Obama Shuts Down House Boat Docks, Throws People Out of Their Homes

President Obama is attempting to make this partial shut down as painful for the American people as he possibly can by shutting down sites that he either doesn’t need to shut down, or shouldn’t be shutting down. In this case he is shutting down the docks on Lake Mead, Nevada, throwing many people–some of whom are senior citizens–out of the house boats upon which they live.

Obama has sent his jackbooted thugs in the National Park Service (NPS) to force people to leave their privately owned boats on Lake Mead because the docks they are moored to (usually permanently) are federally owned facilities.

The NPS jackboots came through and told everyone they had one day to get out. And, just to make sure no one would stay in their own homes and property, the park rangers stood by with armed guards as the docks were yanked out of the water and beached.

This left many boat owners with no way to even get out to their boats that were left anchored to the lake bed and now out in the middle of the water yards from land.

This, of course, is unnecessary. These people pay expensive docking fees monthly (or yearly) and their fees pay for the whole thing.

Obama has done this all across the country. He has shut down parks that take no federal money, closed theaters that are self-sufficient, and closed historic sites that are run by private non-profit groups. He has done this for one reason: vindictiveness.

His goal is to hurt the American people as badly as he can in order to push his political point.

The bloggers at Offgrind Survival went out to take a look at the docks that were pulled up onto dry ground, including one boat that was still moored to a dock. The boat is now stranded where it’s at and may even have been damaged when the NPS thugs dragged it in toward land.

It is sickening, isn’t it? One has to wonder how long it will be before some outraged American will observe his Second Amendment rights with these out of control NPS thugs, doesn’t it? I hope it doesn’t happen, but Obama sure is pushing it, isn’t he? In fact, he’d probably relish the opportunity to declare martial law.

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  • Michael Lang

    Where is little Brucie defending this fascistic behaviour?

  • Rdmurphy42

    Why wouldn’t he support his dream government, likely like Obama’s: China …

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Let’s not go all Glenn Beck hysterical. That said, however, of course the administration is shutting down such items as parks, memorials, beaches, docks, wetlands, etc. A giant dog & pony show for Obama’s alternately young and senile base and for the low information voter demographic, too. Plus it’s a Chicago-style move and the extent to which this administration is Chicagoesque truly is surreal. Not voting in presidential elections has ripple effects.

    • Commander_Chico

      I agree they are trying to make the pain as much as possible. On the other hand, if the park rangers are furloughed and someone gets hurt because of it, it’s a liability issue.

      Time to cut this nonsense. Let Obamacare run for awhile, if it sucks so bad it will be changed or repealed. At least let the preexisting condition insurance part stand.

      • Jack Zimms

        Right they are spending more on park rangers to shut it down
        than what they spend when keeping them open. Some of the sites they have closed down cost them no money at all when they were open. Only a liberal would think doing so is logical.

      • Jwb10001

        Chico are you not paying attention Obamacare is running (sort of) it’s funded it just doesn’t work (technical issues) and is already not delivering on it’s promises. How much pain should we endure before we say enough already? As for the subject at hand, how about Obama does without Air Force One and Michelle cook a few meals? How about all these jack asses give up their limos and we furlough the drivers? How about we close the golf course at Andrew AF base?

        • Commander_Chico

          How can Obamacare be fully funded when the funding is blocked? It’s only been on for a week, WTF is the panic among these Tea Party nuts?

          Yeah, come to think of it, let’s go to a system where Bernie Sanders can stop funding for the war in Afghanistan on his own.

          Also, you can’t shut down the golf course at Andrews, that will cause serious hardship to retired veterans like me.

          • Retired military

            The enrollment is open. They aren’t paying any bills out yet GOOF!.

            Shut down Andrews and cause serious hardship to Obama.

            “WTF is the panic among these Tea Party nuts?”

            Of the 17 shutdowns in America’s history, Democrats controlled the House during 15 and had charge of both chambers during eight.
            Yet when republicans pass appropriation bills and Harry Reid wont even bring them up for a vote you blame the shutdown on the tea party and suggest we let Bernie Sanders shut down the govt by himself I guess because you think the shutdown is something that has never happened or will stop the world in its tracks.
            Typical Chico.

          • Commander_Chico

            No, it’s not stopping the world in its tracks. If they mess with the debt ceiling, end of the US dollar as reserve currency and financial crisis though.

            Decline and fall.

          • Jwb10001

            Like we’re not already in decline might as well hurry the process along after math may include adults in leadership roles.

          • Jwb10001

            Tough shit Chico why should you be allowed to play golf when other’s can’t go to the viet nam wall? Just because you’re a vet (not that we need reminded constantly) doesn’t exempt you from the petulant CIC.

          • Rdmurphy42

            A majority in the house is “deciding to stop funding alone”?

          • Jwb10001

            Here’s how your best buddy Obama treats vets


      • Retired military

        Let obamacare run for a little yada yada yada
        And after months of mishaps, shutdowns, overcosts fixes, etc etc the dems will stand up and say “We just need to spend more money to fix it” like they do every other crappy liberal program.

    • Retired military

      Vietnam vets are kicked away from their memorial. WW2 vets can visit theirs since it is considered “covered by the first admendment” People cant use a federal road to visit MT Rushmore. People are forcibly moved out of their homes which reside on federal park land And yet
      the proimmigration crowd CAN hold a rally on the national mall.
      And you talk about going Glenn Beck on someone.
      Welcome to Obamerica.

      • It just got worse.

        One must wonder what our soi dissant veteran will have to say about that.

        For myself, Barry I AM #YourHuckleberry

    • MittsGivens

      Would Mitt Romney have done the same thing?

  • 914

    What would Hitler do?

  • Brucehenry

    1. These are not these people’s primary residences. Did you miss the part in the first video where the reporter says they are vacation homes and that one of the requirements of owning one is that it CANNOT be their “home”? Of course, that little factoid doesn’t prevent you from claiming these folks are being “forced from their homes” multiple times.

    2. “These people pay expensive docking fees…and their fees pay for the whole thing.” That, my friend, is an assertion without evidence.

    3. “He has done this all across the country,” you say, citing several examples that, for all we know, you made up. No evidence for these assertions given.

    4. That’s quite a dishonest and cowardly bit of rabble-rousing there at the end. First the goad:”…how long will it be before some outraged American observes his Second Amendment rights with these out of control NPS thugs..? Then the CYA: “I hope it doesn’t happen…” Sure you do.

    What did you rubes THINK would happen when the GOP forced a shutdown? These attempts to fund this program, and that memorial, and these treatments, are nothing more than transparent attempts to evade blame for what the GOP has wrought. Republicans: Wanting To Have Their Cake And Eat It, Too, since 2013.

    And don’t even try with the blame-shifting, sore losers:http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/06/us/a-federal-budget-crisis-months-in-the-planning.html?hp&_r=0

    • 914

      “1. These are not these people’s primary residences. Did you miss the part in the first video where the reporter says they are vacation homes and that one of the requirements of owning one is that it CANNOT be their “home”? Of course, that little factoid doesn’t prevent you from claiming these folks are being “forced from their homes” multiple times.”

      Ha ha.. Do you have any idea how moronic you look saying this? Wow! Just wow.

    • Jwb10001

      Last time I checked the GOP lead house had sent a number of bills to the Democrat control senate where Harry Reid refused to take them up. But hey no problem I’d happily take the blame for shutting down this out of control non sense. So far as I can tell it’s no big deal. By the way what’s wrong with letting the political class feel a little pain, if we’re only concerned with 2ond homes lets shut down Camp David. How about no more free flights on the big airplane at least separate flights for Michelle and the dogs. No, heavens no, we must be sure to keep the boy king in all his glory. Your side is on the wrong side on this, they could have made hay on the GOP but instead Obama is going to be a vindictive prick. Good luck with that.

      • The percentage of House floor votes over Senate floor votes since the “shutdown” is undefined…

        • Retired military

          House 26 votes
          Senate 0 votes

          • Division by Zero is Undefined (with the exception of the identity (x/x=1).

            House Votes/Senate Votes = Undefined

    • Retired military


      REF 3

      The examples given were
      ” He has shut down parks that take no federal money, closed theaters that are self-sufficient, and closed historic sites that are run by private non-profit groups. He has done this for one reason: vindictiveness”
      I have seen articles laying out the above items myself. For historic site google ” MT Vernon closed” . The grand canyon is closed even though Nevada has said they will pay all costs with keeping it open. I have seen several articles about parks being closed as well.
      Also as I have stated above. Open air memorials like the Vietnam Vets and WW2 memorials are closed but the proimmigration crowd can use the national mall. They have guards on site to ensure folks don’t go to the memorials yet they cant have guards on hand to keep them open??

      A few links for you to skim over in your spare time.


      REF number 4.
      I wouldn’t wipe my ass with the NY Times.
      Reid and Obama have both refused to even try to negotiate. Obama complains about keeping things open and yet Reid refuses to pass the bill in order to keep them open. And now Obama has passed the responsibility for ending this to Reid so he can lead from behind and not get any blame if things go wrong.
      We will have to agree to disagree on at least number 4 and if you do some checking you will see that number 2 is correct.

      I do have a question. Though since it has been a long time since it has happened you may not have an opinion.

      Of the 17 shutdowns in America’s history, Democrats controlled the House during 15 and had charge of both chambers during eight. Did you blame the dems when they controlled the house during those 15 times (and House and Senate during the 8) and did you feel they should just give in to whoever was president with no concessions at all?

      • Brucehenry

        Even if Nevada said they would pay for Grand Canyon to be open (and I can’t imagine why since it’s in Arizona lol) that wouldn’t relieve the Federal government of liability and responsibility.

        But I’m sure there are numerous examples of perceived unfairness and arbitrariness as to what’s closed and what’s not, I was just kinda screwing with Warner for offering assertions without links or specifics of any kind. But again, what did you expect when the government shut down?

        This is a shutdown planned for months by the GOP — and you can disparage the NYT all you like, it doesn’t refute a word of the linked article — and NOW they want to cherrypick this program here and that memorial there in a transparent attempt to shift the blame for what they themselves have done.

        This crap about sending a bill to fund this program and a bill to fund that agency is fooling no one except those who want to be fooled. If you think the average voter buys this turdburger read the latest polls.

        As I said yesterday, you don’t keep on negotiating a law that has already been passed, signed, and Supreme Court approved. If the Republicans want to defund Obamacare (which, make no mistake, is what this whole clusterfuck is all about) let them elect enough Congressmen and Senators to do so in the next election, then have at it.

        They have already made our democracy a laughingstock with their Tea Party antics and now they’re threatening default, which would wreck the world’s economy, but hey, who gives a shit as long as they get to stick it to Obama, amirite? Amirite?

        And if you don’t think Warner’s rabble-rousing is irresponsible and his CYA disclaimer (I hope it doesn’t happen oh dear me) is sniveling cowardice, yeah, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

        • Retired military

          Added links after you answered. And yeah I took a stab at the state the Grand Canyon was in. LOL. Watching TV and posting doesn’t mix.

          “As I said yesterday, you don’t keep on negotiating a law that has already been passed, signed, and Supreme Court approved.”

          Actually this has been done numerous times. Slavery was discussed for decades.
          Abortion is still being fought over.

          The supreme court has overturned several decisions made by umm the supreme court over the years. They did this by people continuing to bring up cases regarding the subject matter that per you have stated
          ” you don’t keep on negotiating a law that has already been passed, signed, and Supreme Court approved.””

          As for polls. I don’t give a whit about polls to be honest. If a polling company gives you an answer you don’t want when you pay them then guess what . You wont pay them again. Polls can be twisted and turned based on wording, demographics, etc. I saw one poll today. Breakdown was 225ish republicans 295ish dems and 450ish independents. That in no way reflects reality IMO. Plus you have the sheeple who read headlines and go by that. And we know that the lamestream media is extremely biased towards the dems.

          “They have already made our democracy a laughingstock with their Tea Party antics”

          How? The world was laughing at Obama long before this. Syria is the latest example. Is putting Harry Reid in charge going to improve Obama’s standing in the eyes of the world. Other world leaders are laughing at him. Some openly.

          As for the debt limit increase please do some research. The only way the US “defaults” on its financial obligations is not paying interest in the debt. The interest is about $25-$30 billion a month. The revenue coming in is about $250 billion a month. The President sets the priority on bills to be paid. Other things may not get funded but the debt will be paid unless Obama says otherwise. If we default on the debt it wont be Congress or the house or the tea party that does it. It will be Obama. I have heard Several former treasury secretaries on TV say this very thing.

          Also I don’t know if you saw the question above but let me ask you this as well

          “Of the 17 shutdowns in America’s history, Democrats controlled the House during 15 and had charge of both chambers during eight”

          Do you consider the Dems during the 15 times it had the House during the previous 17 shutdowns to have made our democracy a laughingstock? Were the dems threatening the world economy with their antics?

          • Brucehenry

            Besides, what will the GOP give up in any “negotiations’? They want Obamacare defunded. What’s their back-up position?

            You know as well as I do that ANY give on the part of ANY Republican congressman will immediately be denounced by the funhouse-mirror Trotskys in the Tea Party as selling out and the act of a traitor and a RINO. That Congressman WILL get primaried.

          • Retired military

            I respectfully request you answer my questions instead of going off topic. I try to address your points and I ask that you address mine.
            It would be nice for someone to be willing to negotiate on the left to resolve this. So far Reid and Obama have both said no.
            Also one other question I request you answer.
            I have heard anyone who doesn’t want Obama care to be funded this year be called by leaders of the dems the following:
            and other things.
            Please tell me what names the republican politicians have called Obama Reid and Pelosi and the hard left during this current crisis?
            Don’t you think name calling is better left for 3rd graders?
            You spoke about looking bad in the eyes of the world yet we have politicians who do more political grandstanding than compromising.
            BTW I don’t expect the dems to just give up everything. That is what a compromise is about unlike what Reid and Obama want which is capitulation from the right.

            Also do you think Reid and Obama are helping their case with independents calling folks who are against Obamacare terrorists, jihadists, etc. It isn’t just the tea party that is against it you know.

          • Brucehenry

            When is the negotiating DONE? I thought it was done when the bill gets through both houses of Congress and is signed by the President. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

            Or can a little over one half, of one half, of one branch, of the three branches of government continue to block implementation of a law that’s been duly passed, signed into law, and approved by the Supreme Court, for as long as it wants to? When will it end? That’s a fucking dangerous precedent, dude.

            Do you think LBJ would have “compromised” with a faction of Congress threatening to shut down the government unless the Great Society was defunded? Do you think Reagan would have let the Democrats shut down the government to roll back his defense build-up or his tax cuts by a parliamentary trick?

            If the Republicans wanted to defund the Great Society they would have to elect a majority big enough to get it done. If the Dems wanted fewer B2 bombers they needed to win the fight in Congress when the fight was, well, FOUGHT, not after the fact after they had already, you know…..LOST.

          • Retired military

            “Or can a little over one half, of one half, of one branch, of the three branches of government continue to block implementation of a law that’s been duly passed”
            They are blocking the funding for that law. Or more precisely the bastardized version of the law. And to answer your question. Yes they can. After all it is the law per the constitution that they are able to do it. Now will they? I have no idea.
            I am not old enough nor do I know enough about LBJ so I will pass on that question.
            Reagan defense. Reagan got what he wanted by working with the dems who controlled both houses of congress. Something Obama is refusing to do. Reid who is in charge of this (per Obama) is also refusing to do. Or do you think that Reagen did it by executive fiat like Obama is doing?

            ” That’s a fucking dangerous precedent, dude.”

            That is the constitution dude. All bills for spending originate in the House.

            BTW I read this on some legal site. Am not a lawyer and my 2 cents on it are worth just about that much.

            There are some court cases going through the various courts now. Seems that Reid took a bill that started in the house and stripped out all the language for that bill and put in all the language for Obamacare. Obamacare has been declared a tax. SCOTUS has stated that a tax can be levied to make pay for healthcare. However SCOTUS has not stated nor where they asked at the time if the tax Obamacare levies is in fact legal per the requirements set down by the constitution. Now will they when and or IF the time comes who knows.

            Ancient Chinese proverb. May you live in interesting times.

            BTW I hate being called dude. No offense taken.

          • Retired military

            ‘ I thought it was done when the bill gets through both houses of Congress and is signed by the President. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?”
            Also as I have stated the bill it currently is is not the bill that was passed by congress and signed by Obama. Obama has changed it at least 5 times by himself not to mention all the exemptions which were not in the original bill.
            These changes were not done in accordance with our constitution and are being fought in various court cases.
            Also DOMA was passed by both houses and signed by Bush. Yet Obama not only fought it but while it was law he ignored it. The same way he is ignoring the LAW about federal funds paying for abortion.
            Something you haven’t responded to as of yet.

          • Rdmurphy42

            So you are agreeing in the future to criticize democrats every time they try to gum up the work because they oppose a law passed by both houses and signed by the president? Think carefully.

          • That’s only if the Democrats ever lose control.

            They’ll put cones around Congress to keep THAT from happening.

          • Brucehenry

            If the Dems ever shut down the government because they refuse to accept a law that was passed and signed, instead of working to repeal it, yeah, I’ll criticize them.

            I don’t advocate that anyone give up their opposition to any law. Hell, if you want to repeal Obamacare, or Medicare or Social Fucking Security for that matter, GO FOR IT.

            Just do it the right way. You know, elect a majority that will repeal or amend it, then repeal or amend it. Or persuade enough Congressmen and Senators who are already serving to do so. Just don’t use a parliamentary trick to accomplish – force – a goal you couldn’t accomplish in 4 years of trying through regular procedure. Just don’t hold every other function of government hostage to accomplish a goal you haven’t been able to reach through normal political process.

            Boehner lied, by the way. There IS, indeed, a sufficiency of votes in the House to get a clean CR through. He won’t bring it up, and the moderate Republicans who would vote for a clean CR won’t vote for a discharge petition for fear of undermining him. Make no mistake, a large part of this farce is due to Boehner’s ineptitude and desperation.

          • Just like Reid won’t pass a budget – won’t even let it out of the House – because once we see what the real numbers are, people will be looking for blood.

            And the House doesn’t have to pass the CR – just like the Senate doesn’t have to pass a budget. Rhetoric aside – the optics are getting really, really bad for the Democrats. Reid’s cancer remark, the constant namecalling by Obama and Reid – shutting down public roads going through parks – yeah, the Dems are covering themselves in glory for the common man.

          • Brucehenry

            Yeah the optics are setting up a real preference cascade

          • I’m batting 0, bruce. Won’t take much to get me to .500.

          • (CNSNews.com) – Some Catholic priests under contract or GS (general schedule) to the military are not allowed to offer the Catholic sacraments–including saying Mass, consecrating marriages, or performing baptisms–on military property during the government shutdown, and if they do, even on a volunteer basis, they risk being arrested, according to the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/michael-w-chapman/priests-risk-arrest-offering-sacraments-catholic-troops-during#sthash.g9nbYpHY.dpuf

            Yeah, that really, really looks good, doesn’t it? Makes Reid look positively heroic, it does.

          • Brucehenry

            You’ll note that it isn’t the military saying this. Just a preemptively butthurt religious guy wringing his hands about what MIGHT happen.

            And even if it was, one shouldn’t expect to win a shutdown showdown by shutting down government — except this! I like this! and that, we gotta have that! And this other thingie, we need this, it’s only right!

            Do you want the government shut down or don’tcha? And make no mistake, the GOP has been planning to do this for months. Again: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/06/us/a-federal-budget-crisis-months-in-the-planning.html?hp

          • Brucehenry

            Sorry, couldn’t resist. And I’m also remembering all the resident lunatics here crowing about unskewed polls and turning tides.

            Just shows to go ya, you guys don’t really have a great track record predicting how the general public perceives All Things Obama. You guys seem to think most Americans hate him as much as y’all do. But that’s not so.

          • Rdmurphy42

            What do you think of his 37% approval rating, Bruce?

          • Brucehenry

            This link was contained in the NRO story I bet you got that number from. And, no, I’m not saying the number isn’t real — it is. But there’s more bad news for Republicans in that poll than there is for Obama and Democrats.


            EDIT: Took a look at RealClearPolitics. Gallup has Obama at 44/50. Rasmussen has him at 50/49. Both Quinnipiac and FOX fucking News both have Obama at 45/51.

            So don’t get too excited. He was at 37% in 2011 during the last GOP Shutdown Showdown, and then he beat your man Romney like a rented mule.

          • Somebody hook a dynamo to the spinning fool!

          • Rdmurphy42

            So, you are fine with the parliamentary trick they used to PASS it?

          • Brucehenry

            You mean the one where the House and the Senate each, you know, VOTE? Yeah, I’m cool with that.

      • Brucehenry

        Most of those “17 shutdowns” were really just “spending gaps” with no real world consequences. None until 1995 lasted more than 3 days, and none until then were over Quixotic sour grapes, either.

        Sorry but the “17 previous shutdowns” meme that’s been circulating through Wingnuttia is more rube-bait.

      • Jwb10001

        He’s shut down all these parks and monuments but the golf course at Andrews AFB remains open. He’s shut down roads in the great smoky mts but AF 1 continues to fly. He’s a petulant child that’s throwing a fit, best to just let him go, he will eventually piss off enough people that his poll numbers will dictate a change in behavior.

        • He sees himself as a King. And we’re not giving him what he wants.

          WE must be punished because he’s not happy.

  • Retired military

    Just remember that proimmigration reform crowd got permission to hold a rally on the national mall (which is govt controlled property).

    • The King approves their message. They can use His lands.

      Rest of you peons – away with you, lest his regal wrath fall on your heads!

  • Retired military

    Enough about the settled law mime
    I have already shown that line or argument isn’t valid 6 ways from Sunday a la Slavery, DOMA, abortion law, supreme court overriding their own decisions etc.
    Not to mention the fact that Obama is ignoring settled law time after time (another example is 100 years of bankruptcy law thrown out the window with the GM bailout). Not to mention that the passed version of Obamacare is no where near the version that is out there now.
    You are doing a disservice to yourself with that argument because it just doesn’t wash.
    So lets put that part to rest and please answer the other questions I have asked of you.
    (I have already had to rewind Blacklist once).

    And one other question.

    Why is it okay for Obama to delay the business part of Obamacare for a year (which has to do with collecting revenue and the tax code) and which did not originate in the House but it is not okay (in your opinion) for the House to refuse to fund a law for a year (which has occurred numerous times in the past 50 years or so)?

    • Jwb10001

      The answers to your questions is really quite simple, shut up!

  • It’s the King’s Property.

    He’s simply making sure no peasants can use it.

    • 914

      Yep, he is a real ass!

  • The most recent move by the #SpiteHouse is to delay or deny death benefits for the survivors of those KIA. Besides being despicable on its face, it’s a breach of faith from the Commander in Chief and those he commands.

    Barry, I AM #YourHuckleberry

  • Think about this: Ever wonder, how did the pretty perfect printed signs denoting CLOSED DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUT go up so fast all around the country the very next day after the shutdown. Could it be, Obama had them all printed ahead of time? humm Does he think we are as dumb as he is. Not on your life buster, we are way ahead of this fraud in the WH. GRRRRRRRRRR