Obama Administration Now Harassing the American Legion With IRS Intimidation

The next evil patriotic American group that Obama is using the IRS to intimidate is that well-known, dangerous organization going by the nefarious name the American Legion, the veteran’s group that has been around since WWI.

The American Legion was founded in 1919 after the so-called “war to end all wars” (which sadly didn’t turn out to be what the sobriquet promised) by American veterans who returned from fighting “over there.” Its legion halls have for years served as a place of comfort for veterans, a place where they could go to feel welcome and associate with others who had been in the military–those who know what it’s like.

But, now Obama is targeting them like one would the sort of organization one would want to intimidate and destroy, just as he has with Tea Party groups and other conservatives.

Obama has unleashed on each American Legion post new rules that may levy upon them a $1,000 per-day fine for not giving the government a detailed roster filled with the personal information of each member.

As Daily Caller reports, “The American Legion was referring to a 13-part section of Part 4, Chapter 76 of the Internal Revenue Manual pertaining to ‘veterans’ organizations.'”

The Legion feels that this rule cited above–the one abused by Obama IRS operative Lois Lerner to attack the President’s political foes–will hit them hard and are taking action with its membership to address the matter.

Cincinnati’s Ben Swann recently did a great piece on WXIX Fox 19 discussing how the IRS is flat out refusing to obey the law and Congress by releasing the demanded documents to show what it has been doing over the last four years.

It is just typical of the most lawless President and administration in American history.

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  • 914

    Ignore the trash that is in the White House. Enough already.. Bring on the confrontation and get his ass out of here.

  • Commander_Chico

    I am a life member of the VFW. I’ve been around a lot of veterans’ posts around the country. Usually nice places to have a beer and, on a Saturday night, pick up divorcees.

    All of the veterans’ organizations boomed after WWII. Korea and Vietnam sustained them to some extent, but members are dying off.

    Now, you have these posts, with tax-exempt real property, relaxed liquor licensing laws, federal tax exemption, etc., etc. A post might end up with a huge property, on a main drag, the right to sell booze and bring in entertainment, but only ten members. I’ve seen it, but I don’t ask questions.

    The issue is obvious.

    • 914


    • Retired military

      As usual your post has almost nothing to do with the topic at hand.
      What issue is obvious I don’t know. The connection between what you posted and the IRS demanding membership lists is that both things have to do with the American legion. That is about it.

      • Commander_Chico

        Well, I thought the issue was obvious, but let me spell it out for you: there are many “ghost” posts with only a couple members which are raking in $$$ tax-free from basically running nightclubs. Cash. Some are even being run by non-veterans, with the veteran members in some nursing home, inactive and oblivious to where the money is going.

        But you know that, don’t you? I call ’em as I see ’em.

        • LiberalNightmare

          Well, if there’s one thing we all know this administration wont stand for, its people that don’t pay their taxes.

          • Yea right or people that do insider trading, but they can do as they please when they please, huh! This Regime is so corrupt you can’t see it coming, black as pitch!

          • Retired military

            unless of course they are on Obama’s cabinet

        • Brett Buck

          I think we all got it. But, figure 25% of the American Legion posts are exactly as you describe. That’s an absurd overstatement, but let’s just say that. Figure there are 2000 American Legion halls, 500 of them operating as nightclubs. Figure a weekly income of maybe $1000, also an absurd overstatement. Total income, with extremely conservative assumptions, $26 million dollars. Figure a 38% tax rate, we are talking about losing $9.88 million dollars. A tiny fraction of the Obama vacation costs, and that’s before you count the cost of paying people to pursue the issue, it will be a net wash, or save money, to ignore it completely and let them go on.

          So, what is more likely – Obama chasing <$10 million dollars, and maybe far less net, or – continuing the proven, admitted harrassement of people very likely to be conservatives? I call them as I see 'em, too.

          • Commander_Chico

            First, you’re not figuring the AMVETS, VFW, DAV, Italian American War Veterans (ITAM), Jewish War Veterans, Polish War Veterans – all of which have posts throughout the country. Most of the posts were established after WWII, when there were tens of millions of new veterans, plus those surviving WWI. The American Legion has posts predating WWII.

            Now, the members of many of these posts have mostly died off. Some may be located in “the old neighborhood,” e.g. an ITAM post now located in the ghetto, with nary a son of Campania or Calabria, or any veteran, in sight. These posts are doddering on in a questionable way, like zombies. I bet you can find some in your city – stop in for a drink!

            A big reason Veterans’ organizations are tax-exempt is because they do advocacy work for veterans. Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) help veterans with disability claims, problems with the VA, etc. And most do a very good job. But VSOs are hired by the national and state organizations, not the local post.

            Individual posts are individually incorporated, independently governed and own property under the corporate name of the individual post. So, they are running their own show. I was a post officer for awhile – we had monthly meetings to plan future parades, review revenue from the bar and hall event rentals, approve repairs. We didn’t make a lot of money, but even with a decent membership roll of a couple hundred members, we had only about 20 active members. A lot of guys on our rolls were in nursing homes or otherwise immobile. We tried to keep track of the deaths, for funeral honor guards and to audit the membership roll.

            The individual posts contribute to the national organizations, but there is not a lot of auditing and oversight from them – they don’t have the staff.

            Second, you’re just estimating your numbers on only the American Legion, so they mean nothing.

            Third, by your rationale, why pursue any systematic abuse of charitable or non-profit status, if it’s only a few million dollars? Collect money, spend it on yourself, let the good times roll. Just keep it under $100,000,000 in lost tax revenue.

            There is also the possibility of chicanery in the sale of real property, of course.

            Fourth, when I read the article, all I saw was a requirement that the posts prove that they qualify for their tax exemption – that they actually have veterans as members!! Such an outrage!

          • Olsoljer

            Are you really that stupid? What does a detailed roster with personal information have to do with IRS? The IRS doesn’t give a damn about the money, but Homeland Security does care about possible rallying points and potential national coordination of veterans and other “potential terrorist threats”.

          • Commander_Chico

            Would it be OK for any group of people to claim the tax exemption for veterans’ organizations?

            The roster with “personal information” is to show the veterans’ post is in fact a veterans’ post.

          • jim_m

            Point of fact: It isn’t who belongs to an organization that makes its tax exempt status, it is what that organization does. There are organizations formed to benefit veterans like the Gary Sinise Foundation that are not necessarily run by vets or staffed by them.

            A roster of personal information is an irrelevant request when determining whether or not the group qualifies as a tax exempt organization. What the organization’s finances and activities look like is far more relevant and important. If a post were operating as a de facto night club their finances would reflect that. There is no need to make the requests that the IRS is making other than to harass the organizations in question.

          • Retired military

            So churches should have to disclose their membership lists so that the church can in fact prove it is a church.
            And things like Organizing for America should have to disclose it’s membership list as well.
            Same for ACLU, NAACP, NOW and all the other liberal tax free organizations which haven’t been asked to disclose their membership lists.
            Is that what you are saying Chico?

  • Retired military

    In other news the sun rose in the east this morning.

  • jim_m

    Because people who want to defend this country and its constitution are enemies of the obama state.

  • Paul Hooson

    This hardly surprises me. This government is so broke that the IRS is now looking to tax nonprofit credit unions started by firemen and policemen and others. – In addition, local governments seemed to stepped up enforcement of highly questionable and arbitrary zoning and fire safety rules for businesses, attempting to levy fines which are extra revenue for cities.

    In one case, a long time Portland area adult book store, Cindy’s, had about 20 city inspectors and other agents suddenly parade through this business, which looked as clean as any other business in Portland, but supposedly found $200,000 worth of claimed building violations, such as arcade booths not far enough from a wall to allow for wheelchair clearance, and the owner was forced to tear this business down because of all the fines. Guess, who tried to buy this property then? The city commissioner responsible for bringing in all of these inspectors. He had a racket where he used city inspectors to find a bunch of claimed violations on a property, then pick up the property real cheap and any money from fines for claimed building violations became like free tax money for the city government. – Your government at work.

    The city had no legal means to close this store which sat at the corner of the Chinatown gate before this gate was even built since the early 70’s, because the materials sold there were all constitutionally protected under the Oregon Constitution, but leaders of the Chinatown community kept up efforts to close the business, which then became the site for a large illegal homeless camp recently after this building was torn down, and only worsened the neighborhood problems with public drunkeness, drug dealing, crime. – The Chinatown area has had historic crime problems, and Cindy’s really only had relatively minor problems compared to this awful neighborhood as whole, where women have to escorted to their cars by security when they leave work at bars and other neighborhood businesses. Getting rid of this single business actually made this neighborhood even worse because of the homeless camp taking over the unimproved site that the city commissioner failed to build anything on the site.

    Government was looking to pick up some free revenue money by making up a phony crisis with this business, but instead the whole thing just became a scandal where no there’s a million dollar lawsuit against the city by the business owner.

    When governments look for free money like this expect a lot of crap.

    • Don’t let them kid you, this government (Regime) is NOT broke, but wants everyone to think it is, so guess what. . .you can fill in the lines. All are greedy no good liars that are running a game on the American tax payers. Capiche!

      • Paul Hooson

        Great link JL. I admire what these girls tried to do for themselves there. San Francisco is a funny city. Not nearly as socially liberal as many really believe, where many adult businesses are closing at a pretty good clip for various reasons in the city.- All of my girls will pretty much be independent contractors which helps me out for wages, benefits or legal reasons. But, I do get some pretty good benefits such as they’ll encourage businessmen to buy them steak dinners, pay for lap dances, which I get $5 from each dance, etc. – And I get to be around beautiful young naked women all day, which isn’t entirely a bad thing either. – But, like any business, there’s those long days 7 days a week, 365 days a year. – And working for a living is what it’s really all about.

  • Randy

    Hey, Warner Todd Huston, did you do any fact checking before you wrote your article? There are some good facts in the comments of that Daily Caller article.

    • jim_m

      Seeing as there are over 1300 comments to that article you might bother to point out what you believe are pertinent facts and what you believe is inaccurate above. Otherwise your comment is startlingly uninformative.

      • Brucehenry

        Well, just look at the first 10 or 12, Jim. Sheesh.

        Obviously this is just another conservative hissyfit about nothing. Enjoy your tizzy, chickenlittles!

        • FOAD.

        • Randy

          Thanks, Bruce.

          • With praise like that…

          • Randy

            What are the “watermelons” that you refer to on your blog?

          • Green on the outside, bright red in the middle…

          • Randy

            Oh. I thought it might be racist.

          • jim_m

            Once more: If you hear the dog whistle…

          • Randy

            What does that even mean? I can’t hear dogs whistle? I didn’t even know they could. I thought they bark.

          • jim_m

            The left and the media often refer to ‘dogwhistles’ meaning that words spoken by conservatives are somehow racist code words meant to communicate racist intent without being noticed by the general public. However, the fact is that nothing of the sort is taking place and the accusations have reached absurd levels even saying that referring to Chicago and golf are racist code words.

            As with real dogwhistles if the intent is to pass on an intent meaning that only certain people can hear then those hearing the dogwhistle must be the intended recipients (i.e. THEY are the racists because only the racists would be hearing the whistle).

          • Randy

            Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.

          • should that be ‘intent is to pass on an idea”?

            And like the saying goes – if you’re hearing a dog whistle, you’re the dog they’re whistling for…

          • jim_m

            Well caught. I haven’t had my coffee yet.

          • One of these should do you…


            25 packets per bag. 1 bag per day should be sufficient! Lol…

            And some music to start your day!

          • You’re probably the dog, or racist, as may be…

          • Of course you did…

          • Retired military

            Only liberals think like that. They see racism everywhere.

        • jim_m

          The presumption is that some of the comments are more to the point than others. Also, since Disqus allows you to order the comments by newest, oldest or highest rated, the first 10-12 comments can differ greatly depending on your settings.

          It takes very little effort to point out a couple of specifics, unless you are unable to articulate an argument to support your opinion.

          • Randy

            Here are some. IRC 501(c)(19), IRC 6001, the IRM that was referenced in the DC article (the IRM is dated 2011 and provides guidance on how to audit 501(c)(19) organizations, if assigned one to audit.

            In addition, the original DC article didn’t even mention any specific audit. Only that the manual exists to explain to agents how to make sure the organizations comply with the law.

            Further digging would find copies of the IRM dated way earlier than 2011 with basically the same text.

            And I don’t know how the IRS is part of the Obama administration. It consists of career employees who have been around before him and will be around after.

          • jim_m

            Because the IRS scandal of scrutinizing conservative leaning not-for-profits has been traced directly to the Chief Counsel’s Office and the Chief Counsel is an obama appointee. That’s why.

          • Randy

            That link’s a little tenuous, but since it’s the best you’ve got, I’ll let you have it. Boo!

          • Brucehenry

            OK, I accept your weakass excuse.

            This guy “ExRepug” made a monkey out of the author of the Daily Caller article in the first page of the comments (sorted by oldest first), and, by extension, out of Warner. He appears here in Wizbang’s comment section below. In this very thread! Argue with him, Jim.

          • Bringing the trash home now, are you?

          • jim_m

            Why? I don’t see anything that I disgree with. You see, the difference between him and Randy is that he actually comes with a specific statement or argument. Randy did not. I wasn’t necessarily disagreeing with Randy either, I was only asking for specifics.

          • Brucehenry

            Well, OK.

            It’s hilarious, though, that ExRepug showed immediately what bilgewater the whole Daily Caller tizzyfit was, and yet, not only did 1300 comments STILL ensue talking about Obumbles-this and Tyranny-that, but Warner saw fit to promote here on Wizbang a thoroughly discredited molehill as if it were still a mountain.


          • jim_m

            What legitimizes government is the equal treatment of all people under the law. It does not matter that the IRS may be technically within its rights to ask for certain information, it is the ideologically directed enforcement of the law against some people and the waiving of the requirements for others.

            I cannot help you if you cannot understand that the problem is this ideologically based application of the law and using strict enforcement of that law to punish political opponents and the ignoring of the law when it comes to political allies.

          • Brucehenry

            Except there is no evidence that anything “new” is happening here re American Legion. It’s just that the Legion only recently became aware of this provision, which has been in place since at least 2005.

            Again, LOL.

          • jim_m

            Um, yes if the provision has been in place since 2005 but is now only being selectively enforced against the American Legion then we do have a change in policy that is exactly what we are seeing with other organizations. obama is enforcing the law selectively against his opponents and not enforcing it against his allies.

            But a fascist system of law enforcement is what you voted for so you don’t see anything wrong with this.

          • jim_m

            Um, yes if the provision has been in place since 2005 but is now only being selectively enforced against the American Legion then we do have a change in policy that is exactly what we are seeing with other organizations. obama is enforcing the law selectively against his opponents and not enforcing it against his allies.

            But a fascist system of law enforcement is what you voted for so you don’t see anything wrong with this.

          • Brucehenry

            Grasping at straws to prove a point that’s just not there, Jim.

            The article is up in arms about a MANUAL that’s been in place since 2005. There is no evidence, indeed no allegation, that the provisions included are being enforced any differently now than they were in 2005.

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  • Momazon

    The House Committee… is investigating the IRS, like O.J. is going after the “real killers” of his late wife, and Ron Goldman!

  • American Legion along with the VA needs to sue the government for this. The Regime is wanting Medical Records (that is private) to be able to get the Veterans guns. BHO wants to destroy our Military anyway he can, past and present. The IRS is the same difference as Obamacare, all working together to destroy Our Country. This is as conniving of evil as hell itself. Hussein is finding every way he can to get our guns from our brave men and women, so he can totally become a DICK- tator, You better believe this!
    Lawless Pricks, is all this Regime is. BHO needs to be gotten out anyway we can. . . .Get-er done. . .whatever it takes, NOW!!

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Chicago-style politics is bad enough when confined to Chicago. When it goes nationwide there will be grave problems. Sadly, and quite ironically, though, this simply is what happens when erstwhile conservatives and other “well-meaning” people decide not to participate in national elections. The Dems don’t have that problem. Their people vote. Often by hook or crook, no doubt, but still they get the polls.

  • ExRepug

    The IRS has not adopted any new “rules” about veterans organizations. The Internal Revenue Manual is an employee manual. The provision of the IRM that has some Legion personnel all in a twist is, verbatim, the same provision in the 2005 version (George W’s administration, remember?), except it was renumbered in 2011.

    The Legion cannot sue the IRS over the IRM. It can sue only if a post’s tax exemption is revoked for failing to meet the membership requirements of 501(c)(19) or if, after an audit, the IRS proposes to assess additional taxes on the post’s unrelated business income (I.e., income from nonmembers).

  • Retired military

    The liberal theme
    You have to prove who you are to join a VFW post but you don’t have to prove who you are to vote.