BREAKING: Democrats Give Obama 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Website

Reports are coming out saying that Congressional Democrats have about had it with the President’s massive failures and have given him 72 hours to fix Obamacare… or else.

Democrats are saying that they will join the Republicans in their effort to pass a new “you can keep your insurance” law if Obama doesn’t act quickly.

The metrics are looking horrible for Obama and his destructive Obamacare law, certainly. But there are a few things we need to point out, here.

First of all, Obama really can’t just start changing the law by his mere say so. That would be quite unconstitutional… not that Obama has ever cared much about the Constitution, mind you.

But there is another thing that is really important, here.

Those millions of plans that Obama had cancelled because of his destructive new law are permanently gone. They won’t be coming back no matter how many laws Congress writes at this point… unless Obamacare itself is eliminated.

No tinkering around the edges will fix Obamacare. Only a full repeal will fix it.

The problem is that the Obamacare law (or the Affordable Care Act) has simply outlawed most Americans’ healthcare plans and over the next year or so all those plans will be eliminated–yes, even those who have coverage through their jobs right now and think they are safe.

Unless Obamacare is repealed those new rules for insurance coverage will continue to cancel policies for most Americans and no new laws or tinkering around the edges of Obamacare will stop that. Only the repeal of Obamacare can stop that.

All this comes, of course, after Obama himself spent the lat four years lying to us. No he didn’t just stretch the truth and no it wasn’t just a mere political lie. It was a major, bald faced lie that we could keep our insurance if we liked it. We can’t. His law eliminated that option and he knew it since day one… but lied dozens of times…

It wasn’t just the President’s misspeak, either. Obama also had his administration push that lie for years.

Regardless, all this is a very big black eye for the Obama administration, don’t you think?

But the really, really good news is that Senator John McCain had a GREAT idea today. “Say, why don’t we repeal this Obamacare thingie,” he said today.

That’s why he’s the smartestest feller in the Senate!

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  • Retired military

    Obama didn’t lie. It all depends on your definition of the word PERIOD.

    Here is Obama’s speech today in a one long run on Lawrence Westlake sentence.

    “you can keep your insurance, if you can convince your insurance company to give you the policy again, and if they don’t then that isn’t my fault, at least until after the elections and then you will have to get the higher priced, less coverage policy under Obamacare and you wont be able to do anything since the elections will be over.”

  • LiberalNightmare

    Heres a thought

    Even if Obamacrap is defunded, deleted, and repealed, if any of those people involved in the 5 million plans that have been cancelled, have a pre-existing condition, those plans arent coming back.

    Thanks Obama.

  • GarandFan

    Hang the whole damned thing around the necks of the Democrats. They WANTED it! They got it! THEY OWN IT!

    1/6th of the US economy is FUC.ED UP because King Barack needed to punch up a campaign speech. Insurance costs are based on RISK, not the blathering of a corrupt, inept political hack from Chicago.

  • jim_m

    Sorry, but I cannot believe that McCain is doing anything other than demagoguing for the media. As soon as anything becomes serious he will be undercutting the conservative position and screwing the nation in order to get a few more headlines. McCain doesn’t give a crap about anyone or anything but himself and his career.

  • Paul Hooson

    Computer problems aren’t entirely bad. On the bright side, I’d be willing to wager that Rodney Graves probably deeply appreciates that my computer problems as well as my heavy work schedule have kept me away recently. – You see, you can look at the glass half empty or half full.

    • jim_m

      Gee Paul, I’m sure that someday someone will write an article that is all about you, but this isn’t it.

      • Paul Hooson

        Just a little joke here to make everyone laugh. I know how you feel about my posts, so there you go. – But, much more seriously this Obamacare computer problems are very hurtful to this program’s reputatation. And that’s no joke. The biggest signature program associated with this administration, and there’s nothing but problems. How disappointing that is to something that needs to work for this administration to save face with the public.

        • jim_m

          It’s not disappointing. It is entirely expected and consistent with everything else this administration has done. It is hard to be disappointed when they perform in accordance with expectations. I can’t help it if some people are deluded fools and expected something different.

          I also find it illuminating that you are more concerned with the admin looking good than whether or not obamacare is the right thing for the people or the nation.

        • Commander_Chico

          Tell us about the girls in your club.

    • Vagabond661

      Paul Whooson?

  • Jwb10001

    Democrats give Obama 72 hours to fix the web site or what? They best hope the web site never gets fixed, the problems that will ensue from a functioning web site will be far worse than just a non functional web site.

    I now see why they have all decided to call it Obamacare, Affordable Care Act is too Orwellian even for the democrats.

  • Commander_Chico

    Obamacare isn’t going away. It’s a bonanza for the insurance companies and their owners, the big banks.

    Money talks, bullshit walks.

    • Jwb10001

      Another worthless Chico predicts.
      If Obamacare doesn’t go away I believe a lot of democrat law makers will come Nov 2014. So I guess it might end up being a good thing, except the price is awfully high.

    • jim_m

      So you’re doing a lot of walking these days.

    • 914

      Enjoy your walk..

      • As long as there are progtards he’ll…

        …never walk alone.

  • Vagabond661

    The walk that Pelosi did with the big gavel should be at the start of every Republican and Independants’s campaign (Youtube) video. Then finish with a fade of the blood stained handprints on the column at Beghazi.

  • 914

    72 hours?? Sounds like a recipe for losing a million jobs..