VIDEO: New York Cops Threaten to Fine Man for Washing Car in His Own Driveway

The video of a police officer harassing a citizen for washing his own car on his own driveway is going viral proving once again that our governments have become arrogant and are acting as an enemy to freedom, liberty, and private property rights.

The video shows a Garden City police officer accosting a citizen for washing his car in his own driveway. The officer claims it is a crime in Garden City and reads from a copy of the statute that he brought to the homeowner to prove his claims. (Youtube page)

The 27-year-old owner of the car is obviously shocked that police had the temerity to tell him that he couldn’t wash his own car on his own, private property.

But a question did arise during the cop’s harangue. There was a question about how the law defined what was “public” and what was “private.”

In the video you can see the cop sauntering up to the owner of the car and telling him that it was illegal to do work on a car in the driveway. He also said it was illegal to do “detailing” such as washing the car.

The cop had the statute in his hand, obviously in anticipation that the homeowner wouldn’t believe him, but before he read from the law he very artfully said in a highly professional manner said, “I don’t make this shit up, I ain’t just driving down the street to come over here and break your balls.”

Reading from the paper he brought, this articulate cop then said that, “washing motor vehicles, rugs, furniture” is “prohibited in a public place.”

Of course the citizens noted that their home is a privately owned place and not a “public place.” To which to cop said, “yeah, that’s what you say.”

“That’s what you say?” Is this jackbooted thug telling the homeowners that their private property isn’t really their property, that HE has rule over it all?

Looks that way. Looks like this cop thinks there are NO boundaries for his exercise of power, including the Constitution of the United States of America.

The cop then went on to absurdly say that their car washing was “still in public view” so that made it illegal.

Now, it is likely that this law was made to prevent people from running a commercial business in public places (or out of a home) and avoiding licensing, zoning and tax requirements. But these young men were hardly operating an unlicensed business out of their driveway. They were just washing a car.

Naturally, the Garden City police have refused to comment on the incident.


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  • Commander_Chico

    This is why I prefer to live in a city or way out in a rural area, rather than a suburb.

    In a city the cops are too busy to mess with small shit.

    In a rural area, they can’t see what you’re doing because you’re way off the main road.

    • JLawson

      We live in a ‘burb. But the neighbors aren’t dicks.

  • LiberalNightmare

    1 If the government can tell you what health insurance you have to buy, then they can tell you where to wash your car.

    2. The cop is a dick.

    3. The neighbor needs his house TP’ed.

  • Hank_M

    They’re just following the lead of San Jose who recently passed legislation about water discharges. They recently stopped a high school from conducting a car wash to raise money. The Environment Services Dept states that:

    “Anything that is not stormwater or rain water is considered a pollutant,”
    …The ban also applies to washing a car at home.”

    As a workaround, the ESD helpfully suggests “Conduct car washing over gravel, grassy area, or other earthen areas if possible.”

    Unfortunately they failed to consider San Jose city code 17.72.600 which forbids
    parking on un-paved surfaces and can result in a $100 fine.

    Eventually everything is a crime and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the idiot neighbor also broke some stupid law against spying on a neighbor.

    • Rodney G. Graves

      If you leave the engine running a someone in the drivers seat you’re not parked.

  • mikegiles

    Let me guess, one of his A-hole neighbors saw an unfamiliar car in the driveway, and assumed he was running some type of business. I wonder if the neighbor happens to run a car wash.

  • Paul Hooson

    Government drives me crazy. Local government recently forced me to install a $17,200 grease trap in my bar’s kitchen before I could serve any food. This was a big expense out of the blue, I lost revenue with my kitchen closed, and the work took days to complete.

  • Paul Hooson

    One more thought. If washing or waxing cars is a crime, then I must be a felon. After I built a hot rod I loved nothing more than wash and wax it each week if not more often.