NY Firemen Tell Cuomo To Stop Using Them as Excuse for Gun Grabbing

Firemen in West Webster, New York are sick and tired of Governor Andrew Cuomo using them as an excuse for his unconstitutional gun grabbing.

One of the main excuses New York Governor Cuomo used to institute his latest anti-Second Amendment law, the so-called SAFE Act, was the attack suffered by firemen in West Webster. In 2012 as they responded to a fire two firemen were killed by a nut case with a gun.

On Christmas Eve in 2012, a criminal named William H. Spengler allegedly set a fire then laid in wait for firemen to arrive whereupon he began shooting at them. Two were killed in the ambush.

The psycho eventually killed himself but not before 8 nearby homes were destroyed by fire because firefighters were prevented from combating the flames due to the man’s gunfire.

When pushing and later signing his anti-Second Amendment state law, Gov. Cuomo constantly used the incident as an excuse for his gun grabbing law.

In a press release to celebrate his signing of the anti-constitutional SAFE Act, Cuomo cited the 2012 West Webster incident saying, “It is appropriate to sign the NY SAFE Act here in Rochester, where just weeks ago a gunman senselessly murdered two first responders as they responded to a fire in Webster,” Governor Cuomo said. “This new law will limit gun violence through common sense, reasonable reforms that will make New York a safer place to live. When society confronts serious issues, it is the function of government to do something, and the NY SAFE Act will now give New York State the toughest, strongest protections against gun violence in the nation.”

But now the chief of the very fire department that Cuomo uses as his excuse for gun grabbing has said explicitly that he’s tired of being used by the governor.

Craig Akins, a former chief of the West Webster department said that the governor’s politicization of his fellows’ loss is not Kosher. “The governor took it upon himself to use us as a pawn and I think most of us are not very happy about that,” he said.

Another W. Webster firefighter, Steve Sessler is equal upset by it all. “To try and capitalize to push an agenda, especially for a politically ambitious governor, who is looking at the presidency. That doesn’t sit well with me,” he said.

Further, Sessler said that the SAFE Act is doing nothing to make him feel any safer.

“Not at all, not at all, not at all. No, in fact, the SAFE Act ironically named doesn’t make anybody any safer. In my opinion, the events of Christmas even last year, definitely changes your mind as a first responder. In fact, in Honeoye Falls, about three weeks after that incident last year, we had a call for a shooting and that was the first thing to go through my mind”

Chief Akins also points out that one of the firefighters who was murdered was a Second Amendment advocate and would not be happy that his legacy is being used to destroy Constitutional rights.

“It is hurtful to use because one of the victims was a huge advocate, a big gun advocate, and I know he wouldn’t be happy right now knowing that these laws were enacted because of anything he had involvement with,” he said.

(H/T Mental Recession)

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  • LiberalNightmare

    It might be “safe”er if we started to arm the firemen.

    • amabokcuf

      And disarm liberals…

  • 914

    Where there’s a liberal in office there’s is exploitation and abuse of power

  • GarandFan

    Just when you think Cuomo can’t get any smaller, he does.

  • jim_m

    As far as the dems are concerned, citizens are the property of the state and your dead body is theirs to stand upon as they advance their agenda. Your life, your image and reputation are theirs to use for whatever purpose they please no matter how you or your family think or feel about that use.

  • William H. Spengler, a felon, was prohibited by law from owning a gun. Any gun. The gun he used was already prohibited by law, in New York.

    Andrew Cuomo, confronted with multiple failures of the law to prevent violent crime, proposes… yet another law. What a political genius! /sarc

  • miprecinct9

    The obvious irony, punishing lawful citizens has no effect on gun crime. Cuomo, just another chump promoting his world view. It is plan, gun violence has nothing to do with his gun law.

  • bee

    cuomo is a lowlife scumbag only looking out for his polical career. he is a coward and a embarrassment to the political party he is supposed to represent.

  • thug329

    makes you wonder if govonor Cuomo and his criminal/parole dept had something to do with these murders

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Yes, they pay off people to start shooting people and get shot by cops, because it’s such a great deal.

      Politics is politics. Don’t read more into it than there is.

  • R.Young

    Ah yes all city, state and federal employees must be protected, so lets take away the rights of the general public to won weapons and let us arm all city, state and federal employees. This will not only make our cities & state safer but with them all being armed the entire country will be safer as well!