Mother of Grade Schooler Banned from Kid’s School Over Concealed Carry License

This is how the liberals destroy our rights, folks. A mother in Georgia has now been told she isn’t allowed to go to her own child’s taxpayer funded grade school because she has a concealed carry permit.

Parent Tanya Mount says that she was a volunteer at her disabled daughter’s school, McBean Elementary in Hepzibah, Georgia, but as soon as she posted a Facebook photo of herself after she received her concealed carry license, the school banned her from going there.

She is sure of this because not long after she posted the photo she got a visit from police telling her she was banned.

“I feel like a criminal. I want I want to be heard. I want a public apology,” Mount told WRDW TV, Augusta.

Mount says that principal Janina Dallas of McBean Elementary called police claiming that she was afraid of Mount because of the Facebook page. Police then came to Mount’s house demanding to know if she had a concealed carry permit.

When Mount said she did have one she was then served with a note telling her she was banned from going back to the school.

“I feel that this is some high school crap. She should have contacted me instead of taking the legal route which was uncalled for,” Mount said.

Naturally the Principal–who makes her living off the backs of the taxpayers, I might add–refused to talk to the media.

This principal is just another left-wing liberal doing her part to destroy our nation and frighten others into obeying her will.

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  • Lovely, isn’t it? Woman follows the law, passes the background check for a CC permit, and the Principal is SO terrified of firearms that she’s immediately banned from the school!

    Never mind the fact it’s against the law to carry a firearm into a school in the first place, and the fact that she bothered to COMPLY with laws and get a CCL (and pass the background check necessary for one, but I repeat myself) indicates her willingness to abide by the laws – she’s a ‘risk’.

    That principal needs to be demoted for sheer, determined ignorance.

    • LiberalNightmare

      The principal needs to be sued.

      Its really easy for these people to use their jobs to push their BS agenda when they have no skin in the game.

  • JWH

    This does seem over the top.l.

  • GarandFan

    “Police then came to Mount’s house demanding to know if she had a concealed carry permit.”

    Uh? There’s no database the police can check? Get a good lawyer. He’ll be interested in knowing what law you violated in order to be ‘banned’ from the school. And contact the school board to advise them that they might as well send you a signed, blank check. You’ll fill in the amount later.

  • jim_m

    That’s what you get when you have a government that is lead from the top down with an attitude of immunity to the law and consequences for their actions.

    It is long past time that we started to seriously penalize government employees that attempt to violate our civil rights. Yes, the principal should be suspended or possibly fired for this, if only to serve as an example for those who remain.

  • jim_m

    The question not being asked: Why is the school district surveiling the Facebook pages of its students and their parents?

  • Constitution First

    Like you needed another reason to stay off Facebook?
    I call that sky-lining yourself, totally avoidable.