The Best Primer for Phil Robertson’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy

If you are like many folks, you’ll have missed the beginning of the controversy over comments about homosexuality made by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and you’ll have heard about it only after everyone started talking about it. So, you may have missed the meat of the matter by listening only to the commentators yammering about what Phil said. But if you want the whole story in one well written piece, check out David J. Theroux’s “Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy” because it’ll give you the whole story from the beginning.

In a two part posting, Theroux, founder and president and CEO of The Independent Institute, did a fantastic job relaying what Robertson said and the reaction it fostered.

In part one Theroux details Robertson’s December interview in GQ magazine where he paraphrased a Bible-based list of sins one of which is the act of homosexuality. Then the author goes on to review the initial reaction to those comments.

The reader does not have to take Theroux’s words as fact, either. The piece is filled with dozens of links to trace back the whole controversy so if readers want to do so, the resources are there.

In part two Theroux gives us a bit of the Robertson biography to show that the man is no backwoods halfwit and shows that Robertson garnered quite a lot of support from folks both liberal and conservative during this controversy.

After revealing in minute detail all the actions, counter actions and reactions to the December GQ interview not to mention the Duck Dynasty show itself, Theroux concludes that the reality show has “broken through” the left’s noice machine.

“In response, Duck Dynasty has remarkably broken through this Nanny-State malaise, connecting with many millions of people fed up with the absurdities and bullying of ‘liberal’ elites,” Theroux says.

This is the best one stop repository of all you need to know about what happened as a result of Phil Robertson’s GQ interview.

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  • Lawrence Westlake

    Carrie Prejean, anyone? Elizabeth Hasselbeck? This Theroux fellow and others need to break free of their own cocoons. The issue isn’t a lack of conservatives or a putative inability to “break through” the liberal ceiling. Conservatives outnumber liberals by a gigantic margin. At least 2-1 and more probably 3-1. Fox News’s audience trumps that of CNN’s and MSNBC’s, combined. Limbaugh for decades has had millions upon millions of listeners and let’s be blunt: he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. In politics votes are what matters, not eyeballs on reality TV. Duck Dynasty’s audience is somewhere short of 10 million people. Romney in Nov. ’12 received 61 million votes, and lost. W. Bush in ’04 received 62 million votes, but won. Perspective is your friend, not your enemy.

    • jim_m

      Perspective is Paragraphs are your friend, not your enemy.


    • jim_m

      Speaking about cocoons, why don’t you come out of yours for once? Why not engage and defend what you believe?

      Instead all we ever get from you is a block of idiotic babble that barely crosses the threshold of coherency.

      Quality of your argument is not measured in word count.

      • warnertoddhuston

        Westlake’s goal is NOT to discuss or debate issues or become a respected member of the board. It is to electronically ejaculate and pump up his own ego to convince himself that he knows more than the writer, those being written about, the commenters, and anyone standing in the room next to him.

        • Retired military

          Or anyone outside of the room he is currently in.

      • Retired military

        Or in keeping the number of paragraphs to 1.

    • 914

      Spam much?

  • Hank_M

    Excellent article by Theroux. Thanks for the pointer WTH.

  • ron nixon

    Curious how Paula Deen was “cast out” as some sort of pariah for a slip of the tongue while Robertson’s bible thumping nonsense is met with a debate for a freedom of speech forum. Grow up, America- it’s the 21st century not the 18th century.