Duck Dynasty takes on Girls

Duck Dynasty launched their new season on A&E last week. It was a blockbuster, though ratings were slightly lower than for last season which was a cable TV record.

Here’s some perspective on the launch from Breitbart…

The show’s Wednesday night episode, the first from season 5, scored 8.5 million viewers, a figure that eclipsed the numbers from the end of season 4. The ratings figures weren’t as high as the first episode from season 4, though. Those ratings set a cable television record.

For perspective, the first new episode of the HBO series Girls’ third season drew 1.1 million viewers.

The program was shot before the flap over Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuals that got him “fired”. We would note that A&E is probably still eating crow, but we suspect that the Ducks are kind enough they’d throw a mallard A&E’s way.

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  • jim_m

    the first new episode of the HBO series Girls’ third season drew 1.1 million viewers.

    The show would have more viewers but many have gouged their eyes out after Dunham’s nude scenes.

    • Now that’s just unkind.

      She’s not a bad looking woman.

      The problem is – she’s not that good looking, either…

      At best, she might qualify as ‘a bit better than ordinary, if the light is dim, and you’ve had a few drinks… like five or six in an hour’s time’.

      She wouldn’t qualify as a grade C starlet in ’50s or ’60s Hollywood. At best, she’d be “extra pushing mop in background” or ‘woman in crowd scene’..

  • Walter_Cronanty

    “…[W]e suspect that the Ducks are kind enough they’d throw a mallard A&E’s way.” Only if the mallard had been shot with a Duck Dynasty shotgun.

  • Paul Hooson

    I usually do the entertainment stories over at Wizbang Pop, and I like to analyze the TV statistics. I can’t figure out the appeal of this DUCK DYNASTY show. It beats many network cable shows in the ratings. – If anything, the recent controversy only helped the show. Many people tuned in just to see what this DUCK DYNASTY phenomenon is all about. But, I expect just like THE OSBOURNES, the steam runs out at some point sometime soon, and viewers tire of this show and start channel surfing. If some viewers think that this is the best thing on TV, then they’re not trying very hard to look for something, or anything any better….

    • 914

      Say hi to Joe six pack at the store and Candy at the pole dancing follies..

      • Paul Hooson

        Hi 914, the strip club is doing great tonight, BTW. My young girlfriend just needed a little stimulation from me a couple minutes ago in my office before going out on the stage. – But, all this aside, Duck posted figures of over 12 million last year, but down to 8.5 million this year, meaning the slide has already started. What goes up must go down it seems.

        • 914

          Unless it’s Obamas approval bs.. That always goes up. I have never watched Duck Dynasty once. Not a TV person.

          • Paul Hooson

            Obama’s presidency is toast. It’s a typical dog second term blues thing. You could see the decline starting in the first term where he only bested Romney by half as much as McCain despite Romney running a weak campaign. It was a sign of bad things from Obama. Thing would get worse – I tried to watch an entire episode of DUCK DYNASTY….But, I just sit through the whole thing. I had no trouble finding something interesting on a another channel. – It’s just not good TV to me.

          • 914

            Yes, but in essence it isn’t about Obama or Boosh or whatever? It’s about all of us they work for supposedly but not!! Celebrity bullshit that destroys the fabric

          • Paul Hooson

            The shallow thing that I saw about the Obama phenomenon was that people treated it like a high school president election. The new popular kid rode a wave of popularity into office, but didn’t have a clue how to do the job once elected. – The thrill quickly wore off.

          • The problem is, the kid didn’t bother to try to LEARN what to do, he was too ‘smart’ to take anyone’s advice.

            Now we’re stuck with his stupidity for another three years, and now projections are that Iran’s about 2-3 weeks from being able to enrich enough uranium to make a fission bomb.

            Let’s see – we couldn’t elect McCain because Palin was ‘stupid and uneducated’ – despite being a very successful mayor and governor in Alaska, and Obama’s not doing a damn thing anytime in his career worth mentioning.

            We couldn’t elect Romney because he ran a weak campaign… and in all honesty I wonder just how many of his ‘campaign managers’ were ringers, working to sabotage things from inside.

            Well, as they say – elections have consequences. And we’ll be decades undoing what Obama’s neglected (like our allies and world responsibilities) or pushed forward (like trillion dollar deficits).

            I feel sorry for my son. His world will have much less hope and opportunity than the time I grew up in, even though the threat of nuclear war was looming.

          • And that’s one of the nice things about having 200+ channels. It might not be good TV to you, or me – I think I’ve seen one episode, and it was kind of funny, but not something I’d bother to record and not watch later. – but it’s good TV for the folks that watch it.

            And A&E weren’t about to kill off a goose that laid a golden egg THAT big.

        • jim_m

          Yep. Having Paul around to update us on his assignations with strippers really raises the tone here. Keep it classy Paul.

    • Vagabond661

      Since my comment is waiting on moderation at Wizbang Pop, I will post it here.

      While ratings are off they are still higher than any other cable show.

      What is interesting to me is how many times Duck Dynasty appears in the top 100 for Wednesday.And how many liberal shows do not. And yet no one is predicting their demise.

  • If you’ve ever seen Lena Dunham’s father’s art, it explains a lot:

    You may notice a recurring theme. The man has a fascination with depicting sexual organs and especially vaginas and anuses.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Obviously an A&E reality show will trounce a scripted item of left-wing tripe on HBO. A&E is part of basic packages. HBO entirely is a paid-for service. A&E reaches more people. Plus the Robertson’s show is designed for and has obtained a blue collar, middle class audience. Dunham’s show’s audience on the other hand consists of trust fund babies in SoHo and Tribeca, “Pajama Boy,” a few slumming gays and lesbians and Sandra Fluke. Plus leftism never sells well. Check out the circulation trends for the likes of the NYT and WaPo and the ratings for CNN and MSNBC.