Reporter Confronts Union Chief Supporting a Child Molesting Teacher

Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters recently traveled to Michigan to find out why the teachers union there is fighting so hard to force the taxpayers to give a big cash payment to a teacher convicted of molesting a child.

Watters confronted Steven Cook, the head of the Michigan Education Association–the teachers union there–over why the MEA would fight so hard to force the taxpayers to give this child molester a $10,000 payout even after he was convicted for his crime?

The criminal, teacher Neal Erickson, was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and was sentenced up to 30 years in prison. The boy he molested 8 years ago was only 13-years-old at the time.

Erickson was a teacher at the West Branch-Rose City district, in northeast Michigan

Why is the teachers union in Michigan supporting a convicted child molester and trying to get taxpayers to give him a huge cash payment? Because unions don’t care about kids, that’s why.

Regardless, Jesse Watters had that very question for MEA President Cook.

When he asked Cook why he’s fighting so hard for the scumbag’s big payday, the teachers union thug said he had “no comment.”

“You have no comment, whatsoever? You have a teacher that raped a student and you want him paid?” Watters asked.

Watters also spoke via telephone with teacher Erickson’s victim, now a 21-year old college student.

The student said that Cook’s actions made the union leader “just as bad” as Erickson is.

“Nobody will ever know what [Erickson] did to me,” the young man said.

Watters’ confrontation with Cook aired on the O’Reilly Factor on January 13.

What do you think? Should teachers unions be eliminated?

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  • Hank_M

    Yes, the Teachers Union should be eliminated as should all public sector unions.

    As to their defense of a child molester, it gets worse. Not only is the union trying to get a severance cash buyout for the convicted child rapist, but other teachers in that district wrote letters in support of Neal Erickson.

    Talk about a sense of entitlement! Even after being convicted, the union and the teachers feel that Erickson still has a right to “benefits”.

    But there you have it. Right and wrong don’t matter. A conviction for child rape does not matter. Nope, the “benefits” matter and for those, the union will fight to the end.

    • FormerWirehouse

      “(O)ther teachers in that district wrote letters in support….” If this is accurate, they should publish the names of the teachers who wrote these letters so parents know.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Oh, it’s accurate. The community was outraged because several teachers wrote “letters of leniency” to the judge sentencing the perv. The School Board refused to fire the teachers. Here’s a sampling of their letters, and the kind of thinking that’s teaching our children – read ’em and weep:

        “English teacher Sally Campbell lauded Erickson’s kindness toward his victim by his decision to plead guilty.

        Fourth grade teacher Marilyn Glover described a ‘sexual predator’ as rapist who rapes a child more than once, and Kathleen Scheel defined sexual molestation of a child as an “inappropriate relationship.”

        Scheel explained, “I am aware that [Mr. Erickson] made some extremely poor decisions in carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a past student of his.”

        In her leniency letter, Kathleen wrote that Neal losing his teaching certificate, coupled with the parole that will prevent him from molesting other children is “steep enough of punishments that a long incarceration term is not warranted on top of that.”

        And here’s the ultimate kicker: Kathleen Scheel argued that Erickson had access to 1,000 children but raped only one, proving that “Our community’s children are not at risk of Neal’s presence — he is not a predator.”

        Ms. Scheel explained that in this case, the child rape was simply Neal having “found a strong emotional tie to one particular individual who was too young to be experiencing that type of relationship.” Now if that sort of horrifying dismissal of a crime against a child doesn’t drive Americans to seriously contemplate home-schooling, nothing will.

        Social studies teacher Amy Huber Eagan, wife of school board member Mike Eagan, said that Neal “has been, and will be, greatly missed in the educational arena,” which Huber Eagan feels “in and of itself has been a huge punishment to Neal.'”

        • jim_m

          In other news the teachers voted unanimously to rename the school after former Penn State Asst. Coach Jerry Sandusky.

          When asked why they had made such a decision they stated that they wanted to name the school after someone they thought represented their ideals and values.

  • The question that needs to be answered is if the scumbag gets his payout, what percentage goes to the union?

    Because in the end not only does the union not give a damn about the children, they don’t really even care about the teachers. What matters to them in the union.

    • Yeah, good point. Get the phone numbers of these scumbag teachers and give them Hell. Follow the Money Betrayal. This Kathleen character must be a real winner, huh, along with Miss Sally. Wow, English Class sure has changed along with fourth grade, according to Miss Marilyn. Cover Up, for sure, just dig deeper. Be sure your sins will find you out, busters!

  • jim_m

    It’s OK for teachers to molest their students because they are serving the state and advancing the statist agenda.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    No question all public sector unions should be eliminated, at the state, county and municipal levels. While we’re at it the NLRA should be repealed, the LMRA also should be repealed, the NLRB defunded and jettisoned and the DOL defunded and jettisoned. Of course the chances of any of that actually happening only are slightly less than Sharron Angle’s chances of being named CEO of Univision, if you catch my drift. Two other points are worth noting: (i) Unions generally speaking are the most corrupt and criminal organizations operating under color of legal authorities. With very rare exceptions they make even grizzled RICO prosecutors blush. (ii) Leftism is a mental disorder, not a legitimate political ideology. Keep all this in mind when Nov. 2016 rolls around. Politics has real world consequences.

    • Hank_M


      Impressive. Bringing Sharron Angle into this.
      What about Todd Akin?

  • LiberalNightmare

    Its all about the kids.