Paul Ryan talks about how he’s selling out on amnesty

Paul Ryan is considered by those in Washington to be one of the brightest guys around. We accepted that view when Mitt Romney picked him for VP. We should have known better, we’ve been watching Washington for a long time.

Today, in an interview on Satan’s network, MSNBC, Ryan proved everybody wrong. Turns out Paul Ryan is dumb as a box of rocks and fits perfectly into the old adage, “There’s one born every minute.” I’ll get this out of the way right now, Paul Ryan is a shameful fool and should be banished to Venezuela, just listen to this crap.

A probationary pathway to legalization with a law written in a way that the administration can’t get around enforcing it. That is the absolutely stupidest statement that has ever come out of the mouth of a Republican, and we think that Rep. Ryan may actually believe that pile of horse pucky he just left in our house.

“We have to make sure this is not ‘amnesty’.”

“We feel very strongly about securing the border.”

We live in Arizona, we’re on the front line of the administration’s unwillingness to enforce immigration law and the Congress’ unwillingness to force the administration to enforce immigration law.

Rep. Ryan, your statements are absolute, utter bullshit. [If that’s offensive to you, come to Phoenix, we’ll take you to the border. You’ll see what “offensive” really is.]

This policy is clearly amnesty and the border will not be secured. You and the spineless Democrats and especially Republican “moderates” who are bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce don’t want the border secured. If you did, you’d have been raising hell since any of the previous immigration bills were passed ALL of which required the border to be secured.

Our US Senator, the man without a soul, John McCain, stood at the border in 2010 in a campaign commercial with a Sheriff who deal with illegals every day and said “Build the dang fence.” He got reelected – and that was never in question in 2010 – and has been true to form, he’s done absolutely nothing about securing the border since that commercial.

The idea that the administration will enforce any immigration law that reduces the influx of illegal Mexicans who can’t speak English – and who refuse to learn English – and who have no education or worthwhile job skills is ridiculous. This is the same administration that the people who are charged with enforcing immigration law constantly beg the Congress to stand up to. The administration refuses to enforce the law and Congress refuses to even try to hold them accountable.

This is the administration who, by executive order, broke existing immigration law with the declaration that “Dreamers”, the children of illegal aliens who were brought here by their parents, are not only exempt from the law but have a “special pathway” to citizenship.

This is the administration whose leader stood before the Congress just two days ago and told them if they wouldn’t act on his agenda he “has a pen”.

These are the House members who have refused to press the administration to follow the law in dozens of instances where they have simply rewritten legislation the Imperial President didn’t like or just refused to enforce black letter law.

Now all of a sudden this same bunch of dolts is trying to sell us on the idea that they’re going to write a law that Obama and Holder can’t get around. They’re going to allow 15 million plus illegal aliens to have legal status in the US with some meaningless conditions that will never be enforced, and that’s a position that has been consistently driven by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and their unions. They’ve been told not to enforce current law and the Congress – that cares so much about border security – won’t even give them a hearing.

Rep. Ryan, Speaker Boehner, any Republican who supports this God forsaken piece of legislation, on behalf of the besieged people of Arizona (and John McCain is a resident of Washington DC, he shows up here to campaign every six years) you can all go directly to Hell.

It’s time to man the phones and blow up – metaphorically of course, we’re not Bill Ayers – your Representative’s phone with a demand that this trash dies in the House. It’s amnesty, pure and simple.

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  • 914

    Ryan the Rino.. It’s an epidemic. Reboot, reform, new party.

  • Michael Lang

    Paul just kill his chances for 2016.

    • Vagabond661

      Depends on which ticket he runs on.

  • Hank_M

    Instead of committing party suicide, Ryan and the Repubs should be talking about how the current immigration laws are not being enforced, how that contributes to Obama’s pet cause, income inequality, and how increased illegal immigration will continue to exacerbate unemployment, especially among young blacks. Then they should pivot back to the disaster that Obamacare is and the damage that is doing to damn near everyone.

    But no, the stupid party is hell bent on self destruction.

    • Michael Becker

      I’d prefer Ryan, Boehner, McCain, Graham, and about a dozen others committed suicide.

  • If you aren’t enforcing the current laws now, why will passing more laws help in any way?

    It gives an illusion of progress, though – and I guess that’s important for those who find style and political point-scoring more important than substance. It’s easy to pass laws – it’s a hell of a lot harder to make what you passed actually work.

    • jim_m

      If you aren’t enforcing the current laws now, why will passing more laws help in any way?

      Works for gun violence. (well, not really but the left thinks it does.)

  • Tom Smith

    Legalization First, Borders Never.
    This is the Senate Plan.

  • GarandFan

    In their just released “Statement of Principle”, the GOP finishes with:

    “Finally, none of this can happen before specific enforcement triggers
    have been implemented to fulfill our promise to the American people that
    from here on, our immigration laws will indeed be enforced.”

    Yeah? Enforced by who? King Barack the Magnificent? The guy with two ILLEGAL ALIEN family members in the US?

    Here’s a thought GOP:
    1986 – “There will be no more amnesty. We will secure our borders.”
    2014 – “Trust us, we know what we’re doing.”

    NO. YOU. DON’T!

  • Retired military

    If immigration passes I will not vote again EVER. I refuse to even make the effort if the GOP doesn’t

  • Alpha_Male

    In Texas, if you want to stop a construction project or any similar activity, just put on a black windbreaker with gold lettering, could be your name or anything, approach the work site and watch everyone scatter.

    The Republicans are beholden to their CoC masters and the Democrats see a huge pool of potential voters for increased social services. The rest of us have to bear higher and higher taxes, reduced services, and increased crime, with a smaller and smaller pool, with increased competition, for those “supervisor” jobs.

    What is the answer? Vote for the “R’s” surely isn’t it, they all make great, “shut the border down, no amnesty!” commercials during election time but of course that attitude disappears the day after the results roll in.
    I’m curious if anyone actually thinks there is anything that can be done or should we resign ourselves, as LW likes to point out in a 20 line solid paragraph, we are doomed to becoming a 3rd world shit-hole? I’ve lived in a country where the adults were no longer in charge and believe me it’s not pretty.

    Again short of a confirmation of terrorists bringing a WMD across the border, and I’m not sure that would be enough to force border security, they would probably blame the racist or Bush, what do the smart people here think the inevitable outcome will be?

  • Lawrence Westlake

    You can set your clock to deranged, asinine rants such as this blog post. They’re as predictable as affluent WASPs splitting up into smaller groups, which ironically enough really is what this is all about. The issue of illegal immigration involves large numbers of dark-skinned, working class Catholics. That, von Sparkey, is going to bring out the true crazy from what already to a large extent is a horrible set of cocooned demographics. That all said, concerning the merits of the House’s plan, Reagan’s amnesty from back in the 1980’s might have worked wonders if we had had real border control. But therein lies the Catch-22 of this entire problem. If you condition amnesty on complete border control we’ll never solve the problem. No amount of border control will suffice for the Buchanan brigades. Even one guy navigating a desert to mow Ann Coulter’s lawn would be too much. One guy hopping off a boat to clean Limbaugh’s toilets would be verboten. So that’s not a viable option. But addressing the black market labor pools without real border control also is a major problem, as the past 25 years have proven. So we’re stuck. The answer, ironically too, is to have guys like Ryan, Boehner, Perry, Gingrich, Sandoval, etc., in charge for a few consecutive decades. Eventually we’d get about 95% of things done that needed to get done. Sharron Angle would be confused and angry, granted, but again that’s the whole point.

  • Sarah Palin

    he must have white quilt for all the Vietnamese in Appleton WI and thinking they should move there, move all the illegals to Appleton you Fuckin bitch RYAN! TRAITOR, you let Obummer win and you lost on every battle, get out of the way dumbass!