Shades of Fascism: Obama White House Starts Calling Young Followers the ‘White House Youth’ Corps

Showing once again how tone deaf this President is, his White House began a series of Tweets this month labeling young followers the “WHYouth.” Herman Goering would have been proud.

On Dec. 2, conservatives began to notice that team Obama was using the hashtag that exhibits shades of fascist Germany and started mercilessly ridiculing Obama’s tin ear.

Obama brown shirt Erin Lindsay, the Deputy Director of Online Engagement for Obama’s White House, made an unfortunate Tweet:

Wow. How unfortunate. I mean, is the White House that inattentive to reading history that they don’t see that a “White House Youth” corps is a bit… uh, familiar sounding?

Thousands of Twitter followers were not as ignorant of history as Obama, though, and soon the White House was slammed over and over again for it’s disgusting imagery.

It just shows the militant base assumptions that underlie the devotion these people have to their Obammessiah, doesn’t it?

Some of you may recall the scary youth videos that came out in support of the one true Obama earlier in his reign as supreme ruler of all he surveys.

Remember this…

Or this…

Or these propagandized kiddies…

Or even this with a full orchestra, no less..

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  • Lawrence Westlake

    This is one of those hysterical musings that only can exist in blog and talk radio circles. Seriously, no other demographic thinks this way. FYI, von Dittohead, that loopy hashtag from the White House doesn’t mean Dachau 2 or a 2nd Kristallnacht. Get real. And stop smoking from Glenn Beck’s crack pipe. Ultimately you’ll still have time to make the next cocktail party at Charlie Trotter’s old place or at the country club, so all’s well that ends well. That aside, the real issue with these young Obamabots is not their hashtags or their videos or their slogans or their songs. The real issue is they’ve voted themselves to be unemployed and dependent upon the government. That will have negative societal impacts, not merely fiscal and economic ones, which will last for many decades.

    • I am adding “Glenn Beck’s crack pipe” to the spam filter…

    • truthisliberty

      Certainly simpletons laughed in Hitler’s day. They laughed at those who scene the danger. They laughed like naive children as they were led astray. Hitler promised them the world and poisoned their soul’s. A hungry man whose soul is devoid of hope in God will gobble up the bread of deceit. Obama is exploiting the desperation of many who are willfully ignorant.

    • alanstorm

      Astonishingly, Lawrence’s last two sentences make sense. The others merely indicate that he is insufficiently suspicious of government and massively ignorant of history.

  • GarandFan

    All Hail The Obamassiah!

  • Jwb10001

    Barak Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM

  • ljcarolyne

    Hitler Regime, to the max. Obama is going to get his just deserves, YEA!
    Obama and his partners in crime are going to reap a whirlwind. This is God’s law you reap what you sow. Thanks God in Christ for saving America & blessing our country again. To God be the glory, Amen!
    It is written: “Our righteous is unto to our Children’s Children.”

  • jim_m

    I always thought that the dems wanted their own version of the Young Pioneers. The left has always been keen on mindless indoctrination.

  • jim_m

    I always thought that the dems wanted their own version of the Young Pioneers. The left has always been keen on mindless indoctrination.

  • Dylan Felts

    O is communist to his core.