Federal Court Says Using ‘N’ Word at Work is Illegal Even if You’re Black

A court in New York has decided that even blacks should not be allowed to use the word “nig**r” at work. I have to say, at some point I have to agree with this verdict. If African Americans can oppress the free speech of white people for using the word “nig**r,” then why should they themselves be allowed to use it? If the word is bad, then it is bad no matter who uses it… right? It is a total lack of logic that has always puzzled many.

Well, a black New York businessman tried to claim in court that the infamous “N” word is a “term of endearment among blacks and that he should be allowed to say it all day long at work. A jury, though, disagreed saying that it was discriminatory no matter who said it.

Rob Carmona, President and co-founder of the East Harlem-based STRIVE–a non-profit minority employment agency–was taken to court by another African American, a woman who claimed that Carmona’s use of the word upset her and made her run to the bathroom to cry.

The victim, 38-year-old Brandi Johnson, told jurors that the use of the offensive word hurt her after Carmona went on a four-minute, explitive-filled tirade about her supposedly being inappropriately dressed for the work place–a tirade she helpfully recorded.

“I was offended. I was hurt. I felt degraded. I felt disrespected. I was embarrassed,” she said in court.

For his part, Carmona and his attorney said, why, gosh, when he calls another black person a nigger, why that means he likes them!

Yeah. Riiiiiight.

In closing arguments, Johnson’s attorney Marjorie M. Sharpe, said that Carmona’s claims were absurd.

“When you use the [N-word] to an African-American, no matter how many alternative definitions that you may try to substitute with the [N-word], that is no different than calling a Hispanic by the worst possible word you can call a Hispanic, calling a homosexual male the worst possible word that you can call a homosexual male,” Sharpe said.

The jury ended up agreeing with Miss Johnson’s argument and called BS on Carmona’s claim that the word is a term of endearment.

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  • Hank_M

    Excellent. One double-standard down the drain.

  • 914

    A “victims” culture of personality. Cash in with your own scam now or forever miss out on playing on all the liberal guilt out there..

  • Lawrence Westlake

    What a waste of taxpayer resources providing a forum for that nonsense. Spending federal money to decide who said what to whom and whether it’s offensive to so and so is a farce. We need fundamental and comprehensive tort and lawsuit reforms. Title VII should be repealed. The same holds true for the other alaphabet soup federal job killing laws, e.g., ADA, ADEA, OWBPA, FLSA, LMRA, etc. In fact, all federal civil jurisdiction should be eliminated. Drug and gun criminal cases also should be excised from the federal spectrum. The budget for the federal judiciary should be cut in half. A large percentage of federal courts simply should be shut down, for good measure. Of course none of that ever will happen. But those are items over which we should fantasize a bit. Lastly, regarding that trial, a few other points are germane: Federal juries in New York City tend largely if not overwhelmingly to be female, black and self-righteous, which tend by themselves to explain that verdict. But the surreal irony is that blacks call each other niggers a lot more than KKK members use that term. Ride any inner city subway or bus. Keep your ears open. Don’t be shocked at what you hear.

  • iwogisdead

    We’re way overdue for another Niggardly Explosion.

  • LiberalNightmare

    We can still say ‘cracker’ though, right?

    • The_Queen_of_France

      Some teen-aged punk called me a “honky bitch” for daring to hit my car’s horn when he came riding his bicycle out in front of me from behind a parked car. I haven’t heard that one in so long I burst out laughing. Then he flipped me the bird….laughed harder 🙂

    • Nope.

    • …or whitebread

  • The_Queen_of_France

    I wish they’d outlaw the f-bombs. I hear them at least a hundred times before lunch every day at work. Loses its effectiveness.

  • Retired military

    No black comedians can put on a show in NY now.

  • Brucehenry

    This ruling didn’t make saying the word “illegal,” genius. It said that its use can be grounds for dismissal at your job.

    Beards aren’t illegal, but if I grow one at my job I’ll be fired. See how that works?

    • jim_m

      Actually, it says that use of the word creates a hostile work environment.

      • Why golly, look who’s holding out for the racist double standard…

      • Brucehenry

        Yes, and so does “asshole.” If I routinely refer to my coworkers as “assholes” I can be fired. And my company can be sued if it is aware that I routinely refer to my coworkers as “assholes” and does nothing about it.

        Doesn’t make the word “asshole” illegal.

        Does anyone here understand the difference between criminality and behavior subject to civil consequences?

        • jim_m

          This is true, which is why I said what I did. No court would ever rule that a word is illegal. That would violate the first amendment and they would be overturned in an instant. Not even the 9th circuit would make that mistake.

  • Wild_Willie

    This one needs to go to the SCOTUS. Once and for all. ww

  • Attorney

    So does this mean all the comedians like the Richard Pryors of the world are breaking the law now?