New York Councilwoman Blames Jews for Knockout Game Attacks

Gangs of black teens (both girls and boys) have been coursing through our big cities sucker punching white people–often the aged and many times Jews–in the so-called knock out game. These crimes are happening from coast to coast and the story is always the same; black kids attacking whites without warning. But one New York Councilwoman has an explanation for it all. It’s the Jews’ fault.

Newly elected New York City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo of Crown Heights thinks she knows why gangs of criminal blacks are beating up whites and Jews in obvious hate crimes. It’s those darn Jews causing all her poor black constituents to feel “threatened.”

Cumbo released a letter explaining how none of this could be the black criminals’ fault and it all has to be the Jews fault because, she says, Jews in her area has been prospering and growing of late.

“Many African American/Caribbean residents expressed a genuine concern that as the Jewish community continues to grow, they would be pushed out by their Jewish landlords or by Jewish families looking to purchase home,” this racist wrote on her Facebook page.

Racist Cumbo went on to say that Jewish accomplishments “triggers feelings of resentment” in her black constituents and made excuses for the crimes saying she hoped to “offer possible insight as to how young African-American/Caribbean teens could conceivably commit a ‘hate crime’ against a community that they know very little about.”

Now, notice that she put hate crimes in scare quotes to denote that she doesn’t really think that roving gangs of blacks beating up whites for no reason is really a hate crime.

As is reported, “The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force have been investigating around seven attacks that have occurred in the Midwood, Borough Park and Crown Heights areas. Jews of varying ages have been targeted for violence, including a 78-year-old woman who was attacked on November 9th.”

So, to this New York official it is the fault of the law abiding, prosperous Jews causing black criminals to indulge violence…. in cities all across the country.

What do you think of a councilwoman who excuses assault and in some cases murder and blames the victim?

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  • Retired military

    Chico is a NY Councilman???
    Funny he never mentioned that in any of his posts.

    • ljcarolyne

      Yea. funny! Not a word yet from this Chico character. Hummmm?

  • jim_m

    I’m trying to think of a parallel to another political party that had a socialist platform and blamed the country’s current economic hardship on the Jews, claiming that Jews were parasites that became prosperous at the expense of everyone else.

    Hmmm. It’s right on the tip of my tongue…

    • warnertoddhuston

      Apparently you don’t have to try too hard. We call them the Democrat Party.

      • jim_m

        Yeah, I can’t wait for the councilwoman to offer her “Solution to the Jewish problem” in NY.

  • LiberalNightmare

    C’mon, every knows George Bush is a Jew.

  • GarandFan

    Typical liberal bullshit. The SUSPECT as “Victim”. Someone should tell Cumbo the ‘race card’ is dead.

  • Brucehenry
    • jim_m

      That wasn’t the claim. But lefties do make bigoted comments very frequently and those comments are ignored. It’s hypocrisy plain and simple.

    • Retired military

      Also the left plays the race card at the drop of a hat.

      case in point.

      From the Daily Caller
      MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry suggested the term “Obamacare” and the N-word are interchangeable, claiming both were “conceived by a group of wealthy white men who needed to . . . render [a black man] inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments.”

      HARRIS-PERRY: “I want to talk today about a controversial word. It’s a word that has been with us for years. And like it or not, it’s indelibly printed in the pages of American history. A word that was originally intended as a derogatory term, meant to shame and divide and demean. The word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man, to render him inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments.

      “President Obama has been labelled with this word by his opponents, and at first he rose above it, hoping that if he could just make a cause for what he’d achieved, his opponents would fail in making their label stick. But no matter how many successes that he had as president, he realized there were still many people for whom he’d never be anything more than that one disparaging word — a belief he knew was held not just by his political opponents, but also by a significant portion of the American electorate.

      “And so he decided if you can’t beat them, you’ve got to join them. So he embraced the word and made it his own, sending his opposition a message they weren’t expecting: ‘If that’s what you want me to be, I’ll be that.’

      “Y’all know the word that I’m talking about. Obamacare! That’s right! I said it and I’m not ashamed, and neither is President Obama!”

    • Texas_Accountant

      Mr. Henry,

      Please do. We need to call attention to all bigoted comments. Sunlight is the best disinfectant for these comments by both people of the left and right. However, you will notice that there are no conservatives calling for “speech codes.” The First Amendment allows for everyone to make fools of themselves.

  • ljcarolyne

    This Huris is typical of the Obama Regime, as she practices Taqiyya, just like the Usurper. It all goes back to Islam in one way or another. Check it out Taqiyya.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Par for the course. The political left/Democrat machine in NYC for multiple generations to the core has been anti-Semitic. This goes back to the Tammany Hall days. What’s truly surreal about this item however is that there are so many self-hating liberal Jews in NYC that this sort of outrage won’t universally be condemned even within the Jewish community. Boggles the mind.

  • Reuven Rosenberg

    Please read her letter in full and then comment. The link is provided in this article. Here it is again: