Global Warming is a beautiful thing!

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  • LiberalNightmare

    Global warming is real.

    Yesterday, a polar bear got a sunburn in my front yard!

  • jim_m

    So Niagara froze over for the first time in a century? SO they had snow in Cairo for the first time in 120 years? SO the Antarctic sea ice is at record levels? SO what? These are all proofs that the Earth is getting warmer.

    Global warming is non-falsifiable, which means that it is not science. Were it science people would be able to identify a condition where it would be falsified but instead we see that everything that happens is somehow proof that it is true.

    What is funny is that the warmists cannot see this and they are becoming all the more desperate to silence everyone else.

  • westcoastwiser

    Can’t find the heater as it’s buried under 4′ of snow. If I can find it, I’ll make some global warming and call the networks and give them my GPS coordinates.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    The scary thing is there are tenured academics living on and then retiring on public money, along with many hundreds of thousands of young students and recent grads, who actually believe this nonsense, even as the contrary evidence literally is freezing off their own gonads. Left-wing academia (BIRM) is an abject farce.

  • SteveCrickmore075

    The exposed continent of Australia is really the canary in the mine, for climate change and global warming, and it is the hottest summer ever!

    • jim_m

      It’s called weather. Global average temperature has not risen for over 16 years. No AGW models have predicted this so they are all based on bogus assumptions.

      So like a warmist to point at a short term isolated heat wave and scream “Global Warming!”

      Either it is a heat wave as they call it and therefore atypical of the weather they normally get, or it is the new normal due to global warming. You can’t have it both ways, Steve. It cannot be both unusually hot AND the new normal.

      Yet we have major cold in the US, Europe and the middle east and massive ice formation in Antarctica and the warmists all say that these cold events are signs of warming? What it is a sign of is the AGW is a religion where there are no facts that can be used to prove your theory false.