Predictable: Obamacare Website Crashes on Deadline Day!

Monday, December 23 was supposed to be deadline day for Obamacare, the day when everyone in the country was supposed to have signed up for Obamacare. But for many who were trying to do so, a crashed website turned out to be the Christmas gift that wouldn’t stop giving.

Apparently the many months of constant “fixes” didn’t help put the website on stable footing so that last minute insurance hunters could scoot in under the law’s deadline.

Obama has spent billions of tax dollars selling this failed website and hundreds of millions on faulty website code-writers who have not been able to get much of the site in working order.

Worse, Obama had years to get this all taken care off, yet even as the deadline came and went he had his web staff making changes to code trying desperately to make this ineffective website work.

But all users got were error messages even as they tried to follow the law.

Since this massive debacle was visited upon the nation, the sign up deadline was quietly extended another day.

It won’t matter though. The fact is the majority of the county has not signed up for Obamacre and even many who did will find out come January that they really don’t have insurance because the Obamacare system is such a mess that insurance companies never got consumers’ information.

Millions will have a big surprise come next year when they are informed that they don’t have insurance when they thought they did.

It’s all a PR nightmare, says Politico.

“Obama’s personal credibility with the American public has tumbled since the website launch,” Politico reports. And rightfully so, I might add.

Public opinion of Obamacare continues to fall and things will get even worse in 2014 when hundreds of thousands of medium and large businesses will be forced by Obamacare to dump their insurance policies for employees.

It is a mess that is of Obama’s own making. He should have it hung around his neck like an albatross. And DO remember this when you go to vote in the 2014 midterms, America.

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  • GarandFan

    The Democrats OWN it!

  • For those who want to drive the insurance companies out of business and America into single payer, the website being down is not a glitch, but a feature.

    • Point.

    • berndtc

      It should have been single payer to begin with. It was changed because the Teabags demanded that to guarantee their “cooperation”. Liars!

      • jim_m

        You are the liar. Why, when the law was passed with ZERO GOP votes was any concession required to a constituency that was against the dems to begin with? The reason that obama, Reid and Pelosi passed obamacare as it is, is that the dems themselves knew that single payer was too far and that the country didn’t want a completely socialist medical system.

        It’s all very well that you are a socialist stooge, just don’t go lying about who passed it and why. The only reason ANY concessions were made was not because of the TEA Party or the GOP it was because there was internal dem resistance to obama’s fascist plans.

      • Jwb10001

        Yes of course that makes perfect sense, the democrats controlled the house and had a super majority in the senate those damn republicans…..

      • GarandFan

        Pull your head out of your ass! Then have some more Kool Aid berndtc.

      • Single payer would be an even bigger disaster. The administration couldn’t dream up lies big enough to sell it, so they just went with one Big Lie instead.

        “Liars” So good of you to sign your real name! Do the little voices in your head make you think plural? Or is it more like the imperial “we?

        • Jwb10001

          No single payer is great just ask a Canadian next time you see one here getting life saving surgery.

          • Canadians have a disconnect between the taxes they pay and their “free” healthcare. Like Americans with “withholding”. It’s not paying taxes if you can get part of it back!

      • Vagabond661

        You mean single payee since the gub’ment gets all the money.

      • There’s always that percentage of the population that insist on reinforcing abject failure…

        The stupid we shall always have among us.

  • ljcarolyne

    Politico has had it right from the getgo on Husseinsane Obama, the POS.