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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was smashing success. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture: Here are the winning entries: 1) (guido81_MA) – “Where my Ho, Ho, Ho’s be at?” 2) (fustian24) – “More rapid than eagles his fly girls they came, And he whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name: […]


VIDEO: New York Cops Threaten to Fine Man for Washing Car in His Own Driveway

The video of a police officer harassing a citizen for washing his own car on his own driveway is going viral proving once again that our governments have become arrogant and are acting as an enemy to freedom, liberty, and private property rights. The video shows a Garden City police officer accosting a citizen for […]


CNN’s Brit Twit Piers Morgan Says 1st Amend. Should Only Cover Speech HE Likes

British twit Piers Morgan, host of one of CNN’s lowest rated evening talk shows, has made it clear many times that he is wholly ignorant about the U.S. Constitution. Usually he reveals his ignorance about the Second Amendment, but this time he’s shown his stupidity about the First saying that freedom of speech shouldn’t cover […]


The Kwanzaa Con: A Fake Holiday Created by a Rapist and Torturer

Kwanzaa, the purported “African” holiday celebrated only in the United States, is the ultimate politically correct holiday. It is little observed, even by our African American community, of course, but those that do celebrate it are wholly unaware that the faux holiday was created by a man with a very troubled past. For Kwanzaa’s creator, […]


US Sailors Sue Claiming Fukushima Disaster Gave Them Cancer

More than 50 US sailors are suing Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) for contracting cancer while helping Japan during the tsunami that caused the country’s Fukushima nuclear plant to melt down and spew radiation into the ocean. US sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Essex have contracted various cancers due to their […]


Gay CNN commentator defends Duck Dynasty’s Robertson

Yesterday we featured Camile Paglia, a lesbian, university professor, and writer who defended Phil Robertson and in the process noted that her liberal Democratic friends were fascists and Stalinists on a politically correct witch hunt. Today we’ve got a gay CNN commentator defending Phil to the odorous, obnoxious Piers Morgan who is demanding that Phil […]


Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare Will Create a Permanent Part-Time Workforce

The CEO of Whole Foods, well known for standing against Obamacare, recently pointed out that the President’s government take over of our healthcare system will create a permanent part-time work force filled with positions that will never be able to advance to full time work. Because of that, Obamacare is hardly a very American ideal […]


Video Panders to Half Naked Gays to Spread Obamacare Enrollment Message

When you think Christmas–or healthcare, for that matter–do you think of half naked gay guys romping about in speedo undies and holding mistletoe over each other’s heads? Well President Obama and his Obamacare pushers apparently do. Apparently, according to Obama and his supporters who are pushing the failed Obamacare plan on the rest of us, […]


Liberal, lesbian Camile Paglia approves of Phil Robertson

Camile Paglia is a self-described libertarian, but her views on virtually every issue toe the line with the Democratic National Committee. She’s a liberal, she’s a university professor, and she’s a lesbian who was “out” before it was cool to be a lesbian. She can also put two rational thoughts together on the same day. […]


Man with gun robs passengers on a Seattle bus, until…

Man with gun meets the wrong guy. This is a surveillance video taken on a Seattle bus in November. As the video begins, note the man with gun at the top of the video, robbing people. He moves down the bus doing his biness and then he accosts the gentleman on the right who is […]


Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture: Winners will be announced Monday morning. Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.


New Jersey to Turn Kids with BB Guns Into Felons

You read that headline right. New Jersey is making anyone, including kids, with an “unregistered” BB gun into a criminal. This is Chris Christie’s New Jersey, folks. New Jersey’s Graves Act is one of the most strict anti-gun laws in the nation and it even makes owners of BB guns into criminals if they don’t […]


SUSPENDED: Gay Group Attacks Duck Dynasty Star, But Ignored Hate-Filled Alec Baldwin

Gay groups don’t care about gay slurs. They care about liberalism. So, when a liberal utters a gay slur it is brushed off as unimportant. But if a conservative seems to say something bad about gays, why, it is the end of the world. That is the case here with the recent condemnation that the […]


Viral Video of a Brutal Murder

Murder? OK, it’s a “murder” with a finger gun and a very talented hamster. Nobody is talking about this, but if your child showed this cute little video off to a friend on his iPhone at school… Gone! Outta here!! Zero tolerance for gun violence!!! Have you no respect? I mean the Newtown anniversary was […]


In Every Market of Every State where a Senator Stands for Re-election

Here’s the ad.


Yikes! CNBC Has to Apologize for Using Bumper Music With N-Word in it!

Financial network CNBC was forced to apologize on December 16 for picking bumper music that blared out the N-word as a show hosted by Kelly Evans went to commercial. The song, Fizzo Got Flow by the now disbanded rap group B2K, has lyrics that are neither safe for work, nor safe for a supposed news […]


Media Ignoring That Colorado School Shooter Was Stopped by Armed Security Guard

Did you know that the latest left-winger who decided to shoot up a local school was stopped in 80 seconds by an armed security guard? Few do because the media refuses to focus on this fact. Arapaho High School shooter Karl Pierson was loaded up for a long shooting spree when he entered his high […]


OUTRAGEOUS: School Bans Kid’s Christmas Poster Because it ‘Might be Religious’

It’s a sales job, not a religious message! It could be, it might be, it… isn’t religious, but the fearful authorities at a Minnesota school thought that a skeleton carton on a kid’s Christmas poster was “religious” and should be taken down. The poster featured the cartoon character Jack Skellington from the Tim Burton movie […]


About that Contraception Mandate… NO!

Well, it’s another tough day to be the Imperial President. Judge Brian Cogan of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York took an axe to the President’s signature “accomplishment”. You’ll remember the flap over the slut, Sandra Fluke’s comments to the effect that women who could afford to go to […]


At Christmas we remember Some Who Gave All…

With thanks to Wreaths Across America, a wonderful organization that works to put a Christmas wreath on every military grave in the US. Related articles Wreaths Across America Donations for Arlington Wreaths placed at Veterans Cemetery Wreaths for Veterans concludes mission to lay 3,000 wreaths with ceremony today in Huntsville (photos) Truckload Carriers Association Members […]

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Pope Francis Tells Rush Limbaugh ‘I Am Not a Marxist’

Three days ago I discussed why Time magazine picked Catholic Pope Francis as its “man of the year.” We noted that the only reason the magazine would have picked this months-old Pope for its cover is because of his recent Marxist-styled attack on capitalism. Now the Pope has come out to assure his flock and […]


Paul Ryan increases government spending, cuts military pensions

The US government spends about $11 billion every day, Ryan’s sell out will save $7 billion. Oh, that’s seven billion over ten years. Ryan contends lowering the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for military retirees under 62 will decrease the deficit by $7 billion over 10 years. This provision was part of the Ryan/Patty Murray deal to […]


If Congress Tells You It Will Save $$ ‘Over Ten Years’ They Are Lying

Over the last few decades, Congressmen have fallen into this scheme of telling us all that their budget deals will “save money over a ten-year period.” Don’t fall for this. It is an outright lie. No, I am not being hyperbolic, here. The claim that any budget deal will save any money at all over […]


Arrogance: Obama Unveils New Portrait that is Dozens of Times Larger Than Washington’s & Lincoln’s

The U.S. Embassy in London has debuted a new portrait of President Obama that will now hang in one of the big halls in that facility. Strangely Obama’s arrogant head is hundreds of times larger than presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the photo is rather spooky. Sort of like a Big Brother […]


About those seven million ObamaCare signups

The Imperial President’s right hand fool laid down the marker. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once described 7 million new Obamacare customers in the first year as what “success looks like.” The White House is now trying to affix another label to the estimate: meaningless. Oops. That’s what happens when you’re just not […]