MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Hopes for ‘Killing’ Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

And now for another episode of the more caring, more grownup, more tolerant left who… hopes to kill their political enemies. This episode stars MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who hopes that soon we’ll see “killing O’Reilly.”

Matthews appeared on a recent broadcast of the satirical political interview show, The Colbert Report, where the pseudo host Colbert was discussing Bill O’Reilly’s books with MSNBC’s extremist, ranter Chris Matthews.

O’Reilly has penned two books about assassinated historical figures, one titled Killing Lincoln and another titled Killing Kennedy. So, naturally, Matthews hoped that we’d soon be seeing a book about killing Bill O’Reilly!

Now, there is the more caring, more adult, more tolerant left we’re used to, eh?

You know what is really sad, though? Believe it or not, Chris Matthews was once a respected author and journalist. Seriously. He was. Now he’s just a clown that no one can take seriously.

Now, imagine how the left-media would have lost its tiny collective mid if a conservative or Republican had gone on the air and hoped to see some lefty killed?

The story would have crowded out tales of the shutdown in minutes.

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  • GarandFan

    One thing you have to know about Chrissy-poo. No one ever accused him of having any class.

  • Paul Hooson

    Chris Matthews needs to let Bill O’Reilly just do his own thing. His bizarre book about Jesus should be more than enough to alienate a few of his fans. I’m just scratching my head at that book, unsure even how to even review it for Wizbang Pop. I’m not sure how you approach reviewing a book that advances some strange theological views like this.
    Chris Matthews was recently demoted at MSNBC, a sure sign of his decline as a major figure there. MSNBC wants less of Matthews as well. That’s step one before being fired altogether.

    • jim_m

      Matthews was demoted? What happened? Did his mother stop watching Hardball and cut the viewership in half?

      But seriously, I sometimes think that the only audience Matthews has is conservatives watching so they can complain about his asinine comments.

      • Paul Hooson

        MSNBC recently decided that his dismal ratings no longer warranted his amount of airtime and cut him back to just one showing over the weekend. It was a huge demotion for an anchor they had once high hopes for and finally decided to pull the plug on. It is his first step towards being fired. I meant to do a feature on Wizbang Pop about it in the TV section with a commentary that he’s headed towards losing his job at MSNBC, but I had a little computer issue. I’ve been on the road for a few weeks working with a laptop at motels while I get my permits, bonds and licenses and take classes and it’s been a little hard to post at Wizbang Pop at times. But, don’t be surprised when Chris Matthews gets fired soon. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later. He’s worn out his welcome at MSNBC where they don’t like him as much anymore and they’re looking to give him the boot.

        • LiberalNightmare

          Hey, Al Jazeera needs commentary too. Its not like Al can pull the load himself.

          • Paul Hooson

            It’s the abrasive style of Matthews that has led to 2 major cutbacks in his schedule time. in 2009, he faced his first cutback in schedule time and his second one very recently. For now MSNBC is giving him a little schedule time simply to fill a small hole in the schedule. But, that’s hardly proof his job is secure there. I do enough TV analysis to see the handwriting on the wall. This guy is being phased out slowly. Ratings and his abrasive style are the two chief reasons.

          • I’ve seen him a few times on TV at the gym. He strikes me as being very even-tempered… always angry as hell about something.

            That might get viewers for a while for the entertainment value, but there’s got to be something more for it than just a “2-minute hate” rant.

            Not at all surprised he’s being eased out the door. Frankly, if they booted his butt I don’t think he’d be missed at all.

  • PapaB
  • 914

    Who would waste half a minute watching anything this jack ass says? Oh, wait. I just did..

  • Commander_Chico

    Yes, Hardball has lost his fastball. I think the booze has got to him.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Presumably all 4 of his viewers either were shocked, nonplussed or immediately fell back asleep.

  • SenorAzul

    I has wroted some book which are maneded killing oreilly. My book are 250,000 page Lon so no body will print it. The tell to. Me ifyoucut your book to 100 page we will published it but I tell to. Them Ineeds all 250,000 page.