African Americans in Oakland Attack White Man Asking About Reaction to Zimmerman Trial

On the night that the George Zimmerman trial verdict was released, Cyrus Massoumi got a little more than he bargained for when he asked a group of African Americans in Oakland, California what they thought of the results from Florida.

Massoumi was out and about on Saturday evening after the verdict was read and asked a few people on the streets in San Francisco for their reaction to the trial. In every case Massoumi found engagement, not anger, and certainly not violence.

But in Oakland that all changed when he came across a group of three or four African Americans standing on the street.

Massoumi and a friend (who was recording the encounters) asked the men what they thought of the trial. All were very negative about the outcome. Massoumi then tried to engage further noting that Zimmerman had the “stand your ground” rule on his side.

But instead of further discussion, the men immediately began to throw punches getting Massoumi on the ground before running off.

In an exclusive interview, Massoumi says that the video shows nearly all of his encounter with the men. Only a few seconds before was missed by the videographer.

“There was no earlier confrontation, we just asked the question and they suddenly started swinging,” Massoumi said. “We weren’t even trying to be confrontational. We were just looking for people’s honest reactions.”

This video has been removed from Youtube. If I ever find out why, I’ll let you all know.

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  • Paul Hooson

    You can expect idiot stuff like this from this case. – They just need to accept that the jury made their decision of not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on law and move on with their lives, regardless of their lingering personal feelings here. That’s it. Case closed…

    • it’s kind of hard to do that when you’ve been told for a long time that the very definition of justice is that you get what you want. Because you’re owed, dammit.

      When you hear community ‘organizers’ start talking about racial justice, or social justice, or financial justice, then you’re not talking about justice – they’re talking about what THEY want, and the law and custom be damned.

      • Paul Hooson

        I know these “community organizer” types never understand the rule of law. Zimmerman’s defense team put up an excellent case to raise the reasonable doubt standard where the jury had little choice but to agree that there was reasonable doubt here. I have to admire the skills of Zimmerman’s defense team. To win a high profile case like this took considerable work. So far only the defense witnesses have been paid, and not his lawyers. Zimmerman will need to sell exclusive interview or book right to raise money to pay these lawyers who certainly earned their money here.

        • jim_m

          I know these “community organizer” types never understand the rule of law.

          Not so!! obama is a community organizer and an esteemed Constitutional Law professor (technically, he was never a professor but only a lecturer, but the left conveniently ignores that difference), therefore he ought to understand the rule of law. Sadly, instead of demonstrating that understanding he daily demonstrates his contempt for the rule of law and his great desire to rule by fiat.

          • What we’re seeing is a massive breakdown in the rule of law. The question is whether the ‘community organizers’ are going to do their damnedest to break the legal system completely so the mobs they control have the power – not the legal system.

            I wonder if this isn’t a natural outgrowth of having too many lawyers, regulating this and that and other things to the point where legal documents, laws, rules and regulations are written in a language that may as well be unintelligible to the average layman. (And frankly, I think those who are enjoying the prospect of rioting are below average – like a toddler enjoying the crash of breaking something fragile, with no thought of what went into making it, and unable to make something to replace it.)

            Interesting times, my friend… and I think they’re going to get a lot worse.

        • EricSteel

          Zimmerman’s lawyers took the case pro bono, most of the defense team were volunteers working for free. The only people getting paid were experts and investigators.

        • Wild_Willie

          Of course Obama and Holder can stop this right now just by saying “The FBI and the jurors so no evidence of racial bias so we are not going to pursue Civil Rights action”. But no, the weasels have to keep it going.
          I am however very happy that Zimmerman is suing NBC for slander with malice. ww

          • jim_m

            Yeah, It’s almost like obama and the dems have a vested interest in promoting racial discord and violence.

    • Retired military

      But they want to show how they feel about Obama’s son getting killed .

    • SteveCrickmore075

      Would one of those lingering personal feelings be? If Trayvon Martin had been a white kid wearing ipod earbuds instead of a hoodie, he would have a life to move on with…. Case closed….

      • And if he’d stayed at his house on a rainy night AFTER losing Zimmerman, he’d still be alive.

        If he’d not been suspended from school for (whatever, but I’m sure it was racially motivated), he’d have been with his mom, and still be alive.

        If he wasn’t into MMA, and hadn’t decided to show some white-ass cracker just how macho he was, he’d still be alive.

        If he hadn’t been standing around in a gated community in the pouring rain, he’d still be alive.

        If his dad had actually tried to parent him, and was paying attention instead of being more concerned with his girlfriend – children being disposable byproducts of having fun, after all – he might still be alive.

        And the jury returned their verdict. Not guilty of murder or manslaughter.

        Case closed.

  • LiberalNightmare

    In related news, it has been learned that the victim was indeed carrying a bag of skittles.

  • GarandFan

    “Massoumi then tried to engage further noting that Zimmerman had the “stand your ground” rule on his side.”

    ‘Getting people’s impressions is one thing’, then engaging them in a discussion as Massoumi did is asking for trouble. And for Massoumi’s info, SYG did not apply in this case.

  • Brucehenry

    Just gotta love the commenters on your linked site, with their references to “yard apes” and “pavement monkeys.” Is this the kind of site you like to peruse, Warner?

    BTW the video has been removed. The geniuses in the blog’s comment section were claiming it was “fake” but there’s no way for me to tell.

    Also BTW, here’s an article that expresses pretty much how I feel about the verdict:,33124/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

    • jim_m

      My understanding of their article, which unlike most Onion material comes off as rather serious this time, is that they feel that Zimmerman should have been convicted regardless of what the law says.

      I will also note the inference that Zimmerman MUST have been motivated by race, for the simple reason because Martin is black. Never mind the fact that both the FBI and county sheriff have both investigated, interviewed dozens of people and concluded that there is no evidence of Zimmerman being a racist.

      I suppose that once again ideology trumps fact for the left. It does not matter that Martin was a drug abusing, violent thug. It does not matter that there is good evidence that Martin broke Zimmerman’s nose and was bashing his head on the sidewalk. What matters is that Martin was black and because he was black all his past history is irrelevant and we must believe that he was not the 17 YO thug that he actually was, but instead he was a 10-12 YO child. He was a little boy, “stalked” by a monstrously racist white man (never mind that Zimmerman was 1/4 black and mostly Hispanic).

      Fuck you and your denial of reality.

      • Brucehenry

        Enough with the “fuck you’s,” Jim. Grow up and accept that others have a point of view.

        It DOESN’T matter that Martin had “abused drugs,” since Zimmerman had no way of knowing that. Or any of his other “past history.” (What other kind of history could he have had other than past history, btw?)

        But, your refusal to laugh at an Onion article aside, I’m glad that I live in a country that insists on NOT imprisoning me unless it is beyond reasonable doubt I committed a crime. As someone said on TV Sunday, not all tragedies are technically crimes.

        It’s sad that you’ve gotta make this kid a “thug.” He may have been troubled, he may have done wrong in the past. But there is no evidence that, on the night he was killed, he was doing anything but going home from the 7/11 when Zimmerman began following him. What happened after that is open to dispute — hence the reasonable doubt that set George free — but it seems to me the ONLY things that brought Trayvon to Zimmerman’s attention were his race, his youth, and his hoodie.

        So yeah, technically Zim’s “not guilty.” Fine. I hope he can live with what he did. He’s a life-long fuckup whose gun gave him more confidence than he deserved. And his swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender cost a kid who was — at that moment, anyway — doing no one any harm, his life.

        • LiberalNightmare

          “It doesn’t matter.”

          Hasn’t then been the only thing the left has said whenever facts come up that wont fit the narrative?

          It doesn’t matter that Martin was 17, keep showing that picture of 12 yo Martin.
          It doesn’t matter that she cant read the letter she wrote because she cant read cursive.
          It doesn’t matter that the forensic evidence shows that martin was on top.
          It doesn’t matter that eye witnesses saw martin on top, banging Zimmerman’s head on the ground.
          It doesn’t matter that Sanford PD already decided not to prosecute.
          It doesn’t matter that NBC was caught editing the tape.
          It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman’s nose was broken.
          It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman DIDN’T follow Martin.
          It doesn’t matter that a jury found Zimmerman not guilty.
          It doesn’t matter
          It doesn’t matter
          It doesn’t matter

        • Bruce, I look at what you’re posting there, and I’ve got to admit I can’t figure out why you insist that Zimmerman must be the bad guy in this.

          The community had numerous problems with break-ins and burglaries, even home invasions while the people were there. The police were supporting the idea of a neighborhood watch there. They saw nothing wrong with what Zimmerman was doing, and were supporting his actions. He wasn’t a wanna-be cop – he was a concerned neighbor trying to make it a better place.

          And he wasn’t stalking around with his gun out, looking to shoot himself a trophy with his swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender. He’d lost contact with Martin, and had gone to find a street sign for the police.

          Martin was well away from him – and went BACK to confront the creepy-ass cracker with a swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender… which Martin didn’t know about. Martin started the fight – not Zimmerman.

          Zimmerman didn’t even GO for his swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender until Martin, who was on top of him I might remind you, pounding his head against the concrete, apparently felt it and started groping for it. (And really, man – do YOU like it when someone starts groping your swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender?)

          Yeah, he was a real bad-ass dude, looking to kill someone with his swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender, wasn’t he?

          So let me ask you, and I’m serious here because I agree with you that this was an unfortunate event, a whole chain of unfortunate things…

          Would you rather Zimmerman be dead?

          • Brucehenry

            I would rather Zimmerman had followed what I am told are guidelines for Neighborhood Watch, one of which is”Don’t carry a gun” and another of which is “your job is done when you call 911.”

            Whether or not Zimmerman continued to follow Martin after the 911 operator said, “We don’t need you to do that,” the fact remains he WAS following him up to that point. Why? Because Martin was a black teen in a hoodie. No other reason.

            I’ll bet Zimmerman wishes he had simply called 911, told the cops there was a “suspicious” black teen in his neighborhood, and let THEM try to find the kid after he lost sight of him. I don’t think Zimmerman intended to kill anyone, but he obviously hated “these assholes” who “always get away.” I think he had more confidence than he deserved because he was carrying a gun, which Neighborhood Watch discourages.

            He was found not guilty, rightfully so, I guess. That doesn’t mean he won’t feel guilty about the whole thing the rest of his life. And rightfully so, I assert.

            BTW, the original race-based outrage by the black community in Sanford was not that Zimmerman was white, or was a “racist” himself. It was about the perception that the Sanford PD didn’t care about the shooting of a black teen enough to properly investigate it.

            And it sparked a fresh debate about SYG laws. Yes, I know Zimmerman didn’t use that defense, but he considered it, we’re told.

          • “Because Martin was a black teen in a hoodie. No other reason.”

            I have no way to get through to you. Racism, in this trial, is your foundation, your core belief. FBI interviewed everyone they could find, and found no racial animosity by Zimmerman toward anyone.

            So the lack of his animosity must prove he was racist.

            “Because Martin was a black teen in a hoodie. No other reason.”

            And he was carrying a swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender – which he didn’t even have pulled, and didn’t use until he was in real fear for his life.

            As I said – I have no way to get through to you.

          • Brucehenry

            Zimmerman was no Klan member. But seeing a black kid in a hoodie made him veeeerryy sure he was dealing with one of “these assholes” who seem to “always get away.”

            LOL, just because conservatives are tired of hearing about racism doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist.

            If Zimmerman had adhered to what I am told are standard Neighborhood Watch protocols — don’t go around armed, call 911 if you see anything and then you’re done — Martin would be alive today. The reason he didn’t feel compelled to adhere to the second guideline I mentioned is because he ignored the first one. Maybe “swaggering, overcompensating penis-extender” is overstating it, but not by much.

            I think the jury acted properly and within the law and the judge’s instructions. Technically, justice was served. But a kid who wasn’t planning to harm anyone when he began his walk back from 7/11 is dead. And the guy who wanted to make sure another one of “these assholes” didn’t “always get away” is a free man.

            You can say whatever you want, think it wasn’t racially motivated or that it was, whatever. It still sucks, and if George Zimmerman could wish that night away I bet he would. Again, I hope he can live with what he did. Good luck to him. He’s a fuckup.

          • jim_m

            just because conservatives are tired of hearing about racism doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist.

            We have said multiple times that it exists and is commonly found in the mirrors of leftists.

            Zimmerman is no racist. His business partner was black, he took a black girl to prom, he tutored black school children, he started a civil rights campaign for a homeless black man assaulted by the son of the police chief.

            But never mind all that. It conflicts with what you know to be true ideologically. And never mind that Jesse Jackson has already expressed his fear of young black men. Of course I suppose that being only 1/4 black means that Zimmerman does not get the benefit of the doubt on that one.

          • And now we have a self proclaimed mind reader.

          • jim_m

            Well if the prosecution had their way and Zimmerman had been forced to testify then we might know what he thought. Apparently the dems believe that only certain, privileged members of the party are allowed access to their 5th amendment rights.

          • suzyshopper

            Yeah and if Trayvon hadn’t confronted George Zimmerman he wouldn’t be dead, so what’s your point?Oh so somehow u know what was in trayvons head , u know for sure he wasn’t casing the houses to see if he could find one too break into, u know that, no I don’t think u do?

          • Brucehenry

            By the way, Lawson, you kill me with your “I have no way to get through to you” stuff. You often say stuff like that when you have failed to persuade.

            It’s the other guy’s fault. He’s being unreasonable! Why won’t he be persuaded by my iron-clad argument?


          • jim_m

            In your case you are being unreasonable. You are making an unprovable assumption about the state of mind of George Zimmerman. Rodney is joking when he teases you about being able to read minds but he is right on target.

          • Brucehenry

            And what is Lawson doing when he claims that Trayvon’s MMA enthusiasm made him want to beat up the “creepy-ass, white-ass cracker”?

            If he can make assumptions about Trayvon’s state of mind based on nothing at all, I feel justified making assumptions about George based on his comments about “these assholes” who “always get away.”

            Rodney hasn’t been on target about anything since his potty training.

          • Bruce has never hit anything he has aimed at in his life.

          • jim_m

            Actually, Rachel Jeantel has provided us with Trayvon’s motivation: He thought that Zimmerman was a gay rapist.

          • Brucehenry

            All the more reason for Trayvon to Stand His Ground.

          • jim_m

            Actually that would be the reason for him to precipitate a violent assault for which he was shot and killed in self defense.

          • Brucehenry

            Well, that’s what the jury found, apparently. At least this time the asshole didn’t get away, so it’s all good, right Jim?

          • jim_m

            As a matter of fact, yes.

          • “Standing your ground” doesn’t involve throwing the first punch. Neither does it involve leaving a place of safety to go pound on a creepy-ass cracker – or a creepy ass-cracker.

          • Brucehenry

            Some of these are jokes.

          • To no one’s great surprise bruce endorses gay bashing…

          • Why won’t you be persuaded by the facts of the case? Why won’t you be persuaded by the testimony of people who knew him that Zimmerman wasn’t racist?

            That’s why I’m puzzled. I think I’m saying 1+1=2. You’re hearing something else completely, and we’ve got no common frame of reference. You insist that there’s a large racial component – but I simply don’t see it.

          • Brucehenry

            I’ve said he’s no Klan member. But as I asked Jim, why do you suppose Trayvon drew Zimmerman’s attention in the first place? What factors other than his race, youth, and style of dress led Zimmerman to the conclusion that Trayvon was one of “these assholes” who “always get away”?

            Those are his words.

            Why didn’t Zim pull up alongside Trayvon, introduce himself, and ask if he could help him find an address? What made him jump to the conclusion that Trayvon was up to no good? You insist he hadn’t a bigoted bone in his body, so it couldn’t have been fear of a young black man, could it?

            And LOL, you ALWAYS think you’re saying 1+1=2. It never occurs to you that your assumption that Martin was a “thug” is a mirror image of the assumption that Zimmerman was an overcompensating wannabe cop.

          • jim_m

            You and your Zimmerman is a racist meme. What crap.

            Perhaps you could bother learning that apart form the FBI and county sheriff failing to find any evidence of racism, Zimmerman actually was active in supporting minority rights. Zimmerman was actually better at defending the rights of blacks than the local NAACP which predictably fell in line to support the local dem politicians instead.

            Of course that has been the real story all along. Zimerman does not fit the ideological pigeon hole the left has designated to him so therefore he has become an enemy of the state.

            And you are wrong. the Sanford police did investigate it and came to the same conclusion that the jury did. They just did so faster and more inexpensively.

          • Brucehenry

            I don’t understand the first sentence. Please go back and edit ex post facto like always.

            I didn’t say the Sanford PD was wrong. I said the perception in the black community was that they were.

            And I wouldn’t care if Zimmerman was chairman of the local NAACP, president of CORE, and secretary-general of the SCLC, he still decided, based on Trayvon’s race, youth, and dress, that he was one of “these assholes” who seem to “always get away.”

          • jim_m

            Perhaps he should talk to Jesse Jackson, who is on record for feeling the same way.

            Of course with Jesse it was merely an acknowledgement of reality, but for anyone else it is racism or at least “wrong” in some inexplicable way that the left has when they are desperately tying not to call someone racist for once.

          • Brucehenry

            So you think it is “acknowledging reality” to cross the street in fear when you see young black men approaching, as Jackson said he did? The mask slips, I guess.

            Not really, just fucking with ya. I can do imaginary gotchas, too!

            Tell me, Jim, what factors might have made Zimmerman decide, instead of identifying this kid as someone who might catch cold in the rain and maybe need directions or something, was one of “these assholes” who seem to “always get away?”

            I mean, he coulda pulled up alongside Trayvon and called out, “Hi, I’m George, local Neighborhood watch guy! You looking for an address? Maybe I can help!”

            Instead he called 911 and reported that another one of “these assholes” was about to “get away.” Why do you think he chose the latter course of action? Obviously it wasn’t because of Trayvon’s race, youth, or style of dress, so what was it, Jim?

          • jim_m

            I think that Jesse was acknowledging that black teens really are a source of crime and in some areas should not be trusted. I have posted several times now the growing body of evidence that Zimmerman is not a racist. You are too much of an ideologue to admit that the facts prove you are wrong. You would rather send a man to prison for the rest of his life to make an ideological point.

          • Brucehenry

            And what have I said about whether or not the jury acted correctly, genius?

          • suzyshopper

            Well we could ask a question to Trayvon why would u go up too a complete stranger and confront him, not knowing if that person , was armed or not? Why what person would confront an person he was supossely afraid of in the dark??? No one can be that stupid can they???

          • Retired military

            When we start convicting folks on perceptions by a segment of the community that is a slippery slope that I don’t want to go down. I don’t think Bruce meant it that way but IMO the perception of any segment of the population shouldn’t play a part in how things play out. stick with the facts and the law.

          • jim_m

            While Bruce may not mean it that way he certainly makes it sound like he would not take much persuading to do so.

          • The problem is – once you start pandering hard to a particular segment to get their support, they’re going to expect you to continue it.

            And they’re not going to be happy when you cut them off.

            Obama and Holder have gone out far on the ‘It was racism, dammit!’ course. Maybe it fired up the political base for the election, maybe it didn’t. But now, with Zimmerman not guilty, the folks they were pandering to want blood.

            And as we’re seeing – they’re not particularly worried about who’s blood they’re going to get.

            Obama’s got a chance to cool this down. I hope he does.

          • suzyshopper

            First off it was dark and raining and for your information I wear a hoodie and I’m white, so I hate too break it too you but whites wear hoodies too!! Not only that when it’s dark rainy and a persons wearing a hoodie,how easy would it be too see someone’s face, if your honest, ud have too admit , not very easy !!

          • Justice for bruce, his own innocent 17 year old beating him slowly to death…

          • Man, that’s just wrong.

          • As he sows, so should he reap.

          • Retired military

            I actually agree with most of what Bruce said. IMO it is a reasoned argument for the most part. Everyone may dispute general points. I for one don’t buy the race arguments against Zimmerman. Too many facts out there that dispute it.
            I think of the Zimmerman like I do the soldier from Temple, TX who was exercising his 2nd amendment rights by carrying an AR-15 down the road with his kids. Yes he was within the law but was it the smart thing to do? I don’t think so.

          • SteveCrickmore075

            He wasn’t a wanna-be cop – he was a concerned neighbor trying to make it a better place.

            Zimmerman had a long history of violence, including a restraining order for domestic violence, felony charges of resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer (the charge was pled down to a misdemeanor and then closed; Zimmerman’s dad was a magistrate at the time). He was bounced from a job as a bouncer for being too aggressive with patrons, the New York Daily News reported. And a family member accused him of a pattern of (very heavy) sexual molestation since (she was six) .
            Sounds like the profile of an extreme wingnut redneck, someone whom the Sanford pólice, riddled with racism, would undoubtedly call “squeaky clean”, and someone whom Lawson thinks might be a a good guy and good neighbor. No thanks!

          • Retired military

            Yeah Steve. Rednecks vote for Obama, talk black girls to proms, raise black kids in their homes, go against the Sanford police in the case of a white teenager beating a black homeless man, and are 1/4 black themselves. Just your typical redneck.

          • If you can’t use innocent little Trayvon’s own unsavory history, then Zimmerman’s doesn’t matter.

          • SteveCrickmore075

            One was a 17 year old kid, the other, the adult, the self appointed 28 year old vigilante captain, known for being over ‘zealous’ of a unregistered neigbourhood watch group perpetually carrying a concealed loaded gun looking for troublemakers or law breakers when he had a longer sheet and more scrapes with the law, than any of the kids he was hounding. Who was the more dangerous to the community? The pólice as normal sat back.

          • That slanderous allegation was not proved (in fact it was disproved) at the trial you obviously paid no attention to.

        • Retired military

          “but it seems to me the ONLY things that brought Trayvon to Zimmerman’s attention were his race, his youth, and his hoodie.”
          I will agree with the last 2. The first one I don’t think played a part.

      • Commander_Chico

        Jim, Zimmerman was on Adderall, which is related to amphetamines, and Temapezam, a tranquilizer.

        If you have to choose drugs possibly promoting violence, I’d pick Adderall over pot.

        • cirby

          …but dextromethorphan, which was apparently another of the drugs Martin used on a regular basis, does promote violence. With regular use and in high doses, it causes you to become psychotic and violent – and causes brain and liver damage like that found in Martin’s autopsy.

          Yeah, it’s funny how that was left out of most of the news reports.

          It also has an interesting interaction with marijuana, in that pot use extends and exacerbates the symptoms of “Dex” use, making users even MORE violent and crazy over longer periods (there’s an MAOA inhibition involved with marijuana and Dex).

          You need to remember that Martin was a violent person in general. He loved his MMA-style fights, and enjoyed making his opponents bleed over even minor slights. He was kicked out of school, in part, for assaulting a bus driver. Along with, of course, the burglary and drug issues.

          Zimmerman, on the other hand, was taking Adderall, which INHIBITS violence – that’s part of the reason they give it to ADHD kids. Adderall is “related to” amphetamines, but it has very different effects.

          • Commander_Chico

            Apart from the fact there is no evidence that Martin used Dextromethorphan, other than speculation on right-wing blogs (the departed Rick Rice on this blog for example), Dextromethorphan is sold over-the-counter. It’s Robitussin DM. You can buy as much of it as you want.

            On the other hand, Adderall and Temapezam are controlled substances.

            Zim went to some shrink to get these prescriptions for mental health issues – yet he was out patrolling with a gun.

          • cirby

            Actually, there was quite a bit of evidence that Martin did use Dex. He posted about how much he liked it on social media (Twitter and FaceBook). He also appeared to be getting the more-potent versions of it, which are prescription-only. He also seemed to like things with codeine and other drugs, and used them as available (according to his own Twitter comments). Martin apparently liked quite a few different drugs – all of which were illegal for him to buy, since he was under age.

            …and Zimmerman was prescribed the drugs he took legally, and with a doctor’s oversight. Neither of those drugs are associated with violent behavior. Adderall is for mild anxiety, and Temazapam is for insomnia, neither of which is a particularly crippling illness in psychological terms.

            In other words, Zimmerman took one drug to help him sleep, and another to keep himself alert during the day – and Martin took a lot of different drugs to get high.

          • EricSteel

            Zimmerman is diagnosed with ADHD.

            My daughter has ADHD, the way it was described to me by her doctor is this. For people with ADHD, parts of their brain are overstimulated and they are unable to regulate it. Adderall is itself a stimulant that adds to the overstimulation to the point that the brain sort of short circuits the problem areas so that the person can focus.

            It is counter-intuitive, and is like saying I’m going to put out this fire by throwing gasoline on it.

            One of the side effects is insomnia. It makes it hard to sleep, because the rest of the body is also getting stimulated too.

          • EricSteel
          • jim_m

            People with ADHD are not mentally ill you idiot.

          • Commander_Chico

            OK, they have a “disorder.”

    • Commander_Chico

      Probably was a fake. I looked up Cyrus Massoumi, there is one who is a successful businessman.

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  • Tia Lunt

    Violence is not the answer.

    Baju Bayi

    • That rather depends on what the question was, now doesn’t it?

    • Scalia

      So, when somebody breaks your spouse’s nose and is bashing h/er head repeatedly on a sidewalk, you’ll repeat, “Violence is not the answer” and walk away, right?

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  • Guest

    Nearly 95% of black homocides are committed by other blacks. It’s extremely rare for a black person to be killed by a white person. But Zimmerman wasn’t even white, he was Hispanic, a person of color (like Obama, who has a white mother). It’s really sad how easily these people are duped by the current administration into fighting for an empty cause, while simultaneously being shit on by the same government they so blindly support.

    • Guest

      The current strategy is to cause economic crisis and chaos. Spend like crazy, and get everyone into debt. Obama has spent trillions, more so than any other president in history. Is your life better because of it? I’d wager that it is not. You’re allowed just enough. You are kept “in your place”: poor, uneducated, underemployed, on food stamps, WIC, and/or other government subsidies. It sounds like a good life, that saying, “cradle to grave.” But it’s a lot more sinister than that. What happens when government runs dry, when the 49% can no longer provide for the 51%? What happens? Your food stamps are cut in half. You are allowed only so much fuel for driving, cooking, heating your home. Your income is taxed at 70%. Your individual rights have been whittled down to nothing. Selling out to big government is akin to slicing your own wrists.

  • Gar5_1

    1960-70’s ONLY White countries opened to massive non-White immigration.

    1970’s-2050’s ONLY White countries forced to assimilate with non-Whites.

    2050’s ONLY White countries made minority White.


    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.