In Every Market of Every State where a Senator Stands for Re-election


This is the ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014

BY CHRIS CILLIZZA The Washington Post

Ending Spending, a conservative outside group dedicated to, well, ending (government)spending, is running an ad in New Hampshire that will be replicated endlessly by Republican candidates and groups in the 2014 midterm election.

Here’s the ad.

One suspects that 2014 will make 2010 look like a walk in the park.

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  • GarandFan

    Karma baby, KARMA!

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Let’s not forget that the 2010 cycle left Harry Reid still in control of the Senate. Don’t underestimate the horrible demographics of GOP primary elections. Angle. O’Donnell. Buck. DioGuardi. Miller. None of those people happened by accident. And don’t underestimate the politics of pure racial and tribal identities. The people who reflexively will vote for Democrats in ’14 are the same people who’ve reflexively for decades been voting for Democrats. With the added kicker that now they’re a higher percentage of the overall electorate. Naivete doesn’t help win election cycles.

    • Wild_Willie

      It doesn’t matter who the candidate is to the democrats. ANY GOPer will be demonized so your advice is not needed. The only people I hear saying the TEA Party is dead are dem’s and the MSM. And of course both have been saying the GOP is dead for decades. Wishful thinking does not make it so. ww

    • stan25

      Dirty Harry was voted in by the unions and the brain dead people of the two major population centers of Nevada — Reno (Washoe County) and Las Vegas (Clark County). Those two cities are heavily unionized and controlled by the big gaming interests. They are the ones that elected Reid in 2010.

  • jim_m

    Why should they be afraid? They keep telling us that there is a permanent liberal majority in this country and that conservative ideas are far out of the mainstream. They should have nothing to fear and they should be running on obamacare regardless of whether it is a failure or not.

    So if they are afraid of obamacare that would mean that all their bravado about a permanent liberal majority was only ever a pack of lies.

    How predictable.

    • stan25

      Everything the left says or does is a lie.