• GarandFan

    It would appear that King Barack the Magnificent is going to be spending a lot of time in court this year.

    • jim_m

      Court means nothing to him. Even if he gets an adverse ruing it won’t stop him from doing whatever he pleases. There is no one that is willing to stand up and oppose him and the bureaucracy is all too willing to violate a court order on his behest.

    • stan25

      Too bad that King Barack is not the defendant in all of these proceedings.

  • Paul Hooson

    Ron Wyden, from my Oregon, has been one of the good guys back in Washington. He’s been there in support for consumer protection against dangerous and defective products as well as a guardian for civil liberties.

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Wyden’s a loopy space cadet from a granola and flakes state with a lifetime ACU rating of 9 (by comparison McCain’s is 83), but on this issue he’s a swashbuckling hero. Uh, huh. The ‘true conservatives’ of the Internet can be quite effeminate when it comes to national security. Go figure. And the reference to the FISA court here is a howler. FYI, Sparky, you wouldn’t know FISA from VISA. The other surreal point about that court and the Internet’s sudden fascination with it is that if you get your news from blogs you’d think it’s a collection of Obama minions tearing apart the very fabric of our democracy. It’s actually a collection of Senate-confirmed federal district court judges, including over the past decade a few of Reagan’s and W. Bush’s better nominees to the various district courts. Onto the larger point: in reality when it comes to national security the executive branch should have near complete hegemony, albeit not necessarily absolute, and the less Congressional oversight the better. National security is not a matter for debate societies, coffee klatches, sewing circles, the milquetoast and especially for back bencher muckety mucks from low density states. When Lincoln suspended habeas corpus he didn’t and shouldn’t have waited for Congress to pontificate on that issue. We didn’t need Congressional oversight of the Manhattan Project, the internment program, Strategic Air Command’s daily activities or the U2 flights over Russia.