About today’s ObamaCare deadline… White House moved it

They just didn’t bother to tell anybody they’d moved the ObamaCare deadline. Here’s Bloomberg’s report from earlier this morning.

We’ve stopped counting the number of unilateral changes The Imperial President has made to this law. We suspect the insurance industry has stopped counting too.

At midnight Monday, the official deadline arrives for Americans to sign up through the new federal health insurance exchange for health plans that begin Jan. 1. But, without any public announcement, Obama administration officials have changed the rules so that people will have an extra day to enroll, according to two individuals with knowledge of the switch.

Over the weekend, government officials and outside IT contractors working on the online marketplace’s computer system made a software change that automatically gives people a Jan. 1 start date for their coverage as long as they enroll by 11:59 p.m. Christmas Eve.

We can’t wait for the New Year. If you thought 2013 was bad for President Obama just wait three weeks. All of the reporting, as with the Bloomberg report above, is saying “people don’t know when they have to pay” for their policy. Come folks. Have you never purchased anything in your life?

The administration, under the leadership of both The Imperial Won and Kathleen Sebelius, has mucked up this program beyond what even your cynical Curmudgeon could have guessed. Not only do the buyers not know when – or how – to pay for their policies, but the insurance companies don’t even know WHO they’re supposed have as policy holders.

As of now “some” insurers are going to accept payment as late as January 15th for policies that start on the 1st. Heh. Just wait until around the 10th or so, the administration will be bullying them to accept payment on the 1st of February. Or the 12th of Never.

And then there’s the medical care providers. They’ve just discovered that there’s a 90 day cancellation window built into the law for the insured. In other words, once a policy is issued the insured can’t be cancelled for non-payment for at least 90 days. And when they are cancelled the providers are on the hook. Good luck with that.

As the Boomberg story points out, there’s even more under the tree for the President and the insurers.

The President was hoping for shooting at for 7 million signups by March 31st. The target was to have about 3.5 million signed up by January 1st. They are saying they’ve got maybe a million, but that’s just people who they think might have “chosen a plan”, they haven’t actually PAID for it (see above).

While the website seems to be working a tad better on the front end, the back end isn’t working no matter what the spinmeisters are saying. Actually, they’re not saying anything.

Let’s not forget the number of young people who’ve signed up. Or not. If the total signups finally come in and less than 40% of the enrollees are under 30 the plan goes into a death spiral because their premiums are needed to pay for care for old fogeys like the Curmudgeon – who is not on an ObamaCare plan. When that happens, insurance rates for 2015 will skyrocket – kind of like electricity costs as a result of the War on Coal – and the administration will be pushing for a bailout of the insurance industry since THAT was written into the law that we had to pass so we could find out what’s in it.

All in all, have a Merry Christmas. The Imperial President may have an ongoing war on coal, but The Curmudgeon is pretty sure the only thing under the tree in Hawaii with his name it will be lumps of coal.

13-1223 - Coal for Barack

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  • warnertoddhuston

    Tell us if you are a proud Obamacare scofflaw, folks!!

  • 914

    Twisted sick MF’rs.. Bruce and Chinko you voted for this crap. You suck!!

    • jim_m

      They voted for a fascist dictator that made up the laws as he went along. Stop whining about being called a fascist, Bruce. You voted for it and you are apologizing for it now.

  • jim_m

    I see obama has signed up for a plan…https://twitter.com/Matthops82/status/415197739492712448/photo/1

    OK, not really, only a total imbecile believes that obama will be getting healthcare via his own plan. We all know that the laws do not apply to him.

    • GarandFan

      Yep. Given the number of lies that have rolled off JugEars lips, I really believe that he’s enrolling in ObamaCare today.

      • jim_m

        He’s not. Ne can’t be bothered on his vacation (more vacation than the average employee with 20 years seniority, that’s how much he takes). His staff is supposedly doing it for him, but we all know that it is fake and even if signed up he will never actually pay for it or use it.

    • cirby

      Well, he “symbolically signed up.” Or, really, some staffers sat at the computer for hours and hours and tried to sign up for a pretend plan, then had someone walk over to a bureaucrat somewhere and made them print out a faked-up copy of a plan that he could have signed up for, if the US government wasn’t already giving him health care through the Army.

      And, of course, when he retires he’ll have actual private insurance, probably provided for free by an insurance company’s lobbying firm.

      • jim_m

        Au contrare! His staff couldn’t get through on line:

        But Obama did not directly sign up for insurance. Rather, his staff went in person to sign him up, an official told POLITICO.

        So he lied that HE would sign up.

        He lied that he would do it ONLINE.

        He he lied by implying that he would use that insurance plan.

        I also suspect that they don’t want his personal information being put in a healthcare . gov website that has already been hacked multiple times.

  • GarandFan

    Got to admit, if you don’t like today’s “ObamaCare Law of the Land”, just wait for tomorrow’s version!

    Just think of all the money we could save with no Congress or Surpreme Court. We just do what King Barack says we should do.

    • Sad thing is, there’s ‘voters’ who would support that. One man, one vote, one time – it’s such a BOTHER to keep going to the polls and deciding what has to be done!

  • jim_m

    Delaying obamacare is the only hope the dems have:

    According to a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday, 35 percent say they support President Obama’s signature domestic achievement, a drop of 5 points in under a month. Nearly two-thirds, at 62 percent, say they oppose the health law, a rise of 4 points since November.

    And it gets worse for the people that it is supposed to help the most:

    When the [NY] Times polled only those Americans without health insurance — the group supposed to benefit most from Obamacare — 77 percent disapproved of the individual mandate, while just 21 percent approved.

    And since there is no plan B for what to do when obamacare fails (and it is failing) the only hope is to delay that failure as far into the future as possible.

    • jim_m

      From FOX News’ Ed Henry we learn that Healthcare.gov was built by Birthers

      “We learned today from the White House. Initially, they said he signed up for what they called a bronze plan, paying about four hundred dollars a month in premiums. But, then they came back to us and said – Wait, he didn’t actually enroll. They said his staff did it and that’s because of his unique circumstance as Commander in Chief, that his personal information is not in particular government data bases. So healthcare.gov could not actually verify his identity, oddly enough… So his staff did it.”

      Seems to me that as Commander in Chief he could have assured that the necessary information would have been available somewhere when he needed to call upon it. But then maybe they couldn’t put that information in because the prevaricator in chief simply won’t let people know the truth no matter what it is.

      It could be perfectly innocent but obama is so used to lying that he can’t let the truth out even when it would help him.