A&E caves, Big Duck Phil’s back in!

A&E just released a statement and the Big Duck is back in. The indefinite “hiatus lasted” two weeks. An A&E statement to The Hollywood Reporter read:

As a global media content company, A+E Networks’ core values are centered around creativity, inclusion and mutual respect. We believe it is a privilege for our brands to be invited into people’s home and we operate with a strong sense of integrity and deep commitment to these principals.

That is why we reacted so quickly and strongly to a recent interview with Phil Robertson. While Phil’s comments made in the interview reflect his personal views based on his own beliefs, and his own personal journey, he and his family have publicly stated they regret the “coarse language” he used and the mis-interpretation of his core beliefs based only on the article. He also made it clear he would “never incite or encourage hate.” We at A+E Networks expressed our disappointment with his statements in the article, and reiterate that they are not views we hold.

There’s more, but you get the idea.

13 - 1223 - Phil RobertsonWhat A&E is hanging their hat on is the “Phil and the family apologized for the coarse language…” trope.

Let’s be really clear here. A&E, and GLAAD, got their heads handed to them. We were going to say “got their asses handed to them, but changed our mind. Then we changed it back. We’re old, that’s our prerogative.

The “disappointment with his statements in the article” is simply hogwash. A&E knew exactly how Phil felt about homosexuality before they signed the Ducks to the first episode. There have been videos of Phil speaking, among other place, at Rick Warren’s church and he said essentially the same “coarse” stuff there. This was not a surprise.

In addition to their prior knowledge of Phil’s beliefs, A&E had a PR rep at the GQ interview. They knew exactly what Phil said long before the article was published and they did exactly nothing but gear up for the storm, hoping to be able trash the family in a media brawl.

What they didn’t expect was that Phil and the family would stand up and tell them to take their show and stuff it.

The difference between the Duck Dynasty and A&E and their buddies at GLAAD is that the Ducks actually have very high standards and they hold to them. If A&E & GLAAD didn’t have hypocritical standards they’d have none.

We may come back in another article and deconstruct the hypocritical statement that A&E thinks will fly under the radar, but right now we just want to celebrate the reinstatement of a program we’ve never watched (we just don’t watch reality TV) and probably won’t watch.

The Curmudgeons are please to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and make no mistake about it, the people who run A&E and the GLAADhanders are the epitome of evil.

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  • jim_m

    I guess Jesse Jackson didn’t get his shake down meeting.

    Take a brief moment to celebrate actual tolerance when the left is forced to tolerate the views of a conservative Christian and allow them to continue to earn a living.

    A&E plans to launch a nation PSA campaign on ‘tolerance”.

    We will also use this moment to launch a national public service campaign (PSA) promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people, a message that supports our core values as a company, and the values found in Duck Dynasty. These PSAs will air across our entire portfolio.

    How much you want to bet there is no mention of tolerating Christian religious and moral beliefs?

  • Retired military

    The duck dynasty guys should tell A&E that they will be filming next season on another station.

  • JWH

    In addition to their prior knowledge of Phil’s beliefs, A&E had a PR rep at the GQ interview.

    According to a report I saw, this happened in the first place because the flack didn’t want to hop on an ATV with Phil Robertson and the reporter.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Money talks. In this case ratings and ad dollars. Bullshit walks.

  • fustian24

    You’ve gotta admire how A&E stood on their principles when they suspended Phil and how they stood on their principles when they reinstated them.

    That’s impressive flexibility.

  • Commander_Chico

    Mission accomplished!

    Fake controversy scripted by DD producers and actors = huge attention and ratings boost = higher ad rates.

    • jim_m

      Why am I not surprised that you are peddling more conspiracy theories? BTW, how did that conspiracy theory that the Benghazi attack was provoked by a YouTube video work out?

      Yeah, you’re really credible on this stuff.

      • Commander_Chico

        These DD guys are phony as three-dollar bills.

        One thing that came out in all of this is that the ZZ Top beards are part of the hick schtick. They were clean shaven before they pitched the TV show.

        • jim_m

          As they say, it is a reality show, emphasis on the “show”.

          Only an idiot like yourself thinks that these things are 100% unscripted.

        • LiberalNightmare

          Once again – full of shit for no good reason.

          First of all, everyone is beardless before they grow their beards.

          Second, this clip is from their duck commander show, Upload date 2009


          • jim_m

            How do you know that Chico is lying? He posted something on Wizbang.

        • Retired military

          Funny Chico. The news stories don’t back your statement.


          Once you get used to it, it’s not bad. I think 1988 was the last time Phil shaved his beard. He lost a bet to a preacher, shaved his beard, and wore a suit and he said he’d never do it again. When [my brother] Jase and I were younger and running the business, we thought we had to clean it up and put suits on to have business meetings with big companies. But about eight years ago, I told Jase, ‘Forget that. Let’s just go like we normally are,” shared Robertson

          Unlike your bud Barrack chances are their statements can be taken with credence since folks will most likely check their veracity. Obama doesn’t worry about that since he knows that the Lame stream media will cover for his blatant lies.

          Since the following was before and after the beards seems they would find something a little closer to the present if your statement was true.

          the below article dishes dirty secrets. seems like your statement would be one of them Chico. But it isn’t.

          In fact Chico provide one shred of proof that what you said was true.

    • Retired military

      Your statement has about as much backing in fact as your statement below.

      “As I said before, try answering what people say, and not try to put words in others’ mouths, debate goes better” – Chico, Famed Wizbangblog poster

      How about practising what you preach Chico.

      1 Oprah,the Lamestream media, Reid, Pelosi, and other major dems have called people racist simply because they oppose Obama’s
      policies. Yet when they oppose those same policies when espoused by Bill, Hillary. Reid, Pelos, Gore, Kerry, etc etc they weren’t considered racist then by Oprah, etc etc (I don’t know isn’t good enough)
      Do you feel that it is because the left is just playing the race card?

      2. People were called racist anarchist terrorists when they tried to delay Obamacare yet Al Franken who did the same thing wasn’t called Racist. Do you feel that it is because he is a democrat and the people doing the call just playing the race card because that is all they have?

      3. People were called racist anarchist terrorist when they called for the delay of all or part of Obamacare and Obama who is unconstitutionally doing the same thing is not called a racist anarchist terrorist. Do you feel that it is because he is a democrat and the people doing the calling are just playing the race card because that is all they have?

    • 914

      Wasn’t fake to the faux outrage felt by the LBBT whatever community.


  • ackwired

    This was predictable. In fact, I predicted it on Wisbang. A&E, Duck Dynasty, and Phil Robertson got invaluable publicity from this stunt. After the gays and anti-gays react predictably to the “suspension”, they kiss and make up and resume filming. In the meantime A&E and Duck Dynasty gain millions of new viewers who tune in to see what all of the controversy is about. Feel like you have been played?

    • LiberalNightmare

      Tell yourself whatever it takes to get you through the night.

      • Or don’t and make tomorrow a better day for the rest of the world…

      • Or don’t and make tomorrow a better day for the rest of the world…

    • Who knew you were the resident prognosticator on “Wisbang.”

      Whatever Wisbang may be.

    • Michael Becker

      “Feel like you have been played?”

      Only by you.

    • 914

      I suppose Cracker Barrel was in on the fix to eh??