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Nidal Hasan gets death sentence for Fort Hood attack

FORT HOOD, Texas — A military jury on Wednesday sentenced [former] Maj. Nidal Hasan to death for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, handing the [former] Army psychiatrist the ultimate punishment…

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  • Retired military

    Hopefully the military justice system will be swift on this one. It has been dragging ass so far.

  • jim_m

    I don’t know. Seems awfully severe for what this administration has characterized as nothing more than run of the mill workplace violence.

  • Brucehenry

    How does the military execute convicted killers nowadays? If it’s lethal injection –painless martyrdom — I submit a more satisfying (to us) punishment would be to let this asshole languish in a supermax prison until he dies, alone, in pain from his wounds, and forgotten.

    • jim_m

      Alas, it is lethal injection. the last execution was a hanging in 1961. I had hoped that it would still be hanging.

      • Sky__Captain

        In this case, a firing squad would be most appropriate.

    • 914

      Didn’t work too well with Manson though. Put him out of his and our misery.

    • Nope don’t want to have to feed the evil Muslim. Kick the SOB until his nose bleeds. There is a way to torture and kill these rag heads. If in the military, no one would be the wiser. It would be just work place violence, now wouldn’t it. I bet he cries like a baby when his time comes.

    • Idahoser

      we are not barbarians. Remove him from the planet, efficently. Firing squad or hanging have been good methods for ages, No good reason they shouldn’t still be used.

  • jim_m

    Anyone laying odds on whether obama commutes his sentence?

    • Walter_Cronanty

      If Barry Soetoro had a madcap uncle, he’d look like Nidal Hasan.

    • Who can ever lay odds about that lousy Usurper? Someone as bi-polar insane as O is – Lord only knows.

  • GarandFan

    Too bad that years will be wasted on appeals. Also too bad that they don’t just hang him like a common criminal.

    • I suspect (and hope) that the reviews will be rather swifter than that.

      Then again I was surprised (and deeply disappointed) at how long it took to go to trial.

  • Commander_Chico

    I am against the death penalty on principle, but Hasan’s overwhelming guilt and the necessity for someone to have to wipe his paralyzed ass or clean his colostomy bag for many more years make a strong argument for it in this case. I’m not displeased.

    • Far as I’m concerned, he can slowly fester in his own waste. Leave him in a cell, throw him an MRE a day and hose him off once a week.

      • Commander_Chico

        I thought they should put SSG Bales in the cell with him and have him clean Hasan, too.

        [edit and thinking again] Bales was used up by the Army with four or five deployments as an infantryman, he went mad. Hasan just went mad – most shrinks are crazy anyways.

  • stan25

    The only American soldier that was executed by firing squad in the last 100 years was Pvt Eddie Slovick, who was found guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy. This occurred in late 1944, right before the start of the Battle of the Bulge, There are some that say, Slovick was used as an example to other deserters.

    • All punishments arising from courts martial are to a greater or lesser degree intended as examples pour encourager les autres.

  • cstmbuild

    How about hanging him with a rope soaked in pig’s blood and then burying him at sea in a coffin full of pig’s blood? (I know that is over kill, the extra pig’s blood, but it would greatly increase the number of sharks). Certainly don’t want a grave anywhere that could become a shrine or holy site for them.

  • Vagabond661

    Beheading. Then sell chances to pull the lever on the guillotine. Could reduce the deficit.