CBS Proves Hillary Deliberately Lied About Benghazi

During the weekend’s broadcast of 60 Minutes, CBS’ Lara Logan interviewed the British-born security chief that was on the ground during the attacks at our facilities in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, attacks that ended up killing four embassy employees one of whom was our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. During that interview we find out that Hillary delivered to the nation a series of deliberate, bald-faced lies about what she knew of the attacks.

Granted the 60 Minutes report did not mention the name Hillary Clinton–who was Secretary of State during the attacks–nor did it explicitly say that she deliberately lied to the nation in the aftermath of the attacks. But during the report we find out that Washington knew, even before it was happening, that the compound was about to be hit by a terrorist attack and that no Youtube video had anything to do with it all.

It was revealed that ambassador Stevens himself sent messages to the administration telling them that al Qaeda flags had been seen flying over various government buildings in Libya in the days before the attack. We also find out that al Qaeda itself had warned the USA that an attack was being planned.

The security official CBS interviewed also said that it was clear from the first seconds of the attack that it was a well planned, sophisticated attack dreamed up by al Qaeda against a compound that was almost completely unprotected.

Further, the security chief says that the Obama administration would not allow embassy security forces to even have guns to protect themselves.

And we still haven’t been told why there were dozens of CIA operatives on the ground that day (some of whom were killed in the fighting) and why they didn’t bother to try and protect or rescue ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans widely reported as having died that day.

Remember that while the attack was ongoing and for weeks afterward Obama and especially Hillary Clinton were blaming all this on a “Youtube video” that supposedly riled the ire of Muslims. This was plainly a lie and both Obama and Hillary knew it was a lie even as they said it to the nation.

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Here is the full CBS report…

And this woman wants to be our president? Can we stop this lying, criminal from becoming president? Will the truth on Benghazi help stop her?

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  • GarandFan

    One has to wonder WHO in the DNC has decided to mount an attack on Hillary! The MSM has gone out of it’s way to promote her every STERLING accomplishment. Just as it has with King Barack. Now, over a year later, they want to ‘look into Benghazi’? “At this late date, what difference does it make!?”

    • Hank_M

      Don’t know who but I have no doubt they’ve decided Elizabeth Warren is the one they want in 2016. Warren doesn’t have the baggage Hillary has, she’s even more to the left if you can believe that, and she’s part Indian as an added bonus. Sure, the indian part is fake, but they’ll mute that with the
      “birther” card they’ll be using against Ted Cruz.

  • jim_m

    CBS proves that they will cover the news accurately only once it is no longer a threat to a dem administration.


  • Lawrence Westlake

    By doing this now CBS will have made it “old news” by the time 2016 rolls around. Machiavelli would be proud.

    • Retired military

      Damn. Just when you think something will never happen. Best post by Lawrence yet.

      • Short, cogent, and to the point.

        Very nice.

      • jim_m

        Not that the bar was all that high. But yes, clarity and brevity have their benefits.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Its not Hillary’s fault.

    When they said Benghazi, she thought they said Whitewater – the lie was completely a reflexive action.