Black Economist Destroys Left’s Use of the Race Card and Blasts Feminism

It only took him five minutes, but economist Thomas Sowell, an African American, practically destroyed the left’s constant use of racism (today we call it the race card) as well as its reliance on the false theories of feminism.

Thomas Sowell is a free-market economist, social theorist, philosopher and author. In 1981, Sowell appeared on an episode of the TV show Firing Line, featuring renowned conservative William F. Buckley.

Dr. Sowell was questioned by Harriet Pilpel, a lawyer and feminist activist who asked him how he would bring about more equality in society for women and minorities. Citing the gender wage gap that was all the rage of leftists at that time, Pilpel asked Sowell how he might explain such pay discrepancies, and what the underlying causes might be. As you can see on the video above, in just under five minutes Professor Sowell totally deconstructed the equality myths that are still perpetuated in the media, academia and the halls of government to this very day.

Sowell just destroyed this woman’s whole world, didn’t he? Tell us in the comments section what you thought of this great video.


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  • Commander_Chico

    Sowell is a great thinker, and also has been a profound refuter of the racist essentialism of guys like Charles Murray and Richard Herrenstein.

    • Retired military

      Sowell is obviously racist.
      Or as Chico puts it. “He got his so to hell with everyone else”

      • Commander_Chico

        How is Sowell racist?

  • Wyguy

    Wow CC, you hit the nail on the head this time.

  • he hammered that bent nail so hard it’ll never be pulled out … he hit that so hard its still traveling …

  • 914

    Smart Man. To bad he isn’t in the White House.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Alas, the problem for the country is that Sowell is tilting at windmills. Blacks last November voted 93-7 to reelect Obama. Dystopian.

    • Retired military

      Ah yes. The readers digest word of the month for July 1961.

  • Plinytherecent

    Thomas Sowell is brilliant in both interviews and in his writing. Any one of his books can crush the fantasies leftists rely on.

  • Brucehenry

    I don’t find the fact that Sowell won a debate moderated by his mentor, 32 years ago, against a weakass liberal opponent, particularly impressive.

    Anything I’ve read written by him in the past few years has been the same old boilerplate one can find anywhere.

    That being said, I’m open to recommendations. What are the one or two “must-read” Sowell works?

    • Commander_Chico

      Race and Culture. A good refutation of racism, because it contrasts different black populations by their culture.