VIDEO: German WWII Survivor Says Obama is Hitler’s Political Son

A survivor of Hitler’s murderous WWII era German empire says that Barack Obama is essentially the notorious German madman’s political son, the heir of his political style, if you will.

Austrian Kitty Werthmann (some sites misspell her name as Katie Worthman, for some reason) was a child just before WWII broke out and lived in the failing Austrian empire when her countrymen decided to elect Adolph Hitler as their leader in the 1930s. That’s right, “elected” him. He didn’t conquer them with arms.

Werthmann notes that Hitler got 98 percent of a democratically derived vote when he and his Nazi Party–the National Socialists–promised to bring Austrians the same high standard of living that Germans then enjoyed.

He didn’t come into Austria with guns blazing. He came with soothing words and happy talk.

Hitler “sounded like an American politician,” Werthmann has said many times.

“Now you might ask how could a Christian nation, elect a monster like Hitler,” Werthman said. “The truth is at the beginning Hitler didn’t look like or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician.”

The elder survivor of both Hitler’s horrors and the Soviet conquerers that came after him has been warning Americans not to fall for smooth-talking politicians like Hitler and Obama. This is a Christian nation, she tells us, and we shouldn’t forsake God for a second coming of Adolf Hitler.

We should never give up our God, our Constitution, or our guns.

Watch Werthman’s video very carefully.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Some of my relatives left Austria for good reason. But, Obama is far from Hitler. He’s merely an inept political leader who has managed to alienate the progressives and the liberals for being too law and order for allowing the NSA civil rights abuses on one hand and alienated conservatives for the burdensome problems associated with his flawed Obamacare, leaving him no much of a political base of support and a sort of lame duck status. That doesn’t make him a Hitler, but on the contrary, just a very weak president, with little direction, and not always able to delegate responsibility to the right persons, even calling into question his ability to manage.

    • Future historians, looking at his qualifications, will be scratching their heads. “What in the hell ever made his party think that his Presidency WOULDN’T be an utter disaster? He had no experience doing ANYTHING that qualified him for the job!”

      • jim_m

        Come one now. Mussolini was a journalist before becoming dictator and that turned out well… On second thought, never mind

        • But he got the trains to run on time! And look at all Italy got from invading Ethiopia!
          Of course, then WW2 hit and he was on the losing side…

          • jim_m

            The Italians like him though. In fact they liked him so much they wanted to keep him hanging around.

          • Groan…

    • Texas_Accountant

      Mr. Hooson,

      I believe that the point is not that President Obama is Hitlerian, but rather that many people believe that “the right person” can solve the country’s problems. The Constitution of the United States was designed to ensure that each person had individual liberty and we would not rely on a person or a political party or a government to solve our problems. If you look to politicians to solve your (or anyone’s) problems, you will be more than disappointed.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Maybe after all there’s something to that so-called Godwin’s law. Hmm. That aside, obviously this is an absurd analogy. Obama’s political style has nothing whatsoever in common with Hitler’s. The latter was a dynamic and captivating orator who regaled his audiences with nationalistic imagery and drummed up a homogenous nation’s inherent pride and desire for glory. The former can’t string two sentences together without a teleprompter, his speeches to a large extent are apologies for the country’s accomplishments and he won two elections largely by ginning up race-based, age-based, socioeconomic-based and gender-based divisions in what’s quite the heterogeneous populace. Apples vs. oranges. Lastly it’s always funny — in a retarded sense — to view blog posts such as this one, given that such a ridiculous percentage of bloggers are so worried about the direction of the country, as they sit on their couches in their McMansions in the gentrified burbs or in their expensive lofts in the likes of SoHo, Lake Forest, Highland Park and Georgetown, et al.

    • Your brief posts are a lot better.

      • jim_m

        Part of it is that he averages 33 words per sentence.

  • I CAN AGREE with this. Although Obama is more or less a wannabe Hitler, he hasn’t got the balls, but then Hitler had only one. Every thing else here sizes up, the lies, the sweet talk, the evil mindedness, the stupidity, the anti Jew, anti God, anti Christ, anti Christian, anti American, simple as that. Obama plus his Regime needs to be arrested for TREASON, period, among other things.

    • Brucehenry

      LOL! “Period, among other things.” You can’t make this shit up.

    • Brucehenry

      LOL! “Period, among other things.” You can’t make this shit up.

  • FormerWirehouse

    As your front page image suggests, Obama is more like Sgt. Schultz, or perhaps Col. Klink: too incompetent to be evil.

    • Paul Hooson

      There you go! Precisely my view in a nutshell!

    • jim_m

      History is filled with people who do monstrous things out of ignorance.