Left-Wing School Officials Ban School Rifle Team From Yearbook

Parents of kids on Pennsylvania high school rifle team want to know why their kids’ activity was banned from appearing in the school’s yearbook.

When Parents of kids on the Emmaus High School championship rifle team got news that their kids’ activity didn’t show up in the Hornet, the school’s yearbook, not even a mention much less a photograph, there were questions galore. Like, was the team banned from the yearbook because the left-wing school district is anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, and anti-Constitution?

Parents went to the September 9 school board meeting hoping to get answers to these important questions but the school board ignored them and offered no answers.

As it happens the Emmaus school rifle team was a big winner recently having won the 2012-13 district competitions. Still, the club was ignored by the school’s yearbook committee.

The rifle team did pose for a photo taken by the man the yearbook staff hired to take the school’s photos.

Photographer Don Herb said the picture was so good that he wanted to send one to each of the team’s members for free.

One local Republican candidate for the school board said he wasn’t going to let the slight go without being talked about.

Chris Donatelli said, “This issue, if not addressed, will only fester. I’m not going to let it lie.”

Some of the parents of the co-ed rifle team agreed. Parents Lorraine Husack and Rochelle Bachman both vowed to keep pushing the school board for answers.

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  • LiberalNightmare

    Readin, Writin, and social Re-engineering.

  • GarandFan

    The School Board doesn’t answer to peons.

  • Commander_Chico

    The text of the story you linked to does not support your headline.

    For example, the story contains an assertion by the faculty advisor that the photo was turned in too late. Not everything is ideologically motivated.

    My high school, we students edited our own yearbook. Were this school’s students so hapless that they had the teachers do the yearbook for them, or was the reporter just too lazy or biased to call any of the “editors” listed in the yearbook?

    • That’s the assertion.

      “When was the photo turned in?”

      “February 17th, at 9:03 AM”

      “When was the cutoff?”

      “February 17, at 9:02:59.99.”

      “Dang, they just missed it!”

      /sarc, of course.

      • Commander_Chico

        You might be right, but seems like more facts are needed.

        • jim_m

          The Yearbook adviser claims it was turned in late. The photographer denies that.

          It also appears from the story that the adviser’s story has varied from “it wasn’t turned in on time” to “it wasn’t ever turned in”.

          It should be a simple thing to get your own story straight. I suspect that the answer is that it was excluded for fear of “offending someone” and not necessarily to make some ideological statement.. It’s a good lesson to learn that when you do something to avoid potentially offending one group you will with great certainty offend another.

          No one has a right NOT to see specific student groups in the yearbook. If it is a school sponsored group then it belongs in there regardless of what others think about it.

          • Commander_Chico

            I agree that they should be able to get the story straight. That includes the reporter.

            Should have been easy to ask for each person’s timeline, supported by emails, etc. Also, no students were asked what happened.

            Warner, Iet’s have a follow-up on this story.

          • jim_m

            The yearbook adviser’s story appears to be a bunch of BS. The Athletic Director claims that the photographer delivered all the photos on a dvd and that dvd is given to the yearbook. In order for the photo to be late all the photos for athletics would have to have been late.

            This clearly happened with the adviser. I agree that it would be informative to hear from the students on the yearbook committee.

          • I thin you’re right – it may well have been a pre-emptive decision to avoid offending people with pictures of OMG guns in the yearbook.

  • Retired military

    The school should be made to reprint all the year books and include the photo.