One Way Liberals are Just Like Radical Islamists

With the bankruptcy of Detroit in the news, a recent compilation of the many failures of the Motor City reveals one stat that shows how liberals are similar to radical Islamists at least in as much as they want to keep their people illiterate, stupid and easily controlled.

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge blog has a very disheartening post titled, “25 Facts About The Fall Of Detroit That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head,” and aside from giving us a perfect example of how liberal policies are an abject failure in every case, it also shows one stat that proves an essentially evil aspect of liberalism.

His point number nine is this: “An astounding 47 percent of the residents of the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.” (Durden cited CBS Detroit for his stat.)

Correspondingly, upwards to 70 percent of the Muslim world cannot read.

But are these truths so “astounding,” really? After all, just like radical Islamists, Democrats don’t want people to be truly educated enough to be able to think for themselves and being literate in every sense of the word is something both Islamists and Democrats want to eliminate among the people to their best ability.

Control of the lowly masses is the goal of both the Democrats and the radical Islamists, each for their own reasons, but keeping people stupid, keeping them in abject ignorance, preventing them from reading, that is a key tool in maintaining that control.

The old saying that “reading is power” is absolutely true. Being literate and widely read helps keep Democrats and radical Islamists in their place. Naturally, both feel their place is to rule over the people and to do that they must make sure that only their message is ever heard. That means eliminating other avenues of thought. That means keeping the people illiterate.

This method of control brings us the Boston Marathon bombing, it brings us the poverty, hate, and inhuman conditions endemic in Muslim controlled parts of the world… and it b rings us a Democrat-controlled Detroit that has gone from one of the wonders of the world to one of its worst, burned-out hovels.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Some other lines in the Zero Hedge article:

    3) Back in 1960, the city of Detroit actually had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.

    4) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit. Today, there are less than 27,000.

    5) Between December 2000 and December 2010, 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in the state of Michigan were lost. . . .

    It is easy to point fingers and mock Detroit, but the truth is that the rest of America is going down the exact same path that Detroit has gone down. . . .

    All over the nation, our economic infrastructure is being gutted, debt levels are exploding and poverty is spreading. We are consuming far more wealth than we are producing, and our share of global GDP has been declining dramatically.

    We have been living way above our means for so long that we think it is “normal”, but an extremely painful “adjustment” is coming and most Americans are not going to know how to handle it.

    This is what happens when you have an oligarchy more concerned with looting and extracting wealth by any means than with the health of their country.

    Ross Perot was right about the “giant sucking sound” of jobs being lost through NAFTA and other trade agreements which allowed the same treatment for goods made by Bangladeshi coolies and Chinese prisoners as American workers.

    Anyways, the USA is screwed, it’s all over, most importantly the Constitution.

    Don’t know where you get your “70 percent of Muslims are illiterate” figure, either. It’s bogus, unless you were just talking about Afghanistan and not including places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

    Anyways, the 9/11 hijackers and the Boston bombers were all literate and relatively well-educated, which negates your thesis anyways.

    • What a shock: our soi disant cognoscenti blames teh oligarchy… It was that or the Jooooooos.

      • Rdmurphy42

        Any reason he can’t blame both at once?

    • alanstorm

      “Anyways, the 9/11 hijackers and the Boston bombers were all literate and
      relatively well-educated, which negates your thesis anyways.”

      Incorrect. You would only be correct had he had said “All Muslims are illiterate” – which would make us all safer, BTW.

    • Retired military

      Your Pal Obama, the guy you voted for twice is running us down that path a lost faster than what we need to be going and past the point of no return.
      His union buddies have helped destroy manufacturing jobs with super high wages and outrageous benefits. In addition the minimum wage drives up union wages. But the lib politicians don’t care as the more union dues the more money into the dem party coffers.

    • jim_m

      NAFTA did not do anything significant to remove jobs from the US. Perot and the idiot left (including you) warned that jobs would be drawn south of the border. While some jobs have gone to Mexico the real displacement has been to the far east where we do not have such a free trade zone. So your fear mongering is nothing more than a pose and a lie. If so many jobs went to Mexico why have they been streaming over the border since NAFTA?

      What you really are objecting to is competition to unionized labor. Unions count on being able to restrict the labor market and by doing so to drive up the cost of labor beyond what is otherwise sustainable (as we have seen in Detroit).

      The other thing you object to is cheap consumer goods and by extension improving the standard of living for the poor. You object to NAFTA because it allows for less expensive goods (less expensive because the manufacturing costs are lower due to the avoidance of unionized labor and the corruption that it brings) to be imported.

      It comes as no surprise that you object to improving the lives of the poor. That has always been the stand of the American left.

      • Commander_Chico

        Well, things are working out so well for America doing it your way. how about that balance of trade and balance of payments!!

        • jim_m

          Better than your deficit spending. How’s your shining city of Detroit these days? And tell me: Just how is Texas going down the same path as Detroit? Seems to me that the economy is growing down there all without the help of your precious unions and your left wing ideology.

    • “We have been living way above our means for so long…”

      That’s what happens when you have a credit card with a big-ass limit, low interest rate, and no real need to pay down the balance.

      You play and buy all sorts of stupid-ass stuff – and forget that you’ve got to actually work to earn the money to pay the debt.

      Let’s just jack the limit up a bit further – we’re doing so well now! Who needs to actually work – we’ll just write more checks!

    • cstmbuild

      4) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit. Today, there are less than 27,000.

      Manufacturing jobs leaving has absolutely nothing to do with:

      Illiterate potential employees
      Over taxation
      High salaries and benefits (mostly union demanded)
      Paying people to stay unemployed or under employed

      Why shouldn’t a company move to where wages are cheaper? That benefits the consumer and the manufacturer. It used to be called a ‘free market’ until liberals decided it was bad.

      • Commander_Chico

        Where does the average person get the wages to buy stuff? Working at McDonalds?

        • jim_m

          Oddly enough the average person has a better job than working at McDonald’s. While you might find that to be the only thing you qualify for and you may think that is what most people are qualified to do (I suspect that is because you hang around leftists) and it is very likely what you believe is the ideal state for the economy, but it happens to have no relation to reality (like most of your bs).

        • We haven’t yet completed the transition to the 0bama economy, so there are still some better paying jobs than that around for the time being.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Actually, there are four ways in which leftists are quite similar to radical Islamists: (1) they viscerally despise America and everything for which it stands (save only for when they’re investing their trust fund monies), (2) they use the structures of formal education systems as tools of youth indoctrination, (3) they’re irrational to a level that jibes with DSM-specified mental illness, (4) they can’t in any way be appeased or reasoned with or bargained with.