WaPost Enlisting ‘Hispanic Media’ To Attack GOP

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post is very concerned that if the Republicans don’t rush through an amnesty bill, it might cause the “Hispanic media” to get mad at least he says so in his latest entry at The Plum Line blog. There, Sargent warns that the “GOP will get a beatdown by the Hispanic media” by slowing immigration reform.

Sargent sourly notes that Republicans in the House are putting the brakes on any forward momentum in favor of amnesty and “see no urgency whatsoever about acting this summer on immigration reform.”

Of course, many of these Republicans, the Post writer says, “won’t feel any pressure to act on reform” because they are in safe, conservative districts.

“But there’s one potential downside for the party in this strategy,” Sargent warns, “it could mean the GOP gets hammered in the Hispanic media for months.”

Sargent goes on to note the several members of the Obama-supporting Hispanic media that is scolding the GOP via Twitter and other outlets.

The writer dourly inform us in his best concern-troll fashion that all this condemnation surely “won’t help much with that Latino outreach” that some GOP leaders have been fretting over for these last many months.

Growing the portion of the Hispanic vote that goes to the GOP is a worthy goal, but it is no cure all. As Byron York recently pointed out, even winning the entirety of the Hispanic vote would not have been enough to give Mitt Romney the White House.

Also, early in July, Britt Hume chimed in pointing out that the Hispanic vote is less important for the GOP in the near term than securing a more solid showing with white voters.

Finally, Congressman Raúl Labrador (R-ID) warned that amnesty simply won’t automatically turn the Hispanic vote toward the GOP.

So, perhaps Sargent’s overwhelming concern for the health of the GOP is misdirected… not to mention completely disingenuous.

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  • jim_m

    GOP needs to seriously start abandoning the traditional media because they will never get their message out that way. Only by taking other routes will they be able to communicate their message and only by doing so can they start having a meaningful impact on the national discussion. The MSM will always take sides against the right and distort or ignore their message. The time has come to walk away from the MSM and by doing so reveal them to be the biased ideological hacks that they are.

    • manderso

      Luckily there’s no biased ideological hacks here.

  • Retired military

    Since when did the WAPO have to enlist any media to bash the GOP? THe media does it all on their own.

  • GarandFan

    Yeah, he’s really “concerned”. Just as the Democrats were “concerned” when the GOP did not support ObamaCare.

  • Plinytherecent

    Considering the considerable effort that the Administration has been putting into (and is continuing to put into) the legal harassment of a Hispanic (o.k., a ‘white Hispanic’, whatever that means), the GOP should take pains to point out to the Hispanic community that Democrats are not really their friends.

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  • Greg Sargent could help the GOP return to a solid majority in America.

    If we would only listen to his advice, and then do exactly the opposite, we win.

  • Constitution First

    The way the Progressive/Democrat media and the Obummer administration is persecuting Zimerrman, the Hispanic community is quickly learning what Demokraut love is really all about.