.

  • GarandFan

    “33 percent say it is too early”

    Been on the job 5 years and “it’s too early to tell”?

    Must be people with GOVERNMENT jobs.

    • retired military

      Please don’t clump us all together into one group.
      As for the poll I strongly believe that almost all polls come up with outcomes which the person who paid for the poll wants. But in some cases they still hit the jackpot.

      • Brucehenry

        As is often the case the guy who makes the smartest comment on the thread is RM, who doesn’t put on any airs and calls it like he sees it, letiing the chips fall where they may.

        And I thought GarandFan was a cop. Isn’t “police officer” a government job?

        • retired military

          Hat tip Bruce. Thank you for the compliment.

      • Wild_Willie

        Careful RT. When brucey compliments you, it is like California thinks the feds are doing a good job. ww

        • Retired military


          Where as Bruce and others have a somewhat confrontational relationship he and I do not. We disagree on a whole host of issues but at least are able to discuss it somewhat rationally. That didnt happen overnight nor without some words.

          Some on this board (on both sides) choose to hurl mud and wallow in it. I do it with Chuckles as I dont know whether he believes half the crap he writes. I tend to try to have a somewhat adult discussion and I just dont see the Oligaphy or the damn Joos fitting into a rational discussion about much of anything but a pile of nonsense. If I wanted to read about the illuminati wikipedia has much better writing than Chuckles.

          I do know how it is to be a minority voice on a board as I post on a friends board which is still ticking along after 10 years or so. THe folks there have played on line games together for that long and longer. We have shrunk over the years but we still keep it going. I seemed to be the voice in the wilderness on that board. It can be frustrating.

    • Mark Cragin

      My thoughts exactly, GarandFan. I never was an Obamarama fan, but five years have confirmed my worst suspicions. The guy is a feckless dolt in foreign affairs, and (as Winston Churchill said of Mussolini) in domestic affairs, “a half-penny Hitler.”

      The only positive thing one might have said about the Bamster is that he gave a good speech (or the teleprompter did). Even that is “no longer operative,” as his rhetoric has become hackneyed and stale, as people realize that he is very repetitive and shallow.

      Worst of all, people have begin to realize that he really doesn’t much seem to like the country he leads (from behind, of course). Now that we can see that he really meant it when he said he wanted to radically transform the United States, growing percentages of the population are no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as they see that Bam’s “radical transformation” wasn’t just a steaming pile of campaign rhetoric.

  • Commander_Chico

    Obama was the biggest con job ever foisted on the people in an election. Worse than “the New Nixon.” I admit I was conned the first time he ran, although that twit Sarah Palin did a lot to motivate my vote.

    Unless the American people wake up, they will continue to get two flavors of Oligarchical Imperialism presented to them. As much of a difference as Coke and Pepsi.

    • Well, at least you realize you were conned.

      Maybe you should have asked yourself – would I rather have as VP an Alaskan governor who fought corruption in the oil industry, or Joe Biden… with a presidential candidate who makes Chris Matthew’s leg tingle?

      • Ryan Pierce

        She quit her job. She stinks. I’m not defending Zero, but she was NOT a more worthy person.

        • And you, being the careful and thoughtful and even-handed person you are really looked into the issue as to why, didn’t you?

          Well, thanks for your opinion.

          • Ryan Pierce

            She was elected, she quit. She let Alaska down. She failed. Now she’s a talking head. End of story. Christ that was an awful election. Obama, McCain, Biden, and Palin. It was like bad human Olympics.

          • Oh, life is just so simple, isn’t it? Never mind the fact that the Palin family was being hit by frivolous lawsuits, which had to be defended against, and the state of Alaska was constitutionally blocked from assisting in the defense.

            And amazingly, once she stepped down – all those lawsuits were withdrawn. Why, you’d almost think it was some sort of coordinated attempt – they could either break the entire family financially or get her to step down, and either way was a win.

            Nice to see you bought the line they wanted you to buy. “She’s a quitter!” Bet you wouldn’t be a ‘quitter’- if faced with the choice of stepping down or paying everything you had and could borrow to defend against bogus lawsuits.

          • Hank_M

            Frivolous doesn’t do some of them justice.

            A couple of my favorites:

            Nov. 14, 2008: Accused Palin of partisan “post-election damage control” for talking to reporters about the campaign in her state office.

            March 24 2009: Contended conflict of interest by Palin because she wore Arctic Cat logo gear during the Tesoro Iron Dog snowmobile race. Palin’s husband, Todd, is sponsored by Arctic Cat in the race.

          • Ryan Pierce

            She quit. It stinks that she faced frivolous law suits but so do most high profile people. I’m not saying she is less competent than a community organizer or some other person of a worthless profession but if you are going to be governor you have to face that stuff. That is the nature of the job. She wasn’t up to it. She isn’t national politics tier. She is small time mayor tier.

        • Rdmurphy42

          Bozo the Clown is a more worthy person. A Ruling Triumvirate of Larry, Curly and Moe is more worthy.

      • Commander_Chico

        The book and the movie “Game Change” was based on the insider account of Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, both of whom backed up the picture of Palin as an uneducated twit.


        It’s also backed up by her interview appearances with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson.

        You can’t put a twit within an old man’s heartbeat of nuclear release authority.

        Plus, McCain’s “methods have become unsound” although there was no way of knowing then that he would become a rabid warmonger.

        • And they’d have no reason to do that, right? Simple, good-hearted citizens, working to expose what they see as a danger to the country…

          LOL. Right. “Hey, you were in the campaign – any good shit we can twist around to make Palin look incompetent? You’ll get a shitload of money, and the thanks of the DNC.”

          The thing is, when I see a person’s record – when I can actually research it and see what the person’s done, I tend to believe what’s on the record is an indicator of what the person is like – not what some hastily cranked out book says about them.

          As far as the Couric and Gibson interviews go – haven’t we seen enough examples lately of the media ‘editing’ footage to get the ‘proper’ slant on things? If someone were to interview you for a couple of hours, they could put out something that would portray you as being incredibly intelligent and brilliant (which, of course, you are…) – and yet use the same material to imply you’re so stupid you need remedial training in how to pull your underwear up.

          Such is the magic of the media. We’re conditioned to believe they’re telling the truth. But what they’re telling is the story they want to tell – and any resemblance to the truth is incidental at best.

          • Commander_Chico

            There has nothing she has said in the last 5 years which shows she’s a person of depth and knowledge.

            Shallow talking points.

          • So you believe, so it must be – right?

            Remember how Obama was being sold as a person of depth and knowledge? Of wisdom and intellect? You may not have bought the con – but a lot of people couldn’t get beyond what they were told by the media. It HAD to be true – and anyone who didn’t believe and dared question was RAAAAACCCCIIIISSSTTTTT!!!11!!!

            You may not like Palin. (Shrug.) But it’s an odd reflex that makes you think someone you don’t like in the political arena must be stupid.

          • Hank_M

            Change the gender and you’ve just perfectly described Obama.

          • A more classic case of projection would be hard to find:

            There has nothing she has said in the last 5 years which shows she’s a person of depth and knowledge.

            Physician Cognoscenti, heal thyself.

        • Smarter and better educated than thee, oh soi disant cognoscenti and veteran…

          • Nah, just observant. Get enough data points and the picture fills in… whether you like what you see or not.

            But the first thing you have to do is doubt you’re getting the straight info. For me, that seed was planted listening to NPR expound on some military stuff they obviously had no clue about, and could have educated themselves with an hour in the library with a copy of Jane’s and “The Effects of Nuclear Weapons” – which used to be available from the Government Printing Office for about $20…


            But if they weren’t willing to put out the research effort because it might have blown a good story – what else were they being incomplete or even downright deceptive on?

            (Which was why I was really, really hoping I was going to be wrong about Obama in 2008 – kept trying to find solid info on him, and there just wasn’t much of anything on his legislative record and his Chicago days, where you could find plenty of info to corroborate what Palin and McCain had accomplished in their fields. But yet the media was constantly praising how accomplished and incredible Obama was…)

  • Par4Course

    Yesterday’s Gallup Poll showed Obama’s Approval rating was 45%, while his Disapproval rating was 49%. This is the first time in awhile that his Approval was lower than his Disapproval, and the first time I recall a 4% negative spread. It has taken 5 years but at least some of the electorate are catching on to this poser.

  • Kevin Hill

    Obama standing in the glory of the Kingdom has started to wear off

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  • Hank_M

    I can’t wait to see the words being used when his presidency ends.

    This Pew Poll may well be the good ol days.

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