Even in 2010 Obama Admitted That Millions Would Lose Their Healthcare

On one hand Obama has spent four years lying outright to the American public telling them that they could keep their healthcare insurance and their doctors if they liked them. But now that the extent of his lie has become so obvious, we are looking back at past statements proving that on the other hand Obama knew all along that he was lying. Here is one from 2010 revealed by House GOP leader Eric Cantor’s office.

On February 25 of 2010 there was a big meeting between the leaders of the Republicans in the House of Representatives and President Obama. It was one of the very, very few times Obama bothered to reach out to the GOP to talk to them and listen to their points. But in this segment of the meeting we see Obama admitting that millions will lose their insurance.

Leader Cantor asks Obama about the 8 to 9 million that might lose their insurance (something we now know is assured, not just a “might”). Obama replied admitting that this was likely true. Of course, he then lied saying that his Obamacare policies would be better.

“The 8 to 9 million people that you refer to that might have to change their coverage–keep in mind out of the 300 million Americans that we’re talking about–would be folks who the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, estimates would find the deal in the exchange better,” Obama said to Cantor in 2010.

See, folks. He knew all along that his claim that everyone could keep their insurance–period–was a lie.

Yes, despite his foreknowledge, it didn’t stop Obama from lying to us for four years about being able to keep our insurance. For four years he said we could keep our insurance if we liked it. He was knowingly lying the whole time.

About that health insurance you thought you could keep…
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  • Lawrence Westlake

    Obama knows his audiences. From purely a Machiavellian standpoint you have to give him a lot of credit. Obama is well aware that his most ardent supporters don’t give a rat’s ass about health insurance coverages. Do you actually believe the inherited-wealth gay dude in Pacific Heights or the spoiled-brat student at UCLA or the crack addict on Medicaid in Oakland care about such items as declarations, premiums, deductibles, exclusions, lifetime caps, etc.? Uh, no, they don’t. On the flip side of that coin, Obama and his team also know all too well that his opponents to a large extent either don’t vote or they’re bogged down on specific social issues, e.g., abortion. Ultimately it didn’t matter that Obama was lying through his teeth about Obamacare. All along he and his team knew that to be the case.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    It’s about to get worse. Mental Health “parity” regulations were just put in place by the Obama administration. Higher premiums, higher deductibles and more cancellations to follow.

  • Retired military

    Well this article settles it.

    Obama lied and it is America’s fault. Yep that right.

    Obama lied because we just cant handle the truth and he told us what we wanted to hear.


  • Bill George

    Liar, pants on fire!