Anti-Hillary Clinton Buttons Appear at California GOP Convention

Huffington Post has a pretty dishonest post about some off color anti-Hillary Clinton buttons that were being sold at the California Republican convention this month. The button is being called “disgusting” by HuffyPost, but also seems to blame the state party for them being made. This is just dishonest.

The button that HuffyPo is upset about is mildly offensive, granted. The buttons say, “KFC Hillary Special, 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts …. left wing.”

But here’s the thing: they aren’t “Republican” buttons.

You see, HuffyPo posted the story without noting that these buttons are not sanctioned by the party or any particular politician.

Buttons like this are manufactured and sold by independent contractors who also sell similar buttons at Democrat gatherings. These little political button stands are not being operated by people affiliated with the party, neither Republicans nor Democrats.

These button stands are put together by people trying to make some cash selling buttons, not the party folks.

Again, off color buttons like this are sold to people from both sides of the political divide.

Further, once the GOP found out about the buttons, they removed the vender. So, really, there is no story here, HuffPo.

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  • Lawrence Westlake

    Alas, we’re probably talking about the next POTUS. She won’t get quite the same margin among blacks (figure 88-12 rather than 93-7) and she won’t get quite the same margin among Latinos, but obviously she’ll do far better than Obama did among the white demographic. And it goes without saying in light of the disastrous circular firing squad of a primary season with which the GOP will be saddled that a few million erstwhile conservatives and other poseurs will stay home and not vote. Hillary can win the whole thing merely with 42% of the white vote. Figure a final margin of 50-49 for Hillary with an electoral map very similar to ’12. Separate but quite related topic, when uneducated rabble rousers like Beck and Limbaugh (GED and 5th-tier college dropout, respectively) are the leading lights of a political faction then grave problems will ensue.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Yeah because Ed Schultz is soooo much better.

    • Jwb10001

      Alas Lawrence comes back to slam Glenn Beck and promote “what does it matter” Hillary. Giving us his insight and early polling results. Could this clueless dip shit be more worthless? At least Bruce and Chico engage, sometimes they even get things right. Bruce has even had a positive impact on my grammar and spelling. This guy is a complete drive by shooter. Dude, we don’t care what you think, go back to your “I’m a moderate all things to all people” fence riding crack pipe.

      • Brucehenry

        Don’t hold back tell us what you really think.

        • Jwb10001

          Well Sir Lawrence ain’t shy about telling us how we should think. I see no reason to hold back on him.

          • Brucehenry

            I feel ya Dawg

          • Brucehenry

            I feel ya Dawg

        • Jwb10001

          Well Sir Lawrence ain’t shy about telling us how we should think. I see no reason to hold back on him.

      • Retired military

        He isn’t a moderate. The term is peripherially challenged.

    • Commander_Chico

      I think 2016 will be a whole different world, Hillary is not a shoo-in. For one thing, she’ll look like crap by then.

      A few Democrats will take a shot at it. Forget Joe Biden, though.

      The thing is, the Republicans will probably nominate some extremist shithead like Cruz. It will be interesting to watch the birthers come out then.

      • Retired military

        Shillary will be the nominee for the dems if she is in an iron lung.

        • Hank_M

          Perhaps, but I have a really really really bad feeling the 2016 nominee will be Elizabeth Warren.

    • alanstorm

      “Alas, we’re probably talking about the next POTUS.”

      C’mon, we already elected a useless moron twice. Do we have to make it 3 times?

      You’re scaring me. I was hoping for someone with more brains than a skink this time.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Looks like more evidence of the democrats war on women to me.

  • Hank_M

    Those buttons are disgusting. Why, if this keeps up, pretty soon we’ll be seeing pictures of people groping her chest. Oh, wait….

  • Idahoser

    Most people seem to agree that Hillary will be the next pResident.
    And yet the same RINO losers who have shat away the last two elections are still making the decisions.
    And you want me to have ‘hope’ for this country?
    You can’t blame Zero for doing what he does. you have to blame the people who let it happen.

  • How funny is this: wish I had one. BTW
    Think about this: Ever wonder, how did the pretty perfect printed signs denoting CLOSED DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUT go up so fast all around the country the very next day after the shutdown. Could it be, Obama had them all printed ahead of time? humm Does he think we are as dumb as he is. Not on your life buster, we are way ahead of this fraud in the WH. GRRRRRRRRRR

  • Hey got one for MO? “I’m really a HE, but vote for ME” Michelle O