Obama-Masked Missouri Rodeo Clown Banned From Sport For Life

Don’t make fun of king Obama. If you do your life will be destroyed. That is the message that the Missouri State Fair is sending by the banning for life of a rodeo clown that used an Obama mask during a recent performance.

Of course, the crowd had a great time with the stunt as can be seen in a video of the event…

The incident occurred on August 10 at the Missouri State Fair where Rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling made a bunch of Obama jokes with a dummy figure of Obama propped up by a broom which was being used as a target for the rodeo bulls. But soon scolds on the Internet went wild attacking the clown as “racist.”

Jeff Mazur, an Executive Director for AFSCME, a left-wing government workers union, and an operative in Democrat Governor Jay Nixon’s administration, wasn’t amused, though and he took to Twitter to immediately attack the rodeo for the Obama joke. (See his Tweet below)

After Mazur and many other liberals on the Internet went stupid over the incident, the clown quickly said that he did not mean to offend anyone with his joking on Obama, but he was banned for life anyway.

On his Facebook page, the rodeo clown wrote: “I am sorry, I never ment to offend anyone I ment no disrespect to anyone for the joke or jokes I may have said at the rodeo, once again i never ment to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings.”

The rodeo announcer also resigned his position with the State Fair.

But this use by rodeo clowns of masks of presidents and other famous personalities is nothing new at all.

For instance, a black rodeo clown named Leon Coffee has used a Hillary Clinton mask in performances in the past.

Leon Coffee dons Hillary Mask in 2012

And back in 1994 some rodeo clowns in Arkansas used a dummy with a George H.W. Bush mask on it as a foil for the bulls to smack around.

A George H.W. Bush dummy was used at a rodeo in 1994

Masks of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan have also been used in rodeo performances.

This is all an idiotic over reaction that shows that, once again, liberals treat Obama like a god that cannot be criticized or made fun of.

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  • Brucehenry

    He apparently wasn’t “banned from the sport.” He was fired by the State Fair. There are other rodeos.

    Maybe he shouldn’t have been fired, but Jesus I hope you guys aren’t trying to make this asshole into some kind of free-speech hero. Like “Pastor” Terry Jones or that Nakoula dude.

    • 914

      Asshole? No you already have that covered.

    • 914

      Dress up like a clown to make people laugh = Asshole

      Behave like a clown as President while no one laughs = your hero

    • Commander_Chico

      I don’t see the guy as an “asshole.” Just a free American showing proper disrespect for power.

      But, what else would we talk about here? NSA? Massacres in Egypt? JP Morgan getting charged with fraud?

      • Brucehenry

        As usual, a more thoughtful take on this kerfuffle can be found at OTB:


        • Commander_Chico

          I read that, I don’t buy it.

          The state sponsors all kinds of venues and fora for expression – museums and theaters for example.

          Think of this rodeo clown as a kind of avant-garde theater a la Dario Fo or Beckett being performed in a state-owned (like a state U) theater and mocking the president.

          Most of the time, it’s the right-wing complaining, like with the Mapplethorpe exhibit or “Piss Christ” being subsidized by the NEA.

        • You should spend all your time there.

          • Brucehenry

            If I did who would you take dumb potshots at?

          • There would be no need.

          • Wendy B

            How are you the mod? Ick.

    • Olsoljer

      ……or Trayvon Martin?

      • Wendy B

        Is Trayvon still speaking?

        Didn’t think so.

        • Olsoljer

          Thank goodness!

  • Dale Dawson

    Whether you are a rodeo clown or a greeter at WalMart, you are not free to spew your political philosophy or personal agenda on customers. When you are ‘on the job,’ your First Amendment “rights” are determined by your employer so long as you are on company property and the company timeclock.

    On Target News

    • John Douglas

      That is not the issue. The issue is people are “biased” this guy did this before. Presidents are always being clowned, political reasons are irrelevant. So, why is it a big deal now?? I bet if he was a white man, there would be zero issue with it.

      • Why is it a big deal?

        Liberals HATE to see the ones they deify mocked. It takes away from the feeling of magnanimous invulnerability they should be given, and coarsens the public discourse.

    • Get stuffed.

      He was making fun of a public figure. Are we at the point where we cannot make fun of Obama?

      Or is it just Obama that we can’t make fun of?

      If it’s the latter, then we’ve (meaning you, particularly) have got some problems with the deification of a public figure.

  • joegandelman

    Just a little comment. I DO fairs and have done many of them all over the country (since 1992) in my other incarnation. Most fairs absolutely do not want to get into politics. If someone strays into the area, they do so gingerly and really there they are going over the line. But if it’s not over the line and doesn’t provoke an uproar, they may get away with it. But in reality they want every partron of every age, every party, to just have fun.

    At fairs you DO see in vendors buildings booths with political parties and candidates and of course candidates historically visit fairs (JFK did, Nixon did). But in the entertainment portions, they usually avoid politics. Another problem is that as the comedy coach Greg dean has noted, a joke is a “shattered shared assumption.” These days it is very difficult to get a unanimous “shared” assumption on a political joke. So I know people are talking about free speech, but in reality any entertainer who works a fair knows you don’t do politics or if you do (as these photos above show) it’s done quick, and gingerly but not laid on with a shove.

    This incident sounds like it’s one that went over the line for some people. Fairs are also funded of course by state governments, and most don’t want their money going to political performance. I know this rodeo clown was invited by a Republican Congressman to Texas to perform at this fair and perhaps his fair will let them do it (with his encouragement). But the REALITY IS fairs don’t like politics. It’s on a smaller scale as if Snow White did a political riff at Disneyland. Yes, she might get away with it if there was no controversy, but if the corporation found out, she’d have to find other dwarfs at another park.Not everyone shares an assumption behind a political joke — especially these days.

    • Did you notice that it was ONE video which sparked this? Not multiples – not dozens of people going “OMG! I was SOOOOOOOO offended when this CLOWN put on a mask of my BELOVED DEITY! I must post it on Youtube!”

      One person.

      One video – seized upon by others who were ‘offended’ and weren’t there – who likely wouldn’t be caught dead within 5 miles of a State Fair.

      Are we at a point where the offended feelings of ONE fair patron are to be taken as the ‘limit’ beyond which political speech should not go?

      Or is it just for Obama?

      • Wendy B

        I’m gonna need some citation of ANY Obama supporter calling him “my BELOVED DEITY” if I am to take you seriously.

        Ah, fuck it, I’m never going to take you seriously. The rest of your post is also wildly inaccurate.

        • And you’re so rapidly fucking offended that you missed the point entirely.

          “Are we at a point where the offended feelings of ONE fair patron are to be taken as the ‘limit’ beyond which political speech should not go?”

          Or perhaps the patron wasn’t even offended, but found it funny and wanted to share it.

          The hyperventilating shrieks of RACISM are getting pretty damn old. Politicians have been ridiculed for centuries – Obama doesn’t get a pass because of his skin color.

  • Vagabond661

    Well I just found my Halloween costume this year.

    • 914

      Yep! For my pumkins too!

  • Lawrence Westlake

    A rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask? What an insult to clowns! That aside, at will employment is at will employment. So let’s not shed too many tears for the clown, so to speak. The double standards are obvious and they go without saying. The only people who couldn’t grasp those items are liberal idiots (BIRM). It also goes without saying that some AFSCME hack would go full retard over this sort of thing. Sun rises in east. Ultimately when a nation’s decline accelerates to de facto “Idiocracy” it becomes the case that race and other demographic-based schisms not only become de rigueur they weave themselves into the very fabric of day-to-day society. QED. And this episode and the ensuing liberal media flame war (BIRM 3x) is Exh. Z.

  • I am neither a liberal nor a Democrat. I have been to rodeos, and I understand what the job of a rodeo clown involves, which is danger to himself. A rodeo clown puts himself into harm’s way in order to protect a rodeo contestant.

    Yet, I consider it disgusting for any rodeo clown to inject politics in to a rodeo by portraying himself as any politician, either Democrat or Republican.

    What made this particular incident worse is the report that someone in the arena pretended to play with the lips of the fictional “Obama”. That in itself can be perceived as making fun of the President’s racial characteristics.

    To be fair (no pun intended), it is hypocritical for anyone to complain about this incident and not complain about previous depictions of politicians by rodeo clowns.

    Also, I consider it too harsh to ban the rodeo clown from that particular fair if he was not warned ahead of time by fair officials that such a depiction of a politician wasn’t acceptable. To me, the ban is overkill.

    • Retired military

      Obama has been in office 5 years. By now everyone knows that if you say anything negative about him or his policies or portray him in the least bit of negative light the left will accuse you of racism.

    • Commander_Chico

      The ban is crazy. It wasn’t racist, especially given the history of using politician’s masks.

      I am all in favor of lese majeste.

      • And with that, maybe we’ll get less majeste from he who would rule as a King.

  • 914

    I blame it on an anti muslum video and besides, what difference does it make?

    • Commander_Chico

      Welcome back, 914!

  • Bigtime_Jimbo

    The GOP is chock-full of Anti-Obama Clowns

    • The Jackass party is full of self serving oath breakers.

      • Wendy B

        So, the mods are assholes here? Interesting.

  • Who cares. . .Next!

    • warnertoddhuston

      You are welcome to stop visiting the website. Next!

      • Wendy B

        Aren’t very accepting of other viewpoints, are ya?

    • 914


  • Olsoljer

    The real clown is in the White House, surrounded by dozens of other clowns, and supported by 500 plus clowns in Congress. These are the clowns that should have been fired and banned for life from politics.

  • chris katko

    Here’s my take on the issue…


  • Daniel

    Freedom of speech and expression is almost a thing of the past. What harm was done? Who was hurt by this act? Why is this even in the media? The political “leaders” of this country, for the most part, are weak spineless, greedy pigs who can’t control their personal life let alone run a country. Instances like this, along with new laws invoked everyday, weaken the mindset of our future generations. This is still the greates country in world, however you would be an absolute fool to not see the decline and rotting decay that is gradually taking over. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but shal have ever lasting life, knowing that makes politics seem childish.