Yikes! CNBC Has to Apologize for Using Bumper Music With N-Word in it!

Financial network CNBC was forced to apologize on December 16 for picking bumper music that blared out the N-word as a show hosted by Kelly Evans went to commercial.

The song, Fizzo Got Flow by the now disbanded rap group B2K, has lyrics that are neither safe for work, nor safe for a supposed news network! The song is filled with “niggas,” and “hoes,” and all manner of off color phrases and those wonderful phrases were right there on CNBC for everyone to, uh, enjoy.

Not long after the commercial break, host Evans was effusive with apologies for playing the song “and for any offense that it may have caused.”

One wonders when CNBC is going to launch its “Bling” show?

But maybe CNBC needs to spice things up? After all, its 2013 ratings have been dismal.

According to StreetInsider/com CNBC experienced ratings at a 20-year low.

Early data from Nielsen Media Research showed that in the key 25-54 advertising demo for total day ratings, CNBC only averaged 39,000 viewers. This is the lowest since 1993. It is not just the key demo that is lagging, though. For total viewers, CNBC had only 129,000 viewers in P2+ for total day ratings. This is the lowest since 1994.

Ouch. That is horrible.

And StreetInsideer thinks 2014 will be worse for CNBC since the network’s one star, Maria Bartiromo, left for Fox Business Network in November.


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  • Idahoser

    so why is the song played on public radio? Why is it okay for some people to use the word but not others?
    And you call me a racist.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    As Ian Faith might say, it’s not that CNBC’s tiny audience is dwindling down next to nothing, it’s just that their appeal is becoming far more selective. The other slapstick funny part of this story is that if you gathered CNBC’s entire staff together at one cocktail party on Park Avenue almost 100% of them would be so lily-white they would by comparison make even the New York Times seem “diverse.”

  • Commander_Chico

    Look, gangstas and pimps have to invest their money too, why not appeal to a new demographic?

    • Retired military

      So you choose this way to invest your money Chico?

      Maybe MSNBC is just trying to start a debate on rap music.

      you know how a debate goes don’t you.

      “As I said before, try answering what people say, and not try to put words in others’ mouths, debate goes better” – Chico, Famed Wizbangblog poster

      How about practising what you preach Chico.

      1 Oprah,the Lamestream media, Reid, Pelosi, and other major dems have called people racist simply because they oppose Obama’s
      policies. Yet when they oppose those same policies when espoused by Bill, Hillary. Reid, Pelos, Gore, Kerry, etc etc they weren’t considered racist then by Oprah, etc etc (I don’t know isn’t good enough)

      2. People were called racist anarchist terrorists when they tried to delay Obamacare yet Al Franken who did the same thing wasn’t called Racist. Do you feel that it is because he is a democrat and the people doing the call just playing the race card because that is all they have?

      3. People were called racist anarchist terrorist when they called for the delay of all or part of Obamacare and Obama who is unconstitutionally doing the same thing is not called a racist anarchist terrorist. Do you feel that it is because he is a democrat and the people doing the calling are just playing the race card because that is all they have?