George Zimmerman Helps Car Accident Victims

George Zimmerman, seemingly the worst human being since Hitler, assists a family in an auto accident.

This criminal mastermind MUST have planned this..  (Video report can be found here.)

“(CNN) — Four days after he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman stepped out of seclusion to help a family get out of an overturned vehicle in Florida, authorities said Monday.

Zimmerman and another man helped four people get out of an SUV that had overturned Wednesday evening in Sanford — the same community where the former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 — Seminole County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Heather Smith said.

Authorities were called after the SUV went off the road and rolled over in the area of Interstate 4 and State Road 46. By the time a deputy arrived, Zimmerman and another man already had helped the two adults and two children out of the vehicle, Smith said.

Zimmerman did not witness the crash, and he left after making contact with the deputy, Smith said. No injuries were reported in the crash.

Zimmerman has been out of the public eye since a jury found him not guilty of second degree murder on July 13. His parents told ABC News last week that their family has received an “enormous amount of death threats.”

He fatally shot Martin in the Sanford neighborhood where Zimmerman and Martin’s father lived in February 2012. Zimmerman, a Hispanic man, had a confrontation with the unarmed African-American teen after calling police to report a suspicious person, and he said he shot Martin in self-defense.

The case became a flashpoint in debates over racial profiling, and thousands attended vigils across the country over the weekend, decrying the verdict.”

(They just had to throw those last few sentences in there.)

What a White devil bastard.

I mean, what a White-Hispanic devil bastard.

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  • Guest

    He could have just stayed in hi;s car. But again he did the right thing!

    • sophie1150

      are you saying he did the right thing by killing Martin?

      • LiberalNightmare

        Are you saying that Martin did the right thing?

        • jim_m

          Implicit in every leftist argument is the supposition that Zimmerman deserved to die because he is white.

      • Hawk_TX

        Yes, he did the right thing. It is never wrong to stop somebody from attempting to murder you. He would not have had to shoot him if he did not repeatedly slam his head into concrete. An act which can easily be lethal. An act which we know occurred due to multiple witness accounts and forensic evidence.

      • Brett Buck

        According to the evidence, yes. A guy has you on the ground pounding your head into the pavement, saying he’s going to kill you, darn right he should shoot him if possible.

      • Scalia

        He did the right thing by defending himself.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    I don’t care! We must review and repeal “stand your ground” laws as they led to this horrible tragedy. Only a raaacist could support such laws!

    OOPS – lookey who co-sponsored Illinois SB 2386, which expanded Illinois’ “stand your ground law.”

    “,,,nine years ago then-State Sen. Barack Obama actually co-sponsored a
    bill that strengthened Illinois’ 1961 “stand your ground” law.
    The Obama-sponsored bill (SB 2386) enlarged the state’s 1961 law by shielding the person who was attacked from being sued in civil court by perpetrators or their estates when a “stand your ground” defense is used in protecting his or her person, dwelling or other property.
    The bill unanimously passed the Democrat-controlled Illinois Senate on March 25, 2004 with only one comment, and passed the Democrat-controlled Illinois House in May 2004 with only two votes in opposition. Then-Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) signed it into law.”
    Via Patterico.

    • jim_m

      In Florida blacks disproportionately benefit from the Stand Your Ground Law (about double the percentage of blacks in the general population are let off due to the law). So when idiot lefties shriek about how we must repeal these laws what they are really saying is that they want more black people in prison.

  • cirby

    The media is working on the story, and it’s apparently a choice between:






    • Retired military

      You left out Zimmerman beat the kids as he pulled them out of the car and caused global warming.

      • cirby

        If you find the story on the Orlando Sentinel website, you see two things.

        First, they have a video report from a guy who seems completely underwhelmed at having to report the story.

        Second, the comments to the article feature things like:

        “The people who Zimmerman pretended to rescue, Dana and Mark Gerstle, are white.

        More than a few are going the “it never happened, it’s a fake” route.

        • jim_m

          Why should he try to rescue a black person? He’s done a lot for the black community and look what they did in return (yes he killed Trayvon but you would think that they would give him a fair shake instead of making up their minds based on the color of his skin).

          Plus, if he rescued a black person they would probably repay the kindness by trying to murder him.

    • LiberalNightmare

      He probably profiled the victims – why was he following them in the first place?

    • stan25


  • Paul Hooson

    In his typical sharp wit, Ronald Reagan once said that the most frightening words that you’ll ever hear is, “I’m from the government, I’m here to help”. – I guess that fear level has now been replaced with, “I’m George Zimmerman, I’m here to help” for many people.

    • Only the race-baiting poverty pimps. They’re the ones who stand to gather the most by accusations of racism.

      • Paul Hooson

        I have a seven year college background, much of it in psychology, and I’ve heard alcoholics rationalize that they’re somehow a changed person now because maybe they have a radical.embrace of religion. But, I told them no. You’re the same person.” You were radical in alcohol, and now you’re radical in religion. You haven’t changed at all, you’re the same person” , I told them, “You never learned moderation”.

        What got Zimmerman in legal trouble before was his own psychological desire to be an “unlicensed” cop. Although he may have done good here in responding to this accident, he tried to be a police officer, a fireman or a paramedic. What if someone had a spinal or neck injury and Zimmerman moves them without the benefit of a board and cause them paralysis. Further, insurance companies could now claim that any injuries were not responded to by a professional, and any injury claims could now be voided since they were responded to by this nonprofessional as long as some immediate danger such as fire did not exist.

        Zimmerman has learned nothing from his arrest, jail time and trial. He’s the same old guy, trying to play a policeman once again, wearing an imaginary star on his chest, just waiting to walk into fresh legal problems. If anything he may even be wrestling with some guilt about taking a human life, and may try too hard to be a hero now, which is even more dangerous than before for both Zimmerman and the public. This guy is just another accident waiting to happen.

        Law enforcement….leave it up to the professionals.

        A year ago, the prosecution against Zimmerman released some testimony by a female cousin that claimed that he started to finger her vagina and molest her starting at the age of 6, that sexual abuse continued until she was 16 according to her claims. At some point, if the prosecution brings sex abuse and rape charges against Zimmerman will some of his true believers support wane?

        When the parents of this claimed sex abuse victim of George Zimmerman confronted him at a restaurant about the claimed sex abuse of their daughter, Zimmerman didn’t deny any of the allegations. Instead, he said, “I’m sorrry” and walked away according to one story in THE BUSINESS INSIDER, hardly a politically liberal or Black community newsletter publication.

        Like I said, this guy is an accident just waiting to happen….

        • EricSteel

          Further, insurance companies could now claim that any injuries were not responded to by a professional, and any injury claims could now be voided since they were responded to by this nonprofessional as long as some immediate danger such as fire did not exist.

          Clueless as usual Paul.

          “There was tons of smoke … people were starting to rush towards the vehicle,” one caller said.

          “They got everyone out of the car,” another caller reported. About a minute later, the caller said, it looked like the vehicle was catching fire.

          • Paul Hooson

            I hadn’t seen that report at the time of writing the previous portion. Many newer vehicles have better safety features preventing fire such as fuel tank mounted fuel pumps and emergency fuel shutoffs in the event of accidents. But, certainly any chance of fire does give “good Samaritans” legal grounds to act here. But, the larger picture is that Zimmerman needs to avoid acting like a policeman in most cases. This is still the same sort of behavior that will land him in trouble again.

            You didn’t address the sex abuse allegations against Zimmerman here by prosecution witness #9, a female cousin of Zimmerman. What do you think about that?

          • As far as the supposed molestation goes – allegations are allegations. I think if we weren’t supposed to hold Martin’s past actions against him, then allegations from Zimmerman’s past shouldn’t be held against him.

            Even though Martin was a pristine little angel, barely out of diapers. /sarc

          • “This is still the same sort of behavior that will land him in trouble again.”

            Yes, acting like a responsible adult – helping people out of a car that’s smoking and may catch fire – will certainly land him him trouble.

            There’s times I get really tired of the ‘It’s not my responsibility to help, I’ll let someone in government do it’ attitude.

            That leads to instances like this…


          • EricSteel

            She was 6 and he was 8 at the time. This story sounds like so much bullshit, where conveniently there is absolutely no other evidence to support her claim.

          • prigsby2

            Then by all means lets hope that if you are caught in a burning car and the devil Zimmerman comes to help you like the decent human being that he is that you will refuse because hes just acting like a policeman.

        • And how many years did you practice?

          Theory is great. Psychology is full of theories – many of which can actually be applied in some cases. The concept of psychological projection is a fascinating one – and one I see play out in a lot on various boards.

          So – how many years did you work in the field?

          • Paul Hooson

            Psychology started to disappoint me early on. Leading up to internship I had enough experiences listening to alcoholics for example, and mental games they would play, or else seeing former alcoholics who became overly religious and extremists, still clinging on to their extreme personality traits. Psychology later helped me largely in business. I’ve always had strong capitalist drives, I’ll be 58 in a few days. I’ve spent most of my running businesses.

            I never liked either player in this Martin-Zimmerman mess very much, and I would be hard pressed to find much positive to write about either one of them. I recognize that both of these guys are deeply flawed, but I’m also a little bit dismayed at some of the reasons that some have for so strongly painting a largely glamorized view of Zimmerman. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

            I don’t see Zimmerman as being overly bright or intelligent, where he falls into a lot of problems of his own making because he wants to play “policeman”, but without either the good judgement, intelligence, mental health or training to do that. His past is dotted with sexual abuse allegations, alcohol abuse led him to a 2005 arrest for assaulting a police officer while intoxicated, security jobs went badly with excessive force from Zimmerman, job firings resulted from poor work, and the Martin incident resulted in a gunshot death because of being very poorly handled.

            Jurors were willing to overlook parts of Zimmerman’s story that most believed to be outright falsehoods such as Zimmerman’s claim to police that Martin jumped out bushes at Zimmerman. The two appeared to argue and then Martin likely charged at Zimmerman hitting him in nose and knocking Zimmerman to the ground hitting his head on the pavement. Martin likely hit Zimmerman at least once on the ground or could have grabbed his head hitting it at least once on the pavement. However, two separate medical examiner reports about the injuries to the two were telling here. The medical examiner of George Zimmerman found his injuries to be “insignificant”, meaning only superficial injuries, and not really indicating a serious fight. Martin had no injuries other than the bullet wound to the heart, meaning that Zimmerman landed no punches to Martin according to another medical examination report by the coroner. All of this strongly suggests that Zimmernan’s account has other factual errors, that Zimmerman landed no blows on Martin because he had already pulled his gun. Zimmerman’s hands didn’t touch Martin, There were no punches landed on him. So did Martin simply charge Zimmerman after Zimmerman already pulled a gun on Martin, was it self-defense on his part when a gun was pulled on him by Zimmerman? Zimmerman claimed that Martin jumped of the bushes at him, knocked him down, and was attempting to kill him by repeatedly beating his head into the pavement and managed to get his gun out and shoot in self defense. The only problem is that none of the medical evidence supports this story by Zimmerman. If Zimmerman was fighting with Martin, there would have at least been some blows or defensive punches to the boy. There was none. Zimmerman claims to be defending himself here. Yet, none of his hands made contact with Martin. Further, Zimmerman claimed that Martin was on top of him, yet he somehow manged to get his gun out from under the weight of someone sitting on top of him, which is also a suspect claim by Zimmerman. A natural inclination if Zimmerman was actually being punched by Martin would be to defend himself. He didn’t do that. All of the medical evidence suggests that Zimmerman lied about the series of events. The medical evidence seems to pretty clearly show that Zimmerman pulled a gun on Martin who committed no crime, but simply took a shortcut to 7-11 at seven pm in the evening to buy an Arizona tea and a Skittles, and Zimmerman thought the kid looked suspicious because he was young and Black, so Zimmerman calls 911(Zimmerman has made 47 pages of 911 calls according to police records, most of which turned out to be nothing. His gated community is hardly any hotbed for crime for the most part). The two argue and Zimmerman pulls his gun and is tackled by Martin in his own self-defense, Martin barely lands some blows before Zimmerman shoots and kills the teenager. The jury could not decide to convict Zimmerman because of reasonable doubt standards raised by his defense team. And his own defense team would not let Zimmerman take the stand, because of the chance that their client would commit perjury by offering a version of the story that flys in face of all of the medical examiner evidence.

            The medical evidence here strongly suggests that Zimmerman’s decision to pull his gun and fire it was a first resort, and not a last one. The medical examiner evidence paints a pretty good picture of what actually happened that evening, and that evidence doesn’t seem to offer any support for many of the views of supporters of Zimmerman and their claims of self defense here. Zimmerman made no attempt to defend himself against any blows from Martin, because Zimmerman likely already had the gun in his hand before Martin charged him or even landed a single blow.

          • “Zimmerman made no attempt to defend himself against any blows from Martin, because Zimmerman likely already had the gun in his hand before Martin charged him or even landed a single blow.”

            Yes, because Martin would have eagerly charged a creepy-ass cracka who was holding a gun pointed in his direction, after he’d ALREADY run off once, gotten to a safe location, and then went out looking for a fight.

            I followed the case, followed the testimony summaries – and all I can figure is you’ve got a sat tv channel to an alternate universe where your events happened and what was reported here in regards to the police investigation, forensic evidence, and testimony of witnesses didn’t happen.

          • Paul Hooson

            No. The two medical examiner reports seem to paint a pretty clear picture of the events. The defense, by contrast, paraded many witnesses to paint a case for reasonable doubt for Zimmerman, which the jury accepted.

            A photo of Zimmerman after his arrest also supports the medical examiner report of only very superficial injuries to Zimmerman, which including a broken nose, which could have been caused by as little as a single blow and some minor head cuts, maybe from being tackled, maybe from the head being slammed about once or twice. But, few blows were landed by Martin, and none by Zimmerman. Where’s the evidence of someone being beaten to death here? Both the medical examiners reports and this photo evidence doesn’t prove that claim of Zimmerman here?

            Some other photos show Zimmerman with a nose bleed. But, that’s not really significant. I’m so allergic to cigarettes that I often get a nose bleed from exposure to cigarette smoke myself. Blood vessels in the nose will easily bleed in anyone, because that’s the way the blood vessel layout in the nose is.

          • jim_m

            One does not have to suffer serious or life threatening injury to be in fear for one’s life.

            You have a serious lack of understanding of the law and the facts of this case. You prove that with every comment you make.

            Oh, and allergies are an immune response to a chemical that the body is in contact with. Allergies do not cause nose bleeds. Allergies cause inflammation and swelling and would cause your nasal passages to close.

          • If you’re forming your opinion based on what the media’s reported, you’re not going to have an accurate picture.

            If you’re trusting the media to give a complete, unbiased and accurate story, all you’ve got to do is remember…

            If it bleeds, it leads. Tragedy is good for ratings.

            Bad news is good news – people will watch repeatedly.

            Good news is no news – there’s no draw for it.

            Looking at how the whole Martin/Zimmerman case was presented – they saw a good narrative with a lot of draw, if it was presented right. Zimmerman was defending himself? That’s not a draw. Zimmerman killed an innocent kid? THAT’S a draw. White (before they realized he was Hispanic) Jew (because of name) killed a black kid? Oh, that was ratings GOLD.

          • Hawk_TX

            The prosecutor’s medical examiner never examined Zimmerman since he did not allow Martin to kill him. His testimony was based on looking at pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries. Based on pictures alone his medical analysis lacked any credibility.

            You seem incapable of understanding that you do not have to suffer any injuries at all to exercise your right to self defense. You simply have to have a reasonable fear of serious injury or death. In spite of this Zimmerman waited till he felt he had no other choice before using his gun.

          • prigsby2

            There is a case in my town where a high school kid punched another high school kid one time and it killed him instantly. No blood to the back of the head, no superficial injuries, no nose bleed, just a severed artery to the brain. So knowing this I will ask you a question. How long should you sit there taking a beating before you fear for your life? I would like a specific answer, in either minutes or number of blows.

          • jim_m

            Indeed. Only in the stupidverse where Paul lives do people pull guns and then let someone break their nose and beat their heads on the sidewalk. Only in the stupidverse do people have guns drawn on them and not try to avoid getting shot.

            Paul needs to consider sobriety.

          • Paul Hooson

            Jim, look at Zimmerman’s superficial injuries. Look at the medical examiner’s report. Where is the man that was supposedly being beaten to death here? Why didn’t Zimmerman land a single blow on Martin? Because he was likely already holding the gun before Martin landed a single blow here. The medical examiner’s reports and the minor injuries to Zimmerman as well as his questionable testimony all probably led to the prosecutor’s charges here.

          • jim_m

            Why didn’t Zimmerman land a single blow on Martin?

            because Martin sucker punched him, knocked him to the ground and then sat on him whilst bouncing his head off of the sidewalk. That’s why. That is in evidence. Your bullshit that Zimmerman had the gun drawn is not in evidence at all. Why would Martin not take the gun? Why would Martin come within arms length? Why would Zimmerman not shoot him before they got close enough to trade blows? Your claim requires that Martin not see that Zimmerman had a gun drawn.

            What lead to the prosecutor’s charges was political overreaching and grandstanding and a desire to stoke racial resentment and boost the left wing base.

          • Paul Hooson

            I’m not trying to have a retrial of this entire case here, as the jury has already decided this case in Zimmerman’s favor. But, a natural reaction of someone taking a punch is to want to defend against that punch. Why didn’t Zimmerman do that? Maybe because the gun was already in his hand? Where’s those extensive injuries from the sidewalk injuries to his head. There’s a couple bloody scrapes here, but no serious bruises or swelling? I keep hearing a defense of Zimmerman by his supporters that he was being beaten to death. Yet, there’s no medical evidence or photo evidence to support those views in physical evidence? What’s the deal?

          • Paul Hooson

            Here’s a picture of a homeless man from Phoenix who actually died from injuries from a beating after he got into a fight with some police officers. Note the extensive injuries that actually resulted in eventual death compared to Zimmerman’s superficial injuries. There’s no comparison, here.

          • jim_m

            Once again, fatal or serious injuries are not required for someone to legitimately be in fear for one’s life. Is there something about that which you do not understand? Or are you not familiar with the English language?

          • Paul Hooson

            I don’t know if a “fear” defense really works in this particular case, JIm. Zimmerman follows after some kid walking home from a shortcut to 7-11 at just seven o’clock at night, not two or three in the morning, an argument between the two that is heard by other residents of the building ensues. Zimmerman likely pulls out his gun during this argument, because he didn’t use his hands to defend from a blow by Martin, but Martin then punches and tackles Zimmerman who shoots almost right away after being tackled. If Zimmerman had fear of Martin then why pursue him with a gun and when was that gun actually drawn?

            In a police video, Zimmerman tried to demonstrate how he was supposedly trying to get his gun from his holster, worn behind his back. But, it seemed to be physically impossible for Zimmerman to do this during the claimed fight. This suggests that Zimmerman might well have already pulled his gun before any blows by Martin. It raises questions who the aggressor was here.

          • jim_m

            Fear comes into it once the confrontation starts. Once Martin attacks him and gets the upper hand all that is required is at that point (and no other point previous) that Zimmerman fears for his life.

            Are you really that incapable of understanding a self defense claim?

          • I’d like to think he isn’t – but it seems there’s some deep need to see Zimmerman as the guilty, instigating party here.

            I don’t know why.

          • Probably the Jewish name thing…

          • EricSteel

            You’re right Paul, there is no comparison here. This guy had to deal with 6 police officers armed with nightsticks and tasers. Somehow, I would expect there to be more damage vs. Zimmerman.

          • jim_m

            OK. A man attacks you with a hammer. How many blows to the head must you sustain before you are justified in shooting him?

            Now in your case I can see an argument where multiple blows to the head are not life threatening because clearly there is nothing in your skull to sustain any damage. However, for the sentient population the threshold would be zero blows to the head.

            Physical injury is not required to claim self defense.

            Now you can respond with some bullshit macho claim about how tough you are.

          • Paul Hooson

            No, I just don’t see any real physical evidence supporting some of the claims by some Zimmerman supporters. Further, Zimmerman’s absurd attempts to recreate his claimed version of the events for a police video, and the lack of any serious injuries or supporting medical examiner support for Zimmerman’s claims on the police reports, all strongly suggest that Zimmerman did not act lawfully here, so lied about key evidence in police reports out of fear of prosecution, which did happen regardless of Zimmerman’s attempts. – The jury has already spoken here. Nothing will change that. One person is dead. Nothing will change that. Zimmerman will have to live with a lifelong of guilt about this incident. Nothing will change that either.

          • EricSteel

            Paul, here is what you said in another thread,
            “With any self defense training at all, Zimmerman should have been able to throw a punch, effectively block a punch, then go for three rapid throat, face and chin punches that would have had Martin effectively done fighting in seconds.”

            Your problem is that you are totally fixated on Zimmerman being the aggressor.

            Let me switch your quote around a little bit, “With any self defense training at all, Martin should have been able to throw a punch, effectively block a punch, then go for three rapid throat, face and chin punches that would have had Zimmerman effectively done fighting in seconds.”

            Doesn’t that fit Zimmerman’s story? Again, as I keep pointing out, RJ testified thatTrayvon was back athis house. If hewas back athis house then how come the fight started back at the T? The only explanation is that Trayvon pursued Zimmerman.

          • Paul Hooson

            Martin was staying in the same Retreat At Twin Lakes gated community as a guest that Zimmerman lived at. It was 7:09 in the evening. The kid had a right to walk home back to this gated community home without being shot to death, but of course most here seem to disagree with that simple notion and want to justify Zimmerman calling 911 and going after this kid with a gun. The kid just wanted to go to 7-11 for Christ sakes and go home safe. It was February, so the kid had a right to wear a hoodie jacket when it’s cool outside. – Zimmerman is the ultimate wuss here. Not much of a man at all. He called 911 and made a huge issue out of not recognizing some kid walking home who was living in the same gated community as him. I don’t ever expect Zimmerman to apologize and say that he was wrong here. That would be acknowledging that he acted like an asshole that evening and someone lost their life as a result. That would be far too much to expect from Zimmerman.

          • EricSteel

            Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman. It really is that simple.

          • He seems to have a deep need for Martin to NOT be the aggressor. I don’t know why.

          • And if Martin had STAYED home after reaching it – he would be alive.

            Read that again, Paul – he was HOME and safe – and went back out again.

            He had to go out and put the beat-down on Zimmerman. Can’t have a creepy-ass cracka (or a creepy ass-cracka, depending how you want to phrase it) dissin’ a brotha, right? What would that do for his street cred?

            If Martin had stayed home, if he hadn’t thrown the first punch, if he hadn’t gotten Zimmerman down on the ground, if he hadn’t been beating Zimmerman’s head – he’d still be alive.

            Sometimes people just fuck themselves over. It doesn’t matter what potential Martin had, what good he might have done (though from looking at what’s been released of his life, it looks like he’d have run up against someone in the next couple of years that would have killed him anyway – if not done something that would have landed him in jail for life….) – what he decided to do that night killed him as sure as someone deciding to floor it and head for a cliff.

          • Brucehenry

            Oh my God, do me a favor and don’t ever complain about “playing the race card” again.

            You have tried and convicted Martin as being a “thug,” all the while decrying the “lynching” of Zimmerman.

            The suspicion in Sanford’s black community that the police had the same attitude you display here — meh, whatever, this black kid probably would have ended up dead soon anyway — is what led to the protests in the first place. Those suspicions, and those protests, are what made this story national news.

          • And as I said – Martin HAD to do the things he did in order to get into a confrontation with Zimmerman. It was his conscious decisions that got him to the point he was pounding Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk.

            Race didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. It was all choice on Martin’s part.

            If Martin had evaded Zimmerman and stayed home once he got there – he’d still be alive.

            “You have tried and convicted Martin as being a “thug,””…

            No, Martin did that himself. Loved MMA, refereed street fights, described himself as a ‘no-limits nigga’ – maybe as he grew up he’d have learned better. Maybe he wouldn’t have – we won’t know, will we?

            Through his own actions, through his own choices – Martin’s dead. That’s a damn shame, but you can’t save people from themselves.

          • Brucehenry

            Race didn’t have a thing to do with it? Then why attribute this to Trayvon: “Can’t have a creepy-ass cracka (or a creepy ass-cracka, depending on how you want to phrase it) dissin’ a brotha, right? What would that do to his street cred?”

            Replete with a piss-poor attempt at imitating gangsta dialect, your comment drips with clueless who-me-what? unconscious bias. And the sad thing is you are incapable of recognizing it and are completely unaware you’ve said anything offensive. No, whoever takes offense or recognizes it for what it is is “playing the race card” or is guilty of he-who-smelt-it-dealt-it racism. Please.

            Maybe Trayvon DID have a cocky, I’ll-show-this-fucker attitude. The fact remains that when he left the 7/11 he had no intention of harming anyone and had NO CLUE he would soon find himself in a situation that would end someone’s life. By contrast, Zimmerman was intent on not letting another one of “these assholes” do what they always do — “they always get away.”

            And the casual way you dismiss his death — “it looks like he’d have run up against someone in the next couple of years who would have killed him anyway” — is one of the most offensive and revealing things you’ve ever said here. As I’ve said, it’s exactly that attitude in the Sanford PD that had the black community suspicious about this case. If I recall correctly, this isn’t the first instance of the local police not giving a shit about the death of a young black man. After all, he’ll probably get killed soon anyway, right?

          • And you missed the ‘creepy-ass cracker’ testimony by Jantel, or whatever her name is? Machismo isn’t limited to Hispanics by any means. Oh, you don’t like me satirizing a lot of the stupidly macho culture of the Rap world? Too damn bad.

            “And the casual way you dismiss his death — “it looks like he’d have run up against someone in the next couple of years who would have killed him anyway” — is one of the most offensive and revealing things you’ve ever said here.”

            Oh, you’re offended? Well, that’s… just the way you roll, isn’t it? I’ll be sure to not take your feelings into account next time.

            If I say a dropped mug is likely to shatter on the floor, I’m not being racist – I’m being factual. It doesn’t matter what the color of the mug is – the fact is that it’s been dropped, gravity is having its way with it, and that mug is very shortly going to be in pieces.

            “By contrast, Zimmerman was intent on not letting another one of “these assholes” do what they always do — “they always get away.””

            And this one came back – hunting Zimmerman, to pick a fight! And started pounding on Zimmerman! How damn lucky for Zimmerman was THAT, I ask you!

            Oh, wait – am I being offensive again? With you, it’s SO hard to tell.

            I think this whole damn case was a tragedy. Martin’s family and culture failed him on so many levels that it’s hard to quantify. I’m not going to pretend he was just a misguided kid with a secret heart of gold, or a budding scholar that just happened to fall in with the wrong crowd, or an unfortunate who ran across a Hispanic bigot with a gun to sooth your offended feelings. He was what he was.

            Every choice Martin made brought him to the point where he – HE – confronted Zimmerman. Zimmerman didn’t chase him down and tackle him. Zimmerman lost contact, and Martin came back. That’s established fact.

            He was where he was (namely, on top of Zimmerman beating his head against the sidewalk) because he wanted to be there. No other reason, no other condition, no other excuse applies.

            And in the end – Martin died because of his own choices.

          • Remarkable the things the willfully blind refuse to see…

          • It was an unfortunate accident chain, that required all the elements to occur. Take out any one of the elements – Zimmerman/Martin being 5 minutes later or earlier on their travels, Martin staying home once he lost Zimmerman, or Martin not doing the things that got him shipped to Florida in the first place – and Martin would be alive.

          • Until he tried to lay a beat down on some other cracker who happened to be armed.

          • Brucehenry

            And if Zimmerman, when he first spotted a kid walking in the rain at 7 pm, had pulled up alongside and called out “Hello, I’m George, Neighborhood Watch guy, can I help you find an address?” instead of immediately identifying Martin as one of “these assholes” who must not be allowed to get away, Martin wouldn’t be dead now, either. Martin would have either said “Fuck you” and Zim would have then called the cops, or he would have identified himself and Zim’s suspicions would have been allayed.

            It amuses me that you get so prickly when your clueless who-me-ism is pointed out. I didn’t say I myself was offended, Frances, I said the comment was offensive and revealing. And it is.

            And it reveals an attitude similar to the one the black community attributed to the Sanford PD. One that chalks up an avoidable death of a black teenager as an oh-well-he-was-probably-a-thug-anyway event. No big loss, he was probably gonna be dead or in prison in a couple of years regardless, amirite?

            Anyway, Zimmerman had no way of knowing about any school suspensions or bookbag screwdrivers. He saw a black kid in a hoodie, decided said kid was one of “these assholes,” and set off a chain of events that led to Trayvon’s death. Legally, there was enough reasonable doubt to acquit him. That doesn’t mean every single aspect of his version of events is Gospel, now does it?

            You guys kill me with your “thug got plugged” unthinking acceptance of the idea that every assertion made by Zim’s defense team was vindicated by the verdict. The verdict only meant the state didn’t prove its case. It doesn’t mean every defense assertion was true.

          • “I said the comment was offensive and revealing. And it is.”

            To you.

            Which says much about you.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes, to me. Revealing, that is. Offensive, well, not so much, since I myself am not the said dead black teenager or a member of his family.

          • What Zimmerman needed to know was that there was someone kneeling on him, pounding his face and bouncing his head against the sidewalk. ( I’m pretty sure that concentrated his attention wonderfully on the problem at hand, and drove all thoughts about the metaphysical and sociological aspects of their physical juxtaposition (if you’ll excuse the phrase) right out of his head. )

            And that’s what Martin chose to do, at that point in his life. It’s a shame, but… that’s what he chose.

          • Brucehenry

            Hard to see with your head stuck in the sand, isn’t it? Hard to hear with your fingers in your ears and shouting “La la la la!”

            Why didn’t Zimmerman speak to Martin as I have suggested he could have? I’ve asked this question several times now, in several threads, of you and other commenters. All have chosen to ignore it.

          • Because he didn’t.

            Why didn’t Martin stay home, once he’d broken contact with Zimmerman and reached a place of safety?

            Because he didn’t.

            But you’re right. If Zimmerman had done something different, it might have changed the outcome of the night.

            Same as if Martin had done something different.

            In the end, Martin threw the first punch – as documented by Jeantel. At that point, he had seconds to live. Why didn’t he run away?

          • Brucehenry

            My point is that Zimmerman initiated the chain of events, not Martin. Martin wasn’t looking for trouble when he started back from 7/11. Zimmerman was. That was his function. And it was his decision, that Martin was one of “these assholes,” made on the basis of appearance only, that led to Martin’s death.

            If Zimmerman hadn’t assumed Martin was up to no good, and instead had tried to help him find an address….

            Yes yes, lots of what ifs. But conservatives who cry about the “lynching” of Zimmerman, while simultaneously finding nothing wrong with Zimmerman’s assumption that, because Martin was a black teen he must be up to no good, piss me off. Then they act as if the “Not Guilty” verdict means that every assertion by Zimmerman’s defense team, every innuendo by wingnut bloggers, every “thug-got-plugged” potshot by neanderthal commenters, is Gospel.

            No, the “Not Guilty” verdict meant that the state didn’t prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman DIDN’T act in self-defense. In many other states, self-defense is an affirmative defense and the burden of proof is on the defendant who is claiming it. In FL, apparently, that’s not the case.

            It may well be that Zimmerman is not only Not Guilty, but actually, you know, innocent — though I doubt it. But my initial entry into this thread was in response to your callous comments about the inevitability of Trayvon’s death –“he would have run up against someone in the next couple of years that would have killed him anyway.” Oh my God, what a horrible thing to say.

            The fact that you can say such a thing and then wonder why the black community of Sanford were suspicious that their police department acted on similar assumptions that night reveals a smug cluelessness that I find shocking, coming from a reasonable guy (I thought.)

          • Tossing out lots of ‘if’s’ doesn’t change what happened.

            “Martin wasn’t looking for trouble” – but somehow went out of his way to find it, and punch it in the nose and wrestle it down and pound its head on the concrete.

            Why, it’s almost like he WAS looking for trouble.

            “Oh my God, what a horrible thing to say.”

            Go sniff your smelling salts, Bruce. Your attacks of the vapors are tiring.

          • Brucehenry

            Always amusing when a conservative says something extremely objectionable, then reacts with a dismissive “Go sniff your smelling salts” when someone objects.

          • EricSteel

            “But my initial entry into this thread was in response to your callous comments about the inevitability of Trayvon’s death –“he would have run up against someone in the next couple of years that would have killed him anyway.” Oh my God, what a horrible thing to say.”

            It is a horrible thing to say. But why was he in Sanford to begin with? It was because his mother had lost patience with him and sent him to his father to deal with what Trayvon Martin was into,
            buying/selling guns,
            street fighting,
            buying/selling/manufacturing narcotics,
            gang banging…

            Sadly, the odds were against him.

          • EricSteel

            To answer your question, Neighborhood Watch people are instructed not to engage with suspicious people,they are supposed to call the police and let them handle it. Zimmerman was in his car doing just that. After Zimmerman told the dispatcher that TM started running, the dispatcher asked, “He’s running? Which way is he running?”

            Zimmerman, interpreted that as an instruction to follow. When the dispatcher realized that GZ was following, he said “ok we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman then responds “ok” and they spend the next several minutes discussing where to meet the police. During which time, GZ tells the dispatcher that he doesn’t know where TM has gone. According to Zimmerman, according to the forensics, Zimmerman stopped at the top of the T intersection.

            So I answered your question, how about you answer mine?

            According to RJ, Trayvon Martin was back at Brandy Green’s some 400+ feet to the south of the T intersection. Why then did Trayvon go back to the top of the T intersection where Zimmerman was?

          • Brucehenry

            Neighborhood Watch people are also instructed not to pack heat, or to get out of their cars and follow suspects on foot.

            It was only 7 pm. A regular person, not acting as an NW volunteer, might have tried to help a kid walking in the rain. Zimmerman assumed the kid was one of “these assholes.”

          • Hawk_TX

            Zimmerman was not on neighborhood watch duty that night. He was on his way to the store when he spotted Martin behaving suspiciously. Neighborhood watch policy does not apply to trips to target.

          • Brucehenry

            If he wasn’t acting as an NW volunteer why didn’t he try to help a kid walking in the rain instead of jumping to the conclusion he was up to no good? If he wasn’t acting in his NW capacity why did he identify himself as NW to the 911 operator?

            Y’all wanna have it both ways. He didn’t interact with the “suspect” because NW volunteers aren’t supposed to, but he wasn’t acting as an NW volunteer, is that about it? And he wasn’t supposed to be packing as an NW volunteer, but he was packing, and told the cops he was acting as an NW volunteer, but he was really on the way to Target? And they’re not supposed to follow on foot, but this time he did. was he acting as NW, or was his little foot journey part of his trip to Target?

            In any case I’m not trying to re-litigate the case. The jury found him not guilty, that’s good enough for me. Course a jury found OJ not guilty too, but OJ is guilty as hell. My point in this thread is about the similarity between the sentiment expressed by Lawson — oh well, he’d soon be killed by another gangsta probably anyway — to the perception among many locals that that was the uncaring attitude of the Sanford PD.

          • EricSteel

            “Neighborhood Watch people are also instructed not to pack heat, or to get out of their cars and follow suspects on foot.”

            How is any of that relevant? None of which is an illegal act. None of which gives Trayvon Martin any justification to attack Zimmerman.

            I notice that you still did not answer my question. So I will ask it again.

            According to Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin was back at Brandy Green’s house some 400+ feet to the south of the T intersection. Why then did Trayvon go back to the top of the T intersection where Zimmerman was?

          • Brucehenry

            Maybe he did go back, and maybe he did swing first. The fact remains Zimmerman set the chain of events in motion when he decided a black kid in a hoodie was one of “these assholes” who must not be allowed, this time, to “always get away.”

            It’s also not an illegal act to walk back from the 7/11 but Zimmerman decided that a black kid in a hoodie doing just that, and only that, was up to no good and must be followed.

            Again, he was found not guilty, and under FL law, apparently he was indeed not guilty. So I’m not here to re-litigate. My point was about Lawson. I don’t know how I digressed onto the case itself.

          • Hawk_TX

            What about your unthinking acceptance of the idea that the word “thug” has any racial connotation. J suggested that it was Martin’s choices or thuggish behavior that got him into trouble. He did not say anything racial. The thug culture that exist in many inner cities is not limited by race.

            You are correct Zimmerman could not of known about Martin’s past. So how do you explain Zimmerman claiming that Martin sucker punched him before jumping on him , when he couldn’t of known that that was Martin’s preferred fighting style (as documented in Martin’s own text messages)?

            The assertions made by the defense team were vindicated by the evidence and the direct witness statements . Not one piece of evidence or direct witness statement presented at trial contradicted Zimmerman’s account. The prosecutor’s case was completely groundless assertions and innuendo. If you don’t believe me rewatch the prosecutor’s closing argument.

          • Brucehenry

            The word “thug” has kinda been co-opted by gangstas and those concerned about gangstas the last decade or so. Kind of like how “gay” used to mean merry or vivacious, and now it means “homosexual.”

            Technically, you could still use “gay” to mean merry or vivacious, but you’d certainly confuse your reader or listener.

            Similarly, “thug” used to mean “brutal criminal,” but here lately it usually connotes “black, hip-hop-culture” and the like.

          • jim_m

            So then every time someone complains about “union thugs” or “union thuggery” what they are really complaining about as far as you are concerned is black union members only.

            Please. Spare us your racist dog whistle bullshit. If you are hearing the whistle then the racism is yours not ours.

          • Brucehenry

            Hey, a rare thing just happened! Jim has a good point!

            I stand corrected, sir.

          • jim_m

            The rarity is not that I made a good point, it’s that you recognized it.

          • And even more, acknowledged it.

          • Brucehenry

            Sure, of course, that’s what I meant lol.

          • Ever notice that racist dog whistles are audible primarily to racists?

          • jim_m

            Let’s stop it with the Martin was just a kid bullshit. He was a drug abusing, violent thug. Period. He had drugs in his system. He had previously been caught with stolen property meaning that it is beyond a reasonable doubt that he was involved in some capacity in burglarizing homes. He had been suspended from school multiple times and apparently once for assaulting a teacher.

            This wasn’t a little boy. This was a thug. He wasn’t going “home” he was going to his father’s home where he was a guest. That means that he was a stranger in the neighborhood and the neighborhood watch person, Zimmerman, correctly identified him as a stranger – someone who did not live there. Zimmerman also correctly identified him as someone who has been involved in criminal activity. You may not like the reasoning that lead Zimmerman to that conclusion but it is a correct conclusion all the same.

            The purpose for a neighborhood watch is to identify suspicious activity and report it to the police. Zimmerman did all that. Martin made the mistake of making it into a physical confrontation.

            And I find it highly amusing that a geriatric fool like yourself, who finds it necessary to boast about how manly he is and how young his girlfriend supposedly is, should be calling anyone a wuss. Your constant self promotion tells me that you are trying to make up for your own inadequacies by that boasting. Calling Zimmerman a wuss sounds a lot like projection from where I’m standing.

          • Paul Hooson

            For a guy a couple years close to 60, I can hold my own. – But regardless, I don’t see where Zimmerman allowed the kid any opportunity to go home that night. The kid was coming back at 7:09 in the evening from 7-11 and staying a few houses down and over from Zimmerman’s own home in the same gated community. Where did Zimmerman have any reason to call 911 for that or to pursue the kid with a gun or kill the kid. Zimmerman playing policeman caused a death here.

            I don’t know if Wizbang has any Black readers here. But my girlfriend is White and Jewish, however her father remarried a Black woman, so her other 8 brothers and sisters, are both Black and Jewish. Further, her ex was Black, so her two children appear Black. I love those kids. If I take Black kids with me to some store or out to eat, it’s for the same purpose as anyone else. Some of my girlfriend’s bothers and sisters have gotten scholarships to go to expensive private schools, yet everyone in the family has still faced episodes of racism in their lives. I consider these Black relatives part of my family because they’ve lived with me before, and I love them. They’re good people.

            I have some strong feelings in this Zimmerman case because I don’t see where a Black teenager was allowed any opportunity to return home without facing a hassle from Zimmerman, an argument and finally death. That’s an outageous price to pay just because the teenager was born with Black skin. That’s racism in my view.

            I see many opinions written from the White perspective here on this Zimmerman case. I like to balance that with my concerns for my Black relatives and their daily struggles against racism in their lives.

          • Saint Skittles, per the star Prosecution witness, made it home and then turned back to deal with the “creepy ass cracker.”

            Thug got plugged.

          • Paul Hooson

            I have’t seen that timeline any where. Where can I find that on the Internet. The timeline I’ve seen from THE NEW YORK TIMES and Wiki doesn’t show anything like that. There was some light rain that night, and Martin started to run out of the rain even before he was aware that Zimmerman was following him. Further, Martin was on the phone for part of that time according to phone records. Zimmerman told the 911 operator that ” got something in his hands”. Martin appeared to walk towarrds Zimmerman at some point to explain who was, but Zimmerman likely already had his gun drawn, because after some very short argument one deadly shot rang out.

          • EricSteel

            I have already spelled it out for you. Look at a map of the neighborhood.

            Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon Martin told her he was in back of his father’s fiancé’s house. That is #4 on the map.

            Watch the video of her testimony:

            Since RJ testified that TM was near the back of Brandy Green’s house #4, doesn’t it make sense that if Zimmerman was still following then the fight would be closer to there?

            But no, the shooting occurs at #6 on the map. Look at the distance between 4 and 6. Since Trayvon was home, why then did the fight occur at all, let alone all the way
            back at #6?

            The ONLY explanation is that Zimmerman was not following anymore, Trayvon doubled back and attacked Zimmerman. It is that simple.

        • jim_m

          I have a seven year college background, much of it in psychology

          But no degree? I do know someone who spent that long to get their degree. She was one course short of a Psych degree and then changed majors.

          • Completion and deep understanding don’t seem to be his strong points.

          • LiberalNightmare

            With all this talk about wanna be cops, I dont think I would go around pretending to be a psychologist

        • LiberalNightmare


          What if someone had a spinal or neck injury and Zimmerman moves them without the benefit of a board and cause them paralysis


          If that happened, I guess Obama and Al Sharpton would be pretty busy trying to strike down good samaritan laws.

  • iwogisdead

    Fortunately for the MSM, Kate whatshername had a baby, so they have a story to distract from this.

  • LiberalNightmare

    It says a lot about the guy.

    If anyone has the right to say “screw all of you” its Zimmerman. Still, when he saw the need, he jumped out and tried to do the right thing.


  • Lawrence Westlake

    The media is working diligently on this story, but alas Jason Collins is about to detail his sexual fantasies, Katie Kardashian or whatever pumped out a kid, global warming is killing caribou in Antarctica or something, and America is so incredibly racist Obama and Holder could have been Levar Burton’s character in “Roots,” or whatever.

  • cirby

    …and at about the same time I left my comment about


    TMZ reported:”George Zimmerman — Crash Victims Were WHITE”

    It’s now literally impossible to parody these people.

    • jim_m

      It’s now literally impossible to parody these people.

      That’s what you get when you are dealing with people who cannot see beyond the color of a person’s skin.

  • sophie1150

    This is make believe. Sanford police nor the news media cannot change Zimmerman from a killer and molester into a decent person. He looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

    • LiberalNightmare

      Wait a minnit!

      The news media changed him into a white hispanic didnt they?

    • “Sanford police nor the news media cannot change Zimmerman from a killer and molester into a decent person.”

      Maybe, maybe not. But they sure can change a man defending himself against assault into a murderer, and you sure do believe the molestation story, don’t you?

      Ever see a verifiable link to it, and a honest analysis? Or is it just something ‘everyone knows’?

      And isn’t it amazing how that accusation of molestation just kind of popped up when Zimmerman got in trouble?

      • sophie1150

        Yes, it was verified. The cousin is listed as witness 9. The information was revealed in 2012. Mark O’Mara said it was not related to the Martin case. Orlando Sentinel is a good source. I realize there is a great deal of misinformation in all the news media. Takes some searching to find the truth. Just read you post again. Zimmerman molesting his cousin was news in 2012.

        • cirby

          …of course, the one thing they leave out of that particular story is the relative ages of the two. It turns out that they were ages 6 and 8 respectively, and she never got around to telling anyone about it until much later, which seems to call her version of it into question… and is why it disappeared from the trial. “He molested me when we were both little kids, and no, I didn’t tell anyone for twenty-one years” doesn’t work very well in court.

          And, by the way? The Orlando Sentinel is NOT a “good source.” a lot of the misinformation flying around in the trial came directly from sensational (and false) Sentinel stories that got picked up by the less-picky national media.

          • Maybe he kissed her, and she was worried about cooties.

        • LiberalNightmare

          Funny how that story popped up in 2012, then disappeared. Especially when you consider all of the other misinformation and BS that the media felt comfortable with, this story dissappeared.

          Almost as if even the media felt like this one was too much crap to keep pushing.

          • Which shows just how much of a steaming load it was. When even the MEDIA drops it, there’s not much there.

        • jim_m

          Ummm, no. It was not “verified” since you only have one accuser and no other evidence to support the accusation. Clearly no one thought this was credible since it never became a story.

  • Appropos of nothing and no one of consequence, “thug” derives from “Thugee”; member of a gang of murderers and robbers in India who strangled their victims and was borrowed into English usage as ruffian or cutthroat.

    How the subculture of racism, violence, and sexism may or may not misuse the term matters to me less than the opinion of our local asshats, as hard as that may be to believe.