Obama In Straightjacket Costume Gets Employees ‘Sensitivity Training’

No one shall make fun of emperor Obama! So says a Kentucky hospital that forced all its employees into so-called “sensitivity training” after three employees entered the company Halloween costume contest dressed as Obama in a straightjacket being escorted by two policemen.

The “offensive” costume

After the costume party, the bosses at Jennie Stuart Medical Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky decided they weren’t amused when a small handful of employees complained about the costume contest entry. Not many must have been offended, though, because the costume won third place in the competition.

After the party was over the “prize” was handed out by hospital administrators: all 750 employees had to take “sensitivity training.”

The VP of Human Resources has also demanded that all future costumes be free of political, religious, ethnic or gender based subject. So, in other words, don’t dress up as anything.

The story, reported by WZTV Nashville is going viral this Halloween.

So what do you think? Funny or offensive? Yeah, like I have to ask.


Posted by on November 1, 2013.
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  • jim_m

    Funny, but lefties have no sense of humor. They are lucky that they didn’t get fired and charged with a hate crime.

  • Commander_Chico

    The VP of Human Resources is always a petty tyrant.

  • GarandFan

    Lefties had all kinds of “fun” when Sarah Palin was hung in effigy. It was a Halloween “prank”. Yuk! Yuk! Evidently poking fun at the Lord High Obamassiah is verboten.

  • Texas_Accountant

    Sensitivity training? Sensitivity to what? It can’t be race, since two of the costume “participants” are black. Is it sensitivity to political beliefs? How do you teach Democrats to be sensitive to the people they refer to as “baggers?”

  • alanstorm

    The skit sounds funny. The response is offensive.

  • jim_m

    That’s what you get when you blaspheme a leftie’s religion.