Anti-American Man Dressed as Santa Berates Shoppers as ‘Parasites’

Apparently Mark Dice gets his jollies berating Americans. That’s why he dressed as Santa and drove around California’s shopping malls calling shoppers “parasites on this country” and telling them they are “destroying the very fabric of society” on this year’s Thanksgiving shopping day.

With many large retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day, the traditional Black Friday shopping was extended earlier by a day. But opening on Thanksgiving upset many traditionalists. It is easy to understand their ire and to a degree I agree with their raised eyebrows.

It may be a step too far to be shopping on Thanksgiving instead of enjoying family, home and hearth on a day when we are supposed to be giving thanks to all that we have, granted, but let’s try for a bit of perspective, shall we?

What this Dice guy did was a step too far. In fact, in many ways it is he that is un-American in this case.

Dice is one of those goof balls that sees a conspiracy around every corner and makes a living fearmongering about gold, silver, and the mysterious (and fictional) Illuminati. Then he claims he is the one acting like a true American.

In any case, in this video he is heard screaming that shoppers are “destroying” the tradition of the holiday (both Thanksgiving and Christmas presumably), yelling that they are essentially harming the low paid workers of other nations by indulging in a shopping frenzy here in the states, and calling them “parasites” that are “destroying” our own society.

But Dice’s histrionics runs a bit contrary to reality. Firstly, American shoppers are actually a major benefit to those low-paid workers in other countries. The US economy and our shopping habits have raised the standard of living for everyone in the world. What would Dice rather see, foreign people without jobs at all or making a better living then they could otherwise making goods for others?

If we took Mr. Dice’s recommendations, I suppose we’d all be working subsistence farms and barely scratching out a life that is nasty, brutish and short.

Further, consumerism is what this country was built upon. Even as far back as Alexis de Tocqueville’s visit to America in the 1830s our consumerism was a noted aspect of American lives. So, to act as if this is somehow “new” is idiotic of Mr. Dice.

A little healthy criticism of society is always warranted. Maybe even a bit of scolding of capitalism to some extent is not untoward. But Dice’s comments are over the top, un-American, and just plain wrong. In fact, his only alternative is communism and that couldn’t be more anti-American… in fact, it’s anti-human.

Could this country use more reverence for tradition, family, and moderation. Sure. Have too many of us forgotten what our holidays and families mean? Undoubtedly. But are we all “parasites” for wanting to find a bargain at the store. Only an idiot would say so.

You, Mr. Dice, are that idiot. Congratulations.

Let’s have a bit of balance, here, shall we? But what do you think?

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  • GarandFan

    Someone is obviously off his meds.

    • Makes me wonder if one of our commenters isn’t moonlighting…

  • Paul Hooson

    Christmas is indeed a huge commercial holiday as well as bringing out the best feelings out of many people. In business, I would always looked forward to Christmas every year in business and even had dinner available at my grocery store for any hungry or lonely people. One guy that just lost his brother enjoyed three helpings of the ham and other fixings.
    Each year, I post a biker “Santa And His Sled” feature on the Websites I’m involved with that becomes a popular fun Google search item for the public, with a badly photoshopped picture of me scowling on my trike chopper, all meant in fun. Here’s a 2011 example.
    Christmas is just plain great fun. It represents everything good.
    This antiChristmas guy is even worse than anti-American.

  • Commander_Chico

    Thanksgiving is not “Thanksgiving shopping day.” If you define it that way, you are just an anti-traditionalist stooge of big money, not a “conservative.”

    Thanksgiving is for high school football, family and food. Not for acting like an animal at Walmart. It’s reasonable regulation to keep the stores closed to allow retail workers to stay home with their families on Thanksgiving, not “communism.” The cult of Ayn Rand that has taken ahold of the USA only recognizes greed, not love, respect for tradition or reverence.

    Dice asks the sheeple lined up (!) to shop on Thanksgiving if they plan for retirement and how much credit card debt they have. The morons lined up for the new X-box or whatever stare at him blankly. I applaud him and those retailers who stood up to the home office and refused to open on Thanksgiving day.

    The destruction of national and religious family-oriented holidays by turning them into consumption orgies is just about complete. Very Roman Empire.

    • Brucehenry

      The libertarian/conservative War on Thanksgiving begins. Why do they hate America and its traditions?

      • Commander_Chico

        Yeah, and Easter is not about hollow chocolate bunnies, either.

        • Nope. It’s about Peeps – and the research into that amazing little species…

          • Commander_Chico

            I bet they last forever.

  • Commander_Chico

    I think this sums up part of what Dice was saying: