Jimmy Kimmel Reminds Youth They Are Paying for Old Folks’ Expensive Obamacare Insurance

ABC’s late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel did an hilarious job slamming Obamacare and pointing out to young people that under Obamacare they are the ones stuck paying for the expensive healthcare needed by the elderly with a spoof “commercial” about the President’s disastrous healthcare policy (See video above).

You see, the way Obamacare is supposed to work is that millions of young people who are healthy and don’t need to use health insurance are supposed to buy it anyway so that the premium money they are paying into the system can be given to the elderly who need coverage now. It really is little else but a giant pyramid scheme.

Of course, Obamacare is failing badly specifically for that reason. Young people are not joining like Obama hoped they would. Thus far, only 24 percent of those signed up for Obamacare are the 24-year-olds that the system needs. Obama hoped to have 38 percent by now. They aren’t even close.

The amazing thing about this amusing segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Show is that Kimmel is a pretty extreme leftist, so for him to attack Obamacare like that is notable and shows just how badly the law is failing.

Usually I have no use for Jimmy Kimmel, but I have to say this segment is pretty darned funny.

Do you think Kimmel and his staff nailed it?

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  • Lawrence Westlake

    The irony and the black humor are lost on that sorry demographic. Have you by chance interviewed any of those space cadets for a job? Surreal. It’s the worst generation ever produced. With rare exceptions they won’t connect the dots, even if you sat them down and explained it all to them, slowly, using for good measures a flow chart and a puppet show.

    • maninthetub

      Liberal education system inculcation .. why expect anything else?

  • jim_m

    The spot was less against obamacare as it was against paying for medical care for older people. Less anti-obamacare and more pro death panel.

  • Jason Thompson

    Jim M were you even listening, its anti-obamacare alright at the beginning Jimmy talks about how Obama wanted more young people to sign up to subsidize older people.

  • ackwired

    There are certainly problems with Obamacare. But having people who don’t suffer losses pay for those who do is called…insurance.

    • Hawk_TX

      And forcing them to is called socialism. Socialism ideas so good they are mandatory.

      • ackwired

        Agreed. Although in all fairness they can opt out by paying a fee.