New Year’s Resolutions: A Kinder, Gentler 2014

I have been reading over some of my posts from 2013 and it has all made me really think about what I’ve been doing since 2001 on these here interweb tubes. It has made me want to reflect a bit and resolve to make some changes.

So, for 2014 I vow to be a little nicer to my political opponents. I promise to stop the name calling, to give them a bit more benefit of the doubt, to put a halt to my base assumption that they aren’t merely wrong but evil, to remember that they are just as American as I am, to reach out and try to find areas where we can agree, to love my neighbor….

Ah, who am I kidding. That makes for booooooring reading.

So, (and read this like a movie voice over guy…)

In a world where the left is attempting to destroy America one stupid PC law at a time comes ONE man who has sworn to destroy them all. Coming in 2014 it’s HUSTON, DESTROYER OF LIBS.

Screw the left.

Still, I want to thank everyone here at Wizbang for all the great, ongoing comments, even you lefties and proto lefties, because without your interaction many of the talk back sections would be short short, indeed.

Have a great new year, everyone.


Posted by on January 1, 2014.
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Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago-based freelance writer, has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and is featured on many websites such as Andrew Breitbart's and,,,,, Human Events Magazine, among many, many others. Additionally, he has been a frequent guest on talk-radio programs to discuss his opinion editorials and current events. He has also written for several history magazines and appears in the new book "Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture" which can be purchased on He is also the owner and operator of Feel free to contact him with any comments or questions, EMAIL Warner Todd Huston: igcolonel .at. "The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it." --Samuel Johnson

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  • Commander_Chico

    Happy new year, Warner. and happy new year to all!

    Due to the vagaries of the coffee roasting/piano tuning business, the Chico Company has to go into the desert for at least 40 days and 40 nights.

    During that time, the legal person and entity known as “Chico” will be absent from these pages.

    I know you all will be disappointed, but fear not, Chico will be back in a few weeks.

    • jim_m

      Happy new year and good luck with the rehab.

    • Rodney G. Graves

      Don’t hurry on our account.

    • LiberalNightmare

      Absence makes the heart grow … screw it. Stay gone.

    • rodney dill

      …Come back when you can’t stay so long.

    • JLawson

      Take care, man – and watch out for those G-strings, they’ll snap on you in a heartbeat.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    “Coming in 2014 it’s HUSTON, DESTROYER OF LIBS.”
    Well, that beats the hell out of my resolution to not smoke Glenn Beck’s crack pipe.
    Have fun in the desert, Chico.

  • Brucehenry

    And thank you, Warner. You’re a damn good sport, all things considered, to be as gracious as you are to a guy like me. I appreciate it, and I thank you and thank Kevin for Wizbang, where I have hours of fun!

    Happy New Year to all here, especially Jim, and most especially, Rodney.

  • Retired military

    ” A Kinder, Gentler 2014″
    I will if they will. But they wont (for the most part) and sometimes you have to get down and dirty in the mud.

  • Retired military

    Happy new years all.

  • jim_m

    Indeed. Happy New Year everyone.

    And don’t forget to pay for that obamacare policy you signed up for….

  • rodney dill

    Warner Todd Huston… The Boil On The Ass Of Stupidity…(maybe I should’ve resolved to come up with better taglines.)

    • rodney dill

      That is actually meant to be somewhat complimentary in a humorous sort of way. If you’re a boil, you’re irritating the place you’re at, i.e. the ass of stupidity. It’s not calling WTH stupid, it says he irritates the stupid. However, it is supposed to make you think twice about it. ;)

      • jim_m

        I think the lefties were all stuck on “The”.

      • Rodney G. Graves

        If you have to explain your joke…

  • ljcarolyne

    I’m as kind as it’s going to get, so la de freckin’ da, Happy New Year, to all BUT the Regime!

  • ackwired

    Right on, Mr. Huston. Never forget that you are paid to keep them angry!

  • Paul Hooson

    I only want simple things from 2014. More beautiful women on the poles at my club, more money, more music, more cars & more motorcycles. Just the simple things any guy should be entitled to that works hard….