Critics Slam Muslims for the 9/11/13 Scheduling of Million-Muslim March in DC

A Muslim group planning a “million Muslim march” to be held on the 12th anniversary of the terror attacks that brought down the World Trade Center in 2001 is being criticized for picking that day for their event.

On August 11, I reported on the march being planned by the Muslim advocacy group named the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) and ourselves noted that it is little else but a finger in American’s eyes. Now others are echoing that sentiment.

Recently on Fox News, Doctor Zudhi Jasser, president of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, criticized the picking of the very day that Muslims killed over three thousand Americans.

“They’re basically a bunch of ‘truthers’ who think that America’s to blame for everything,” Jasser said. He went on to say that the Anti-Defamation League has identified some of the leaders of the march as “being virulent, anti-Semites who think 9/11 was a conspiracy theory.”

“These guys are problematic and they’re trying to exploit 9/11. If they were truly patriotic Americans and moderates, they’d be marching on the courthouse steps of the Fort Hood trial that’s happening this week to tell Americans that we want the death penalty for Nidal Hissan rather than this circus that they’re doing in exploiting the murders and horrific acts of 9/11.”

“America has gone on to liberate Muslims. They gave our families freedom that we could not have in any so-called Muslim countries.”

Obviously the people planning this “march” are cranks and dangerous terror supporters.

As we noted on August 10, to say the rights of Muslims in America haven’t been protected is, of course, an absurd claim. Muslims in the USA are not being systematically denied their “civil rights.” Any claims that Muslims are being oppressed in the U.S. is a laughable fiction.

FBI hate crime stats reveal that very few Muslims have been hit with crime or abuse in this country in the years after 9/11/01. As a point of truth, it is Jews that still face a much, much higher rate of racist/anti-religious crimes.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Muslim moderates need to show a lot better common sense than this. This is fast becoming a public relations nightmare that’s an affront to many Americans. – Some of the 9-11 victims were no doubt Muslim as well, and this has to be an affront to those persons as well. This whole event just reeks of bad taste and a lack of common sense here, that will only result in a negative debate here.

    • jim_m

      What muslim moderates? You might as well ask for the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus to intervene.

      • There are moderates, Jim. I worked with some Iranian expatriates who were secular Muslims – nice folks, who thought the whole mess in Iran was brought on by the extremists.

        • jim_m

          My experience is that they will not speak out. Culturally, it is simply not done to take sides with the infidel against another muslim.

          I remember a muslim explaining their solidarity in this way: “I fight with my brother but when another muslim attacks my brother I fight with my brother against the other muslim. When an infidel attacks the other mulsim, my brother and I fight with the muslim against the infidel.” It explains a great deal of their behavior.

          Now, generally I do not engage in such conversations with muslims in my personal life. Those I know I know in the context of work and it would not be professional to allow such issues to intervene in business.

          • Commander_Chico

            “My experience” Ha.

          • Thus spake our soi disant cognoscenti veteran:

            “My experience” Ha

            And in so doing aptly described the reaction of Wizbang to just about every comment he’s ever blessed us with…

    • Brian_R_Allen

      “Radical islam” is The Beast;
      “Moderate islam” is its Trojan Horse;
      Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration “reform” and the “Democratic” potty-activist feral-gummint bureaucracy are America’s Greeks.
      Beware of Greeks pulling horses!

      • Commander_Chico

        Beware of Greeks pulling a daisy chain, too.

  • LiberalNightmare

  • 914

    Want to stop it? Write a Cartoon about you know who 3 days before 9/11

    They will be so busy rioting they will forget about plan A !!

  • jim_m

    Don’t worry, the networks will be sure to suppress any videos of the inevitable celebration of the 9/11 attacks.

    • 914

      What difference does it make?


      • iwogisdead

        Well, good point, except that you need greasy hair, an ugly face, and an ass as wide as the Mississippi to make it work.

        • 914

          Michael Moore??

  • Bird666

    Let’s see if Obama’s NSA is worth a damn. In the context of recent disclosures, all organizers’ emails, phone calls, and whatever, should be monitored.

    • 914

      We already know they aren’t, so don’t hold your breath.

    • Commander_Chico

      Yeah, but that would be unconstitutional and otherwise illegal, wouldn’t it?

      • jim_m

        The point is that obama is more interested in using his power (legal or otherwise) to suppress political dissent than he is to stop terrorism from the outside. Sheesh.

      • Olsoljer

        Yeah, just like “honor” killiings.

        • jim_m

          I’m sure that someone on the left will excuse those as simply a form of religious expression protected under the 1st amendment.

          • Brucehenry

            You mean like Christians reading the Bible outside the DMV?

          • jim_m

            Yes exactly.

            It does not surprise me in the least that you equate reading the bible with murder, you fascist jackass.

          • Brucehenry

            Oh wow, I did indeed fail to follow the gist of the thread here. I was not intending to equate “honor killings” with anything, just made a mistake. I thought I had read something that no one had, in fact, written. Surely you know how that can happen, Jim.

            No, my intention was to call attention to the fact that some of us are loudly proclaiming that the First Amendment protects speech that others may find offensive while simultaneously condemning a group that wants to say something some of us find offensive.

          • jim_m

            Um, no. We are condemning them but I do not see people saying that they do not have the right to say whatever they want. Like most ignorant leftists you confuse disagreement with suppression of your free speech rights.

            You have the right to say what you want. You do not have the right to say it unopposed.

            As to your error, I chalk it up to another Kinsleyism.

          • Jwb10001

            Are you suggesting that citizens criticizing this is the same the government arresting people for reading the bible? Seems a bit of a stretch.

    • Jwb10001

      How so do these folks also belong to some tea party somewhere?

  • iwogisdead

    Someone named Maloosh is a speaker? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • MUSLIMS ARE A NUSENSE, to say the least. They need to be oppressed for this Godless March. You can bet there is a ‘rag head’ in the wood pile somewhere, that brought this all on our country, hummm, three guesses. Is Mr. Usurper going to throw out his prayer cloth for them. Where is our civil rights???

    • Commander_Chico

      Thanks for summing up many of the comments here

  • jim_m

    Hosni Mubarak was a dictator, but he had the muslim brotherhood pegged

    They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy. And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship

    and from the article

    While paying lip service to democracy, once the Brotherhood came into power under former president Muhammad Morsi, they became openly tyrannical: Morsi gave himself unprecedented powers for an Egyptian president, appointed Brotherhood members to all important governmental posts, “Brotherhoodizing” Egypt (as Egyptians called it), and quickly pushed through a Sharia-heavy constitution. Under Morsi’s one year of rule, many more Christians were attacked, arrested, and imprisoned for “blasphemy” than under Mubarak’s thirty years.

    The reason obama supports the muslim brotherhood is because they are anti-democracy just like he is and the left supports them for the same reason.
    The people planning this demonstration are little different.