Shock killing in Oklahoma has ugly racial overtones

A normally quiet weekend in the small southwestern Oklahoma town of Duncan was horribly interrupted at 3:00 PM this past Saturday, when a car carrying three teenagers pulled up behind a lone white male jogger.  The teens in the car fired on the jogger with a .22 caliber revolver, striking him in the back.  As horrified witnesses looked on, the jogger staggered and dropped to his knees as the car sped away.  He was pronounced dead at the scene by authorities.

The three teenagers were quickly apprehended.  The oldest member of the group, 17 year old Michael Jones, believed to be the driver of the vehicle, gave Duncan police a mind-boggling explanation for the crime: “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.”  Police also believe that if the boys had not been apprehended, they may have killed others.

The victim, Christopher Lane, was a 22 year old college student from Melbourne, Australia who had just accepted a baseball scholarship from East Central University in Ada, OK.  He was in Duncan this past weekend to visit his girlfriend, before classes started at ECU this week.

The other two teens involved in the shooting, James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, and Chancey Allen Luna, 16, have been charged with murder in the first degree.

James Johnson, one of the local residents who alerted police to the vehicle being driven by the three teenagers, said that his own 17 year old son had been threatened the same afternoon by the trio, who were brandishing weapons when they tried to talk him into joining the Crips gang.  After following up on Johnson’s tip, the police spotted the car in a church parking lot near Johnson’s home and arrested the suspects.

During the last couple of days, details have emerged that may point to a motivation behind the killing.  Unsurprisingly, it is “gangsta” culture.  Photos of the two teens charged with murder tell a story of young boys obsessed with guns, gang signs, and wads of cash.  On April 29, The Daily Caller reports that James Brown tweeted, “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

From a purely racial angle, this story becomes a little more complex.  Chancey Luna, the alleged trigger man, is mixed race.  His mother is white.  Michael Jones’ mug shot gives us a glimpse of an individual who is possibly mixed race, or possibly white.  Given James Brown’s infatuation with street gangs and gangsta rappers, it is very likely that this killing was to establish “street cred” with gang leaders.  Yet the evidence that Brown harbored prejudice against whites is undeniable.

So we have an incident where, to paraphrase Rep. Frederica Wilson’s breathless rant after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a white man was literally racially profiled, hunted down like a rabid dog and shot in the street, allegedly by a black assailant.  Needless to say, this horrific crime does nothing to advance the critical race theory agenda, so the usual race agitators have stayed far away from the cameras.  This morning, Rev. Jesse Jackson finally got around to Tweeting, “Praying for the family of Chris Lane. This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail.”

Frowned upon.  Really?  It’s not Selma, Alabama all over again?  It’s not the Emmett Till killing all over again?

But today, Allen West asked the obvious question: “Who will President Obama identify with this time?”

Karma always has a curious way of working.  When President Obama and other high profile racial leaders inject themselves into a controversial case and publicly take sides, people will naturally wonder what sides they are going to take when the next controversial case comes around.  Of course our “leaders” have avoided discussing black on black, black on white, and gang-related violence again and again, choosing instead to lecture white people about how racist they are.

Perhaps its time we had a real discussion, instead of a lecture.


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  • jim_m

    This senseless violence is frowned upon

    That’s right Jesse. Murdering white people is just “frowned upon”. It’s a social faux pas. It’s something we ought not to do in polite society.

    Freaking leftist idiots. They can’t call it murder. Then again, from the lefty point of view it was a white man so he deserved it.

    • 914

      The only way he could have deserved it more is if he was wearing an Obama mask at a rodeo.

      • e sutton

        Oh no he dint!

    • e sutton

      “frowned upon” in society. Kind of like farting in public?

    • SteveCrickmore075

      I agree! Jesse Jackson make some of Obama’s often similarily dumb platitudes sound positively Solomonic.

      • You okay?

        • 914

          Thanks for asking..

          • It’s just… rare for him. I was wondering if someone hacked his account.

  • jim_m

    Let’s just cut to the chase: If this were a case where a white man (or a man with a Jewish surname) killed a black man who was assaulting him this would be racism!!!!! and we would hear about it in the media for the next year about how RAAAAACIST!!!!! white people are and the idiot in chief would be making asinine statements on how the victim would look like his son if he had any Y chromosomes to donate.

    But no. Instead this is 3 black punks who racially targeted a white man and killed him in cold blood. Nothing to see here.

    We have been hearing from the race merchants how it is OK for a white man to murder a black man. WRONG!!! According to the media and obama, it is perfectly fine for a black man to murder a white man for being white. (OK , let’s be fair, it’s “frowned upon” behavior, but it isn’t anything that we really need to talk about at length).

    Yeah, racism is flourishing in America. On the left. I guess the bigots aren’t interested in a “national discussion on race” just now. I can’t wait for obama to tell us which of these three punks would look like his son.

  • I just can’t believe this is what this country has come to ….

  • Paul Hooson

    A lot of things with race relations make me very disappointed, including this case. My girlfriend is White and Jewish, but her father remarried a Black woman, so the other 9 kids in her family look Black and my girlfriend has two children by a Black man from a former relationship. When these Black kids wanted to go out and play basketball outside in my upper middle class White neighborhood where my neighbors are doctors, lawyers and bankers, the kids would go inside and not play with them, probably because of their parents making an issue about their skin color. My girlfriend’s sister is a perfect A student who won a scholarship to an elite private Catholic high school on one hand, despite being Jewish, but on the other the White kids in the neighborhood won’t play with her because she is also Black. – Too many people still judge a person by something like their skin color and still don’t see people as just being people. – When I attended private Catholic schools as a student, we were taught that every person is a vessel of God. There’s a little bit of God in each of us. I’ve always lived by that rule ever since.

    • e sutton

      Oh, jeezus, you have seriously got to be freaking kidding me. Are you, like, 12? (mentally, if not physically?)

      • Paul Hooson

        You don’t seem to be sharp enough to understand this simple story about how racism hurts. It went over your head, I guess. I thought it was an easy enough to understand example of racial tensions going back and forth, making this country less of a good place to live for many people. – These kids that killed this Australian fellow represent more of this poison tree and poison fruit of racism.

    • LiberalNightmare

      Your racial resume is impressive, but I don’t see how it applies to this event.

      Frankly “Theres a little bit of God in each of us” is somewhat inconsistent with your point of view during the Zimmerman trial.

      • That was totally different!

        /moonbat mode

        • Paul Hooson

          I don’t like racial tensions of any sort, they lead to so many ugly things, like this crime which was a very disturbing act that I condemn.

      • jim_m

        but I don’t see how it applies to this event.

        Because it’s always about him.

        • Paul Hooson

          Hey Jim, Congrats on your 11,022 posted comment so far. I’m actually a writer here at Kevin’s Wizbang network and I’ve only managed to get up 1089 comment posts so far, meaning that my work is really cut out for me if I ever want to catch up with you. But, I suppose I just don’t have the time you have to post as much because I’m so neck deep in business affairs. When a guy actually has to work for a living, his time isn’t his own you know – But, putting that aside, I’m appalled by this killing of this Australian. It certainly rates as a hate crime by what I’ve seen. – And it was also disappointing to me when the kids asked to play with the other kids, and the parents must have told them “don’t play with those Black kids, come inside”. – We have such a diverse society with so many different people of so many backgrounds, where a Black man can even be elected president, yet there’s still a lot of work to be done when ugly racial episodes still happen everyday.

          • jim_m

            I suppose that you have limits on what you can say about yourself. Try writing about issues and you might have more to say. Note also genius that not all my Disqus posts are here and not all my posts are on sites with Disqus.

          • Paul Hooson

            So what did I say here to offend you? I condemned this crime, but also noted that part of my family is Black that has lived with me for some time and that I’m sometimes concerned when some issues are brought up that are racially divisive. In my household, being White, Black or mixed race is just fine and normal. That’s just the way God made some people Jim.

          • jim_m

            I’m just pointing out that nearly everything you post steers the subject around to you. It’s one thing to talk about you experience and say that “I have black family members” or “I worked in this industry and I know how X and such works…” But your posts are frequently self congratulatory odes to Paul Hooson.

      • Paul Hooson

        No, I think both Trayvon Martin as well as George Zimmerman needed to behave much better in that ugly incident. Neither acted in accord with that “little bit of God in each of us principle”, only creating an ugly incident that left one person dead, and another on trial. That’s not a good outcome…

        • Black Racism

          it would be fun to smash your head repeatedly in the concrete while you tell me how to act nice

          • Paul Hooson

            I’m tough and can take a lot of abuse. Hell, my dad used to put my head through walls when I was a kid because he was so frustrated at things in his life, Abuse that might have killed some kids has only made me tougher. So it’s not a big thing to me. A few cuts or blood don’t phase me in a fight, because I’m used to that because of my rough childhood. – But, I like to be better than that with people. And hey, I really loved my dad regardless of my childhood. Your parents should be important to you, regardless of some things in the past. Nobody’s perfect.

    • Olsoljer

      Are your eyes brown Hooson? Because you are full of shit right up to your eyeballs OR lying thru your teeth if you think you can convince a rational person that (the White kids in the neighborhood won’t play with her because she is also Black”.) ……………and there is no way you live in Hayden, Idaho.

      • Paul Hooson

        I live in Portland, Oregon in an upper middle class neighborhood that’s nearly all White except for an Asian doctor and an Asian lawyer. – I think some Whites have this thing if they see one Black move in, then they fear more will come ethnic purity thing. – I get really disappointed at the tone of a few racial posts around these parts. I love my girlfriend’s mixed race children and mixed race brothers and sisters, and when I see my White neighbors act the shits like this, it really hurts me inside. – In school, the kids draw pictures of White and Black persons, where they see all people as just people, but some of my neighbors don’t….they see everything in color.- It’s this seeing the world in color that probably contributed to this latest crime outrage.

  • LiberalNightmare

    The australian kid would still be alive if he had ‘profiled’ those kids.

    • Black Racism

      if this kid had ben informed of the great amount of black racism he might not have turned his back on these kids just otu for normal teen behvaior (like traythug was a normal teen out bored so he decided to play the knockout game)

  • Brucehenry

    You guys got it all figured out, huh? This is a mirror image of the Zimmerman case?

    Umm, no. The alleged killers were promptly arrested and charged. Unlike in the Zimmerman case, where the shooter wasn’t charged until a public outcry ensued. The local Sanford police had been accused in the past of an attitude that crimes against blacks were not worth investigating, so there was a suspicion that a perfunctory investigation had occurred.

    There was no mirror-image public perception about the police in this case. No one ever accused this police department of not giving a shit if a white guy got killed. No public hue and cry had to occur to get the police to investigate properly.

    • LiberalNightmare

      So where is Sharpton? Where’s Jesse? Wheres the Obama speech to make me see just how much pain Obama feels over the loss of a child?

      How come we dont have a 10 yr old picture of the victim for all the peoples to rally around.

      I know, the white kid wasnt wearing a hoody, so he doesnt count.

      • Brucehenry

        THE ALLEGED KILLERS WERE PROMPTLY ARRESTED, can’t you read? There’s the difference in the two cases. It didn’t take demonstrations to get the shooters charged.

        • jim_m

          Zim was promptly detained and after it was determined that there was no murder he was let go until racists on the left (but I repeat myself) raised a fuss and demanded a bogus murder charge be made.

          Shocker that you cannot see the racism manifest here but need to make it up with the half hispanic/half black Zimmerman by lying about his race and calling him white.

        • LiberalNightmare


          • Brucehenry

            “Not yet convicted,” then, is that better?

          • jim_m

            Not really. Maybe you can find some other ways to excuse them.

        • jim_m

          Not alleged dumbass they have confessed

        • 914

          Another difference was Zimmerman acted in self defense. These 3 haters murdered out of hatred.

          • Black Racism

            The media acts as if hatred of white people is the good kind of hate (when they arent busy trying to pretend that black racism doesnt exist).
            most of the time the media wil pretend black racism doesnt exist, but if forced to see it up close, they wil just pretend that black racism is good for white people or that we deserve it

        • Brett Buck

          So you are admitting that Zimmerman was hounded by the press and arrested because of social pressure, not criminal behavior?

      • Commander_Chico

        Jesse Jackson did denounce it and sent his condolences to the Lane family.

        These guys were moronic thugs and they will be tried as adults and, absent some new facts, will spend the rest of their long remaining lives in jail.

        • jim_m

          Saying that something is “frowned upon” is not a denunciation, not even remotely.

          • Black Racism

            I frown upon bad weather during a vacation (just as al charlatan frowned upon GZ’s apologies to the fulton/martin family)

          • Close enough for our soi disant cognoscenti, not even in the ball park for rational actors.

    • jim_m

      The “public perception” was due to race baiters crying RAAAAACISM!!!!! The police did their job and did it correctly. The jury verdict ratifies that fact.

      • Brucehenry

        There was no race baiting in past episodes, where relatives of police big shots were let off for violent crimes against black victims. It was that past history that provided the opportunity for what you call “race baiting.”

        That said, you may be correct that the police did their job correctly in the first place. Unfortunately, there was suspicion due to past ill will.

        • jim_m

          OK so what you are saying is that we should give blacks a pass now and that whites have it coming. Thanks Mr racist.

          • Brucehenry

            You said that. Nothing I have written can be construed as saying that.

        • Jwb10001

          Having what exactly to do with this?

          • Brucehenry

            The comparison is made in Michael’s article.

          • 914

            The lunatic, is in the head

    • jim_m

      Yes Bruce, this is the mirror image of the Zimmerman case.

      In that case A man who was declared to be white shot and killed a black man in self defense. This was known from the start and was manifestly evident to anyone but the racists on the left who ignored all evidence. Never-the-less, the left whipped up a furor over how this was racially motivated and how it told a dire story of how racist white people were and how racist this nation still is.

      Now we come to this case and three black punks murder a white man because he’s white and the media refuses to release their race for hours and then within 24 hours the story goes dark on all the major networks. Nothing to see here. There is nothing for us to learn in an national discussion on race.

      What hypocrisy. When there is a real crime the left doesn’t give a damn because they cannot take political profit from the dead bodies.

      • Brucehenry
        • jim_m

          You’re just a racist plain and simple. You will apologize for every lefty wing rant on how racist the white people are and then minimize the racist actions of race baiting agitators like Sharpton and Jackson. The left has s deeply vested interest in keeping racism alive in this nation. Because if we stop treating everyone according to the color of their skin the gravy train will stop rolling and that is the last thing the left wants.

          • Indeed he is a racist. Why are you bothering to reply to him at all?

          • Brucehenry

            You do it all the time.

          • Brucehenry

            You’re even calling them “agitators” lol just like the reactionary Mississippians of 50 years ago.

            Never mind that, as Mediaite’s link demonstrates, Daily Caller and Fox and Friends are doing the “race baiting” here by pretending not to know that one of the killers is white. (Yes, white, not “mixed race.”) This despite the fact that they knew it when they published the picture of the wrong kid.

            And pretending the two cases are mirror images when, as I have pointed out, there are pronounced differences. Notably in the fact that the shooters were arrested and charged immediately, no need for mass protests.

            Race baiting like the Daily Caller does is fine with some folks. Like their take on Obama’s new dog — “The Obama’s have no white dogs.” — Get it?

            Because if they stop riling up the wingnuts the gravy train will stop rolling and that’s the last thing sleazebags like Tucker Carlson wants.

            But what really makes me laugh is the implicit insult to black people in the Wizbang narrative: that they are sheep, easily stirred up by outside-agitatin’ race-baiters like Sharpton, unable to tell the difference between real grievances and those manufactured by charlatans. Why, if Jackson and Sharpton would just keep quiet, say Wizbangers, those gullible, easily upset black folk would be content with the status quo!

          • jim_m

            If you hear the dog whistle you are the racist.

          • Brucehenry

            Wow. Pithy.

            Now please explain why black folks are so easily fooled by race baiters who are totally not Tucker Carlson.

          • jim_m

            Why don’t you just stick with blaming the victim because he’s white. The so-called white kid (I have seen that he has a white mother but nothing about his father) was not charged with murder if you bothered to note. The two black kids have made numerous racist statements and it is clear that this was a racially motivated crime. Of course you will never admit to that ever being a possibility because assholes like you think that only white people can be racist.

          • Brucehenry

            Who’s claiming this crime wasn’t racially motivated? Not me.

            I’m just pointing out Fox and Friends’ and Daily Caller’s race baiting by screaming THREE BLACK TEENS MURDERING PEOPLE when one of the THREE BLACK TEENS is white, as confirmed by local police.

            And repeating that these two crimes are not mirror images.

            Oh and also pointing out how you and your buddies routinely insult black people by claiming they’d be content if it wasn’t for those wascawwy wace baiters.

          • 914

            3 black here 3 black there- Spokane. Hear a murder there a murder. An outbreak since GZim was exonerated.

          • jim_m

            What makes them mirror images is the reaction of the left. Shrieking irrationally that a Hispanic man (who had a black grandmother, dated black women, tutored black teens and had a black business partner) defending himself is actually a white man acting like a racist and now yawning loudly that there is nothing to see here and that black teens murdering an innocent white man is just “frowned upon” behavior.

            The difference in the handling of the two issues by the left could not be more stark, unless we get street demonstration s proclaiming their innocence, which I predict will come when they are convicted and you and your idiot friends will be claiming how they were framed.

          • Brucehenry

            While I’m sure that Zimmerman was transmogrified into a white guy in some quarters, the initial outrage was not about the race of the shooter but that of the victim. The perception was that the Sanford PD didn’t care about just another dead black kid.

            Which is what differentiates this case from the Zimmerman case. As I keep repeating, the shooters were arrested and charged immediately. Dog bites man story.

            No one I’m aware of is saying there’s nothing to see here, but many are pointing out the pathetic need of guys like you and Carlson, and Fox and Friends, to find an equivalent story so you can whine “Where’s Sharpton? Where’s Jackson? Where’s Obama?”

          • jim_m

            SO it is insulting to black people to suggest that they are not pig ignorant, greedy and bigoted jerks that were they not preyed upon by dishonest race merchants, would not be rioting in the streets?

            Like I said, your own words show what a despicably low opinion you have of black people. You really do think that they have to be told what to think and how to act. Bigot.

          • Brucehenry

            No, it’s insulting to any group of people to suggest that, as a group, they are so stupid and childlike they can be so easily “preyed upon” by “dishonest race merchants.”

            LOL it’s a good thing Teh Blacks have Marse Jim and Tucker Carlson to tell them what REAL racism is. Apparently they’re too infantile to recognize it when they see it, and when they’re riled up by these here Outside Agitatahs, they’re liable to “riot in the streets.”

          • Bob

            You are confusing race with culture. What others here are talking about is a culture that promotes hate and bigotry. A culture not limited by race. A culture that you not only embrace but defend at every opportunity. Go back and read this thread you are the only one stereotyping people by race here.

          • Indeed.

          • No he isn’t. Why, I dared to use the word “THEY”, which is obviously inherently racist and not at all indicating I’m talking about a different culture that’s massively dysfunctional and getting worse.

            /sarc, kinda

            Really, I’m not getting why Bruce thinks he’s on the side of the angels here; defending a culture that’s killing itself off and encouraging the worst in human behavior.

            Have we really reached a point where we can’t even suggest that there might be something wrong with a culture without being accused of racism – no matter how emphatic we are that it’s the CULTURE that’s fucked up?

          • Yeah, how dare we think that if it wasn’t for the likes of Jackson and Sharpton keeping tensions high that there might actually be a lot less animosity than there is.

            How dare we think that people might actually get along, and judge people by the content of their character instead of the melanin content of their skin.

            Yeah, we’re just dumb racists, aren’t we – trying to ignore what’s so IMPORTANT to you.

          • Brucehenry

            No, how dare you presume to tell an aggrieved group what they should and shouldn’t be aggrieved about.

            How dare you imply this group is so simple-minded, so gullible, so lazy, so wantin’-free-stuff, that they can be bamboozled so easily by people you call charlatans and race baiters?

            If you’re so smart YOU can figure out who’s a race-baiter and who’s a legitimate leader, why can’t they? Is it because they’re not as smart as you? Are they more emotional, more childlike? Is it BECAUSE they are members of a group inherently less smart than yours? Is that what you guys think?

            Because, intentionally or not, that’s what guys like Jim (and you?) are implying with their sneering at outside agitators “keeping tensions high.”

            Tell you what, why don’t you be outraged about what YOU wanna be outraged about, and let others be outraged at what outrages them. If you wanna piss your pants that Obama’s comin’ after your guns, or whatever, piss away. And if the black community of Sanford wants to be pissed off at perceived police foot-dragging when it comes to black crime victims, let them be pissed off as well.

          • jim_m

            I see, so what you are really saying is that whipping up people with bullshit racialist fantasies about nonexistent oppression is OK with you. We should just sit back while idiots like Sharpton and Jackson and others stir up trouble and encourage violent idiots like these 3 thugs and the lunatic here to go off and kill people on account of their skin color.

            What amazes me about the left is that they decry racism, but they would dearly love to see a race war.

          • Brucehenry

            Please provide specific quotes that encouraged these individuals to commit these crimes.

            “Stir up trouble” is what Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney were doing in Mississippi 50 years ago. That’s what the locals called it. They were agitators. You’re even using the same vocabulary.

            EDIT: But again, let’s see your explanation for why middle-aged white guys like you are smart enough to spot a charlatan, but black people ain’t.

          • jim_m

            Sorry if I wasn’t around in the 50’s Bruce. Once more if you are hearing a dog whistle is is because you are the dog.

            Who says that they aren’t smart enough? The problem is that from within their community the rational voices aren’t allowed any airtime.

          • Brucehenry

            The rational voice being the voice that doesn’t see any problem, I guess.

          • jim_m

            THe rational voice is the one that isn’t lying about racism. The rational voice is the one that isn’t faking racist incidents for publicity like the one’s I have linked to here and the ones that Sharpton and Jackson have created for their own aggrandizement. The rational voice is the one that doesn’t see race as the first factor that defines a person and determines who they are and what they believe.

            The rational voice is far from anything like you.

          • Exactly so.

          • About what one would expect of a racist apologist for race baiting:

            …how dare you presume to tell an aggrieved group what they should and shouldn’t be aggrieved about.

          • jim_m

            You are OK with race baiters turning ZImmerman into a racist villain and at the same time you are OK with the media glossing over stories like this one because stories like that tell the truth about our society where ~50% of all murders are committed by blacks and where nobody gives a damn about that or about the many racially motivated atrocities committed by blacks.

            But who’s to say what would happen if black America exerted even half of the emotional fervor and brainpower it does over cases like Martin’s to thinking about how to keep black boys from going wrong?

            Bruce would rather that the black community ignore the real problem and just keep waiting for the government handout.

          • Brucehenry

            Every time the subject of Trayvon Martin comes up, sooner or later Jim trots out “the real problem” of black-on-black crime — again telling black people what they should be outraged about and what they should not.

            And as if the fact that there is a black-on-black crime problem means that no one should be outraged when a kid gets shot and the shooter gets a pat on the back and a “good job standing your ground, dude!” after a 3 hour “investigation.”

            Pathetic imaginary gotchas can’t obscure your paternalistic disdain, your contempt for people who have real grievances but those grievances don’t count, to you. Because “race baiting poverty pimps” something something something. Who do you think you are telling this group or that group where and to whom they should look for leadership?

          • jim_m

            Sneer all you want at the investigation.. THEY GOT IT RIGHT! And so the jury determined. What you are bent about is that you didn’t get to lynch your white man scapegoat in order to assuage your racial guilt.

          • Brucehenry

            Maybe, but the perception was there, that’s why an arrest and trial was demanded. As has been mentioned many times, the Sanford PD had a history of taking lightly violent deaths of blacks. They have only themselves to blame for the mistrust of the community, not the “race baiting poverty pimps” who upset wingnuts so badly.

          • jim_m

            The perception was there because race baiters put it there. Were there not people who had a personal profit motive to keep racism (and thereby themselves) in the news this would not have been an issue. It should not have been an issue. Regardless of how much time it took them, the police got it right. You’re bent because you didn’t get your white man sacrifice to absolve yourself of your white guilt.

            So your position is therefore that railroading an innocent man is necessary to pay for the alleged injustices from the Sanford PD. Nice. Nothing like scapegoating people for your political purposes.

          • Brucehenry

            Circular Jimlogic.

            And please, investigate pre-Trayvon race relations in Sanford FL and get back to me.

          • If it hadn’t been for those race-baiting poverty pimps, there’d be a good number of lawyers poorer tonight in Sanford.

            That’s the only folks who ‘won’ in that whole mess.

            Hell, they might even have to go out chasing ambulances.

            Wait a sec. Bruce – are YOU a lawyer?

          • That tire’s not blown – it’s supposed to be like that, and don’t you dare suggest it needs to be changed!

          • “How dare you imply this group is so simple-minded, so gullible, so lazy, so wantin’-free-stuff, that they can be bamboozled so easily by people you call charlatans and race baiters?”

            I don’t have to imply it. They demonstrate the behavior practically on cue. Ring the proper bell, and they respond as they have been trained by the people around them – by their culture.

            Do you chew with your mouth closed? Who taught you that custom? Do you drive on the right side of the road? (Proper side, for those who don’t drive on the right side?) Who taught you that custom?

            Our cultures teach us all kinds of things. If a child sees the adults doing something in a particular way, then there’s a good chance the child will learn that way. If they see certain people held up as role models – guess what? They’re going to emulate that role model. If getting an education is ‘acting white’ – then they’re going to run from it. Yeah, that’ll give them good lives, won’t it?

            So tell me, wise one, what sort of role models did these kids have? How were they doing in school? Did their parents even know what their lives were like? Or am I expecting too much from them?

            “Oh, he wasn’t in a gang – he just hung out with them.”

            Good lord – what does it take for some people to realize reality when it slaps them hard in the face?

            I really wish it were otherwise. It’s stupid, it’s nasty, and I hate like anything to see it. You’re looking a lost generation – one that’s dumped education and the chance to get out of where they are.

            And like always – you mention race. You fucking enabler – you’d rather they stay the way they are than have anyone think that they might possibly do better?

            Who’s the racist? Go looking in a fucking mirror.

          • Brucehenry

            The whole thread’s about race, genius.

            Talk to me about who is the “real racist” after you post a paragraph like the second one in your reply above? Pfffft.

            Your smug superiority is noted, Lawson.

          • He’s just finally twigging to what some of us have known about you for a while now.

          • No, I’ve known he’s an unapologetic racist for quite a while.

            But I keep figuring it’s possible to appeal to people’s better natures and maybe reason with them, get them to understand that the world isn’t like what they imagine it.

            Admittedly, with Bruce it’s difficult.

            He’ll twist things to suit his own meanings – and with him determined to see everything from a standpoint of race, it’s not surprising he labels everyone racist who doesn’t agree with him.

            But he’s not racist. Oh, no – he’s the only ‘non-racist’ he knows.

          • Brucehenry

            I suppose you are color-blind, as evidenced by your comment: “I don’t have to imply it. They demonstrate the behavior practically on cue. Ring the proper bell, and they respond as they have been trained by the people around them – by their culture.”

            Who are “they,” Lawson? The same “they” who are so stupid any two-bit charlatan who calls himself Reverend can manipulate them?

            And as I have been saying for lo these many years, when it comes to racism, or in this case its more benign cousin, paternalism, shouting “He Who Smelt It Dealt It” is lame and umm, doesn’t work. It may give you comfort to say so, but you know it ain’t true.

          • jim_m

            Bruce, when you drag up words that were used 70 years ago and try to claim the their use today is a clear sign of racism then you are simply full of shit. You are seeing racism everywhere because you can’t stand the idea that you leftist icons of Jackson and Sharpton are the real racists stoking racial hate for their own benefit.

            You also cannot see that it isn’t a singe pronouncement that spurs racist acts but the cumulative effect of the race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton and, frankly, Holder.

          • Brucehenry

            Rich coming from a guy who routinely reminds us that the Democratic Party was the party of the Confederacy.

            EDIT: BTW I don’t give much of a shit about Jackson or Sharpton. My point was in asking why you think you should decide what should outrage the black community and what shouldn’t, and your implication that these people are so gullible they can be “whipped up” by race baiters.

          • jim_m

            I’m saying history, not the words they used. There is a difference. Today’s left is still trying to keep blacks in ignorance and poverty. It is the central plank to the dem platform for the last century and a half.

          • Brucehenry

            So if someone posts here a comment about a “final solution” that wouldn’t creep you out? When far-right nutjobs start talking about “nullification” and “interposition” that’s not a tell?

            So is “outside agitators” and “stirring up trouble,” dude.

          • You’re an excellent example of that sort of conditioning Bruce. What color is your skin? I haven’t a clue, and don’t care. It doesn’t matter. You take a paragraph in isolation, and you know – you KNOW that it’s racist… even though I’m talking about culture in general.

            So… you’re conditioned. You HAVE to do that. You can’t see your conditioning, any more than a fish is aware of water – but wave a stimulus like that paragraph in front of your face and you respond just like you’ve been taught.

            You don’t think. You don’t analyze. You don’t consider it in the broader meaning of the whole message. You see ‘They demonstrate’ – and you can’t help but react at a gut level. You probably didn’t even bother to read the whole thing – you ‘knew’ all you needed to see from just that one paragraph.

            We all are conditioned, Bruce. Get up, go to work, drive safely, do your work, eat lunch – think about the conditioning needed for your daily life – your habits, your perceptions. Your behaviors. You know to get food at a grocery store. You stand in line, you pay your money and take your goods. You decide where to go and what to do, and when you get there… you do it the way you’ve done it so many times before.

            You’re conditioned.

            Some conditioning is useful. Some isn’t. If you taught a kid learning to drive that the proper response to a yellow light is to go faster – you wouldn’t be doing him any favor at all. Hopefully he could see you were teaching him something wrong – even if you believed it yourself – and train himself to slow down on yellow.

            But you’d argue like hell to keep him doing the same thing – even if it killed him in the long run.

          • Brucehenry

            Stop, you’re killing me.

            You sure do get conditioned by the culture you grow up in. Take you, for instance. Born and raised in the dominant white culture, from what I’ve gathered here a Protestant Christian of modest middle class upbringing, trying rather successfully it seems to raise a child with the same values.

            And despite the fact that you see everything through that prism, you insist that just about every time someone suspects racism they are wrong, have a chip on their shoulder, couldn’t possibly have a real grievance, just must be a race baiter.

            And a white guy like me who points out implicit racism (or paternalism) when he sees it? An “unapologetic racist” LOL. Buffoonish. The He Who Smelt It Dealt It defense. It is to laugh.

          • The culture you’re raised in teaches you all sorts of things, Bruce. Do you even bother to think before you use a turn signal? Or do you agonize over what to do at a stoplight?

            No. You do those things because you’re trained to do them. It’s reflexive. If you were brought up in the culture those kids were, you’d have the same set of assumptions they do. Are those assumptions right?

            Or do we dare not even question them because OMG! RACIST!

            That’s the discussion, isn’t it? Skin doesn’t figure into it – culture does. And a culture that actively destroys its youth may last for a while – but it’s at a real disadvantage in the long run.

            It’s not being ‘smugly superior’ to identify a blown tire. It’s smugly superior to insist it doesn’t need to be changed, because it’s perfect as it is.

          • Brucehenry

            That is indeed a subject worthy of discussion, Lawson. But what was actually being discussed on THIS thread is whether or not this crime and the Zimmerman case were equivalent in some way. and whether or not Jesse Jackson should have used stronger language than “frowned upon” yada yada.

            I attempted to find out who the fuck Jim thinks he is, calling aggrieved black people sheep who can always be manipulated by “the likes of” Sharpton and Jackson, about the time you jumped in with your lecture about role models and chewing with one’s mouth closed.

          • Sure you were, Bruce. Sure you were.

          • jim_m

            you’d rather they stay the way they are than have anyone think that they might possibly do better?

            AMEN. The left has a deeply vested interest in keeping the black community poor, ignorant and in jail.

          • You can’t ‘help’ people who don’t need to be helped, after all – and if you can’t ‘help’ them, how are you going to feel good about how you ‘help’ them?

  • Yes folks, he really is that stupid.

    This is a mirror image of the Zimmerman case?

    It’s certainly a mirror image of how the LSM portrayed to Zimmerman case, which as we all saw at trial, had about zero to do with the actual facts and evidence in the case.

    Note also that both Tracy (father of Trayvon) Martin and one all three of the assailants in this case were crips.

    • Black Racism

      the uninvolved (otherwise known as criminally negligent non-parents) parents in both cases LIED and said there kid was a good kid who never got in any trouble)

  • Walter_Cronanty

    My gawd, when are you mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, bitter clinging racists going to learn? [Pick your answer] a. African-Americans cannot be racist, so sit down and shut-up, you racists; b. In order to stop such incidents, we must repeal “Stand Your Ground” laws immediately; or c. All of the above.

    • jim_m

      You forgot d) you are whites so you have nothing to say on the subject of race. End of discussion.

      • LiberalNightmare

        I cant read cursive!

        • But I can sure cursive when I read! $%#$%^$%^!

    • Black Racism

      blacks cant be racist, but if they were, the lame stream media would be blind to it unless they went into full blown support for black racism mode.
      here is how the media handles black racism:
      1) they ignore it
      2) they pretend it isnt so bad
      3) they pretend that black racism is the god kind of hate (that no one could possibly complain about)

  • SteveCrickmore075

    Seems to me the kids were as much black as white. The gun/gangsta culture was probably the driving forcé! Who was the last to take on ‘the gangsta’ culture, wasn’t that Tipper Gore, Al Gore’s wife?

    • jim_m
      • SteveCrickmore075

        I was thinking of the third kid, who looked pretty white to me. I thought they were all in on it It is a horrific crime! If Truman Capote were around today, I’m sure he would write a book on it, In Cold Blood 2. Again if these punks, even with no money or permit, can acquire guns so easily…

        • jim_m

          The third was not charged with murder. They were all crips. Maybe if street gangs were less prevalent Mr Lane would still be alive.

          Which do you think contributed more to his death? Their gang membership or the gun? Hint: Millions of people own guns and don’t murder people but nearly all gang members eventually commit violent crimes. But then I guess that doesn’t fit your narrative of the innocent not-black kids who were corrupted by the evil gun in their presence.

        • LiberalNightmare

          “looked pretty white to me”

          kinda racist aintcha?
          The left was ready to tar and feather zimmerman for saying much the same thing. Even when it turned out that he didnt say it.

        • jim_m

          Again if these punks can access guns so easily…

          And WTF does this have to do with gun control? None of these kids could have legally purchased a gun since they are all under 18. Once again we have the leftist standing on dead bodies trying to score political points for his left wing agenda.

          • SteveCrickmore075

            i said access/acquire – I didn’t say own. I would think it should be on anyone’s agenda to keep guns out of the reach of these young thugs.

          • jim_m

            Never the less, if they could not purchase it legally then they had it illegally. Explain how increasing gun control laws will have an effect on those who ignore them in the first place.

            I know. Your solution is universal confiscation.

      • 914

        Does look a little white around the gills..

    • 914

      The word is out. Kill Whitey! Plain as day.,

  • Short Jackson:

    “Regrettable Action – can’t get fame or money for getting involved. Done my part by frowning.”

  • Commander_Chico

    Is there a Freudian slip in Warner writing this?

    On April 29, The Daily Caller reports that James Brown tweeted, “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

    From a purely racial angle, this story becomes a little more complex. Chancey Luna, the alleged trigger man, is mixed race. His mother is white. Michael Jones’ mug shot gives us a glimpse of an individual who is possibly mixed race, or possibly white. Given James Brown’s infatuation with street gangs and gangsta rappers, it is very likely that this killing was to establish “street cred” with gang leaders. Yet the evidence that Brown harbored prejudice against whites is undeniable

    James Edwards was involved in the murder. James Brown is dead. RIP.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Maybe if Warner actually wrote that.

      • Soi disant cognoscenti, demonstrated moron.

        • warnertoddhuston

          Actually I will stick up for Commander_Cheapo, here. I am so often the only one with a piece up these days that it could be an easy mistake to assume I wrote what ever piece is clicked on!! It speaks to his inattentiveness, I agree, but it is still a sort of easy mistake to make. I deign to give him a pass. 🙂

          • Commander_Chico

            Yeah, sorry again.

            I was reading it and wondering WTF is James Brown, was one of the killers named James Brown?

      • Commander_Chico

        OK, I now see it was Michael Laprarie who wrote it.

        My apologies Warner – you write practically everything here nowadays.

        Anyways, the Freudian slip applies to Michael.

    • jim_m

      James Brown is not dead. He’s still doing football for CBS.

    • Olsoljer

      Hmmm. obama is half white, half black. From his actions one would suppose he is establishing “street creds” with the more violent members of the black (as well as muslim) faction of our country. (Was that redundant?) I find it odd that the LSM determined Zimmerman was identified as white, when it is quite obvious he is hispanic (hispanics are considered caucasian by the way). While the LSM deems the hispanic community an integral part of the democratic party up until the point it doesn’t serve their racial agenda when they then fall into the “white” category.

      • hispanics are considered caucasian by the way

        Not all Hispanics are white. Actresses Zoë Saldaña and Rosario Dawson are Latinas. On more than one occasion, [I]Latina[/I] magazine has published articles about black Latinas, who are often irritated when they aren’t recognized as being Latinas.

        • Olsoljer

          Not sure where you are going with this, same difference is obama being irritated he isn’t recognized as being white.

  • abe

    This was clearly a racial killing. A racist comment was made by one of the shooters. But the media won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole.

  • Par4Course

    Don’t complaint about President Obama not speaking out. If he does say anything, he’ll probably join the liberal chorus (e.g., Bob Beckel on The Five and Kirsten Powers on O’Reilly) blaming “guns” or “the gun culture” for this crime. While it used to be part of the cultural consciousness, few today know of the 1924 “thrill killing” of Bobby Franks by a couple of bored young men, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. They didn’t have a gun, so they used a chisel. In 1924, there were no liberals “sophisticated” enough to think this incident warranted a call to ban chisels.

  • Black Racism

    Usually, black racism gets a more favorable response from the media (most outlets in the lame stream media are very much in favor of black racists and opposed to any white person ever excercising the right to defend themselves).
    If Chirs Lane had dared to defend himself from these cowards, the media would want to know why he exited his home or vehicle (as if only feral thugs have the right to go outside)

  • Paul Hooson

    That’s a very disturbed psychology if the trigger man was of mixed race but hated Whites. – My girlfriend’s kids, which have lived with me, always appreciated both races, and identified with both Whites and Blacks. In school, their paintings and drawings always included both White and Black characters, seeing nothing but good in both races, and brotherhood among all. – Something was very wrong with this triggerman kid if he didn’t see the good in both races, and a world of White and Black friends as being normal. – I’m proud of my girlfriend’s kids, and love them just as my own kids. I think they’re both very good looking kids, and the boy always cracks me up. He’s a natural born comic.

    • jim_m

      It’s a disturbed psychology that wants to murder someone. You don’t really have to take it any further than that. And this is not about you.

  • Wild_Willie

    Obama released a statement saying: “I looked like the killers when I was their age.” (sarcasm off) ww

  • LiberalNightmare
    • jim_m

      I’m impressed by their deviation from the left wing narrative.

      • Pretty surprising, actually…

        Could it be that at least SOME at that trivial rag (have you SEEN a copy of Time magazine lately? I’ve gotten local sale flyers in the mail that were thicker) have been whacked hard enough with a clue-by-4?

      • Too much, too little, too late.

        Die already, Newsweak.

  • GarandFan

    To put it quite simply, if black “leaders” don’t talk about it, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

  • Janamba

    I think that after this they will really get bored in prison. Maybe they can avoid the horrible boredom with a death penalty.

  • Janamba

    I have a son and he isn’t anything like these three A-holes.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Back in the day they used to call this sort of thing “wilding.” It’s been going on for decades. The ghastly reality is that leftism as policy and the post-LBJ version of the Democrat Party have destroyed the black family unit, destroyed black education, eviscerated black job and career prospects, and created what amounts to a de facto permanent underclass. Lily-white liberals in the media-academia-government complex couldn’t grasp these items if their lives depended upon them, adding yet another layer of gruesome irony. Ultimately nothing at all can be done about this. When a nation state declines to such an extent as we have racial strife and related maladies become systemic.

  • Murderous racists should be dealt with as wolves once were.

  • jim_m

    Notice that so-called black leaders are unwilling to call this anything worse than “frowned upon behavior”. They won’t go anywhere near calling it a hate crime. No matter how blacks Torture and murder white people simply because they are white you will never hear anyone on the left and certainly never hear a leftist black leader EVER say it is a hate crime. Hell, you can barely get them to admit that raping, torturing and murdering a white couple is wrong.

  • jim_m

    Here’s a really good article from the Christian Science Monitor

    Key takeaways:

    The perception – amplified by cable talk shows, talk radio, and social media – that police are playing down racial aspects in Lane’s killing because the victim was white fits a larger trend in public opinion…

    “Whites … now believe that that [black racial] progress is linked to a new inequality – at their expense,”

    Moreover, a recent Gallup poll finds a “growing gulf” between blacks’ views and whites’ views of the US justice system. More than two-thirds of blacks in the survey say the justice system is biased against blacks, compared with only 25 percent of whites. “Blacks’ attitudes about the justice system have remained virtually constant over the past 20 years, but whites have become less likely to perceive bias,” the poll concludes.

    And the bottom line point from A Vanderbilt Prof:

    “The racial double standard about who gets charged with a hate crime has been noticed by white people, and is not something that is going to advance race relations in America,” says Carol Swain, a Vanderbilt University law professor and author of “The New White Nationalism in America.”

    The reality, she says, is that “governments continue to treat black-on-white crimes as plain old crimes, and whenever there’s the reverse order, white-on-minority, there’s a great effort to find the racial motivation.”

    So while Bruce goes on claiming his bullshit that blacks have it so hard and that whites are the racists the facts here show that public perception is the exact opposite. The real problem is the left and its focus on race and insistence that the conditions of today are the same as 1950. The public recognize that this is a lie, but Bruce continues to peddle his racist BS.

    And finally

    The trial of Mr. Zimmerman came to represent America’s fractured reckoning with race and racism, as the country divided neatly between those who believed that Zimmerman, who is white and Hispanic, was railroaded by a race-baiting political cabal and those who saw his not-guilty verdict in July as more proof that black victims still struggle for justice in America.

    Some critics, including Ms. Swain at Vanderbilt, fault black civil rights leaders for goading emotions around race when it fits their political agenda, while ignoring or playing down racially motivated crimes by blacks against whites.

    “There’s this false assumption that black people can’t be racist, that you have to have power to be racist,” says Swain. “But when you have a gun or you have them outnumbered, you have power.”

    She adds: “I think that we do have to change the conversation in America about race, and one of things we have to focus on is bad behavior in the black community, behavior that’s unacceptable and the silence that surrounds it.”

    • jim_m

      Come on Bruce. Go read the article and find out that you are just enabling the racists on the left.

      • Brucehenry

        LOL the statistics cited about some whites’ perceptions that they are now the persecuted ones are no surprise.

        No group likes to lose their once-privileged position. I remember my grandfather in 1964, when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, bitching about how “They got more rights than WE got now!” He was incredulous.

        The perception that whites are now the persecuted “minority” so to speak is laughable, like the War On Christmas, so let Vanderbilt professors write volumes about it if they wish. Far be it from me to tell wingnuts what not to be outraged about.

        • jim_m

          You missed the point as I expected you to. There are two separate issues. 1) the perception that racial discrimination has changed and 2) the actual changes that are manifestly obvious to everyone except you and the racist left.

          As for #2 I would find it entertaining to hear how blacks are still subject to lynchings and discrimination on the scale of the 1950s and earlier. Remember, the point of the story was that Blacks do not believe that there is any difference in the treatment of blacks before the law. Please furnish proof that this is the case.

          Also, there is the issue that blacks committing hate crimes are never called out for the hate crime. Please furnish proof that they are indeed being called out for those crimes or that sufficient investigations are being conducted to positively demonstrate that blacks never commit racially motivated crimes.

          Come on Bruce. That should be incredibly easy for you to provide since you are ever so correct in your beliefs. Prove that blacks never commit racially motivated crimes. We await your proof.

          This is not about loss of privilege. I never saw the privilege that you claim existed. I could not lose it. What I do see is bigots like you claiming that I once had it and now am having sour grapes. There was no privilege to lose. What I do see is the bitterness of racists who claim that because their ancestors were discriminated against that I must now bear the punishment for someone else’s actions. Show me how racial discrimination today will pay for racial discrimination of the past.

          So don’t tell me I have sour grapes over something I lost. Stop punishing me for something that neither I nor my ancestors are responsible for.

          • Brucehenry

            No one claims the 2010s are like the 1950s when it comes to racial discrimination. The survey was about whether or not bias was perceived vis a vis blacks/whites in the court system, not the degree to which it is incurred.

            Given that blacks are still, today, more likely to be given prison sentences for offenses for which whites get community service I don’t think it’s crazy that they perceive a disparity.

            Blacks never getting called out for hate crimes? Well, apparently they ARE about 20% of the time, according to the FBI hate crime statistics cited in your linked article. And before you tell me how these figures are inaccurate or manipulated, remember how true they are when it comes to your oft-pointed-out stat regarding anti-Semitic hate crime.

            No loss of privilege, huh? Says the guy raised in an affluent suburb who was provided a private school education by his upper-middle-class parents. How many black kids in the 1960s and 70s do you reckon were afforded the same opportunities? How do you reckon those kids’ kids are doing today?

            Not as easy to STAY in that class now that we let just anyone in, is it?

            But this thread isn’t about affirmative action or the sins of the fathers. My points were about the fact that this case is NOT a mirror image of the Zimmerman case, and the sneering condescension of a couple of white guys, you and Lawson, who claim to know better than black people what black people should and should not be outraged about.

            Your perpetual anger at those who point out facts that are uncomfortable to you notwithstanding. And Lawson’s lectures about “one’s culture” when he doesn’t recognize how his own culture shapes his perceptions (because HIS culture is the normal one, see? It’s those other folks whose culture is aberrant) notwithstanding.

          • jim_m

            No one claims the 2010s are like the 1950s when it comes to racial discrimination.

            Obviously you have not been paying attention to Jackson, Sharpton and the SPLC.

            And no. I have experienced no loss of privilege as you just pointed out. SO I find it funny that you think I am expressing sour grapes about a loss of privilege. Once again all you have got is a bullshit ideology that says that whitey needs to suffer in order to make up for what happened 3 to 10+ generations ago.

          • jim_m

            The obvious problem Bruce, is that you believe that the solution to inequities from the past is to impose new inequities today. And that is the obvious case since you are sneering at the idea of people being upset by a “loss of privilege”. You want people to be discriminated against in order to fulfill your sense of social justice. Rather than treating people equally you want to punish people today who have not discriminated in order to free yourself of your own idiotic racial guilt. It does not matter that you are punishing people who have not discriminated. It does not matter that what you are doing is stoking racial resentment for the future. In fact that is a feature and not a bug of your policy, because in time you will then support reversing the trend once again and discriminating against a new set of people.

    • Um, You blew the blockquote close.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that – consenting punctuation and all…


      • jim_m

        I know. Fixed it.

        • Was it good for you too?


    • Brucehenry

      I’ll get around to reading the article tonight, but first let me straighten you out about the point I’ve been trying to make.

      It’s not that blacks have it so hard or that whites are all racists. It’s that your continual characterization of everyone who expresses a racial grievance as a “race baiter” is condescending paternalistic bullshit.

      And that He Who Smelt It Dealt It is still lame.

      BTW public perception isn’t always reality when it comes to questions of race. There was a Lost Cause narrative, popular when I was a child and before (“Gone With The Wind,” anyone?) that posited attitudes I find distressingly similar to the ones you and Lawson have expressed here.

      I’ll read the article tonight.

      • “condescending paternalistic bullshit”
        “attitudes I find distressingly similar”

        And the fish doesn’t know it’s wet. Or particularly care.

        Sometimes the tire’s flat, Bruce – whether you see it or not, whether you want to admit it or not, whether you want to change it or not.

        Or whether you can change it or not.

        Telling yourself it isn’t flat doesn’t work.

        Reality sucks like that..

        • Brucehenry

          What? Is that some kind of Zen sumpnorother?

          • Sleep on it, Bruce. You’ll get it eventually.

          • Brucehenry

            Very well, Grasshopper.

          • jim_m

            Well, clearly his conscious thought is not making any headway.

      • jim_m

        I don’t claim that everyone who expresses a racial grievance is a race baiter. Its just that the ones we discuss here certainly are.

        And yes you are lame when you bring up hackneyed gotcha bullshit claiming that because I use a turn of phrase that some long dead racist whom I never heard used, that therefore I am a racist for using the English language. When I bring up the dems history of racism it is to establish that you are acting in a way consistent with that history,

        And I agree, perception isn’t reality, but when blacks perceive that nothing has changed in 60+ years in the arena of race I think we can safely conclude that they are the ones who are wrong. Seriously, I think it is manifestly obvious that there are no more whites only schools, lunch counters, water fountains etc. That idiots like you pretend that they still exist does not make it so.

        The perception that police and the left deliberately avoid calling black hate crimes, hate crimes and go out of their way to seek racial motives in everything that white people do is made obvious by this case and the Zimmerman case.

        The fact that you refuse to see reality does not mean that this reality does not exist. You are part of the racial problem in this country. You refuse to accept the ttruth that racial equality has gotten better and still desire to punish white people for things they do not do today. And yet, you refuse to hold black people accountable for their actions in the same manner as you would propose to hold white people.

        That, my friend, is racist. Congrats because you really are being racist.